Despite CNN’s Pronouncement, Wuhan Is Not ‘Poster Child’ for Combating Coronavirus

"There is no week nor day nor hour when tyranny may not enter upon this country, if the people lose their roughness and spirit of defiance"- Walt Whitman.
I respect CNN and their fine reporter, James Griffiths. And I do not think for one moment people should refer to CNN as the Chinese News Network.  The Communist News Network maybe, but not the Chinese News Network.
I do not think CNN really loves Communist China per se. I think they would just as happy to see American communism or at least a very strong authoritarian state in America.
I have already written about Griffiths’ love for authoritarian strictures in At CNN, Some Seem to Love China, but Their Prescription of an Authoritarian USA Should Revolt All Decent Americans 
But let us give respect to even those we disagree with. Griffith and his colleagues at CNN may honestly believe that if America were to have stronger centralized government, with its concomitant reduction of that selfish, ugly thing called individual freedom, it would be easier to make us all safe.
In Griffith’s newest article Wuhan to test all residents for coronavirus in 10 days after new cases emerge.,  he writes glowingly at times about the bold communists control measures in Wuhan China:

Millions of people in Wuhan will be tested for the novel coronavirus within the coming days….

Over the weekend, six new cases were reported in [Wuhan], the first in 35 consecutive days…. sparking concern that the infection could still be spreading in the city where the virus is thought to have first emerged.… authorities in Wuhan will conduct city-wide nucleic acid testing over a period of 10 days….
The ambitious screening drive, described in the report as a “ten-day battle,” could see up to 11 million people tested — more than the entire population of Greece.
Wuhan was the first city in the world to enter into lockdown and great effort has been expended in an attempt to eliminate the virus.
The city has been gradually returning to normal after that 76-day enforced lockdown lifted on April 8, with residents finally permitted to go outside….
Despite the ongoing economic pain and trauma, however, Wuhan had been held up as a poster child of China’s effective response to the pandemic, emerging “like a phoenix,” in the words of one state-backed newspaper.
…. State media reported Monday that Zhang Yuxin, chief official of Changqing, the area where the new cases had been detected, was removed from his post “for failures in epidemic prevention and control work.”
… Nor is Wuhan the only part of the country where new cases have been detected. The city of Shulan, in Jilin province ….was put under “wartime control mode” Sunday, after 11 people were confirmed to be infected with the virus…..
Chinese slaves
Let’s look at some of the language Griffiths employs to see if there is a whiff of bias in the face mask-protected air. I will capitalize a few words for emphasis:
He writes, The AMBITIOUS screening drive….  a “ten-day BATTLE,” …  up to 11 million people tested — more than the ENTIRE POPULATION OF GREECE [!!!!!].
Wuhan was the first city ….to enter into lockdown and GREAT EFFORT has been expended….
That great effort included locking people in their houses, and forcibly removing people from their homes and into isolation [centralized quarantine.]
As for their “ambitious screening drive,” details are scarce but it will no doubt entail authorities going into people’s homes and mandating tests or ordering people to appear at testing sites.  This is not a volunteer effort.  If you text positive, you’re going into isolation.
…. after that 76-day enforced lockdown lifted on April 8,… residents [were] finally PERMITTED to go outside….
The residents [slaves- for they have no actual rights against an all-powerful government] were “finally permitted to go outside.”
For 76 days [and now again it is happening] people were not allowed outside for a walk or a breath of air, unless it was for brief food shopping or medicine. And then only one person from the household was permitted to go outside. Many people in Wuhan live in small apartments, which means for almost two months they were confined in small indoor spaces.
So what’s the problem?
The following is where I detect a faint odor of pro-Communist Chinese bias at CNN:
Are they really a poster child? Is this what we want, slavery in return for safety? If so, we can easily obtain it. You are offered safety in return for surrendering freedom and then, in the looming near future, you will feel far less safe. You won’t fear the virus, however, you will fear your government, as they do in China.
Some people want this: An America, where, to contain the virus, people are forcibly removed from homes; where you cannot literally leave your home without making an application online.
In Ancient Greek folklore, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that regenerates or is born again. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. China obtains its new life by enslaving its people. [The Phoenix By Bertuch-fabelwesen.]
Where health police come knocking at your door and without notice take you away.
Seal off the cities, close all transport links. Ban citizens from making any government deemed “non-essential” trips out of their apartments and home.
World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. US citizens are being told by Big Tech that they must not publish any content that contradicts WHO. This is the new normal — agreeing with WHO, which means in effect agreeing with China. As Tedros said, “The Chinese government is to be congratulated for the extraordinary measures it has taken to contain the outbreak, despite the severe social and economic impact those measures are having on the Chinese people.” [Said in January, a week after the lockdown was implemented.]
Checkpoints set up all across the cities to stop people leaving their homes, apart from short trips for medicine and groceries.  Random and required temperature taking and being sprayed down with disinfectant when you are allowed to go somewhere.

