John Tighe Is Now Free and Living in Saratoga Springs – but Questions Linger on Whether He Was Framed By Nxivm and Whether We Can Prove It!

John Tighe,

After nearly five years in prison, John Tighe is a free man. Or nearly free. He is still under supervision, better known as probation.

Still, he is at home, living with his wife.  It is not known at this point at what level – 1-2 or 3 – he will have to register as a sex offender.

He pled guilty to a single federal felony count of possession of child pornography. He was facing charges that could have landed him in prison for 20 years when he chose to cut a plea deal that would guarantee he did no more than five years.

There are more than a few who think that Tighe was framed by Nxivm, whose expertise at hacking and planting viruses on computers on enemies is well known.

Tighe was a local blogger, based in Saratoga Springs, NY, who saw first-hand the negative impact that NXIVM was starting to have on his hometown – and decided to do something about it.  He began publishing stories about some of the things the cult was doing.

Along the way, he gained the confidence of some former cult members who provided him with detailed information about Nxivm’s illegal operations – money laundering, statutory rapes, perjury, possible entrapment of public officials.

Raniere must have hated the fact that John was getting accurate information from Nxivm insiders.

He might have been particularly incensed when John published a report of a meeting on Necker Island – and published photos.

Necker Island

Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, and Sara Bronfman at a Necker Island retreat for elite and inner circle members of Nxivm, published first on John Tighe’s Saratoga in Decline.

He was probably even more upset that John was casting a non-stop spotlight on the cult’s activities – and showing up at NXIVM events like Vanguard Week to take pictures of who was there.

John published a list of all the local properties that NXIVM had bought up.

He published a list of all the tax liens involving high-ranking members of NXIVM.

He published a list of all the NXIVM coaches – and documented the pyramid nature of the company’s operations.

He exposed the fact that the Rainbow Cultural Garden (RCG) operation was both an unlicensed daycare operation and an unlicensed school.

He also revealed the fact that most of the nannies at RCG were unqualified to do their assigned jobs – and that many of them were in the U.S. illegally.

He wrote about the fake marriages that NXIVM set up so some of its foreign members could stay in the U.S. – and other illegal immigration-related activities.

In short, he was unrelenting in his desire to expose the truth about NXIVM.

Curiously, law enforcement in the area chose to do nothing about it. Instead, they went after John and other Nxivm enemies.


On October 23, 2013, John’s residence was subjected to an early morning raid by a contingent of New York State Troopers led by Senior Investigator Rodger Kirsopp.

Rodger Kirsopp – He started out investigating Nxivm’s criminal activities but then, for some reason, he switched sides and began pursuing NXIVM’s enemies.

At the exact same time, other NYS Troopers were raiding the residences of two of NXIVM’s other critics: Toni Natalie and Joe O’Hara.

Based on eyewitness accounts, there were at least 15 NYS Troopers involved in the three raids.

And the alleged crime that led to all that firepower being deployed?

Illegally accessing the server that housed NXIVM’s website.

Just wrap your head around that for a minute… 15 State Troopers conducting a highly-coordinated, early-morning raid in three different locations throughout New York State in order to seize the computers of three people who had allegedly accessed NXIVM’s website.

They did not steal anything. They did not destroy anything. They merely allegedly went on the password-protected website.

As we would later find out, the investigation into Tighe, Natalie, and O’Hara had started in the summer of 2011 in the County of Saratoga – which is where the server that hosted NXIVM’s website was located.


Several months after his computers were seized by Rodger Kirsopp and his NYS Trooper cronies, Tighe was arrested on child pornography charges. They “found” the child porn on one of his seized computers, but they never said which one.

Shortly thereafter, John was also charged – along with Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara, and Barbara Bouchey – with illegally accessing NXIVM’s website (Although she was not part of the original investigation, Barbara allegedly accessed the same NXIVM server after the raids on Tighe, O’Hara, and Natalie).

Faced with the possibility of a 20-year sentence – and trying to deal with a life-threatening medical issue for which he did not have health coverage at the time – John opted to take a plea deal that resulted in him being sentenced to a 5-year term at a federal medical facility.

The “good news” is that John received excellent medical care while he was in federal custody. The “better news” is that he has been released from federal custody.


Neither of those positive outcomes will make up for what’s happened to John if he is, in fact, innocent of the charges for which he was imprisoned.

There are some questions we have that remain unanswered concerning Tighe:

(1) Did one or more members of NXIVM [falsely] inform New York State Trooper LaBaron from the Bolton Landing barracks that John had attempted to poison the drinking water at the Silver Bay resort during a celebration of Vanguard Week?

