Clare Bronfman Moved to Philadelphia Federal Detention Center; Believed to Be Temporary Assignment

Clare Bronfman

Clare Bronfman is no longer at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center [MDC], but was moved to the Federal Detention Center [FDC] in Philadelphia where she is expected to remain until assigned a permanent prison.

The Philadelphia facility holds male and female inmates prior to or during court proceedings, as well as inmates serving brief sentences. Its population is 1,030. The jail is 12 stories tall. It has 628 cells for pre-trial inmates, plus 120 cadre prisoners, already sentenced, who serve as staff.

It is possible that Bronfman, 41, will remain in Philadelphia as one of the cadre prisoners serving as staff for some length of time, possibly until her release – which is presently scheduled for June 29, 2026.

Bronfman is appealing her sentence of 81 months, of which she has served three months. She received a sentence of three times the sentencing guidelines’ maximum largely it seems because of her refusing to disavow Keith Raniere and because of a large number of victim impact statements that described conduct unrelated to the crimes she pleaded guilty to as part of a plea deal.

Ironically, and presumably coincidentally, Bronfman, now transferred to Philadelphia, is in the same city as attorney Neil Glazer, who is suing her and 15 other Nxivm leaders in a civil suit. Glazer represents some 80 plaintiffs, most of whom were former members of Nxivm, who claim they were damaged by Nxivm or Raniere.

The two big financial targets for the Glazer lawsuit are Clare Bronfman and her sister, Sara Bronfman-Igtet.  Most of the other defendants have little or no assets. Simply put, this is a lawsuit against the Bronfman sisters.

However, according to a reliable source, Sara Bronfman has moved all her assets in the USA out of the country and outside the jurisdiction of the US Courts.

“Sara will never settle and probably never go to court,” said the source. “She is going to give the people in the civil suit a giant fuck you. She will not have any assets in the USA.”

If this is true, this leaves only Clare Bronfman left to pay damages if Glazer’s lawsuit prevails.

Imagine, all the hopes of collecting damages for some 80 plaintiffs, plus the Philadelphia-based attorneys fees, all riding probably on one imprisoned heiress, and wouldn’t you know it, she is in Philadelphia right next to the law firm that is suing her.

Glazer did a lot for the prosecution in the Raniere and Bronfman cases, representing key witnesses, and compiling evidence used at trial.

Meantime, Raniere remains at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center where he has been since April 2018. He is expected to remain for several months at MDC to be available for restitution hearings that will be held in the federal court in Brooklyn.

Raniere has reportedly assigned to the Tucson Federal Prison, a prison with a high percentage of sex offenders. It is believed he will be safer there than a typical maximum security penitentiary where sex offenders are targeted by other inmates for violence and other abuse.

Raniere, 60, was sentenced to 120 years. With time off for good behavior, Raniere can expect to serve 102 years plus three months. Assuming he doesn’t lose any of the “good time” that he’ll accrue while he’s incarcerated, Raniere will be released on June 27, 2121, when he will be 161 years old. After that, he has to serve five years of probation and register as a sex offender.

Raniere is appealing his conviction and is expected to retain new lawyers for the appeal. Reportedly, his trial attorney, Marc Agnifilo,, will be withdrawing from the case after his trial work is completed, likely following the restitution hearings.




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  • Bronfman possibly working as a “staff memeber” ?!!! Great now she has a whole JAIL FULL of gullable idiots,…aka potential NEW RECRUITS.

  • We haven’t heard anything from Bronfman, no public statement of any kind as far as I can tell (apart from the plea). It would be good to hear what she, Salzmans, Russell, etc have to say for themseles.

  • “Bronfman is appealing her sentence of 81 months, of which she has served three months. She received a sentence of three times the sentencing guidelines’ maximum largely it seems because of her refusing to disavow Keith Raniere and because of a large number of victim impact statements that described conduct unrelated to the crimes she pleaded guilty to as part of a plea deal”.

    What was Ms. Bronfman convicted for? A chain of declarations and victimhood by several women. That is all. No crimen was commited just people who in dishonor look to punish because of the lack of effort. Women that feel they deserved the unearned. That is all.

    A society that was looking to punish one woman because of her beliefs. That is the real crime.

    • Ms. Bronfman was not convicted of any crimes. That’s because she chose to please guilty to two lesser crimes rather than go to trial.

      Are you saying that Clare perjured herself when she pleaded guilty, under oath, to committing those two crimes?

