Should Allison Mack – Or Anyone Else – Be Sentenced to Federal Prison in the Middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Marie White's portrayal of Allison Mack

There’s been a lot of opinions expressed on the Frank Report as to how much time each of the defendants in the U.S. v. Raniere Et Al case should spend in prison.

Aside from Raniere – who has already been ensconced at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY for more than two years – all the other defendants in the case are still residing in their homes under various levels of home confinement/house arrest.

Marie White’s portrayal of Keith Raniere

Eventually, they will all be sentenced – and most, if not all, will spend some time in federal prison.

But even though I detest several of Raniere’s co-defendants almost as much as I detest him, I still wonder whether it’s appropriate to send any of them to prison until we get the current coronavirus pandemic under control.

I’m not worried about Raniere because whether he gets it or not, he deserves a life sentence.

So, the fact that he’s currently at a very high risk of contracting COVID-19 – and perhaps even dying from the disease – doesn’t cause me any sleepless nights. He is, in my mind, a classic example of addition-by-subtraction: i.e., the world will be a better place when he is dead.

But I’m not convinced that his five co-defendants deserve to be put in a life-threatening situation when the most time any of them will likely serve is five or six years.


Federal Prisons on the Brink of Exploding

On April 1st, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) announced that all 170,000 inmates in its 122 institutions were going to be confined to their cells and wards for at least 14-days in order to reduce the likelihood of the coronavirus spreading throughout any of the facilities.

Talk about closing the barn door after the horses have galloped off.

The 14-day confinement – AKA lockdown – has been implemented differently in different federal prisons.

In some places, inmates are spending 23 hours per day in their cells – and 1 hour per day, in staggered groups, in the rec yard.

In others, inmates are on 24-hour lockdown – and only being allowed out of their cells once every 3 days for showers, phone calls, and emails.

Despite these extraordinary measures, the coronavirus has continued to spread in federal prisons the same way it did on cruise ships.

In the federal prison in Oakdale, LA, for example, five prisoners have already died from COVID-19.

Oakdale, LA Federal Prison

100 other Oakdale inmates are currently under quarantine – and 4 staff members there have tested positive for the disease.

According to several reports, many prisoners at Oakdale who are experiencing COV D-19 symptoms are refusing to say anything out of fear that they too will be quarantined (They fear being placed in close proximity to 100 other inmates with similar symptoms, none of whom are receiving any treatment).

And many of the inmates at Oakdale who have been assigned to the Sanitation Detail are simply refusing to do their jobs. As a result, showers, sinks, and toilets are going uncleaned for days – thereby increasing the likelihood that more inmates will become infected with COVID-19 or one or more of the other bacterial infections that are always present in such settings.

On Monday of this week, the union that represents federal Correctional Officers (COs) filed a complaint against the BOP with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) in which it alleged that prison officials are “proliferating the spread of a known and deadly contagion both within our prison system and to our surrounding communities. The agency’s actions and inactions are expected to result in death and severe health complications and/or possible life-long disabilities.”

The Oakdale prison is a low-security facility. There are two buildings there – one of which is a camp where inmates live in an area without any fences.

Both of the buildings at Oakdale include dormitory units that house 100 or more men on bunk beds that are set about three feet apart from one another. So much for social distancing.

Tensions are building throughout the federal prison system as the lockdown continues.

And when the lockdown is extended next week – which is the only thing that makes sense – there is a good chance that we’ll see protests, food strikes, and riots in many federal prisons.

That’s just the way this stuff happens in federal prison.

Prisoners are basically slaves with few, if any, rights.

And when they’re pushed to the wall like what’s happening now, they’ll do whatever they can to be heard.


Maybe the NXIVM Defendants Should Receive Deferred Sentences

The influx of new prisoners into our state and federal prisons never stops.

The prison system beast needs to be fed – and we can always find more people who need to be incarcerated for their various transgressions.

But maybe – just maybe – this is a time when we need to hit the “Pause” button – and ask ourselves if it wouldn’t be better to halt any new admissions to those same prisons for a few months.

How about we sentence Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Clare Bronfman, and Kathy Russell sometime this month or next month but hold off on making them report to prison until January 1, 2021?