A sign posted at Silver Bay Resort.

(2) Was Raniere so enraged when the Silver Bay ploy did not result in John’s arrest that he ordered additional measures to be taken in order to shut him and his blog down once and for all?

(3) Was Ben Meyer tasked with the job of planting child porn on one of John’s computers?

(4) Did Clare Bronfman – and several other high-ranking members of NXIVM – provide false statements to Rodger Kirsopp about John?

Clare Bronfman – Perjurer Extraordinaire

(5) Why did Kirsopp not close-down the computer trespass investigation when Jim Murphy, the then-Saratoga County District Attorney – and the Office of the New York State Attorney General – both refused to prosecute the computer trespass allegations against Tighe, Natalie, and O’Hara?

(6) Why did Kirsopp not raise any questions when the Office of the Albany County District Attorney indicated out-of-the-blue that it was going to start its own computer trespass investigation? At a minimum, why didn’t Kirsopp ask how such a crime could have been committed in Albany County when he knew damn well [since he had been working on the case for more than a year] that the server in question was in Saratoga County at the time of the alleged illegal accessing?  [The fact that he knew the server was in Saratoga County meant that Kirsopp likely conspired with Nxivm members and their lawyers to suborn perjury. Nxivm members Clare Bronfman and Ben Myers were preapared to perjure themselves to say the server was in Albany County, after claiming it was in Saratoga County up until the time the Saratoga County DA refused to prosecute].

(7) Why did Kirsopp arrange to have John’s computers destroyed as soon as he had entered a guilty plea?

(8) Why did Kirsopp and the New York State Police fight so hard to “wipe clean” the computers that had been seized from Natalie and O’Hara even though the computer trespassing charges against them had been dismissed?

(9) Who in NXIVM knows the truth about whether child porn was planted on one of John’s computers: Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman, Esther Chiappone, Siobahn Hotaling, Ben Myers?

(10) Why during the course of his investigation of Tighe, Natalie, and O’Hara did Kirsopp meet and confer more than two dozen times with the lawyers representing NXIVM: i.e., Steve Coffey, Pam Nichols, and Mike McDermott?

(11) Why did Kirsopp not disclose the fact that the person who provided him with “evidence” of the alleged illegal trespassing – Ben Myers – was, in fact, a member of the NXIVM cult (Kirsopp portrayed Myers as an outside computer expert, unconnected to Nxivm)?

(12) Why did Kirsopp never have NXIVM’s server examined by the NYSP’s own forensic experts?

(13) How many other computer trespass cases have been investigated with this kind of manpower by the NYSP before – or after – this case? [Answer – zero.]

(14) How many other cases of possession of child pornography that have been investigated by the NYSP only involved only one downloaded e-file on one of the alleged perpetrator’s computers that was accessed only once? [It would seem logical that a perverted child porn viewer creates many files, downloads more than once and access them more than once.]

(15) How many other cases of possession of child pornography that have been investigated by the NYSP involved no file-sharing by the alleged perpetrator?

(16) Why did Rodger Kirsopp shut down the investigation of child molestation by the son of one of NXIVM’s high-ranking members?

(17) Why did the NYSP not investigate Jim Odato and Suzanne Andrews for allegedly illegally accessing NXIVM’s server (They were both named as defendants, along with Natalie and O’Hara, in a federal civil lawsuit for computer trespass that was dismissed when it was determined that Clare Bronfman had perjured herself)?

(18) Why after helping her to escape Raniere’s clutches did Kirsopp try to hunt down Kristin Keeffe so he could charge her with stealing a computer that belonged to NXIVM?

(19) Why did Kirsopp include this statement in his report about John Tighe: “I contacted FBI, SA David Fallon regarding Federal Prosecution of TIGHE. Same advised that he has identified 50 images as child pornography, the videos received have problematic issues for prosecution since most of the videos are preceded by a banner indicating the models were 18 years of age. SA Fallon advised that federal charges would remain pending the complete review of the materials obtained from TIGHE’S residence.”

(20) Was Tighe aware of the problems prosecutors might have had in proving the case – or at least his intent – when he took his plea deal?


In any event, John Tighe is free and most likely just getting settled to outside life – after nearly five years in federal prison – with the last few months in COVID lockdown – and the last 14-days in total isolation in the SHU. He is no doubt in need of a good long rest and recreation.