  • If you go to the Wiki page about the Tucson Federal Prison, where Raniere will be sent, it looks like they have “programs” with acronyms: i.e., SOMP Sex Offender Management Program and SOTP Sex Offender Treatment Program. Interesting…

    It’s hard to imagine a person like Raniere, so mentally ill, being rehabilitated with these programs. A man who taught modules cloaked in “executive success” and “personal growth” that were about normalizing rape, raping a baby, a cat, a steak. Imagine being a fly on the wall for day one of this new program that he is mandated to sit through and see the indignation on his face of having to be reprogrammed to not be such a monster. He’ll always be a monster though.

  • Would you agree, generally speaking that the girls who had educations and developed self images, jumped ship quicker than the women without college degree? Harem members who were in total awe that the smartest problem solver on the planet took an interest in their lives, were the last to disavow the Vanguard. Am I wrong?

  • I don’t know what it’s like to be in prison. Hard to imagine any institution is a pleasant experience. Hopefully she’s in a spot where she can get through whatever she’s going through and come out better on the other side.

  • Clare received three times the sentence guidelines maximum!!
    Because she refused to disavow Raniere.
    So, in my opinion, she refused to go against her values and beliefs and was badly punished.
    But as part of the plea deal, she declared herself guilty for civil suit.
    So she refused to lie about Mr. Raniere but she agreed to lie about her.
    We are witnessing a remarkable, honorable woman willing to stand against the biased justice system.

    • Her values and beliefs were blinkered cruel and criminal. We all agree those values used to destroy the lives of others ought to be punished. Raniere is a man of low mentality, low morals and above all, low scores, right across the board of all his so-called attainments. A liar, an usurper, a failed cult-leader, thankfully incarcerated. Karma is real and always chooses exactly the right moment to strike. Good and Evil are real forces, real energies. Ignore this basic truth at your peril.

  • Clare has a nice smile. More to the point, has Mr. Raniere expressed any words of regret or apology to the women who have been or will be incarcerated because they followed his teachings and directions? Has he expressed regret at about Clare’s incarceration? Would he like email her and say, “sorry you’re going to loose that time in your life?

  • Finally, Clare Bronfman will benefit from being as ugly as a mare crossed with a male librarian. No one will be forcing her into carnal relations.

    • Whether you understand it is irrelevant–it is the judge’s understanding that matters.

      Given what she has admitted to and what the court has accepted as true in “Vanguard’s” conviction, trying to impugn the motives of her accusers isn’t going to get the Bronfman sisters any traction in court.

      The only questions are what the monetary award will be and how much of it the plaintiffs can secure.

      If you depend on the Bronfmans for your income, you would be wise to erase any social media evidence of your connections to NXIVM, keep your head down, and look for a new job.

    • Anonymous 2:47am,

      Clare was the acting head of Nxivm inc.

      So, in a lawsuit, you go after the deep pockets.

      Of course, the lawsuits are about money.

      You might want to call them greedy. FYI plaintiffs in a lawsuit only get awarded money if they can prove damages.
      FYI: The jury can award the plaintiff a dollar amount and the judge has the discretion to knock the verdict down.

      In some instances, the judge can completely set aside the verdict.

      My point is usually people who receive large verdicts, have real damages, and even then the judge will lower the amount of the verdict. It’s very different than criminal court. The judges have even more power.

      Ask Claviger!

      • The only reasons Frank is not filing a lawsuit are because he has too much pride and so much money he can afford to have pride.

        Frank can afford to be prideful.

        Do re mi! Can you dig it?!?!?

        • I don’t actually know how much money Frank has. And I don’t how prideful he is.

          None of that will stop me from speculating

      • I don’t agree that federal judges in civil cases have more power than federal judges in criminal cases. Being able to incarcerate someone is, IMO, more powerful than being able to order them to give some of their money to someone else.

        But aside from that, your basic arguments are correct: federal judges in civil cases can lower a jury’s monetary judgment if they think the award is too high — and they also have the power to set aside a verdict if they think there is no basis for it (You may not be aware of this but a federal judge in a criminal trial can do the same thing and/or order a new trial).

  • You can get hold of assets abroad sometimes. Some forensic accountants specialize in it. Not always easy but things are done -e.g., I think a yacht in one case worth £100m was seized in Dubai and after the Gulf War, the first time a Kuwaiti plane landed in London, lawyers were there on the tarmac and seized it.

  • I hope she is a adapting well to her circumstances and that her appeal is swift. The judge was particularly brutal with her at sentencing. It seems unjust to me that the judge accepted her plea bargain and then turned around to imprison her for so long. If he didn’t agree with the plea bargain, then he should have refused it.

