Snappy answers to some stupid comments on Keith Raniere’s bail package

I found these notes today. I forgot I wrote them. They were my spontaneous, initial observations of Keith Raniere’s June 5th bail package.

The bail package was rejected by Judge Nicholas Garaufis. However, since Raniere’s lawyers promised to present a modified bail package, I don’t think it’s irrelevant to publish my ‘top of  thehead’ impressions of the original bail package at this time.  I quote first from Raniere’s bail package, then my response.

Raniere’s Lawyers: The Government advances an adventuresome legal theory without precedent to assert …  “sex trafficking.”

Frank Report: True, there is no precedent for a multi-level marketing, blackmail and branding, sex-slaver cult. Good point.

Keith Raniere invented the world’s first multilevel blackmail and branding scheme, called DOS. [Patent pending?]
RL: Some may view certain elements of Raniere’s teachings as bold.

FR: Others might view it as sick and warped.

RL: There are many others who have said, and one day will testify in this very courtroom, that these teachings improved their lives or gave their lives greater meaning.

FR: Others will testify they were terrified and in fear for their very lives.

RL: Raniere will wage a vigorous and principled defense to these charges.

FR: And lose.

RL: Raniere asks only to be released from prison so that he and his lawyers may wage this exhaustive and important fight.

FR: Did you mean “exhausting and important FLIGHT?”

RL: Raniere’s proposed conditions, including round-the-clock security, as well as electronic monitoring, will ensure no danger of his fleeing because he would be under constant guard.

FR: How about hiring members of the Society of Protectors to guard him? A lot of them owe money for intensives and can work off their debt by doing guard duty.

RL: Nxivm Corporation exists to scientifically study education and technology to help its students excel, thereby creating a rational and ethical world.

FR: Personally, I like the human fright experiments.

RL: The decision of some DOS women to brand themselves was absolutely knowing and voluntary, and a product solely and exclusively of their free will. In fact, the woman being branded typically placed the stencil on her body where she wanted the brand to be located.

FR: Gee, how come they all chose to brand themselves on their pubic region?

The brand of Keith Raniere. His lawyers assert that the women chose the spot  – even locating the stencil just where they wanted to be branded.


There are no stupid bail packages — only stupid clients.



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5 years ago

Why are so many women enraptured by Keith Raniere?
So enraptured that they would spend millions of dollars or risk prison to save his rotten hide.

Is it because Keith Raniere can hypnotize them like Rasputin did to Russian women?

Is it because “Little Keith” is 12 inches long?
So long that Keith Raniere has a third leg between the other two legs.

Is it because of Keith Raniere’s silver tongued skills at bringing women to ecstasy?
Is it because Keith Raniere is a cunning linguist in bed?
Is that why Allison (Big Foot) Mack is always sticking her tongue out in photos?
In celebration of Keith Raniere’s oral skills.

In other words Keith Raniere’s 50 plus female followers are as perverted as Keith Raniere himself.

5 years ago

Raniere wishes he had picked up that card from the top of the deck. Instead, he drew this one: He also wishes all he had to do was try to throw matching dice or get out of after 3 rolls, but that’s not going to happen either. However, just to show how sympathetic I am, I hope he gets credit for time served after being sentenced to 200+ years in prison. LOL

5 years ago

Raniere’s lawyers must be laughing…all of the way to the bank.

Program blah blah blah
Program blah blah blah
5 years ago

Who cares how impactful some people found NXIVM’S trainings. The training was a front for Raniere’s illegal enterprise.

NXIVM insiders, deep within Raniere’s inner circle used the training as a way to gather information on those they could extort what Raniere wanted from them.

Cheap labor
Commit illegal commands from Master
Money, lots of money
Pony what could be millions of $$$ from Mexico to Salzman and Raniere’s hidden SPOTS.
Enrollment efforts to keep their cash cow alive
Devotion for both Salzman and Raniere
Cheap insider Legal Team

The list goes on.

People want to make those that received benefits from the training as a powerful defense for Raniere.

This is not about who benefits from a training program, this is about Raniere and his partners’ illegal actions.

5 years ago

Naivety sigh…

Closing Statement
Closing Statement
5 years ago

Sounds like you’ve already written the closing statement for the prosecution.
Although, the longer this goes on, the less I hope he even makes it to trial.

5 years ago

Is there any precedent for a defendant making bail by hiring his own private armed guards?!?!

5 years ago

In Saint Petersburg, you can visit the Yusupov Palace and see the room in the lower level where Rasputin was killed.

Don’t Call Him Stupid
Don’t Call Him Stupid
5 years ago

He has an IQ of like 700 or something.

5 years ago

His IQ is 700 minus 630.

5 years ago

I am still stunned that so many well to do women would spend so much money to save a slimy slug like Raniere.
Not to mention the women willing to go to prison for him.

Is Raniere that good in the sack?
Is Raniere the reincarnation of Rasputin?

Boney M., Bobby Farrell
There lived a certain man in Russia long ago
He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow
Most people looked at him with terror and with fear
But to Moscow chicks he was such a lovely dear
He could preach the bible like a preacher
Full of ecstasy and fire
But he also was the kind of teacher
Women would desire

Ra ra Rasputin
Lover of the Russian queen
There was a cat that really was gone
Ra ra Rasputin
Russia’s greatest love machine
It was a shame how he carried on

5 years ago

Rasputin was very, very hard to kill. I don’t think that Raniere has his 19+ Constitution.

Darth VanDouche
Darth VanDouche
5 years ago

Rasputin also allegedly had what would be considered on the larger end of a porn-sized penis (approximately a foot long when erect) and so it would be unsurprising that some women were at least “interested” in him for this alone. From what I have read here VanDouche’s penis size is incomparable to his, which isn’t surprising since such a size would make a man in the top 0.01 percentile or less of men, and a number of commentators (perhaps scorned women?) who have posted here have implied that VanDouche’s is on the smaller end.

5 years ago

True and Funny! LOL

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