When he is ready, it will be time, with his help, to get some real answers to these long-troubling questions. It may lead to the road of his exoneration and perhaps charges being filed against those who framed him.

Notice to Nxivm Member With Info on Tighe

If anyone associated with Nxivm knows anything about this matter, or participated in the crime, the time may be ripe for you to contact me [716-990-5740 or].  There is a strong possibility that this setup of Tighe was part of the longstanding racketeering enterprise Raniere led. Your cooperation, if you did participate, might lead to a favorable plea bargain or perhaps immunity in return for providing evidence of the child porn frame-up of John Tighe.






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  • I believe John was set up. You can believe whatever you want, that’s the whole point. Hey, John, if you’re reading this, thanks for all the ramen.

  • John was represented by a well known Albany criminal defense lawyer, Lee Kindlon. There were 400 videos and 40 child pornography photos found on John’s computer. The evidence was overwhelming. John took the 5-year minimum sentence. He could have gotten a much longer jail term if he went to trial. He pleaded guilty, I believe him.

    • Wow, all that on one file from an apple computer that didn’t belong to him and was then mysteriously destroyed?

    • John did, in fact, hire Lee Kindlon to defend him against the computer trespass charges – and Kindlon was doing a decent job on that work. But months later, when the NYS Police “discovered” child porn on one of John’s computers, Kindlon indicated that he would only represent John on those new charges if John could come up with a $100,000 retainer. When John couldn’t do that, he agreed to a plea deal that took care of both charges via a 5-year sentence for the child porn charge and a 1-year sentence for the computer trespass charge (The 1-year sentence was served concurrently with the 5-year sentence).

      John pleaded guilty to the computer trespass charge before Judge Peter Lynch – who, prior to being appointed to the bench, had been hired by NXIVM to work on several of its legal matters. This is the same Peter Lynch who appointed Holly Trexler to serve as a Special District Attorney in Albany County to prosecute the bogus computer trespass charges against John, Joe O’Hara, Toni Natalie, and Barbara Bouchey. For her willingness to take on that turkey of a case, Trexler was appointed a judgeship by the Mayor of Albany.

      And that, boys and girls, is how the criminal justice system works in Albany…

      • K R C:
        Was the porn file as described above? Was it downloaded at at once? Was it never opened by John?

  • John was represented by a well known Albany criminal defense lawyer, Lee Kindlon. There were 400 videos and 40 pictures found on his computer. He pleaded guilty to get the 5-year minimum sentence; he could have gotten a much longer sentence if he went to trial. The evidence was substantial and I totally believe he is guilty.

  • For anyone doubting this story, and thinks that law enforcement acted completely proper. Also ask yourself, if that is true, why has there NEVER been any criminal charges brought by any law enforcement agency in that jurisdiction?

    Literally hundreds of crimes were reported for over a decade by the ATU and others, like FR.. Nobody did a god damn thing. And the EDNY threw them a bone after the trial, and still, nothing.

    This is as corrupt as it fucking gets and it is plain as day.

  • What did Tighe do for a living that at age 55, when he was arrested, he didn’t have or couldn’t raise $100,000 for a lawyer and had no health insurance? If you are saying that one of the main reasons he pled guilty was because he didn’t have insurance to cover his medical needs, hopefully Mr. Tighe will spend his post-prison time advocating for the US to offer affordable health care for all.

    According to the Albany Times, here’s what Tighe said when he pled guilty, “‘What I’ve done is despicable, and I take full responsibility,” Tighe told the judge.'”

    Or did Tighe not have any money left after paying the thousands of dollars to the young girls in his pictures as the judge ordered, “The judge also imposed 15 years of postrelease supervision. Tighe also must pay thousands of dollars in restitution to each of three young girls whose images were part of the materials on his computers and external drives, the judge ruled.”

    • Is it a crime to lie during your allocution? If Tighe were to now claim that he was framed and the kiddie porn on his computer and external drives was put on there by someone else, then he’d have to admit that he was lying when he said, ‘What I’ve done is despicable, and I take full responsibility,” before his judge back in 2015.

    • “What I’ve done is despicable, and I take full responsibility.” Frank, can you help me understand why a man who is innocent would say this? I see no reason for him to say it if it weren’t true. He chose to say it was despicable instead of just being quiet.

      • In reality, many allocutions are drafted by defense attorneys – who have talked to prosecutors and found out exactly what they want the defendant to say on the record as part of their guilty plea. I don’t know if that’s what happened here but given that John’s initial plea was overseen by the Albany County DA’s Office – and heard by an Albany County judge who used to be on NXIVM’s payroll – that certainly sounds plausible.