  • Justice for Clare! Justice for Clare! Justice for Clare! Says no Nxium loyalist ever. No twerking for Clare. No essays on frank report in her defense. No affidavit letters to prosecution. If this is all a travesty of justice why no outrage for Clare? Or Allison? Or Nancy? Or lauren? Or… Is someone named Kathy in trouble? What about her? Where all the “sorority sisters”? They Insist that they care so much about women, each other. Women’s issues. They made a lifetime commitment! Sisters! But they only fight for Keith. That really tells you everything you need to know about their fake interest in justice reform.

    • Also says a lot about their brain washing.

      They are conditioned to venerate Keith, his teachings and, to a lesser degree, Nancy – as Keith’s recognized “Prefect” or Christ’s “mother Mary” figure. Again, this started from 1998 with Nancy’s slideshow presentation of herself as a mother substitute for Keith’s natural mother.

      They are also trained to subdue Clare when or if she dares exert any authority or independence, tries to “wear the pants.”

  • Unless approved, no one may visit the former equestrian. Her visiting hours must be checked but are scheduled from 6:15 am until 2:30 pm except for weekends and federal holidays. Then the prison opens an hour later. Her visiting day rotates weekly, like a bad rash.

    And that’s not all that rotates. Strangers cannot visit Clare, but what stranger would want to have to get up that early in the morning?

    The dress code for anyone wearing female apparel to the Philadelphia joint forces one to face a 13 point list of forbidden fashion. Und. You vill be inspected!

    From Prison Insight, “Federal Detention Center – Philadelphia.” Danbury would be more tony. The very address. Not that Philadelphia skyscraper. After all, L’il Kim served some time there, the article wants us to know.

    L’il Kim is a harder queen to handle than Clare Bronfman. So far Clare didn’t make the Who’s Who. Clare does not have the right ass or big goomba tatas.

    This move could be temporary anyhow. Potentially Raniere, Bronfman, Salzman(s) could see charges from another jurisdiction, as Judge Garaufis specifically deferred/ unsubtly referred certain criminal charges to the Northern district/NY.

    There are also people in Mexico who’d like to invite these convicts to a barbecue.

    Or maybe Clare is being shuffled around the east coast to help her to become more forgettable.

    • I am really interested in knowing why Clare was moved to Philadelphia. For sure, there is a different connection crowd in Philly.

      Clare is getting quite the education!

  • One thing I did appreciate about last night’s Times Square celebration broadcast was the dedication of the NXIVM New Year to the demise of it’s essential mastermind, Nancy Salzman. Rewound while finishing off my pint.


  • Thank you for the information. What are your sources for Clare Bronfman’s move while Keith Raniere stays at MDC for the moment? And when you say “reportedly,” what do you mean by that? Is that information from some of your anonymous sources? How reliable do you think it is? Thanks.

    • Clare’s transfer to the federal detention center in Philadelphia, PA was confirmed on the Bureau of Prisons’ website that tracks the movement of federal prisoners and monitors their release dates. Frank will have to answer your other questions because I don’t have that info.

  • Frank, does your source know when Sara moved her assets offshore? Was it before she was served with the civil suit?

  • The question of the Bronfman sisters’ assets is a tricky one, that is hard to discern and may only real be revealed once claimants start to pursue them in court. Most of their money is apparently in trusts, some or all of which are probably designed so that they can’t be attached by creditors.

    Clare’s liquid and liquidatable assets may be limited to properties she owns like the horse farm recently put up for sale. Sara may have some similar such assets, like the Clifton Park estate that was on the market, even if she’s tried to limit her exposure. But one or both of them may have other investments that are vulnerable, like their LA real estate venture.

  • It makes sense they have to move Clare Bronfman.
    When the Salzman’s or Mack are up for their sentencing there are only two holding facilities in Brooklyn.
    Clare can’t be at the MDC when one of the Salzman’s or Mack gets put in the slammer after sentencing.
    Can’t be having two NXIVM women in the same wing of the MDC now, can we?
    Clare won’t be Staff like Prison Staff.
    She will only be getting a job as a prisoner. Its not like she will be helping running the place.
    Remember she didn’t finish high school people. Working for and taking courses for NXIVM doesn’t qualify her to help run a prison.
    Remember she’s a felon, she won’t be running the place.

        • According to your BFF, Frank, Roger Stone, Biden’s so close to KAR he’ll be pardoned if and when Biden takes office.


          What’s Stone’s excuse, “evidence,” for making that and many other ludicrous claims about a Biden-NXIVM connection?

          Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth.

      • The child sniffer is dead already. That thing brought out by the Secret Service is a combo robot/ slightly recharged dead guy dolled up in a suit to LOOK like Patsy Biden.

