Heidi: The Secret of Raniere’s Hold Is Getting Women to Project Their ‘Inner Male’ Onto Him

Nicki Clyne dances in front of a sign seemingly directed to keith Raniere.

Here is an interesting perspective from Heidi Hutchinson that bears some consideration.  I am sure Heidi will be glad to answer serious questions in the comments section and elucidate on this further.



Heidi Hutchinson


By Heidi Hutchinson

I’m profoundly saddened and frustrated by the weareasyou dance protest by Nxivm members in front of MDC.

It is a display of crime cult madness, however worthy the “cause.”

Nicki Clyne dances for her Vanguard outside the MDC prison as part of the Nxivm-led weareasyou dance protest group.

One thing Nicki Clyne could ask herself, if she ever dared question it, is why “Nico” (a masculinization of her own name) became her pet name for Keith? (I’m not even going near “Dee” as for Keith’s nickname for Nicki.)

Nicki Clyne dances in front of a sign seemingly directed to Keith Raniere [Nico] and her [Dee].
I believe it’s because from early on, Keith, and his she-wolf pack, applied some basic psychology – straight out of psyche 101 college textbooks – in part about Animus projection – to hook in acolytes and cause them to fall in forever “love” with Keith.

They’re in love with a false, contrived image that matches their intangible, subconscious masculine identity, not with the real Keith Raniere.

I personally know some former Nxians who are STILL entrapped that way, much as they may appear to be against Keith, NXIVM, and all it’s really about.

My sister, Gina Hutchinson, was caught up in that trap for years with Keith and, as Keith boasted of following her ultimate demise, it contributes to a state of “cognitive dissonance” – when one struggles to regain herself from it – that Keith has publicly boasted he can induce on any individual through psychological manipulation.

Gina Hutchinson was one of Keith’s earliest experiments. It was successful for him and tragic for her.

Cognitive Dissonance and College Football Recruiting - Scout Trout

Keith, with the help of his partners and devotees, deliberately, calculatingly, represents himself as the personification of the “inner male” that pervades the subconscious psyche of females and, perhaps, gay or even more effete males who aren’t necessarily sexually attracted to the same sex.

It is a projection, reflection of themselves, to which they are attached and it’s going to take some serious intervention to deprogram these slaves of their own projected psyches.

Does Keith Raniere induce women to project their own “inner male” onto him and think that it is he that they love?

Even Keith’s death won’t cure it, any more than his imprisonment, obviously, has.

In fact, without any reality to compare this internalized fantasy image to “Keith” or “Vanguard” or “Nico,” whatever you call IT, could take on the proportions of Jesus Christ and/or Lucifer – or, at least L. Ron Hubbard, if not Kim Jong-un, to which Keith Raniere in his megalomania or “God complex” has always aspired.



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  • Many of his last female followers have been around too long to bear another failure of their illusions. They fantasize about an unreal reality that does not exist, just to avoid the pain of reality.

  • In fact, it is not surprising that all these women fall in love with an illusion of their own psyche, although Raniere was a god in bed, something that according to many women’s confections is far from reality, he would never have achieved such a level of commitment if his greatest success were not that they saw him as their true love.

    • I don’t know about the “god in bed” part. Thank God. From the descriptions I’ve heard, Keith sounds very mechanical, robotic in the sack. Also heard he often had ‘mechanical failure,’ at that,

      I ruled out good sex as the reason for his apparent successful conquests long ago.

  • Thanks for making my comment into a post. It may fall on deaf ears but I do pray it may reach some who might somehow be helped.

  • Serious question for Hutchinson (by the way, “they” are still coming for you): Are you taking your meds? If not, start doing so. If you are, tell your doctor they aren’t working.

    • And here I thought we were not posting gratuitous, anonymous or troll insults on FR.

      But since you’re one of those special exceptions, Anon @ 11:40, like Bangkok was, who do you mean by “they”? And what do you mean by “coming for me?”

      Are you one of “them”? Your comment certainly sounds as though you are so why don’t you identify yourself if you’re so confident that the harassment directed at me on here AND in reality (Previously) is a figment of my imagination that will be cured by medication? What have you got to hide?

  • This is bullshit. We all have nicknames for Keith that does not mean we are projecting our inner male into him. He is real and a true man. My nickname for him is Priapis and his name for me is Tongue-O. So you think that is my projection? If you ever saw his manly member, you would no doubt Know that that’s no projection. It’s the real thing. It’s not my inner male. It’s his magnificent outer expression of his manhood. Heidi, you had a chance to be with him and you didn’t. I took the chance. I am happy and are you?

    • “his name for me is Tongue-O.”
      Pea, did Piapis give you that name because he liked your rim jobs?

    • To Pea Onyu at 11:08 am

      Re: ” My nickname for him is Priapis …”

      Is the chosen nickname Priapis a reference to the god Priapus, who is the god of fertility, sex, genitals and masculinity?

      The distinctive feature of the god Priapus is his permanently erect penis, and he was most often depicted as a gnome-like figure with an enormous erect phallus. Priapus statues were common in ancient times and were placed in gardens.

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