American Kids Are Under Full-on Assault, With Insults to Every System in their Body

By Fred

There are so many potential factors influencing ADD and autism, one hardly knows where to begin.

A carefully controlled 2015 study showed that for every one percent of the US population that was given fluoridated water, there would be 130,000 more cases of ADHD within 20 years:

Of course, this is against a baseline of just about everyone using fluoridated toothpaste — you can hardly find a single brand without rat poison in it (the identical fluorides were used as rat poison until the aluminium industry found a more profitable use for its fluoride waste).

When Rudolf Steiner was asked why Western meditators had such trouble having true spiritual experiences, despite trying so hard, he replied that the main problem was actually their diet, and that they were not getting enough living substance in their food.

He pointed to chemical fertilizers as a crucial component of this. He insisted that life could only come from life, not from dead chemicals. Thus, biodynamic agriculture starts with a truly organic compost heap.

American food seems to be mostly chemicals, and I’m certain this is a major factor in all the health problems in the US, not least obesity.

However, the damage to the neurological system can’t be overstated. Antioxidants (in fruits and vegetables) are an essential part of DNA repair; and “pizza” is not a vegetable, whatever your dieticians say. Meat contains virtually no antioxidants at all.

Microwave radiation from cellphones was shown back in 2004 to compromise the blood-brain barrier and flood the brain with toxins.

The Swedish neurosurgeon Lief Salford warned in that year that two minutes of low-level cellphone radiation caused brain damage in rats, and that just two hours of exposure was enough to see major destruction of brain cells. He warned that year of “teen dementia” in young people who were heavy cellphone users.

Salford originally thought that opening the blood-brain barrier with microwaves might help with the delivery of drugs to the brain during surgery, but he soon started warning about the dangers of mobile phones:

A 2018 edition of CBS’s 60 Minutes reported on a National Institutes of Health study of addiction and “screen time”. It found that 9-year-olds who used “devices” for more than seven hours a day showed severe premature thinning of the cerebral cortex.

Now: your cerebral cortex shows such thinning generally when you are in your 60s, your brain cells start dying, and you start going senile as gracefully as you can. The NIH is now reporting that 9-year-olds are presenting with the brains of senile elder citizens. Anderson Cooper’s response to this terrifying fact is: “Fascinating!”

In 2015, a study found that the average “device” use by US teenagers was NINE hours a day. So we can take it that most American kids have had their brains severely damaged. Hundreds of studies have showed exactly how low-level microwaves impact the cells, flooding them with free radicals and interfering with “long-term potentiation” of the brain, which is when the cerebral cortex is strengthened by repeated brainwave signals (this is why musicians have such highly developed cortexes). So we know the full biochemical pathways by which this damage to the cortex is done; yet there are no warnings to parents that smartphones, smart tablets, smart schools, you name it, are destroying their children’s brains.

The heavy metals in vaccines will provide ideal resonators for microwave radiation. No one knows what the interactions are, and no one is looking either.

Our kids are under full-on assault, with insults to every system in their body.

The official Russian government guidelines insist on NO cellphone use AT ALL for anyone under the age of 18, because the nervous, hormonal and immune systems are still developing.

Also, NO cellphone use at all by pregnant women; the radiation does particular damage to the fetus and is associated with much higher miscarriage rates, this has been known for decades.

If the fetus is female, her egg line develops while she is in the womb, so a pregnant mother sitting in a wifi or 5G field is risking catastrophic genetic damage to her grandchildren; her baby daughter will be born with damaged eggs, so we only see the damage in the following generation.

This is not even to mention endocrine-disrupting compounds, which flood your waterways and make fish and frogs change sex.

I’m 100% certain that these chemicals are a major cause of all this transgender craziness we now see — and the companies responsible are probably creating all the transgender propaganda, to try disguise their role in this complete devastation of kids’ sexual health, scrambling their brains and hormones and social existences.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.


There are literally dozens of studies showing that cellphone radiation damages sperm.

Men who put phones in their pockets are radiating their testicles above the FCC limits, the very worst in the world from a protective point of view.