Allison Mack


MK10ART’s painting of mother Nancy Salzman with her daughter Lauren Salzman.


Clare Bronfman


Kathy Russell

Would that be so bad?

How about we continue their current home confinement/house arrest terms and conditions – and give them one-half day credit for every day they’re in that status in between their sentencing date and their incarceration date.

Would that be so bad?

Ask yourselves: Would that be worse than forcing them to report to prison now – and dying when they were infected with COVID-19?






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  • Allison Mack has a lighter hair color if she tints or dyes her hair accordingly. Allison Mack is recognizable in the picture of Marie White, you just have to recognize and understand her visual language. This is called artistic freedom and depends on the chosen painting style of an artist. And Keith Raniere’s portrait is not so much about the similarity of facial features as it is about the contorted gestures and distorted facial features and eye positions that express the twisted and distorted false truths of Raniere’s teachings and statements. If one knows the other paintings of Marie White’s paintings by Keith Raniere, this painting fits into the series of her portraits of him, and one recognizes him.

  • Get help…your obsession is absurd especially since her name isn’t bringing that much clicks…at this level, you sound like nothing else but an old fool who has a grudge against a girl who’s almost half is age…
    Leave her alone and get a fkin life Frank!
    You can do it, you spend 3 days without obsessing over her name! try harder…
    O’hara proved to be nothing but an obsessed idiot and posting him is just as low as posting …well you know who, you liked to post his “article” for some time.

    “Eventually, they will all be sentenced – and most, if not all, will spend some time in federal prison”
    At this point, it would be extremely unfair as , in Allison’s case, her “crime” UNDER COERCION and ABUSES is worth at max 2 years…1 “victim” under coercion and only on one charge!
    The other charge being completly bogus.

    And at this moment, unless there is an idiot at the wheel (which unfortunately is the case but thankfully, he can’t make all the decisions), the judicial system will be paralysed until the crisis is finished…i don’t even see a point to talk about the subject except, for you, to fill your envy to say Allison’s name for no reason (not even for clicks), you obsession for her or the fact that you are really running out of fake stories (and you aren’t the more creative).

    BTW, proof of the fact that you are obsessed is that there is no DATE at the moment and the doj is slowing down so the question isn’t even interesting as it’s not going to happen!!

    “and give them one-half day credit for every day they’re in that status in between their sentencing date and their incarceration date.”
    BS and like i already said, it’s to the discretion of the judge to decide how the sentence is applied…
    He stated (although you continuously ignore it…but likely due to the fact it’s ….a FACT) that home confinement is just as bad as prison (september 2018).

    The fact that Allison did more time than she should have (as a REAL victim) , the fact that she fully cooperate (despite the fact she was never given a chance to defend herself nor to tell her side of the story), the fact she never committed anything before she was coerced, that she had REAL circumstance justifying her behavior…
    There are so many reason why it would make no sense to send her in jail at all…
    She did, like it or not, 2 years of jail after 3 years of mental prison by Raniere…under the abuses physical and mental, under the coercion…

    It’s either considered full day (likely) or not at all (which would be extremely unfair as they are in prison…a private prison but a prison nonetheless…I remind something a guys i don’t appreciate much (but he was spot on on that): people already go mad for 2-3 weeks of confinement and she was locked at home for 2 years!

    And i remind the reality of the situation:
    Allison didn’t commit any serious crime but the collection of collateral.
    AND it was under the coercion and different manipulation (that you perpetually ignore because you are not clever enough to understand the whole situation).

    At best, she should have got a year max (and not in a federal prison but in a mid (or a low) security prison.
    You can’t continue to pretend she is the big bad leader and ignore the facts displayed by the trial but Allison ,being a victim, don’t deserve ANY JAIL TIME at all.
    First because your version is based on BS (she was never a leader in any part of Nxivm…she isn’t even an executive! at best, she is a coach (as said in trial))
    Second because she is more victim than Nicole even is (and Nicole is undisputably a victim).
    Allison go through everything Nicole did (that why she was upset when she discovered what happened to Nicole), she was raped, like Nicole; she was abused ,like Nicole.
    But she got WAY WORST! Allison was used to be the scapegoat, Allison was use to take the fall (and some idiot continue to believe this side of the story instead of reality)…
    Allison was beaten and physically abused.
    Allison was caged (Nicole was never)
    Allison received the physical “punishment” while Nicole and the other didn’t…atleast not in Allison’s pod (and she wasn’t responsible for what happened in other pod, this the trial showed clearly…Allison had NO POWER AT ALL)
    She was forced to go through the dangerous diet and was forced to sleep as little as possible…She was drugged, mentally manipulated!
    And in the end, her collateral (obtain forcefully by Raniere and the others) have been released.
    She had ALL HER MONEY stolen away from her and you and some idiot consider that she got a better position than Nicole?

