Suneel and Eduardo Accuse Judge of Bias; Witnesses of Perjury – Will They Produce Proof of FBI Tampering?

Eduardo Asunsolo and Suneel Chakravorty

Frank Report is still awaiting evidence regarding the alleged FBI tampering with the Camila photos used at the trial of Keith Raniere. His supporters have told me about their evidence since October 2020. They said a Rule 33 motion for a new trial would be forthcoming. They have said this for more than a year and five months.

It is now the Ides of March.

They have until June 19, 2022 – three months and four days – to file a Rule 33 motion before it gets time-barred. I have begun to wonder if an attorney will file it; if the reason it has not been filed is that no attorney considers it valid.

I again asked Suneel Chakravorty to provide me with evidence of tampering.  I requested Eduardo Asunsolo to do the same.

Both said they would provide me with experts’ reports and permit me to interview with Dr. Richard Kiper, Steve Abrams Esq., and others who offer evidence that the FBI tampered with the photos of Camila or planted them on a hard drive that agents seized from Raniere’s “Executive Library.” They were unclear as to when I could see the evidence.

Keith Raniere in his library at 8 Hale Drive


8 Hale [photo Albany Times Union] was raided by FBI agents on March 27, 2018

The Point is Tampering

At this point, I am almost entirely uninterested in pursuing the question of whether Raniere sexually exploited Camila when she was 15 by taking photographs of her nude. I am interested in whether these photos were on the hard drive seized from Raniere’s library and whether the metadata was altered.

Western Digital hard drive – the same model that the FBI seized from Keith Raniere’s library.

It is not callous to say I am not interested in whether Raniere sexually abused a 15-year-old when he was 45. It is just that I have nothing more to add to what Camila said about it. She said it happened.

Camila when she was 15 – a painting by MK10ART. Camila alleges Raniere sexually abused her when she was fifteen.

But I condemn any effort by law enforcement to convict even the guiltiest defendant by creating, fabricating, altering, or planting evidence. It is one of the last concerns I have about Keith Raniere.

I have the standing to have concern, for I had a hand in getting Raniere to where he is now, USP Tucson, with a sentence of 120 years.

USP Tucson is a maximum-security prison.

But, my battle with Raniere would not blind me to looking at the evidence. If there is even a slight chance that the FBI tampered, I would not want it buried in bureaucracy or swept under the carpet for the good of the agency or America’s faith in the FBI.

I want to prove it one way or another.  If the FBI is innocent, it would be good to show it too.

Suneel Chakravorty

I made another call to Messers Chakravorty and Asunsolo. Both responded. Both said they would provide evidence that would be persuasive. Both had concerns.

They said, the trial judge, US District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, is biased against Raniere. He might overlook, obfuscate, or deep-six any motion that came before him to protect the conviction of Raniere.

I asked for proof of bias.


The Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis

Suneel offered to show me from the trial record that, even though almost everyone may hate Raniere, he was hated by the one man who should not hate him, the one man who should be neutral, the trial judge.

I said, show me that proof. I need evidence of that tall tale.

Eduardo said he would show that the judge would not let the truth percolate into the trial by not letting in evidence of how the DOS women and others of NXIVM, women who are now suing the Bronfmans in a civil suit, changed their stories—crafting them to become more significant victims than they indeed were.

Did Nicole Shift Story?

Michele Hatchette submitted this picture of her and Nicole and asked that it be published. Frank Report agreed provided we could mask Nicole so she could not be identified,

I know a little about this, for I spoke with DOS women before there was a lawsuit or criminal case. I told some that they might have a lawsuit and directed them to attorney Neil Glazer.

I told Nicole, the woman who was tied, blindfolded to a table, the victim of the sex trafficking charge against Raniere, that incident got him 40 years of his 120-year sentence – that she should meet with an attorney to pursue civil litigation and a criminal complaint.  She wound up going to Glazer and is part of the lawsuit against NXIVM, Raniere, and the Bronfmans.

Sara Bronfman and Clare Bronfman with Keith Raniere.


Eduardo Asunsolo on the phone, outside of Moira Penza’s office building.

Eduardo said he knew Nicole well.

“I taught her acting at the Source,” he said, referring to the company that taught acting, part of the NXIVM umbrella of companies. Allison Mack, Raniere, and Eduardo were principles in the company.

“She is an actress, and the role she played at the trial – I was there – that was an act, ” Eduardo said. “I have seen her in that role. It is not who she really is. She played the role of this innocent, scared victim of sex trafficking. I want to show you she was not afraid; she was not a victim.

“The judge even had to change the sex trafficking law – through his false jury instructions – to make a voluntary sex experience be twisted into sex trafficking. It was a one-time incident. No money changed hands. She gave consent before and during the incident. I have texts and emails that will show she was a willing participant. The jury could have seen these, but the judge would not let it in evidence that Nicole consented to the incident.”

“Show me,” I said.

I challenged Eduardo to provide evidence that Nicole and other victims of Raniere, women who Judge Garaufis ruled should have their identities shielded from the public -their last names never uttered in court or court filings – changed their stories and were not victims.

