Nxivm-Controlled Dance Protest Group Issues Statement to Media – Without Disclosing Nxivm Connection

On their website, the dance protest group who call themselves “weareasyou” [https://wearetheforgottenones.org/] has released a statement to the media.

They want media coverage.

Before we move on to their media statement, I want to point out that their domain name, “we are the forgotten”, is not quite literally true. Few have forgotten Keith Raniere and his infamous followers who are now running the weareasyou dance protests nightly in front of the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center.

The dancing group is headed by Nicki Clyne, the first-line slave master, who served as one of Raniere’s topmost slaves, and two of her own slaves, Danielle Roberts D.O., and Michele Hatchette.

In the group also are Suneel Chakravarty and Eduardo Asunsolou, who are ardent Raniere supporters.

Asunsolou, by the way, is currently making a documentary about the greatness of Nxivm, and its founder, Raniere.

Eduardo Asunsolou has taken over as Nxivm’s chief filmmaker, a role he does not disclose on his online resume.

I am told Asunsolou’s documentary roundly condemns me, along with Nxivm whistleblowers, Mark Vicente, Sarah Edmondson, and others.  I look forward to seeing the documentary and will undoubtedly enjoy the Nxivm attack on me.

It is my settled policy that if you can dish it out, you ought to be able to take it. I have grown, over years of doing battle with so many scoundrels, to actually enjoy controversy and being attacked. It is good for my brand, and since what is published is usually untrue or highly slanted – it gives me the opportunity to hone my skills and, usually, attack the attacker.

So have at it, Eduardo. Enjoy your filmmaking. I will certainly promote your film and, who knows, possibly make a rebuttal film.

Meantime, what to make of this bizarre weareasyou Nxivm-affiliated group?

Is this the last dying gasp of Nxivm, or the rebirth of it? Time will tell. But, while the cause of bringing attention to the horrific conditions of MDC, where their leader Keith Alan Raniere is held awaiting sentencing, is noble, I wonder if they are not spoiling it by declining to mention him and who they are, and why they took an interest in protest dancing outside of MDC.

These are legitimate things – their upset at the treatment Raniere has received – and do not negate their cause if it is as stated – to protest the horrific conditions at MDC.

However, if their dancing is also a surreptitious scheme to recruit people into Nxivm, including possibly into their sub-group, the master-slave group DOS, then there is every reason to keep the Nxivm connection hidden.

This was their modus operendi for years when Raniere was still a free man. He had his a Cappella Innovations – ostensibly a singing concert series, which actually was meant to lure in college female students. He had Knife of Aristotle to lure in female writers, the Source to lure in actresses, and a number of other groups that often seemed to neglect to mention Raniere.

DOS was the most notorious of the hide-Raniere groups. And people were convicted because of it, including Raniere, Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman, the two women, like Nicki Clyne, who leads the dance protest group, were first-line slaves of Raniere’s.

DOS First-Line Slaves

Nevertheless, the group is seeking media attention, while trying to obscure the Nxivm connection.

Here are a few of their tweets.

The tweet that suggests that prisoners are being punished because they watched the dance is troubling.

The prisoners are punished enough and if the dance protest can entertain or encourage these mainly pretrial defendants [who are innocent until proven guilty], then that is a positive good.

The actual media statement is:

Media Inquiries

We are a small but growing group of concerned citizens who started visiting the MDC Brooklyn parking lot in an effort to lift the spirits of those who’ve been locked in with no visitors since March.

What began as some tentative waves and flashing phone lights turned into a dance performance complete with audience participation. From their windows, the men flashed their lights and banged on their windows in a show of encouragement and appreciation. It’s possible this is the first interaction they’ve had in months with people whose only agenda is to help them feel seen.

We have channeled this experience into the start of a movement. We believe that even those who are locked up deserve to have access to moments of humanity. Whether that’s a smile, a wave, a twerk or a backflip, we are going to show up and remind them they are not forgotten.

Last night, we learned from sources inside that some men have been moved to different units and cells without windows due to their enjoyment of the gathering outside. This is wrongful and must be exposed. We intend to protest this unnecessary oppression by bringing increasing and consistent joyful human expression as close as we can to a structure that strips people of precisely that. The dance must go on.