        • WHAT?! John’s JUDGE was previously on the dole from NXIVM? That’s a very strange coincidence.

          Here in LA, they have a little tip jar for Judges called the “Coffee and Roses” fund. All the big firms chip in to help ensure Judges aren’t cut out of their just share of the American pie. It’s all very equitable. In fact, some judges own the courthouse property itself.

      • Exactly. People don’t just admit to pedophilia. No one would, unless you are guilty and hoping you escape a hefty sentence.

        • As I have already commented elsewhere…

          There were very logical reasons for John’s choice – and when the time is right, I trust he will share those with everyone. Now is definitely not the right time.

          To say the situation was complicated does not do it justice. For now, just have a little faith and a lot of patience.

        • LOL. People only admit to being guilty if they CAN escape a heftier sentence. They’re not going to do so only to get the maximum sentence they would get if they were proven guilty after going to trial, [redacted]

          Which means even innocent people will cop a plea if they don’t want to risk life in prison for a much shorter sentence.

  • I don’t know ow this Raniere guy, but the answer to question # 3 is no, nobody planted child porn on johns computer. Ask any computer tech person and they will tell you that if anything was planted on john computer, it could very easily be traced to who did that. and who better than the State Police who have well trained compute people to determin who if anybody planted it .And all defense attorneys are very well aware of how planting something on someone’s computer and how to prove it correct or wrong. Is simple math, Its an electronic communication-easily traceable. S, the truth of the mater is, John is guilty of being a child porn guy. Maybe everything he said is correct, but yrs-he is a child porn guy. There is no way around that.

    • –Ask any computer tech person and they will tell you that if anything was planted on john computer, it could very easily be traced to who did that.

      Which makes it all the more suspicious as to why the evidence was destroyed. Why destroy the evidence if it could be independently verified that it was something John legitimately did? All of the experts no matter who they are would then say the same thing: John is guilty of having child porn on his machine.

      Unfortunately, they can’t say such a thing if the EVIDENCE NO LONGER EXISTS. And THAT’S THE POINT. People would only destroy evidence if they DON’T want any doubt to the assertion that John had child porn on his machine to come to light because it points to obvious foul play and corruption in the local government.

    • It could be Tighe’s court-appointed lawyer was incompetent, don’t ever rule out government incompetence. LOL

  • “If anyone associated with Nxivm knows anything about this matter, or participated in the crime, the time may be ripe for you to contact me [716-990-5740 or].”

    If anyone knows or participated in setting up Tighe, assuming he was actually set up, why are you telling them to contact you and not law enforcement. Are you one of those police hating, defund the police types? I see you are trying to cast most of the blame on New York State Policeman Rodger Kirsopp

    • I do not hate the police. I am investigating the suspected crime of framing John Tighe. I am not too certain that, if he was framed, that the state police, will want to reopen this case. At least not without some pressure applied which I would intend to provide. Of course anyone is free to go to law enforcement. If someone comes to me, I will gladly provide them with a referral to legal counsel, very likely pro bono.

  • (21) Why did Tighe have an obviously incompetent lawyer, and what is his/her name? LOL

    Tighe should have been waiting for almost five years to speak out, there is no need for more delay. LOL

    • Tighe had a sister who was or is a lawyer — prolly not a criminal lawyer — I think we conferenced with her or John and Joe did and got back to us with her advise on approaching the AG’s office, etc. Did she represent John?

  • How did Steve Coffee, Kirsopp and their co-conspirators get away with destroying that “problematic” evidence — John’s computers and, I assume, the very files allegedly containing the evidence against John???!!!

    There MUST be some law against it and if not there should be.

    Also, where is Kevin Trowel – the special prosecutor EDNY, Donaghue appointed to investigate this corruption in the Albany DA’s office, etc.?

    I’ve got a couple of calls into Trowel myself but somehow some of the evidence I was wanting to deliver to him regarding Kirsopp’s on-going (apparently) investigation was removed from my possession — however, Frank, and a couple of dozen other people do have copies in case Trowel or some other hack ever wanted to return my calls I might be able to assist them in their “investigation” — be it on NXIVM enemies such as myself – I’m under investigation for at least 3 years running now according to the TO police dept. — they claim, however, they cannot release records of this purported investigation on ME as it is “on-going” to this day but, funny, I’ve never been questioned or charged with anything — or on NX and the corrupt officials, Trowel was supposedly hired and paid to investigate!