I shepherded some of these women, including Nicole, to Glazer, and he shepherded them to the DOJ.

But this is a separate issue and one that may make very little difference to any outcome in the future of Keith Raniere.

Tampering Is Last Hope for Raniere

None of this DOS argument is as essential to Raniere as tampering. After all, a Rule 33 motion already was tried and failed concerning Nicole and Daniela. Raniere claimed they perjured themselves when they said they had no plans to sue civilly when they testified at his trial, despite being clients of attorney Glazer for more than a year.

The judge ruled that Raniere had no proof of perjury and denied the motion. If I recall correctly, it was discussed that, even if Nicole and Daniela lied about not planning on being part of a lawsuit, it would not have made a difference. The jury would have convicted Raniere anyway, whether Nicole and Daniela planned to sue or not.

On February 21, 2019, FBI Special Agent Michael Lever found photos of Camila taken when she was allegedly 15 on a hard drive that FBI agents had seized 11 months earlier. The case was no longer about white, affluent, educated adult victims.  Now, it was about exploiting a child incapable of consent, Camila.

All five of Raniere’s codefendants soon took plea deals. Four filed motions seeking to be tried separately. Three explicitly mentioned the Cami photos as the reason for severance. They took plea deals after Judge Garaufis denied their motions.

The Cami Photos Changed the Case

The people always have the right to put government to the test. This is not an insult to public servants but something they should accept as part of the process – and that we all should welcome the fact that we have a country where the people can question authority.

“There is no week nor day nor hour when tyranny may not enter upon this country if the people lose their roughness and spirit of defiance”- Walt Whitman.

I am not accusing anyone. I want to see evidence. If I do not see it, I will condemn the noise made about nonexistent evidence. If the supporters produce convincing proof, I will support the further investigation into the tampering.

If, in the end, the proof is not there, but it was an honest effort at getting the truth – and not a disingenuous, false effort to free Raniere, then I will feel satisfied, for we must always be ready and willing to hold government to account – with the defiant spirit.

I will be happy if it turns out our government acted appropriately. Still, it is good for the government to know that they answer to the people no matter how powerful they are.

The table is set. Now I need proof. I once again challenge Suneel and Eduardo to provide evidence.



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  • How long have they been saying they would prove this Rule 33?

    It’s not up to them to prove the Rule 33

    It’s up to Raniere’s lawyers to file it in a court of law, have it reviewed by a court of law and for it to be ruled on by a court of law.

    It’s not up to Suneel Chakravorty, the loyalists or the Frank report to do anything with any so called evidence.

    Why this hasn’t been filed by filed by now tells every reader its bullshit.

    If it had merit, it would of been filed by now. Not waiting for some far off date lin June.

  • Can someone from the Nxivm cult please explain the quest to locate me and how I was to be utilized?

    It was very, very important to Keith Raniere and comes up in lots of his texts.

    But I still don’t understand my intended role

  • Are you willing to consider this was all set up against Raniere?

    Raniere was not like-able; he was a lying manipulator.

    He was an easy target for other men’s anger.

    He fucked with other men’s egos by fucking so many attractive women anytime he wanted.

    He fucked with the Crusader judge’s ego by simply staying alive and walking into the courtroom.

    Garaufis, the great protector of weak women, wasn’t going to let him out of the court alive.

    I don’t know if there’s any truth in what just came from my mouth?

    Did Garaufis act fairly in the trial? Did he not allow evidence in? Was his overprotection of Lauren appropriate or did he send a message to the jury that Raniere was guilty and must pay, pay, pay!?

    I don’t know, but it certainly seems possible.

    • Are you willing to consider this was all set up against Raniere?

      Best laugh I’ve had in awhile

  • “None of this DOS argument is as essential to Raniere as tampering. After all, a Rule 33 motion already was tried and failed concerning Nicole and Daniela. Raniere claimed they perjured themselves when they said they had no plans to sue civilly when they testified at his trial, despite being clients of attorney Glazer for more than a year.

    The judge ruled that Raniere had no proof of perjury and denied the motion. If I recall correctly, it was discussed that, even if Nicole and Daniela lied about not planning on being part of a lawsuit, it would not have made a difference. The jury would have convicted Raniere anyway, whether Nicole and Daniela planned to sue or not.

    Wow. Was Philly Neil involved in ‘deprogramming’ Nicole so her testimony could be “more understandable to a jury” as the prosecutors explained to the judge during the criminal trial?

    If so, Cha Ching, Neil!

    Cha Ching!


  • Frank you so mean. That last picture “Put up” with a love heart. To much! Harvard Boy and his buddy might have to produce some altered images which will cause a question of how they got the images to alter. Do they have the “collateral” file of all DOS girls?

    Do they have all the DOS girls “girl’ie bit” memorized. Can the boys tell the 150(?) apart? I am sure it’s strictly a legal issue not a fixation they want to dive into.

    Great call out!

  • Ahhh. The “bias” in the media, hate, bias, save America diatribe from the dead-enders.

