Mexican Story Lists the Children of the Elite in Nxivm

Emiliano Salinas embraces his then worshipful master Keith Raniere. Later, Salinas abandoned the hero, leaving him to his sad fate all alone.

Below is an English translation of a story published in Sonora Inclusiva entitled “La secta sexual esclavista NXIVM y su conexión Mexicana” or “The sex slave sect NXIVM and its Mexican connection.”

While many readers are familiar with the Mexican aspect of the Nxivm story, seeing all the rich and powerful names all in one story  – all of them children of the powerful – shows how strong the Mexican arm of Nxivm was before Raniere was arrested. Raniere had a true following of trust fund Mexican children at one time, though much of it today has evaporated.

La secta sexual esclavista NXIVM y su conexión mexicana

By Alfredo Jalife-Rahme

(Taken from Sputnik ) The implications of the 120-year sentence of Keith Raniere, the NXIVM sex cult leader, a megalomaniac with severe erotic perversions, are profound in Mexico at the highest political levels.

Daughters and sons of three former presidents of Mexico were among its members: Carlos Salinas, Vicente Fox, and Miguel de la Madrid.

Carlos and his son, Emiliano Salinas.

Raniere, founder and leader of the sex-slave sect NXIVM, was sentenced to a 120-year prison sentence in US federal court in Brooklyn, New York, after being found guilty of sex trafficking, child pornography, identity theft, racketeering, and money laundering.

Clare Bronfman, Raniere’s partner, was sentenced to 81 months in jailClare is the heir to billionaire Edgar Bronfman, head of the Seagram Distillery and former president of the World Jewish Congress.

It was not irrelevant that the arrest of the sex-slaver Raniere occurred in a luxurious villa in Puerto Vallarta (Jalisco/Mexico) – in his sex retreat – which highlights the “Mexican connection” of NXIVM.

After being arrested, Raniere was sent to Texas to later be imprisoned in New York.

According to Frank Parlato of Frank Report, “Emiliano Salinas and Clare Bronfman spied on the ‘enemies’ of NXIVM together.”

At least 100 Mexicans were on NXIVM’s VIP list, according to Frank Report.

The “Mexican connection” reaches the highest levels of power where the daughters and sons of three former presidents have been implicated, among them Emiliano and Cecilia Salinas de GortariCristina Fox, and Fabiola Sánchez , wife of Federico de la Madrid.

Emiliano and Cecilia Salinas salute Keith Raniere on his birthday. [Aug. 26, 2016.]
There are many daughters of renowned businessmen, especially from the financial-industrial city of Monterrey, where Rosa Laura Junco, daughter of businessman Alejandro Junco de la Vega, owner of the newspaper Reforma, stands out, today as the maximum opponent of the Government of López Obrador.

Rosa Laura Junco

Financial magazine Forbes  reports that Laura Junco “offered her daughter to the leader of NXIVM: her virgin daughter was an offering.” Obviously, the combative newspaper Reforma has not said a peep about this pitiful case.

Alejandra Anaya wears the orange stripe of the proctor of Nxivm. She also co-founded Anima, a dance and performance company with Keith Raniere.

Alejandra González Anaya also appears. She is the sister of the former Secretary of the Treasury who is a partner of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, as well as three well-known sisters, businesswomen from the important state of Nuevo León: CarolaLoreta and Jimena Garza Dávila who were partners of the Milliare company that issued the bills for those taking the expensive five-day Nxivm “self-help” courses at a cost of $5,000 from Executive Success Programs (ESP). They were also part of Raniere’s harem of 20 sex slaves – one of the 20 was under 15 years old.

Loreta Garza was a first line slave master for Keith Raniere in DOS.

It is disturbingly reported that the megalomaniac, charlatan and degenerate sex-slaver Raniere  wanted to implant in Mexico  the first ‘ NXIVM Republic ‘ with Emiliano Salinas Occelli as president.

Total dementia!

Slavery was not only imposed on women but also on weak men of character such as Emiliano Salinas  — educated at the controversial Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) with a doctorate in economics from Harvard University— whom the leader of NXIVM, Raniere, insulted without the offended [Emiliano] being disturbed: “I piss on your whole family”, according to journalist Dolia Estévez, based in Washington.

After the NXIVM criminal case, Emiliano Salinas, 44 , comfortably left the leadership of ESP with his partner Alejandro Betancourt Ledesma. Today, the portal of ESP and its subsidiary in Mexico appears blank .

Little is known about why there were no criminal charges against Emiliano Salinas in New York. My sources say that he was exonerated thanks to the alleged intervention of former US president Bill Clinton – who, by the way, is also involved in the sex scandal of the “suicidal” pedophile Jeffrey Epstein – and there are conflicting versions about Emiliano’s escape to Cuba [a story first report in Frank Report].