    No, she is technically a WAY bigger victim…maybe not the biggest but she don’t deserve your obsessive hate based on fantasy story and false stories…
    She deserve to be left alone so she can finally heal properly…
    Luckily, she isn’t spending time reading things like this (as she isn’t authorized) but this doesn’t make what you do, your obsessive behavior (and absurd hatred toward a victim) right.

    Give it a rest now, there is enough conspiracy elsewhere to “write” about…no need for another empty article just to put her name in the title.

    Also reminder, she can’t defend herself now but she will be able eventually…and all your lies and your obsession will be potentially punished.

    You can’t hide behind the freedom of speech (which you don’t respect as you often don’t post me) to protect your defamatory behavior!
    Especially when it’s part of the constitution (defamation being forbidden and punished).
    As a “lawyer”, you should know this.

  • Marie White, your paintings remind me of that old chestnut whereupon a non artist person stares at a Picasso and says “I could do that! My kid could do that” – and they really believe that’s the case.

  • The US, if it were to adopt your sensible measures Joe, would have to refrain for a minute from locking up your majority cohort. the so-called drug dealers. It doesn’t look likely. Isn’t that how America retains its superpowers – by feeding your prison moloch with the bodies of young black men and women? How to express the US’s extreme hate and racism without prisons? what will you do – return to lynching?

    That practice was prevalent only around 65 years in your past, NO? Perhaps there are some on this site, that attended a lynching as kids. Weren’t there days of school and picnics to celebrate?

    • Another tirade from the Hate America crowd.
      I don’t see Americans fleeing their country in great numbers.
      Anyone who finds America oppressive to drug traffickers, rapists, pedophiles and pimps is always free to leave America to practice their vocations in whatever degenerate country will tolerate their abnormal anti-social professions.

  • Well while we’re at it let’s let Keith Raniere out of the lock-up.
    And let’s let Michael Avenatti out of jail.
    And Harvey Weinstein should go free.
    Bernie Madoff, the Ponzi King who stole 20 billion dollars, should be released.
    As for El Chapo, the notorious Mexican drug trafficker, he should go free.
    El Chapo is merely a businessman supplying consumers with a product they desire.

    And let’s allow all the illegal aliens in detention to go free so they can vote Democrat in this year’s elections.


    If Joe O’Hara is a Republican, he’s a piss poor example of the once Grand Old Party.
    Nicki Clyne could have written this post.
    Clare Bronfman would have paid Big Bucks for a post like this.

    By the way, bad flu outbreaks happen every several years and it is not unusual to have 60,000 Americans die of the flu in a year.

    This whole COVID outbreak is a cynical ploy by the corrupt Democratic party to swing this year’s election their way.
    The Democrats could not remove Trump through impeachment so they gin up an artificial crisis.
    If Nancy Pelosi wants to improve public health, she should stop the homeless from urinating and defecating in the streets of San Francisco.

  • Note to Marie White:

    That painting of Allison stinks and doesn’t look a thing like her.

    She’s got lighter hair color.

    You should go back to art school until you can better paint somebody’s likeness.

    Have a nice day.

  • LOL, you’re lying to your readers by implying that getting Kung-flu is equivalent to dying.

    Allison is only 35 years old and in good health — which means, according to REAL DATA, she has a 0.1% of dying of Kung-flu.

    It’s only more deadly than flu for OLD people and SICK people with weakened immune systems.

    Joe, why can’t you accept these FACTS?

    Why do you ignore the FACTS and imply that everybody will die?

    If you’re under 45 and healthy then getting infected is the best thing cuz you’ll have immunity within 2 weeks and can ignore it after that.

    Not everybody is 75-80 years old and sick, Joe.

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