    But I guess the difference is, as it always has been – Bronfman is willing to pay dearly and supplement those “enemy” investigations with her own PI’s findings aka frame-ups — hell, she almost had Parlato sewn up coast-to-coast with Avenatti (& his high-powered DNC fans) if Nike and Lesko hadn’t wrecked that deal — curses!

    Say, don’t we have a right to Trowel’s “investigation” results …or is that on-going to the end of time, as well?

  • Tighe’s downfall started with his publication of the Necker Island expose. His source exposed the money-laundering scheme but Nx was worried John was too close to an even bigger scandal. On Necker, Nancy trained some women in kompromat, using ‘honey-pot’ tech to control legal or political threats to Nx or to recruit valued members. Nancy’s prime student was Miss Kristin Kreuk.

    When and how Kristin used Nancy’s tech for Nx is still unknown, but it is rumored that Kristin’s honey-pot training explains why she continues to star in TV series despite low ratings and bad acting.

    • If Kreuk is so untalented, insignificant, or any other negative attribute that can be conjured up, how [redacted] via a fantasy concocted from their imagination through the comment section of a website?

    • It sounds interesting. It also makes me wonder why the owner of the restaurant where Nicky worked wanted to keep her despite how negative it was for her business.

      This is a request for Frank or anyone else who can investigate further on the subject, I would like a story to be made about the Wayfair viral scandal and what an internet user discovered about its CEO Niraj shah

  • Quick question, Frank…. why are you victimizing someone who had child porn, who is clearly a pedophile. Now it sounds like you are trying to have your readers sympathize with a person who admitted guilt and took a plea deal? But in the same breathe you are calling Keith a pedophile ( not disputing that) and the leftovers outside dancing pedophile supporters. Sounds kinda hypocritical don’t you think? Are you implying the same justice system that arrested Keith is corrupt?- that may do more damage than you realize by saying that, you just may inevitably be proving Nvixms case…..

    • I think it is possible John Tighe is innocent and that – the truth – is important. Just because someone took a plea deal in the corrupt American [in]justice system does not mean they are guilty. Tighe was ill and facing 20 years. He took a deal that guaranteed he would not do more than 5 years. He is out and now is the time – if he is innocent – to try to prove his innocence. I do not think that Raniere is innocent, however.

      • The reported facts, if true, are suspicious:

        The porn was on an Apple computer that John probably never owned
        All the porn was in one file, with all the porn downloaded all at once
        The porn file was never opened
        It took months for this file to be discovered by the cops
        The computer was destroyed by the cops


        • Where was all of that proven? LOL

          Was Tighe’s lawyer THAT incompetent, or did Tighe instruct his lawyer to roll over so he could get some free federal (taxpayer, that’s me and you, assuming you pay taxes) medical care? LOL

        • JT and Silvia (his wife) introduced me to some friends and sponsors of “Saratoga in Decline” at a coffee shop in Saratoga where — without knowing it was a NXIVM hangout — I got a very spooky vibe.

          John also introduced me to some Russian pals of his there at the Coffee shop and mentioned how they were planning to all pitch in and get him an Apple computer for better graphics to better parody NXIVM and Raniere.

          They were really excited about this new — or, perhaps, slightly used — computer and they showed me the office set-up at their apartment where it would all be laid out, where John made his blog magic happen hours each day.

          I remember being surprised they left their apt. entrance opened but John expressed the same kind of bravado about his NXIVM stalkers — this was after he’d survived being food poisoned — I’ve not only observed in other hunted humans but understand from my own experience as a NXIVM target.

          At some point one grows weary of looking over your shoulder and realizes — as the police told me — there’s not a lot that can be done about a billion dollars out to destroy and discredit you — and says to oneself, “fuck it, they’re gonna get in anyhow if they want to…I may need to run in from the car without fumbling for keys when I get home…just leave it open and put some milk and cookies on the table so maybe they’ll leave prints or DNA somewhere.”

          One last quick note, John would not have left any porn, quasi-porn, image of ANY other woman anywhere Silvia would find it including, I suspect, on his computer. They shared EVERYTHING including the open office/den space and the computers, I believe. Silvia contributed clerical, research skills, etc. and, I’m sure, tidied up after John, kept the house clean and would have poisoned John herself were she to catch him viewing kiddie porn OR “barely legal” girls “over 18 years of age,” as the banner on the videos read per Kirsopp’s report identifying this “problem” with convicting John.