By the way, it is reported that the government of the former president Enrique Peña authorized a “NXIVM kindergarten ” that  was operated by Cecilia, the daughter of Carlos Salinas and Emiliano’s sister and who supposedly taught classes in eight languages ​​”to children under a scheme of education designed by Keith Raniere“.

Video: Julian Le Barón, “I took NXIVM courses in NY; I never knew about mistreatment of women!” – Frank Report | Investigative Journalism From Frank Parlato
Julian Le Baron

It cannot be ignored that the activist Julián LeBaron – who is, by the way, an angry opponent of the López Obrador government – a member of the controversial and bloody LeBaron family, has been exposed as a member of NXIVM, according to the TV series, The Vow .

[The rest of the article delves into other sexual atrocities committed by persons of prominence and power in Mexico that does not involve Nxivm.]

[There are numerous other Mexicans of varying degrees of prominence who are also Nxivm members. There are Edgar and Omar Boone, [redacted], Vanessa Sahugan, [redacted], Vany Huber, and Vera Autrey to name a few. Of less prominence are some of the DOS slaves of Raniere such as Monica Duran, Daniela Padilla and the three sisters, Mariana, the mother of Raniere’s youngest child, Camila, the woman who says Raniere began having sex with her when she was 15, and Daniela, the woman who testified that Raniere confined her in a room in solitary confinement for almost two years because she kissed another man.]

Today, the strength of Nxivm is not nearly what it was, though the Boone brothers, [redacted] and others continue to keep the torch lit for Raniere and perhaps hope that one day, he will be released to lead the movement once again.

Viva Mexico and Executive Success!

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  • In the third episode of Seduced, India recounts having to film Allison paddling Dani Padilla. Is that the incident where KR got pissed because Dani Padilla enjoyed it too much? What a freak.

  • Frank, where is my update on Nancy Salzman? You have intimated that she has renounced her Vanguard with no evidence. You two collaborating?

    It is so odd that time after time, so few have even mentioned Nancy, The Queen of EM. Everyone knew her!

    I tend to think that our dear Nan was up to her ears in Mexico, Clare’s rear end, and etc.!

    Yes, Nancy knew her Keith was a jackass. Man, was she crying when her whole charade fell apart in infamy. Not sure if you’ve ever seen Nan without her dopey, smiling happy face on, but I can say, she was none too pleased. If you could have seen the alternate version of Nan, screaming into her headpiece. Honestly, it was very scary and would never sell a Nxivm intensive.

    • Nancy comes in for some harsh criticism in Seduced. Not as much as Allison Mack or Mark Vicente, but still. I suspect it will not go well for Nancy if India speaks at her sentencing. Same with Mack and Lauren.

  • Time will show that many of the NXIVM members in the US and Canada are still part of the movement.
    One of Raniere’s current supporters is Angelica Hinojos.

    Angelica Hinojos
    Angelica Hinojos
    Orange County, CA
    Angelica, 41, was born and raised in Mexico City. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and an MSc in Work and Organizational Psychology from the University of Nottingham. Formerly endeavored to Human Resources for global and family-owned corporations and currently an entrepreneur helping her community with guidance on parenting and nutrition.

    She is passionate about helping others create better lives, hence, creating a better world.

    Angelica is fortunate to share her life with her husband and 2 boys.

    BREAKING NEWS: Eight, Happy DOS ‘Slaves’ Come Out Publicly and Tell Their Stories on
    Website, ‘The DOSsier Project’4

    Note Angelica lives in Orange County California.
    Who else lives in Orange County California?
    Nicki Clyne’s wife Allison Mack.

    The proprietor of the Instagram page Nxivm101, a woman who calls herself “Kim W”,
    just started following Angelica Hinojos.
    Do the math.


    12 posts
    14 following
    Kim W.
    Forgiveness and understanding help us grow. 1st do no harm.

    Angelica Hinojos

  • Mónica Maccise Duayhe appears in the last chapter of Seduced, she was president of the National Council against discrimination in Mexico, Obrador asked her to resign, did she know about her ties with Salinas and NXVIM?

  • I read that some Mexican men were also molested by the NXIVM in Mexico. That’s what the victims themselves said. Some of them even want to make a statement to the press. It’s shocking that these things have happened to them recently.

    • Emiliano Salinas is also a Victim!!! Just because he has billions and power does not mean he is NOT a Victim.

      Sure he used his power to terrorize Keith’s enemies by sending them corrupt judges, scary lawsuits, and was laundering money between the USA and Mexico, and also likely practicing in human trafficking.

      But hey! He has a sexy Latin lover smile, those beautiful green eyes. He does not deserve to be prosecuted. He is a victim of Keith too! We need a #meToo movement for all those sexy Mexican men with money and power. They are victims!