        You did not know that is not Patsy? That is an imitation Patsy. As soon as Itt gets inaugurated, Cameltoe will take over as prez, and most Americans will be shipped to FEMA camps without coffee, cigarettes or birth control. Then we’ll get let out if we become Chinese. See? Nuttin’ to worry over, except for ending anything with a preposition or without a spitoon.

  • Kohn SwiftGraf, P.C.
    1600 Market Street
    Suite 2500
    Philadelphia, PA 19103-7225



    are only a 5-minute drive and 1.3 miles apart.

  • So, after my final weigh in of 2020 — goal proudly attained — I sit my scrawny ass down to enjoy a large xtra cheese veggie with no hot sauce, xtra garlic and a full pint of Ben & Jerry’s, click on New Year’s with Cohen and Anderson and no sooner do I bite into my first slice but I spit take on them discussing NXIVM, Keith Raniere and how Catherine Oxenberg saved the world…!

    Lost my appetite. Think I’ll just get dressed and go find a hungry person who’s never heard of NXIVM somewhere to ring in the New Year.


  • Bronfman is being housed in another tall building, urban decay-style accommodations and decor. From Brooklyn to the City of Brotherly Love, the bugs and the rats are the same, overly familiar and rather presumptuous little ear and schnozz nibblers.

    Wear underwear, Clare! Carry on. No sweat, right? Nazi nice. So much for entitlement, sensitivity and delicate stomachs. But kiss some ass anyhow unless you can still buy magazines. Those are so helpful.

    Betty Boop

  • She is actually quite fortunate, as very few of us will have a multi-city holiday tour of the East Coast this year. So she is quite fortunate – from a certain point of view.

    • There’s no question that Sara will have to answer the civil lawsuit. The question is whether she has effectively shielded her assets from a potential financial judgement.

      If she moved them into the proper offshore financial vehicle(s) before the lawsuit was filed, she’s safe.

      If she moved them after the suit was filed, she might have to pay up, assuming the plaintiffs can track down her offshore accounts.

  • “and wouldn’t you know it, she is in Philadelphia right next to the law firm that is suing her.”

    FIGURES…in the billions.

  • Perhaps Clare will find a nice Quaker Grandmother to replace her previous Yenta protector. Interesting that she will work as staff; it would seem R. Sullivan, Esq. finally earned his keep. Surely this facility is better than the one in Brooklyn?

  • Is it possible to email Clare to that email address or would it have to be via post to the prison’s street address?

    • Clare would have to add you to her approved email list in order for you to be able to communicate via email. But you can write to her at the following address:
      REGISTER NUMBER 91010-053
      P.O. BOX 562
      PHILADELPHIA, PA 19105

      If you want to read all about Clare’s new home, you can go to

      • Claviger,

        Thank you for the info. Wouldn’t I set myself up for some really nasty home visits/ stalking campaigns or very unwelcome attention of some kind from friends of the inmates at that facility, by posting a letter there? I mean, I’d have to write the sender’s address on the envelope’s back…

        I can’t imagine what plots some of those inmates are cooking up if given the opportunity, since they have so much free time on their hands. The place probably hasn’t got the highest concentration of altruistic minds in the Northern hemisphere… 🙂

        Since I have nothing urgent and/or important to convey to her, wouldn’t it be much wiser not to expose my home address to who knows what deeply perverted minds simmer their days away between those walls?

        Many thanks again!

        • A really devious person might put someone else’s home address on the envelope in which they sent their letter. Federal prisons do not require that inmates establish an approved list of people from whom they can receive mail (They do have such a requirement for email communications).

  • I don’t think that assignment to a Supermax was ever a realistic prospect for Raniere. He poses no threat to other prisoners or staff, and those places have limited places.

    As for Clare:

    “It is possible that Bronfman, 41, will remain in Philadelphia as one of the cadre prisoners serving as staff for some length of time, possibly until her release – which is presently scheduled for June 29, 2026.”

    This would be her first real job.

  • Why is “The World’s Smartest Man™” retaining new counsel?

    How could he have made a mistake and hired the wrong attorney?

    Why isn’t he representing himself pro se? Who could be a match for his mind now that he’s had so long to learn the law and trial procedure not just from books but also direct experience?

    Mr. Parlato, does Sara face any potential sanctions in the US for sending her assets overseas to avoid this civil lawsuit?

    • Yes! And how is Keith ” retaining new attorneys”? Will he put their fees on a deceased woman’s credit card? Keith said he lived below the poverty line to avoid paying taxes and whatnot. Will the next counsel ” just appear” like he claimed his new shirts did?

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