    The jury selection was a process that Keith’s legal representation participated in fully.

    The disconnect for the Keith worshipping cult members is how they (as dedicated followers) see their infallible leader versus how the smelly one is viewed by those not indoctrinated.

    Their rank leader doesn’t present well outside the Albany bubble. Keith knew that and it’s why he rarely left.

    It must’ve been a rude awakening to witness how readily the jury saw the truth of Keith Raniere and his dirty deeds.

    To his followers, that could only be “bias”. But it was the opposite. A jury with clear heads and logical thinking. Something the impaired followers lack.

    Won’t read their posts so can only comment on the header.

    They got nothing. But they’ve got lots of it.

  • “At this point, I am almost entirely uninterested in pursuing the question of whether Raniere sexually exploited Camila when she was 15…”

    That’s a shocking statement. I disagree vehemently.

    “It is not callous to say I am not interested in whether Raniere sexually abused a 15-year-old when he was 45.”

    Indeed it is. Callous is precisely what it is. It is the summit, the very pinnacle of callousness. It could be in the dictionary to illustrate the definition of the word callous.

    The idea that the fact (the FACT) of Raniere’s sexual abuse of 15 year old Camila is not of much interest or importance to the case is bizarre, illogical, and immoral. The rhetorical trick of trying to shift focus to the “question” of tampering is the immoral ploy of the desperate dead-enders.

    Frank, you seem to think the “question” of the hard drive is still open and therefore it’s more interesting. But why do you consider this “question” of the hard drive still open?

    It has been a year and five months, as you yourself state, and the dead-enders still have not produced a shred of evidence to back up their allegation of evidence tampering. Not an iota, in a year and a half. How long are you prepared to give them? Another six months? Six years?

    You are giving less weight to the facts of this case as established in open court than you are to the unfounded allegations of the Nxian dead-enders. All they have is their baseless speculations. A weird conspiracy theory of government-media “hate”. The people propagating these baseless accusations are not credible. They are not objective truth-seekers.

    Why would anyone take them seriously? They haven’t had anything new to say in a year and five months, as you state.

    The Feds produced evidence that Raniere is guilty. Overwhelming evidence. An impartial jury found him guilty on all counts. Because of the facts.

    The Raniere dead-enders refuse to accept Raniere’s guilt therefore they deny the evidence. Of course they do, that’s as predictable as clockwork. In lieu of evidence they present speculation, imaginative supposition of conspiracy and government wrongdoing. Of course they do, what els can they do? Because they have no evidence.

    I am flabbergasted that you think the FACT of Raniere’s sexual abuse of a minor is less relevant than the unfounded speculations of the obviously biased dead-enders.

    There’s nothing to these allegations of FBI tampering. There is no proof and there never was any. It’s a straw grasped at by the desperate Raniere loyalists and they’re never going to let it go. Are you?

    • Uhhh, re-read what Frank wrote about why he’s not interested in discussing if Keith abused 15yo Cami. He is accepting it as fact and not going there. I didn’t think it was tough to understand. But, nice rant.

      • Right. He’s not interested in the facts. He’s only interested in the dead-enders baseless speculations.

        Do I really have to explain again why that’s wrong?

    • Aristotle – I will only give them until June 19, of this year — three months and four days — because that is the time limitation on a Rule 33 Motion for Raniere.

      • LOL. So much for your 48 hour limit.

        You’ll give them all the time in the world as long as it drives traffic to your website.

          • In all seriousness Frank, has Suneel ever said what he wants to see happen if his theory holds true? I legitimately want to know what he feels will happen to the FBI , to Keith, etc.

          • He has said on the record that if the FBI tampered, vacatur is the remedy and by vacatur he means no new trial – Keith should walk free.

          • Which goes to show that Suneel is full of sh*t when he said “If Keith Raniere is guilty of such a crime, I support his prosecution.”
            He will never accept it.

      • They couldn’t produce any evidence in 17 months, they’re not going to produce any in 20.

        There is no evidence.

  • Man. What a hill to die on. These idiots will regret their devotion to a pedophile in their later years.

      • I do not think he actually said that. He said he would take the lame Bronfman to the toilet. She would do the rest of the performance alone, including the paperwork. Then she would pull up her pants – and he would lift her up and help her back to her chair or bed.

        It is not something I would have put in a letter to the judge, but I can give him some credit for assuming the task and I understand he would not take money for his services.

  • We already won, Suneel Chakravorty.

    Raniere is doing his time of 120 years.

    If you think that is too many years, don’t worry. He won’t be doing all of them

  • Of course, I didn’t bother to read this crap.

    I will believe this when the FBI agent is arrested, and a trail is held

    • but rather just scrolled to the end to leave this comment : this is completely absurd. How long has it been now that Bobblehead has some sort of smoking gun to free his guru? YEARS by my count. I like this blog and it seemed like it was headed towards new social justice issues but here we are again with the same rehashed psycho babble. 🙄 If you’ve read one of these Suneel articles, you’ve read them all.

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