Schools, offices and factories shut down. Private vehicles banned from city streets.  Checkpoints at building entrances and hard limits on going outside. And at apartment complexes, security guards to keep people from entering and exiting.

In Wuhan, armies of enforcers were deployed to ensure citizens complied with the lockdown and others went door-to-door checking residents’ temperatures.  Those found to have fevers were forced to go to quarantine centers.

Widespread efforts to trace contacts of those infected employed mass surveillance systems and technology was used to restrict people’s movements. The state monitors movements to ensure compliance.

The Chinese slavers also employed tech apps to assign slaves a color coded health rating to control who goes where.

“China’s bold approach to contain the rapid spread of this new respiratory pathogen has changed the course of a rapidly escalating and deadly epidemic,” says a report written by health experts who traveled to the epicenter of the outbreak to study the coronavirus response for the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO calls draconian tyranny bold. [and by the way, if you dare post content on Google-owned YouTube that contradicts WHO, the content will be censored and removed. Now that’s bold.Many residents could not obtain necessities and medical care, according to rights group Human Rights Watch (HRW).

And what about mental health – being locked in small apartments, unable to see friends and family for months.

Communist Chinese employ militarized slaves to control the rank and file slaves.
This is what Wuhan has done with their “ambitious poster child” program.
Ironically, there were but six new cases of this highly contagious virus, reported Monday but the Communist slavers quickly fired the chief official of Changqing [he may wind up being executed or perhaps dying suddenly from the virus itself]. for his “failures in epidemic prevention and control work.”
The emphasis on the word “control”.
The city of Shulan, population 630,000, was put under an ominous sounding “wartime control mode” Sunday, after 11 people were confirmed to be infected with the virus.
In Shulan, exits and entrances to people’s homes are being guarded, leaving only one door for residents to enter.  Only one family member is allowed to leave the home to purchase necessities. All public transportation, including buses, suspended services and no taxi is allowed to leave the city.  All restaurants are closed, including takeout. All public venues are closed.

The city will trace contacts of anyone who tests positive and even those who do not if they are deemed a “suspicious person” and every clue to trace every activity route on every infection chain will be hunted down.

Sounds like a poster child to me.

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3 years ago


Report: Over 100 Inmates Freed from Rikers Island Rearrested for Crimes

More than 100 inmates freed from New York’s Rikers Island prison complex over fears of the Chinese coronavirus spreading have since been rearrested for crimes, new details reveal.

New York City Police Department (NYPD) sources told the New York Post that many inmates freed from Rikers Island following release orders by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) have ended up right back in police custody.

The city’s spike in burglaries, police said, is a direct result of the mass release of nearly 1,700 inmates from prisons and jails, the Post reported:

The roughly 110 inmates have accounted for 190 arrests since the pandemic took hold of the Big Apple, according to police.

Of those arrests, 45 — or roughly one-quarter — were for burglaries, helping drive the 43-percent spike in break-ins over the last month, according to NYPD data.


3 years ago

“That great effort included locking people in their houses”
And that is what is necessary when people refuse to act appropriatly for the good of the others…this is why lockdowns were in places.
Because you can’t count on the civic sense of anyone nowaday.