      Can someone share some sexy pics of Emiliano dancing? Let’s use that as the poster to show the poor men victims of Nxvim. If anyone has a topless picture of Emiliano, evn better. my DMs are open 😍🤡

  • Monica Maccise Duayhe, who was president of the commission against discrimination, appears in the Seduced series. By the way, Obrador asked her to resign. Did she know that she was a friend of Salinas in NXVIM?

  • I didn’t finish reading the entire article because I found it way below the quality level Frank Report has us accustomed to. However, I read the Spanish version and it’s not accurate that Raniere said to Emiliano Salinas “Me meo sobre toda tu familia”. Instead, when he said that phrase, he was clearly meaning to give an example concerning how the poor people would feel when rich people spend in one night for drinks, the same amount of money that they work many hours of precarious work to earn.

    • My dear friend. Thank you for the perfect translation from Spanish. I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep if this one in Frank Report had fallen short. Besides, if I’m not interested in an article, I’ll keep scrolling and not commenting on the writer’s work. Perhaps we can read some Pulitzer Prize-winning work from you, or do you have an investigative material compiled at a “higher level”?

      • Dear Nomin, have you considered writing an article in English about the current Mexican politicians who are in Nxvim? Right now,there are only articles in Spanish. Frank Report could benefit from the information.

        • Dear Stranger. I didn’t consider it, because English is not my mother tongue, and I don’t intend to take anyone’s credit. I’m only here as a reader, but I can still have an opinion as a private person. By the way, is it good to comment anonymously? I find the word “profit” offensive, because I don’t think the story is about profit in this chapter for a long time, the more it’s about making relevant, up-to-date information available to everyone, Ana.

          • And another sentence. Yes, Frank Report could use all the outside information, so if someone has one, don’t keep it to yourself. But I can’t understand the lower or higher treatise on articles. He’s one of my favorite writers, and I’m not going to let anyone drag him down, even with an opinion. Do you understand?

        • By the way, I don’t argue, there’s enough of it every day. Objections, lies, rules/laws, etc. So, I’m closed here. We’re going to start all over again. Point.

      • ‘..he was clearly meaning to give an example concerning how the poor people would feel when rich people spend in one night for drinks..”

        That’s true, and we have seen the whole context in a video, I don’t remember which one but I bet it’s not too hard to find in google. It was not an insult directed at Salinas but one of the many stories Keith told. There’s no need to add lies to the story, the truth is awful enough, and lies don’t help the cause, especially when they are so easily refuted.

  • “The rest of the article delves into other sexual atrocities committed by persons of prominence and power in Mexico that does not involve Nxivm.” How do you know these sexual atrocities do not involve NXIVM? LOL

    Just because NXIVM was not attached to these stories does not mean they were not involved. LOL

  • Here’s the link to my radio show and podcast. You can also tune in to 87.9 FM at 5am. LOL

    I’ll be interviewing Nancy Salzman and discussing my alien abduction experience. LOL

    You can’t handle the TRUTH Snowflakes

  • Julian LeBaron claimed that Raniere used him in a recruitment video without LeBaron’s consent to participate as such. Raniere was advising LeBaron about ways to respond to the violent circumstances surrounding the large, interelated LeBaron Mormon offshoot family, who are mostly dual U.S./Mexican citizens, from a Utah group that started living in Mexico about a century ago. It was about polygamy beginning to get more clipped out of Utah. Heh heh.

    It is dicey to guess who is telling what version of the “truth.” One LeBaron woman, at least, has dug herself deeply into being a loyalist to Raniere, unless that has changed very recently. And the LeBarons have plenty of secrets of their own.

    Some of these secrets can be explored by reading the words of a few women who risked their lives to escape from this exact Mormon offshoot community. The last that I heard, Julian LeBaron has returned to the United States with others of his immediate family, after the roadside slaughter of three LeBaron women and six of their children on November 4th, 2019, which Frank covered here.

    Julian LeBaron might say that he was never a member of Nxivm. Again, it is dicey.

  • I think the article is biased. It’s not reporting on NXVIM men in Mexico’s government today.
    Why are they silent? Obviously, they have not said a peep about how the current Mexican government is involved in this case.

    Why not mention Javier Jilleta a top official in the Government of Mexican President López Obrador? The man is director of government efforts that help battered women, and leader of “feminism in government”. Keith hid behind DOS and supported women empowerment… ring a bell? Why no mention about this man Jilleta? Are they scared?

    Why not translate this news in Frank Report?

    That government man Jilleta is also doing Keith’s manipulation tactics: asking employees to give him updates obsessively and to venerate his image

    • Do you realize that anybody can translate practically any story in practically any language into
      practically any other language? LOL

      • How would they reach it in the first place ? once you have it sure. But an English speaking person would never go on their own to that news site . it can help to put them in English in Frank Report to help English speaking audiences who read Frank Report to learn about this

    • I don’t see who, where, when, how, why, but Mexican people are certainly seething on this subject. Reading shreds of personal comments not yet published in the press.

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