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Guest View: Pam Cafritz death not a loss but a gain for humanity

His ;loyal wing woman Pam Caftriz. She enslaved a lot of women, but now she's gone.
When Pam got cancer, Keith managed her care.

Executive Success Programs announced the death of Pamela Cafrtiz on November 28, 2016, three full weeks after she purportedly died on November 7th, 2016, at 2:37 pm.

She had battled cancer … and passed away cared for by her life partner of 30 years, [unnamed] loved ones, and dearest friends.

The world, humanity, and women, are better because she walked this earth. Her footprints will forever leave on impression on thousands, and open a path for us all.

Amongst many substantial accomplishments, she was one of the founders of Jness, a founding, and highest ranking, student in NXIVM, a role model …  a champion athlete…  and a wise woman….

… profoundly empathetic, pure and innocent with deep wisdom, and a person who joyfully gave her self, and her most precious things, to help others, even strangers.

Truly to Pam, all the world were her family and under her care.


It is not clear from her obituary who her life partner of 30 years is, but it could be this callow clown, Keith Raniere. Here shorty gives Pam a little tongue.


Pamela Anne Cafritz was Keith’s 2nd in command in the sex ring, [He’s # 1.]

It was no great loss to the world, her passing, only that Keith lost his greatest pimp. Pam hired a 12 year old to “walk her dog” but really it was so Keith could rape her.

Why was this left out of her substantial accomplishments? How did this kind of behavior improve humanity?

Jness, what a joke, cloaked as woman’s movement, but really a hunting ground for her partner of 30 years.

Cancer, why did she get cancer? Let’s ask Nancy Salzman why Pam got cancer? What did she say about people who got cancer? Oh, yes, something about anger turned inward, if memory serves me correctly.

Ironic how Barbara Jeske, Pam Cafritz, and Nancy Salzman all got cancer. All were on the front line for their mentor, lover and did his evil deeds.

Makes you wonder when the men will start showing up with penis and colon cancers.

Early harem members and purple stripes  to boot: Barbara Jeske and Pam Cafritz. Both dead of cancer.
Pam Cafritz was on a low cal diet with lots of running.
Sketch of Pam Cafritz.
She was a pimp, forger, wing woman, and enabler of Keith Raniere. Attempts at her deification are underway.


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  • Please, spare me the deification. Pam was a succubus who played it both ways and was a vile human being and a predator. I don’t think Pam had much of her authentic self left when she died. Keith destroyed her years ago. She merely did his bidding and that meant procuring tween girls for him to seduce and rape. It was also alleged that she would be offered up to select men Keith was trying to gain favor with and she did so without batting an eye.

    That is my warning tale to the remaining harem women: stick with Keith and you will wind up a brain dead zombie like Pam.

  • Pam had a hopeful future being the daughter of two wealthy Washington D.C. socialites until she met Keith Raniere. Then she became Pam “the Pimp” Cafritz. I wonder how her parents felt about VanDouche being a grifter off of her money for so many years.

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