Like i said a few days ago, if people did follow the rule (about cleaning their hand, keeping a safe distance and such), no lockdown would be necessary but everywhere in the world, it’s the same fight…
No one follow simple recommandation.
At one point, this is a major health crisis, child to have their hand held…in this case, adults needed to be locked away from each other.

If you (and others) don’t understand this…my god. i know you aren’t the brightest frank but to this point!

“This is not a volunteer effort. ”
And you find normal that people would refuse to be tested while being left free to roam around with a deadly virus?
Like i said, once again before, freedom has to come with limitation or else it would be anarchy…
So let’s say everyone is free to do whatever they want, it would mean that many people die for the serial killer’s desire is to kill…but FRRREEEEDOM…
Yeah well i let you imagine what it would be if we didn’t had rules.
Thefts, murders, rapes, and other things that would likely please you but not anyone sane.
Sure it already exist but believe me, the scale at which it’s happening is far to be the level of what we would have.

And if you find awkward to compare murderer to people refusing to submit to a health test…for me it’s the same!
The disease is a deadly one (and you are amongst the potential victim so you should consider this as a personnal kind of thing too), if you allow people to roam and spread the virus and this while they are suspecting themselves to be carrying this disease, it’s nothing more than an attempted murder or a murder WITH INTENTION TO COMMIT IT.

It’s another part of what i already said in the past: Freedom come with a certain responsability and not everything should be allowed.
Carrying a deadly weapon with the intention to use it…it does sound like someone want to murder people.

“For 76 days [and now again it is happening] people were not allowed outside for a walk or a breath of air, unless it was for brief food shopping or medicine. And then only one person from the household was permitted to go outside”
And obviously it worked…they limited the damage.
Look at USA and the huge amount of casualties due to the lack of reaction from the government…IF this whole things had been taking seriously (and this isn’t just USA, many other countries are guilty of the same behavior), this whole lockdown could have been avoided (this and with common and civic sense of people potentially infected)

Look at people who joyfully jumped into a plane to make some bucks or for holiday to go in wuhan while the crisis was already know worldwide.
Now look at those same people crying to go back in their countries and the same countries not applying a quarantine on people that were in an area infected by a deadly virus!

This is nonesense! Unless you aim at killing your own citizen, a country should always take seriously this kind of virus.Even if it is a “common cold” supposetly…

The only reason there is a raise of infected people in China , yet again, is the same reason that infected the other countries…people from the outside bringing the virus!

You can’t count of the good will of “good citizen”, it doesn’t work as if 60% of people are genuinly good and sane mentally…40% are idiots who don’t care!

“The following is where I detect a faint odor of pro-Communist Chinese bias at CNN”
My god, get help…you are stuck in the past and see conspiracy everywhere…seriously go check a specialist…mental specialist because age doesn’t act well on your brain!

“slavery in return for safety”
You understand the meaning of this word actually? i’m starting to doubt it!

“An America, where, to contain the virus, people are forcibly removed from homes”
And you forgot to mention (but you like to twist truth), that this happened in houses with more than one person and the others weren’t infected by the virus…
Once again, they tried to contain the virus as much as possible and THIS is what you expect from a government that care for its citizen.
It’s making the fact that it’s china who did it even more respectable because if there is one thing they don’t do is to care for citizen (or their rights)

Oh and guess what, this is the america were you already live…a country that steal houses from veteran who help to build you country only for the sake of a few bucks…
A country builded on the theft of native’s home.
So don’t act like you are in a perfect country while yours is an expert at removing rights to its citizen (except when it come to weapons…cause you must have the right to kill your neighbor, off coooourse!)

“Random and required temperature taking and being sprayed down with disinfectant when you are allowed to go somewhere.”
Such monsters!!! they were trying to stop a virus! who would do this? well sane people would!
You actually should read yourself a bit, you sound like a madman frank.