          I believe John Tighe’s 100% innocent and copped a plea, as they say, to spare his own life from the toxicity of NXIVM that was slowly killing him.

      • This is a request for Frank or anyone else who can do more research on the subject, I would like a story to be made about the Wayfair viral scandal and what an internet user discovered about its CEO Niraj shah

      • Frank, I will have to respectfully disagree with you. I don’t know too many people who will take a plea deal by falsely ruining their life to say they are a pedophile. We’re not talking about a petty crime, we’re talking being labeled as a pedophile for life. Needing to register as a sex offender, your face is plastered all over as a pedophile. He’s guilty, and I think it’s easy to blame Nxivm instead of acknowledging that sometimes those who we think are the good guys are not.

        • Frank will answer for himself. But let me just add the same response I’ve given to others.

          There were very logical reasons for John’s choice – and when the time is right, I trust he will share those with everyone. Now is definitely not the right time.

          To say the situation was complicated does not do it justice. For now, just have a little faith and a lot of patience.

    • Because the claim is there is a possibility that he is a victim due to a corrupt local government administration, the same one run by people that allowed NXIVM to get away with its crimes for many years. What have you been reading concerning John Tighe presented on this website? My guess is nothing, and that you must be a NXIVM member.

      The contention is that John may have had the evidence planted on his computer due to those same corrupt elements and only took a plea deal due to extenuating circumstances. Many accused of crimes take plea deals because they would rather take guaranteed less time than risk being handed a sentence of far greater time for whatever reason. In John Tighe’s case, it was four times the amount of time possible. Keith was proven to be a statutory rapist in a court of law with evidence presented. Tighe’s case never went to court where it was proven beyond reasonable doubt that he was a pedophile. The only thing that is known to the general public is that there was alleged evidence of child porn found on his computer which was subsequently destroyed (THE FACT THAT IT WAS DESTROYED SHOULD BE A HUGE WTF AS THAT SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN). He simply accepted a plea deal for reasons already stated. The notion that the justice system per se is corrupt doesn’t even enter into the picture. Only that there could have been corrupt people in the local government who could have been compromised due to their relationships with NXIVM that caused or allowed such a situation to occur.

    • I don’t want to cut into Frank’s response so put this where you please but Jaylee raises an interesting question about the corruption — why WOULD the DOJ prosecute Keith (and not John, presuming John’s a pedophile like Keith is) if they’re so swayed by the likes of big Bronfman bucks aka NXIVM?

      My question is why *hasn’t* the DOJ, in fact, prosecuted Keith for his pedophile crimes?

      EDNY referred these crimes up to NDNY which HAS NOT PROSECUTED!

      And make no mistake, Keith repeatedly raped a 12 yr. old child over 60x’s — he’s not only “hebophile,” he’s a child molester, a sexual predator.

      Whereas John Tighe who WAS prosecuted is far from being a pedophile, you say, under any definition of it. John allegedly viewed pictures of a fully mature 18-year-old looking girl on a site that advertised she was at least 18 years old! Where is the “pedophile,” if any type of crime in that?!

      Was the website itself investigated or indicted for DISTRIBUTION OF Kiddie porn?

      Fact is Clare Bronfman and her shark goons pay to get NX whistleblowers put in prison at Keith & Nancy’s behest and Emiliano Salinas & Alejandro Betancourt do the same in Mexico.

      And if they weren’t STILL at it, Frank’s indictment would have been dismissed at least upon Keith’s arrest.

      They not only framed John, they poisoned him. That’s goddamn attempted murder and what’s stopping them from doing it again or stopping them from further pedophile crimes when not even Keith is being prosecuted for those?

      We need a Trowel now!

  • [redacted] must be furious! Mr. Tighe dared to speak ill of Kristin Kreuk and exposed her activities within the NXIVM cult! It would be fascinating what information Tighe could contribute about that Necker Island trip. He said crimes were plotted on that island. It’s funny how fans of Kreuk and Mack posted those pictures online as you can find them on google images and trace the date, but they ignored all the criminal stuff. Like blind cultists themselves. [redacted] has probably jerked it to those pictures several times until he got new spank material.

    • John’s Necker report listed activities by the group which included a one-word activity that was never explained…”sex” ???


      • ***John’s Necker report listed activities by the group which included a one-word activity that was never explained…”sex” ???***

        Come on, John…don’t be a tease. What did you mean by “sex”— partner swapping, orgies, sexual performance art?

        Journalism 101: Putting the word “sex” in the middle of a sentence is like “burying the lead.”

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