Only with support from the media can we draw attention to these seemingly small, but egregious infractions that fuel mass incarceration and undermine justice. MDC Brooklyn is a pre-trial facility where inmates have been on lockdown with extremely limited time outside their cells since COVID and no outdoor space. Some have been in there for years awaiting trial or sentencing.

We are encouraging friends and family members who may have loved ones inside MDC and wish to join us. Inmates are not the only forgotten ones, friends and family members are often left without hope or support in an effort to just survive. We are dancing for them too.

Through the media, we hope to expose what happens when a small group of people try to spread joy to the most suppressed in our society. For further questions or inquiries, please email hello@weareasyou.com.

Michele Hatchette, Nicki Clyne, an unknown dancer, and Linda Chung dance for Keith Raniere.

As part of their attempt to obscure the fact that the dancing is primarily for Keith Raniere, some of their signage seems to be in code.

For instance, in the picture above, Nicki dances in front of a sign that reads: “Nico. I love you. I miss you. I kiss you. Love Always, Your Wife Dee.”

Now to the casual observer, this would seem to be a message from the wife of a random prisoner in MDC. But a reliable Nxivm source, who knows Nicki intimately, said that Nicki used to call Raniere “Nico” and herself “Dee.”

Although Raniere had a harem, he did consider all his slaves his wives.

Now, look at this second message [below]. “We Miss You Kay Rose” and Love U Kay Rose.”

This is also, I believe, a message to Keith Raniere. The Kay standing for “K” and the Rose standing for that ever sweet-smelling flower of a man – Raniere.


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  • In Nicki’s previous line of work, there are things on the screen that talk about “consequences”.

    The first is about a Doctor who ruined her career and, as far as medical licenses are concerned, she might not be the cleverest doing what she has just done at the MDC.

    The second is Nicki simply for wearing mustard coloured pants.

    The third is there must be some underlying form of communication going on as why are so many underlings there from a convicted group?

    The fourth is some info I got from an Irish bar man in NYC. He literally houses shared way out in the sticks with three other people and basically said he lived on tips which are what NYC thrives on. All costs from wages went on this tiny house so how is Nicki etc able to afford to work in low paid jobs yet afford to fund this sort of thing?

    The last is more a query than a question as I am not familiar with US law but in RICO cases I thought everyone can share the same jail time, if convicted? I also thought most of the crimes here were committed in another borough so why on earth are these girls doing this? Utter madness.

    • All legit, Inception. I believe what we may be witnessing here is a form of cult madness called:

      “Acting in a manner contrary to one’s own interest.”

    • P.S. Pea is acting as “cosmic force” is a jedi term and therefore not real life. Stay safe people.

    • ” how is Nicki etc able to afford to work in low paid jobs yet afford to fund this sort of thing?”

      I believe that Nicki is being secretly funded by the Bronfmans and/or wealthy members of the Mexican elite.

  • What a bunch of immature buffoons. NXIVM created a bunch of emotionally stunted weirdos who refuse to grow up like their leader, particularly for those members who were closest to Raniere or Salzman.

  • So why didn’t VanTurd use his Amazing Dance Method to put an end to cartel violence in Mexico?

    Surely, the sight of 10 dancing fools is enough to stop machine guns, grenades, and systemic oppression of indigenous peoples in that 100% corrupt country.

  • Latest picture from We Are As You.
    Nicki Clyne is clearly in the center of the picture!


    M.D.C Federal Prison
    Liked by

    weareasyou’s profile picture
    At first we had people join us who were just riding their bikes through the neighborhood. The intent and energy is such that most people don’t ask that many questions, they just start dancing with us. That’s the power of what we’re doing!

    #WeAreTheForgottenOnes #WeAreAsYou #mdcbrooklyn #ClubMDC #hot97nyc #brooklyn

  • OT Alert. Appears Mark Lesko —who joined the EDNY NXIVM prosecution team underway, who questioned Mark Vicente at Raniere’s trial and who also met with Avenatti and Gregaros shortly before Clare’s fainting spell at the hearing wherein she was busted in a bribery deal attempt that included attacking Frank Parlato — THAT Mark Lesko — has been passed up to replace Richard Donahue as EDNY US AG by Sir William Barr.

    Barr’s installing a longtime political ally into that EDNY post.