“if you dare post content on Google-owned YouTube that contradicts”
Stop with this lie…they do “censor” some thing but authorize too many fake news (like yours) so don’t play the “google and youtube are censoring the truth”
They are censoring YOUR truth and it a wrong , biased and based on fantasy and lie truth.
You know nothing about this crisis nor medical research, i remind you that you are the idiot spreading stupid fake new about link between 5g and the virus while many of the most infected zone don’t have 5g and some don’t even have any cellphone access…

They block (and it’s about time) as much fake news as they can.

” but the Communist slavers”
If you refer to this crisis and the fact they are forcing people to lockdown, you are an idiot
But if it’s in reference to the usual behavior of china, you are an even bigger idiot…
I know you don’t really pay you taxes but what most developped country demand from their citizen is to pay their taxes…all this while they work for their money!

This is not exactly slavery (but it’s not in china neither, you just misuse a word you don’t see to comprehend) , but paying to work is not better than what they do in china…

“The city will trace contacts of anyone who tests positive and even those who do not if they are deemed a “suspicious person” and every clue to trace every activity route on every infection chain will be hunted down”
Once again, it’s the only way to get this crisis to end as idiots will not follow the basic rules (because they are rebel? or because they are immune to everything? more likely because they are stupid…)

What you do is actually almost criminal (it’s bordeline) as in this painful period, instead of trying to make people stick together to go through this , you blow lies and conspiracies to try to create a rebellion.
Something that , if it happens , will make you a accomplice.
But it’s not like you care anyway…

Oh and it’s to be controversial, forget it, intelligent people can be controversial, you are just a nutjob with a tinfoil hat who is screaming “the end of the world is coming” on a monocycle (doesn’t make much sense but it’s atleast entertaining to imagine you on it, trying to keep balance).

I repeat what i said MANY time, frank…get help and for real because you are extremely disconnected with reality!

3 years ago

To Everyone & Shadowstate!!!!!!

Who is a afraid of the big bad Democrats?

Shadow is!!!!!!

Considering our Republican Party(I belong) controls Congress and enjoys majority control of the Supreme Court I believe all of you are over reacting to the present situation and fear you all have of the Democrats.

….Not to mention that the overwhelming number of military personal and DOJ personal are Republicans.

The former FBI agent and contributor to the Frank Report fails to mention the “Deeps-State” FBI is mostly Republican.

3 years ago
Reply to  NiceGuy

Uh I meant to leave this comment on another article…..

Wuhan & the rest of main land China can lick my tai*t.

3 years ago

NY, NJ, PA Governors Under Fire for Nursing Home Deaths

Controversial Decisions Criticized as Factors in High Mortality

On March 29, as Pennsylvania, New York and other states began ordering nursing homes to admit medically stable residents infected with the coronavirus, national trade groups warned it could unnecessarily cost more lives.
The health directives put “frail and older adults who reside in nursing homes at risk” and would “result in more people going to the hospital and more deaths,” the American Health Care Association and affiliates said at the time


3 years ago

Pelosi Coronavirus Plan Allows Business to Hire Illegal Aliens Over 33M Unemployed Americans

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) latest Chinese coronavirus relief package shields illegal aliens from deportation so long as they take American jobs in “essential critical infrastructure work,” shielding their employers from prosecution.
The plan, proposed by House Democrats, offers an amnesty for illegal aliens who take American jobs deemed “essential” during the crisis, even as more than 33 million Americans are unemployed.

3 years ago

Pelosi Coronavirus Plan Orders Felons, Illegal Aliens to Be Freed from Prison

Violent Offenders Sprung?
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) latest Chinese coronavirus relief package includes a mandate that federal inmates, as well as local convicts and illegal aliens, be released from jail so long as a court considers them “non-violent” offenders.

3 years ago

News Flash



Tucker Carlson and his staff looked at Pelosi’s 3 TRILLION DOLLAR Relief bill.
It is 1800 pages long.
Of course, the Devil is in the Details!

First of all, some studies indicate that 40% of the 33 million jobs lost in the National Shutdown are gone FOREVER.
Millions of Americans, perhaps as many as 14 million, will be on Unemployment and Welfare for years.