Your iPhone will tell you to keep the phone 0.35 inches from your head (depending what country you are in…) — they don’t tell you to keep it out of your pocket.



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  • I also just scrolled to end of comments and need to provide accurate info….since I cannot reply below. I have never posted as an alias here(or anywhere), other than Anon when I forget to add my name.

    Believe it or not, I don’t really care. Carry on.

  • Here are a couple of reminders that NXIVM was very intertwined with the local Waldorf school – including Karen Abney, who was Kristin Snyder’s coach in Anchorage, and appears to still be on staff at the school:

    Waldorf School of Saratoga issued letter to calm parents’ fears about NXIVM
    September 20, 2018

    NXIVM problems at Waldorf School of Saratoga
    September 21, 2018

    • “Monsanto…Johnson and Johnson etc….” Anonymous

      Monsanto no longer exists.
      It was sold top a German company Bayer AG which has been hit with numerous lawsutes over Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer.

  • As a reminder of the background to this, here’s a bit more of Steiner’s “science,” about gnomes, which children in Waldorf schools are taught to believe actually exist – no wonder Raniere emerged damaged and with a penchant for word salad theorizing:

    “If you could observe certain spots, as, for instance, springs where underneath there is stone overgrown with moss, thus forming a kind of partition between plant and stone, and then water trickles over it — that too is essential — then you would see that what are called Nymphs and Undines are very real, an actuality. Again, where metals come in contact with the rest of the earthy realm there lie whole bundles of the beings we call Gnomes.”

    The Influence of Spiritual Beings on Man, Lecture IX,

    “What we call elemental beings lack an ego, but they have developed a principle below the physical body. We can say, therefore, that the principles 3, 2, 1 and minus 1 are developed in them. But there are not only beings which begin at the third principle. We have also those which begin at 2 and then have minus 1 and minus 2. And then we have still others whose highest principle is the same as man’s lowest. They have developed 1, minus 1, minus 2 and minus 3. If they have a physical body it must be an invisible one. We can also say that if man’s higher members were not there his physical body would look very different. When he dies the physical body is alone and disintegrates into the atoms of nature. That it is as we know it today is because it is interpenetrated by etheric body, astral body, and ego. It is true that the beings which we call gnomes and goblins have a physical body, but they do not possess what in man we call the ego. The gnomes have the physical body as their highest principle, but they have three principles below the physical body. That makes their bodies far less visible than the physical body of man. The forces lying below the physical plane prevent even what is physical in them from ever being visible to the ordinary eye. If they are to have something approaching physical substance it can only come about under powerful pressure, if external physical matter presses them together. Then their corporeality is so compressed that they lie in a congested mass and develop in the gruesome way I described earlier. The process when the outer pressure is removed, when the earth is dug away, is in general one of dissolving which is accomplished with immense rapidity, far quicker than the dissolution of the human body after death. Hence they can never be seen even though they have a physical body. They have a physical body only for one who can see through the earth.”

    The Influence of Spiritual Beings on Man, Lecture VIII,

    • No doubt this “education” had a major impact on Raniere, and probably many of his followers. I wonder how many other former students are doing weird sh!t based on these ideas as well….

      • It probably says something about his parents as well – and thus his upbringing in general – that they sent their child to such a school. However, it should be noted that Steiner’s followers, like many culty groups, are fairly careful about hiding their more esoteric and even embarrassing beliefs and teachings from their public-facing Waldorf schools; they attract parents who tend to want their kids treated specially, and who are lured by appealing-sounding theories and willing to accept things that sound a little quirky, but not usually ones who actually understand just how strangely alternative the educational concepts really are.

        Also, in fairness, I should have noted that I don’t think Waldorf schools teach that things like gnomes are real, though it’s the sort of underlying belief of teachers who are real Steinerian Anthrosophists. KIds’ education in the system seems to depend a lot on which teachers they get.

  • Sounds like an idiot wrote this.

    Too much of lots of shit is bad for you.

    But today’s cell phones don’t emit enough radiation to cause any bad effects, even if you use them for 9 hours per day.

    You dopes.