    What might this mean to the question of whether or not there’ll be any possibility of further prosecutions for crimes perpetrated in the NDNY including those that were already referred by EDNY?

    Barr praises Donahue’s role in prosecuting Keith Raniere and (some) NXIVM members for (some) crimes while head of EDNY. Donahue’s swapped posts at the main DOJ with Barr’s EDNY replacement for him overlooking Lesko who was favored for the promotion from the time he joined the EDNY Nx prosecution team.


  • As disgusted as I am, I can only imagine how a woman with Keith’s initials branded on her pubis (and her family) feels watching the ‘Doctor’ who scarred her — who hand carved her smoldering flesh w/o anesthesia under deceit and duress — doing cheetah flips for the psycho who devised her torture behind bars.

    Their insensitivity to their victims in this display of virtue — or “act of looove” — while they wiggle their wares as if they still might be discovered by Hollywood — turns my stomach, it’s repugnant.

    If they really wanted to help those inmates being unjustly punished by isolation and exposure to the “harmless” virus, Clare could easily afford to have her attorneys file a class action civil rights complaint on behalf of those inmates. Or just maybe she could donate some security cameras toward Ghislaine Maxwell’s suicide prevention effort. Lots of ways to help with the means available to them besides making fools of themselves, their victims and their purported cause.

      • I was wtg for a response, too, Just Saying. IDK if they all do or not. I assume those designated as “DOS” do have the brand. I also assume those who do are even more at risk of being in a dangerous state of cognitive dissonance — as my sister was when she thought it’d be a fine idea to buy a gun (two guns, actually) and blow her brains out. Only it wasn’t her idea, it was an idea Keith & Co. drilled into her for two decades.

        Very sad thing to watch them continue to destroy themselves — promoting Nancy & Keith’s “brand.” The anonymity is only to create intrigue, IMO. Everyone recognizes who and what’s behind this. Justice has failed to protect anyone from these pedophile peddlers including from themselves and their indoctrination. Sigh.

  • The so-called filmmaker, another Mark Vicente btw, doesn’t look Latinx. And he sure doesn’t have a Latinx last name. Eduardo Asunsolou sure looks Arabic. Is he one of the Libyans hired by Sara Bronfman-Igtet’s pimp – Basit Igtet? [redacted] of a feather, grift and steal together.

    I wonder how much he’s charging Sara? The low-quality, high budget film will probably give The Room a run for its money.

  • “it gives me the opportunity to hone my skills and, usually, attack the attacker.

    So have at it, Eduardo. Enjoy your filmmaking. I will certainly promote your film and, who knows, possibly make a rebuttal film.”

    Never mind the film, Frank we want to see a DANCE rebuttal! Put on your best Speedo, dig the boom-box out of the closet and get down there….literally!

    • —it gives me the opportunity to hone my skills and, usually, attack the attacker.

      Okay BRUCE LEE!!!!!!

      Did you beat another 12-year old in a match at Karate class or did you fight the neighbor’s kid a 5th time?

  • Poor, pathetic, and fake old Raniere. He’s just doing what he does best: deceiving and making fools of other people. Why aren’t these NXIVM clowns “shouting” about their DOS connection to the entire world via the “fake news media when it comes to saying negative things about their snake oil master, but of use when needed for their own purposes” if they’re so proud of it and their master? Well the answer is obvious: because then everyone outside of their tiny clique would see through the charade.

  • Frank

    Your point about transparency is well taken.

    Given all the negative publicity Nx has received, it’s probably very difficult for them to come out and say “many of us are former Nx members and we want our former leader to receive humane treatment”! Yet, dancing at MDC in support of humane treatment is a good thing and there is nothing shameful in wanting KAR to receive humane treatment.

    It will take courage for them to be transparent but in the end, it’s the best thing especially given the former lack of transparency.

    • Are you MOCKING me, again, ANONY 1? Or am I just being parannoyed? …You know, you could simply make it possible to italicize on here for your elderly commenters from a more literate era where we capitalized for emphasis instead of adding * * for no apparent reason. Or at least let us cut and past our italicized text. If all caps (or conscience or or anything) bothers you so.

    • Obviously the dude is so ugly he’s just out there trying to get laid. People with down syndrome are better looking.

  • We shall dance for our divine M until the cosmic forces of the universe teach the people of the injustice they have perpetrated.