Because most of the money to pay for the 3 TRILLION DOLLAR Relief bill will be borrowed from China, AMERICA WILL BECOME A VASSAL STATE TO CHINA.
A Vassal is akin to being a slave.
Start learning Chinese!

Secondly, Pelosi’s relief bill will provide illegal aliens with billions of dollars of relief.
And Pelosi would suspend all deportations of illegal aliens with an amnesty.
Better start learning Spanish!

Nancy Pelosi’s bill has a long section on drugs mentioning “cannabis” 68 times!
Because when you’re stoned, you’re less likely to rebel against a TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT.
Nancy Pelosi wants the government to encourage and expand women and minority-owned Cannabis businesses.
I suppose it was an oversight that this bill did not legalize prostitution.
Maybe they will legalize prostitution in Nancy Pelosi’s next relief bill.

Here is the kicker:
Nancy Pelosi’s relief bill ORDERS the Bureau of Prisons to release all inmates who have asthma or diabetes or are over 50 years of age unless the BOP can prove the prisoner poses a threat of violence to a particular person.

So Keith Raniere is 58 years old and as horrible as his record is, it is not clear from the evidence presented in court that he poses a threat of violence.
He is a charlatan and scoundrel but was never tied IN COURT TESTIMONY to acts of violence.
Many of his victims were willing to some degree.

And cough when you wake up in the morning and you have asthma.

And the Pelosi Bill would spend money to fight against Fake News on the China Virus.
Can you say Government Sponsored Propaganda?

Here is your copy of Nancy Pelosi’s Heroes’ Act

3 years ago

Under Nancy Pelosi’s Hero Act, Nicki Clyne, the illegal alien spouse of convicted felon Allison Mack, is a Hero because she works in a Brooklyn restaurant and is immune to deportation.

3 years ago

Griffiths isn’t a reporter, he’s a senior producer. Obviously you were kidding, I also have no respect for him or CNN, they have lied about the Russian hoax for about four years so far, and the other shoe is about to drop, with the imminent release of the name(s) of those who damaged the life of Flynn.

CNN lied about the Russian hoax
CNN lied about the Russian hoax
3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

The “Russian hoax” is a hoax.

3 years ago

—I think CNN would happy to see a very strong authoritarian state in America—

So, CNN and Trump want the same thing?

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Fuck you liberal. Your head is so far up your echo chamber asshole, you think Trump(!) is authoritarian. Deporting illegals, fixing the broken immigration system, checks on who comes in, supporting freedom to bear arms, calling out beyond biased propaganda fake media is not authoritarian. What liberals do, censoring everyone, punishing anyone who steps out of line, college campuses SJW bullshit, character assassination, forcing everyone to go along with their shit is authoritarian.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Ditto. I couldn’t have said it better myself, except it was myself. LOL

Trump is not authoritarian
Trump is not authoritarian
3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Trump is a totalitarian…he wants a government that is totally subservient to him.

3 years ago

Attack Trump and forget about Chinese atrocities.
Straight from the Beijing Playbook.
Go to China and you will experience real Totalitarianism.

3 years ago

Reminder to Shadow, we can change the US Pres, but not the Chinese leader.

3 years ago

Trump does not want the ordinary people to be subservient to him. It is impossible for a President to support citizens being armed [2nd Amendment] and to be a totalitarian at the same time. Totalitarians want to disarm their citizens for control. When the President has been betrayed by those around him, he should demand loyalty and fire those who leak to the press and attack him behind the scenes. He is the leader. No employer would tolerate such bullshit from his employees. The more liberals attack Trump for self righteous reasons, the more people hate them and support Trump. That is why he got elected.

3 years ago
Reply to  FartPebbles

Those Maga “men” holding their assault weapons/penises are Trump’s militia recruited by General BoneSpurs

3 years ago

So Trump is only defending the 2nd ammendment for a personal militia!? You are an idiot. And yes, MEN. Liberal males are all emasculated snowflake weaklings. Don’t project your weakness onto your superiors. You want to frame liberals as tough guys!? Go choke to death on your vegan/halal granola bar.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Sorry, I forgot the LOL at the end. LOL

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