    Any tests which show otherwise were using HIGHER levels of radiation than what cell phones are emitting.

    Guess what else?

    Too much cinnamon in foods that you eat (even 1-2 teaspoons per day) can cause liver damage yet most people don’t give a shit, lol.

    Guess what else?

    Most Americans avoid HFCS on food labels (high fructose corn syrup), mistakenly thinking that they’re avoiding fructose consumption. Problem is, these dopes don’t realize that there’s just as much fructose in sugar as there is in high fructose corn syrup. Table sugar is 50% fructose and 50% glucose. HFCS is 55% fructose and 45% glucose.

    So WHY do they call it “HIGH” fructose corn syrup?

    Cuz it’s being compared to normal ‘corn syrup’ which has 0% fructose. You fucken retards.

    …Oh, and the same idiots who avoid fructose on food labels (thinking they’re sparing their liver) are the same people who drink plenty of alcohol, which is even more harsh on their liver, lol.

    People are simply dumber than dirt.

    As for Fred’s ‘antioxidant’ argument…

    Totally useless.

    ‘Obesity’ and ‘high blood sugar’ are far more serious health issues than a lack of ‘antioxidants’.

    That’s why so many fat fucks in America are fat.

    Guess what?

    If you’re overweight and have been that way for a while, there’s a 90% chance that your fucken blood sugar is at least ‘pre-diabetic’ levels (or higher).

    If you have a belly or love handles, you’re probably pre-diabetic or a Type 2 diabetic — without even realizing it.

    Guess what else?

    Eating a box of ‘healthy’ raisins (LOL) will spike your blood sugar more than a Snickers bar will —– and you can verify that by testing your own blood sugar.

    What’s my point?

    My advice is to stop fearing the world.

    Shit happens and you may get BUTT CANCER tomorrow.

    Deal with it and stop your crying.

    Guess what else?

    If you drink too much water you can also die from that too, it’s called water poisoning.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Bangkok,

      Sounds like Uncle Frank is not going to let us sh*t on each other anymore.

      Take care, you little dipshit!!! 😉

      And God willing, may you score a milf that’s not over 50 and hotter than JLo

  • Interesting that the 3 left wing nut amigos flowers anonyfaker and FDC Dullard are chiming in here. many things have been covered up over the years, but when the left wing media pushes its conspiracy crap all is well. Bad news for these three left wing nut amigos…..times are a changing.

      • Sorry to disappoint but that is not me, I don’t even know what the poster is talking about.

        FYI, I try to speak in coherent sentences.

        Have not been posting much of late because I can’t handle Tex. So I am doing as Frank suggests and not reading this site as much.

        This particular article is a perfect example of the lunacy I am trying to avoid.

  • Yeh, no. Pooling together reticle s about individual studies does not science make. Or s one expert, who was cited in the reticle on fluoridation, put it: “ Charles Poole, an epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina, says that this research suggests fluoride should be more carefully studied, but doesn’t show much of anything by itself. “I think the authors were quite cautious in their interpretation… and [accurate] in their statement of the study’s limitations,” he says. “So it would be ludicrous to draw a strong conclusion based on this study alone.”
    Basically, we need more data. We need more studies, not the crackpot, half baked, psuedobabble, bunk that Keith R. proposed and his nutjob followers swooned over. And, not just one study. Science is validated by multiple studies showing similar, if not the same other words, results must be replicable.

          • Anonymous,

            Please post one fact AnonyMaker has manufactured or one time AnonyMaker lied?

            Can you do it?

            I have made this challenge to you before….
            …..And as we both know you will only comeback with an insult.

    • Well said!

      This is the part the public doesn’t get: “…results must be replicable.”

      Glad you are back NCgirl.

  • Bravo. For people wishing further enlightenment on the subject, read “In The Dark” by Jason Bawden-Smith, and “Dirty Electricity” by Samuel Milham, MD.

    • The first author is apparently controversial even among people who agree with him: “Jason Bawden-Smith, who promotes false solutions such as “Blueshield” devices that claim to “defend against EMF’s” but actually emit more EMF into already saturated environments. These false solutions distract from the real ones, and erode the credibility of the problems we are working to raise awareness about.”