    Why do you think we have coronavirus? What do you think Is the underlying cause of the riots?

    It is the injustice of putting Vanguard in prison. The world will continue to suffer as long as he is held. If he is not released the world will die for he is its savior.

    • I sincerely look forward to seeing Keith Raniere’s corpse, pale white, in a coffin!!
      Have a nice day!

      • Looks like Bangkok didn’t stay away “forever” for very long. LOL

        But he’s still too scared to come on Scott’s show. LOL

        • —But he’s still too scared to come on Scott’s show. LOL

          If I was a young man, I would be scared to go on your show as well.

          Is this the 31st or 32nd time you have asked Bangkok to come on your show?

          Is someone somewhere obsessed with Bangkok?

          Webster’s definition: Cumulate, combine into one. It’s a real word in Webster’s Dictionary and is not sexual whatsoever.

          Does anyone out there want to [cumulate] with poor and innocent…


    • Pea Onyu, you are welcome to dance as long as you want, because the divine is not in Keith Raniere, but in someone else you do not know. As long as he is in custody, no harm will be done to the world, but the world will be protected from further harm as long as he is in custody. And that’s a good thing. And it will be.

      Pea Onyu, you believe a lot but know very little. Are you aware of that? If you take a break and get away from your sect and your cult followers and meet other people, then you will notice the difference from what you are doing now. You can also live differently and be happy with someone else. You don’t need Keith Raniere, DOS and the people who are attached to them.

    • To Ms. Pea Onyu, aka Nicki Clyne:
      Is it true that during one particularly joyous Vanguard Week celebration that your spouse Allison Mack experienced so much joy that she feared that she had contracted Herpes?

      As the Vanguard would say “He or She who has the most joy wins.”

      “If Allison “The Pimp” Mack got herself tested, what of it? That does not mean there is herpes in the NXIVM community and spreading from DOS slave to SOP cuckold as fast as you can say – “Vanguard cum on my face”.

      “Pimp Mack [third from left] persuaded many women to be branded. Did she also persuade them to have sex with a man who has herpes? Did she persuade women who have herpes to have sex with SOP beta men? Did any of them get herpes?”

      “Rosa Laura Junco is the master of DOS slave Pam Arstikaitis. Rosa Laura is the DOS slave of Vanguard. Would Rosa Laura give her husband herpes if Vanguard ordered it? Just asking.”

      “Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O. can give a woman a permanent hot-iron brand of Keith Raniere’s initials by her vagina. Don’t ask her to give you a second branding of herpes.
      Keith Raniere’s teachings led some women to get double branded:
      A hot-iron brand on their pubic region, and a herpes brand all over their genital area.
      Unlike hot-iron branding – which is only for women – herpes branding can be done for men and women.”

      “Like a DOS brand, once you get genital herpes, you have it for life. Unless science finds a cure.
      At present, even Keith Raniere and Dr. Brandon Porter, despite their purported scientific genius, are unable to cure herpes.”

      “Green Alert: NXIVM Village herpes threat getting worse!”

    • You could also say there is a spiritual battle going on. That was why there is a virus, the riots, Vanguard in prison, Epstein murdered, etc. It does not mean that Vanguard is winning or causing this. It looks to me more that he is on the losing side.

      But thanks for sharing your thought process. It does help to explain why a professional doctor would not care and continue acting as a fool publicly. She thinks it is the end of the world 🙂

  • Nicki’s eyes look really sad. She must be tormented with all sorts of feelings. It’s a shame she wasn’t arrested, as there might have been a small chance she could have left this life. She must carry these feelings of loss but probably guilt for her part in posting his location regardless whether he would have been caught in the end without it. What a waste. I look at her and hope that Alison Mack has come out of this trance completely and started to rebuild her life.

  • Thank you for reporting on this, Frank. This is very upsetting.

    Can you someday share more how you grew your skills to attack the attacker? How do you use attacks and controversy to help you?

    • It’s very easy, you just give the attacker some of their own medicine. LOL

      Have you never seen Trump counter-punch? LOL

      Controversy means more publicity, and that helps Frank get more exposure to his stories, which gives him more ad revenue. LOL

  • This is going to end badly for them (and good for the rest of the world) when the media figures out these are DOS people. LOL

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