5G Mini-Towers Are Going to be Placed all Over the Landscape, Radiating You Always From Close Range

By Fred.

This is in response to Paul Doyon’s article The Emperor’s New Virus: COVID-5G: Could the 5G Be Making the COVID-19 More Virulent?.

Thanks so much for this information. People think I’m nuts when I say there are deluges of scientific papers indicating all kinds of health issues with the 5G technology.

Maybe they’ll think at least once now.

Unfortunately, we are now in an era where, the moment you quote peer-reviewed scientific studies, you are automatically branded a “conspiracy theorist”. No more sure sign of the tinfoil-hat wack job than a long list of academic references.

Please keep up the good work, Paul. Disclaimer: I joined Paul Doyon’s group EMF Refugee back in 2009, I was quite active in the early days, but I haven’t posted there for ages. I still get the updates.

I’ll be posting again soon, never fear, I’ve been working on a particular story.

I’ve also focused on the 60 GHz rollout. I’ve been saying that it’s far more pervasive than people realize. Remember: the reason they use 60 GHz is precisely because it’s absorbed strongly by oxygen. This means the signals cannot propagate far through the air, and allows the operators to reuse frequencies in nearby cells.

The point being: the entire small-cell network that they are planning can ONLY function on 60 GHz, requiring mini-towers every hundred yards or so. Right outside your bedroom window. On a lamp post.

Now, let me tell you: those innocent-looking little panels for 5G are going to blast the environment at far higher levels than the existing networks. If you don’t believe me, look at this presentation by an Ericsson researcher:


Look at pages 8 and 9. You’ll see that 5G (this is on 3.5 GHz, which is supposed to pass through walls without trouble) will ONLY work if it is radiating at levels very close to the WHO guidelines. There’s an exclusion zone close to the tower where the radiation is too high for public exposure. Reducing the radiation to one-tenth of the WHO guidelines, and: “Size of exclusion zone makes 5G network roll-out very challenging.”

If you reduce the radiation to 1/100th of the WHO guideline, then: “Size of exclusion zone makes 5G network roll-out a major problem or impossible.”

In other words: if there is the slightest move to lower the global guideline levels, by even one-tenth, it’s going to cause immense problems for the operators. If you reduce it by 1/100th — and that is getting in line with the Russian standards — then 5G becomes impossible.

Now, I’ve seen operators routinely claim that functioning 4G towers are operating at 1/10,000th of the WHO guideline. One ten-thousandth, and even lower. We’ve measured this ourselves.

The fact is that because there are still many reported biological effects and health impacts at this level — including raised cancer rates — we still tell people that even this low level is very dangerous. In fact, this low level was shown by the Swedish researcher Leif Salford to be the very most efficient at opening the blood-brain barrier and allowing toxins into the brain. There’s a particular window at low intensity, which is found in base station field levels, Salford says.

Even at one-millionth and one-billionth of the WHO levels, you find biological effects like brainwave changes.

So get this straight: not only are these 60 GHz towers going to be radiating exactly on the resonant frequency of oxygen (it’s actually a spread of resonances with three different quantum spin levels in the oxygen molecule, so it’s quite a broad absorption band of a few GHz) — these mini-cell towers are also going to be powering up way beyond the existing towers. And these 5G mini-towers are going to be placed all over the landscape, radiating you always from close range.

What could possibly go wrong?

Can you think why they didn’t make a single attempt to assess the impact of 60 GHz radiation on biological, oxygen-breathing organisms? Boy, THAT is low-priority research for you.

I don’t care what any of you say. You either understand the devastating power of resonance effects or you don’t. If you are transmitting precisely on a resonant frequency, then the target “rings” with that signal, it is differentially highly absorbed, and the energy will build up and up and up in the oxygen molecule. So don’t try and tell me that this isn’t going to affect the biochemistry of that oxygen molecule when it’s binding with hemoglobin and the like. Of course it’s going to affect these chemical reactions.

So linking these 60 GHz radiations to this strange hypoxia that doctors are reporting, is not so stupid.

However — and this is the main point I’ve been researching — 60 GHz is much more pervasive than you might think.

For one thing, Facebook has a system called Terragraph, which is aimed at providing urban connectivity. This was rolled out from May 2019, although it was trialled before that:



This system has, according to Facebook, been implemented in communities from California to Hungary.

Put your hand up, please, if you were aware that Facebook has actively been deploying 60 GHz urban networks globally for a year now.

Google also has a major system operating on 60 GHz. This is a radar system implemented in Google smartphones:


The system, called Soli, is designed to track every tiny motion of your body, so that you can remotely control devices just by waving at them, or pretending to turn a volume control that is actually thin air. Just imagine the density of the radar waves required to track every twitch of your fingers. And this is at the closest possible range, straight from your “smart” phone:


Qualcomm, which manufactures the 60 GHz chipsets used in this technology, is very involved along with Facebook and Google in expanding the use of this band:


So 60 GHz is not just about 5G mini-towers and small cells. It’s everywhere there are Google smartphones, any urban areas where Facebook is active. And who knows what other applications there may be — you can read in the link above, that Facebook et al. are worried about drones using this unlicensed 60 GHz spectrum and interfering with them.

Everyone, just everyone, is already piling into 60 GHz. And we wonder why people are struggling to get oxygen into their bloodstream, why they’re collapsing in the streets.

I keep saying — you have absolutely no idea what radiation exposures there may be in a particular locality, until you go and measure.

With the COVID-19 drill, there has been the most haphazard identification and enumeration of cases — from America, where if you’re seven times over the legal alcohol limit and die of alcohol poisoning this is defined as a coronavirus death:


… to Russia, where they seem to make every effort to under-report the number of cases.

How can you do proper correlations, when you have no decent data whatsoever, on what is ACTUALLY going on?

You have to investigate the most varied and eclectic situations, exactly as Paul Doyon has done here, just to begin assembling a bit of the jigsaw puzzle. For example: I’m still 100% convinced that Iran has a major 5G-type mass surveillance system up and running, just because of their coronavirus epidemic. No one knows until we measure properly. Don’t expect the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to start telling us which frequencies they’re deploying.

Until we get some decent data and decent research: if you think this radiation is safe, then you seriously have a rock rattling inside your skull. You need to do a proper safety assessment with radiation that specifically targets biologically sensitive frequencies, and this has not been done, period. This means we are all being used in a vast experiment in millimetre-wave irradiation, specifically including radiation at the resonant frequency of oxygen.

How’s it going so far, folks? Everything looking good around the world to you? You really want more of this nice rollout?

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3 years ago

Regarding the IEEE paper referenced, here’s a comment, “Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Access Mod • 23 days ago
The editorial team is currently investigating the technical concerns with this article and has been in contact with the authors regarding these issues.”

So here’s my answers to your questions, “Fred”:

How’s it going so far, folks? It’s going great for me, it doesn’t look too good for you. LOL

Everything looking good around the world to you? It’s getting better every day, the coronavirus appears to be much less of a problem than it was even a week or two ago, even though we haven’t turned of the 5G systems. LOL

You really want more of this nice rollout? I think we do want more of this nice rollout, at least until you bring some real science to the table. LOL

Rafael Mendoza Torres
Rafael Mendoza Torres
3 years ago

OPEN LETTER of Complaint to the Guardian from the EM Radiation Research Trust against the Guardian Articles on 5G with the headline: “5G confirmed safe by radiation watchdog: No scientific evidence that technology poses threat to human health, say experts”

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