      Dr Milham apparently must want us to insulate ourselves with more than just tinfoil hats: “…the United States uses the earth as the major conduit for neutral return currents, allowing dirty electricity to enter homes through conductive water and sewer pipes.” And apparently actual researchers are not impressed by his methodology “the variability observed in the study by Milham and Stetzer (33) can be entirely explained by natural variation. Although Milham and Stetzer describe a dopamine response pattern, they describe a classical placebo effect – short-term improvement followed by return to homeostasis – as a result of non-blinding of the subjects.”

      I don’t doubt that there may be some real problems to be addressed – but the answers won’t come from pseudoscience, often peddled by people who are also pushing their own products.

      The credulous, uncritical acceptance of people – usually men – holding themselves out as authorities on some topic that they pose as crucial to our existence, is just what caused people to also fall for Raniere and NXIVM.

  • “This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

    Speaking of the tip of the iceberg, some stories about Corona virus are frightening.
    There are accounts and videos of people being welded into their apartment houses to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

    Coronavirus ‘could infect 60% of global population if unchecked’
    Exclusive: Public health epidemiologist says other countries should consider adopting China-style containment measures

    Another Leaked Video of Chinese authorities WELDING SHUT apartment buildings with residents inside

    • Shadow,

      The good news is we will no longer have to worry about overpopulation.

      …….And there will be no more lines at Disney World!

      Shadow, for the first time in your life you’ll be able to afford, first base line, tickets to a White Sox home game in Wrigley Park…..And there shall be no more beer lines or bathroom lines.

    • Fred brings up some interesting issues in modern life, though the links he provides are questionable.

      However, suggesting Steiner’s pseudo-science holds the answers, seems no better than promoting Hubbard’s pseudo-science like Scientology “purif” saunas.

      Raising potentially valid issues, and then fallaciously following them up with unproven supposed solutions, particularly ones from some sort of supposedly all-wise guru, is cult recruiting stock-in-trade, isn’t it?

  • Reading in to the article cited in the first link, the research is not nearly as conclusive as represented:

    “But scientists were quick to point out that this is just one study, and doesn’t prove that there is necessarily a causal link between fluoridation and ADHD. They also noted a number of important limitations”

    and an epidemiologist is quoted as saying:

    “it would be ludicrous to draw a strong conclusion based on this study alone.”

    Steiner’s followers are scientific illiterates who believe in various of his pseudo-science and even pseudo-history, from the heart not actually being a pump and and continents floating in the ocean, to superior souls reincarnating as members of the Aryan race – “Blond hair actually bestows intelligence” he pronounces in a section of teachings reproduced at the bottom.* The dangers are exemplified in such teachings having helped spawn someone like Raniere.

    The faulty underlying premise is much the same as in any cult like NXIVM (founded by a former Waldorf kid) or Scientology (founded by someone with much of the same background as Steiner, such as Theosophy): there is a man (it almost always is a male authority figure) who was supposedly one of the world’s smartest men and top problem solvers, whose theories – developed in the absence of actual training, expertise or research – about everything from how we should live our lives, to educating our children and appreciating music, represent timeless truths not subject to question or scientific verification. Because the approach is ideological and dogmatic, they can never adapt or evolve to focus more on whatever is “good” or “works,” and abandon bad ideas or outright counter-factual nonsense; though depending on how hardcore the organization is there may be some compromise around the margins (such as US Waldorf schools trying to ignore Steiner’s odious German-Aryan racism), while they typically dance around opening the can of worms of openly admitting that any of their guru’s teachings were actually wrong.

    Scientology, like NXIVM’s inner circle, is known for having higher reported incidences of cancer deaths, and shorter lifespans, probably due to a combination of avoiding modern medical care, and the mixing of dangerous supposedly “natural” practices along with some relatively healthier ones, plus added risks like food and sleep deprivation in some cases. The same is likely true of the followers of Steiner, who himself suffered from ill health and died at the relatively young age of 64; there’s no research specific to the group that I’m aware of, but they probably run typical risks of dogmatic adherence to, and reliance on, failed and even dangerous pseudo-medicine like homeopathy:

    Indirect and non-health risks associated with complementary and alternative medicine [CAM] use: An integrative review
    “Use of ineffective CAMs as direct alternatives to potentially more effective forms of conventional treatment not only poses substantial risk to the patient, but research also suggests this risk is the primary concern related to CAM use amongst conventional medical practitioners”

    Choosing alternative cancer treatment [more than] doubles your risk of death

    * Here’s a classic example of Steiner’s pseudo-scientific and pseudo-historic, racist mush, much in the same vein as Raniere’s word salad and his “modules” about rape, polygamy and pedophilia:

    “Because the earth has less vitality, only the black and brown peoples attain sufficient driving force; blonds and blue-eyed people are already marked for extinction because they can no longer drive nourishment with the necessary force through their bodies.
    You see, when we really study science and history, we must conclude that if people become increasingly strong, they will also become increasingly stupid. If the blonds and blue-eyed people die out, the human race will become increasingly dense if men do not arrive at a form of intelligence that is independent of blondness. Blond hair actually bestows intelligence.”

    Health and Illness, Volume I,

    • AnonyMaker,

      The peroxide white women use to dye their hair blonde is what makes them smarter.

      Peroxide has many medicinal qualities.

      Since I started dying my pubic hair, my balls have become self-aware.

    • Thank you for drawing my attention to this very interesting material. It may all seem like mush and nonsense to you, but read the whole lecture, and you’ll find that Steiner is very consistent and precise in all his descriptions.

      Just stop for one second and ask: what if Rudolf Steiner truly was clairvoyant, as he claimed? If every single description he gives, of the composition of the eye, for example, was from his own personal investigations and observations? What would you see, if you were able to perceive the etheric body, the astral body at will, read from the Akashic record of human history at will? Trace the real life of Jesus of Nazareth? What kind of things would you be able to say, when you’re back in ordinary 3D reality?

      This lecture, for me, is an example of how completely fearless Steiner was in laying out the scientific facts he saw, no matter how nuts they sounded, no matter how “racist” they may appear. Fact: civilizations rise and fall, in a definite pattern. If you are able to perceive clairvoyantly how these civilizations are formed, and what their sequence is, you might find yourself forced to speak like Steiner does here, if you are intellectually honest.

      In order to grasp Steiner, however, you absolutely need to get the basics straight, before you try reading the more esoteric material. I said before, I go to Waldorf Watch to find the most outrageous Steiner quotes. None of them have ever put me off, or even given me pause, because I can fit them in context.

      One thing I’ve found with “clever” people, who read something quickly superficially to find the “important” bits: you can’t read Steiner like this at all. You need to let these concepts sink deep into your subconscious, where they become living powers. As time goes by, you find yourself noticing things that would formerly have completely escaped your attention. You begin to see that the material world truly is a veil, a camouflage, an illusion. You begin to experience yourself as a being of spirit, occupying a physical body as a result of karma. Once you have really experienced this for yourself, you’ll find that this is much surer knowledge than all the scientific “mush” that’s out there, like psychologists who have no working definition even of “consciousness”. You can dismiss and pooh-pooh it all, of course, but if you approach in good faith, and try the exercises, you may just get a shock, when you discover it’s all very real indeed.

      • Fred, I actually have a deep background in the occult, and even belonged to one of the mystical orders that Steiner did, or at least was influenced by in at least one that he did belong to. I also have experience with, and have experimented with, techniques such as self-hypnosis and a form of trance channeling – I was even once, briefly, in a small group, considered a seer of sorts.

        The reason I point to the sort of things that Steiner obviously got wrong, not only about race, but about things like the continents, how the heart works, gnomes, and so on, is that they demonstrate that he wasn’t clairvoyant in some profound way, but simply getting to into the same sort of strange imaginary, unreal material as various forms of channeling, and all the people who practice such things. If you read about the general subject, and studied modern research into how the mind and subconscious work, you will understand how what Steiner did is just a particular manifestation of a phenomenon that ultimately has no real meaning in and of itself – but human beings are particularly good at, or prone to, reading meaning into things, again through mechanisms that can be understood if you study the broader subject, so that you can see not just a tree, but the forest.

        And again, you say almost exactly the same things that any follower and apologist for numerous gurus and teachers say. It’s virtually a script where a few words, names and terms could be changed and you could be talking about L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology – “you have to try it for yourself” is virtually one of their mantras – or Nithyananda.

        It would be interesting to have a conversation about what Steiner got right, and got wrong – but apparently you can’t even have that level of discussion due to your level of dogmatic belief in your guru’s superior wisdom and even infallibility, which is what makes you effectively a cultist as much as Raniere’s followers.

  • Fred
    Warfarin is both a useful drug and a rodenticide…just because a substance is toxic in high doses, doesn’t mean it is always harmful in small doses.

  • This is very flimsy evidence. Cellphones use a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is much lower in frequency and energy than light. Should we also turn out all of the lights, put aluminum foil over the windows, and never go outside?

      • No thanks, I have too much common sense and technical knowledge. But it would be a perfect thing for a Nutjob to do. You wouldn’t happen to know anyone that goes by that name, would you? LOL

        • I have too much common sense and technical knowledge says the man who got snookered into selling Amway. LOL

          • 10s of millions have been snookered into “selling” Amway, and 100s of millions when considering other MLM scams. We’re not at all stupid, but a lot of the people who didn’t join aren’t very smart, they simply didn’t have the self confidence. Like you, that’s how the Girl Scout Cookies crumble. LOL

      • I had somehow missed this article and have absorbed all 45 of the comments on one go and imagining these commenters in a room together. Very ammusing. I wonder how many people actually look like how I think they do. Niceguy looks like Buddy Holly and Jonny Knoxville. Scott looks like an older version of the chef in the Sopranos, Anonymaker has a good head of grey hair and aviator glasses. Shadow, the dad out of Mrs Maisel and Nutjob the coach in Friday Night Lights.

  • Fred thanks for the info!

    “Your iPhone will tell you to keep the phone 0.35 inches from your head (depending on what country you are in…) they don’t tell you to keep it out of your pocket.”

    Fred, do you have any good practical alternative suggestions?

    Thanks again!

    • I’m serious in this reply. Keep your phone out of your pocket. Figure out a different way. It’s not practical.

      Thank you to Fred and Frank for posting this article. All good stuff that is accurate, and too often gets you labeled as a conspiracy theorist when brought up.

    • NiceGuy3.0, I have a practical alternative suggestion. Carry a purse like women do. That would also solve the problem of men always losing things in transit because they set things down in a restaurant, or the subway, and then forget to retrieve them.

      Just don’t lose the purse. Guard it with your life.

        • Scott, while I am amused by the sparring between you and Nice Guy, I think I am going to have to delete comments going forward that don’t advance the actual topic in the post. I do believe you and Nice Guy have pretty much exhausted the coefficient of friction. Why don’t you re-invite him on your show where you could discuss this at greater length?

          • I have repeatedly invited him on my show, and have a standing offer to everybody on the planet except for Hutchinson, he won’t pick up a phone. I’m glad you will delete comments that don’t advance the topic in the post, but NiceGuy will probably have withdrawal symptoms.

          • I’ve missed KC. KC is like a Bangcock who doesn’t try so hard with a circus act. KC helps keep us all in line with quick hitting feedback. (even though KC is wrong when he (she) rips into me)

        • You could keep bottled fluoride in there and sip on it at your leisure. You could turn into the anti-Guinness Book IQ guy! And in anticipation of his approval, you’d probably have some extra pep in your step when you go to see your dentist!

    • Have you ever seen a Communist drink a glass of Water? Vodka that is what they drink, right Mandrake?

      Dr. Strangelove

      Man this was a BS conspiracy theory in the 50s and not one managed to prove it ever since…

      • I saw Bernie Sanders drink water some at one of the debates. You are right about Communists and vodka thou, Pelosi’s drink of choice.

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