As Big Tech Does Its Best to Suppress — the Question Remains — Is There a Connection Between 5G and the Virus?

This is the kind of story that Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Government and Big Media abhor.

It may be utter conspiracy nonsense, but what is really abhorrent is how hard the Big Four work to suppress any intelligent argument that there may be a connection between the widespread use of 5g and the coronavirus, prompting some to wonder, ‘what are they afraid of?’

Why censor, as opposed to allowing the free flow of ideas – even conspiratorial ideas?

Is there a connection between 5G and dangerous viruses? Can they be manipulated by tech?

Below is one person’s view. It is the opinion of the writer, Davo, and not the view of this publisher, who is wholly unqualified to pass judgment on the subject.

Before allowing Davo to present his views, I want to add that when I Google “5g and Virus”, the first page is 100 percent filled with links to stories setting out to debunk the theory that there is any connection between 5g and the virus.

So are the next 20 pages. I stopped after 20 pages of online searching since every link was to a story that supports Google’s desired dissemination of information – that it is nonsense [that you are stupid actually] to believe there is a connection.

Google Search Results

Four experts investigate how the 5G coronavirus conspiracy … › four-experts-investigate-how-the-5g-coronavir…
Jun 11, 2020 – Conspiracy theories about mobile phone technology have been circulating since the 1990s and the imagined potential of radio waves to …

The conspiracy theory about 5G causing coronavirus … › recode › coronavirus-5g-conspiracy-theory-covid-fa…
Apr 24, 2020 – Despite what the internet might be telling you, cellphones did not cause the Covid-19 pandemic.
Jun 27, 2020 – We’ve been tracking the global spread of two of the most popular coronavirus conspiracy theories.
Jul 3, 2020 – The idea that 5G could have health implications isn’t new. But conspiracy theories linking 5G with Covid-19 went viral during lockdown.
May 1, 2020 – The pandemic has also sparked a wave of more insidious conspiracy theories, such as the false claim that 5G mobile networks spread and …

Report linking 5G to COVID-19 swiftly debunked › Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes
Jul 27, 2020 – A team of researchers published a paper in PubMed, a free biomedical database, that suggested 5G millimeter waves “are similar to shapes of …

May 15, 2020 – Conspiracy theorists believe 5G is to blame for the rapid spread of COVID-19. Are they right?

5G coronavirus conspiracy theorists are endangering the … › 5g-conspiracy-theories-coronavirus-uk-telecoms…
Jun 3, 2020 – Conspiracy theorists who believe high-speed 5G networks are spreading the novel coronavirus have put the UK’s telecoms engineers on the …
May 6, 2020 – The UK government and telecoms industry have been forced to confront the conspiracy theory, decrying it as “dangerous nonsense.”

Elements Of A Coronavirus Conspiracy: 5G, Vaccinations, Bill … › 2020/07/10 › anatomy-of-a-covid-19-conspiracy-theory
Jul 10, 2020 – Conspiracy theories need the right ingredients to take off, and the coronavirus pandemic has been a breeding ground for them. Here’s how fear …
For page after page on Google — nothing but articles calling it a conspiracy theory – and even reports of outright censorship of the argument:   

Twitter to block virus 5G conspiracy theory tweets – Tech Xplore


YouTube bans coronavirus conspiracy videos after …

OK maybe it is a conspiracy theory, but why not rank at least a few articles from scientists and other intelligent writers  who claim there might be a connection? If there was no intelligent people who believed it might be true, why does Twitter and YouTube have to ban the mention of a connection?

This all makes it seem like it could be true, rather than just errant nonsense. If it was nonsense, the science, the intelligent evaulators ought to be able to be easily persuasive without censorship or shadow banning.

Big Tech and Big Media don’t want people to even read about the possibility of a connection. And they want them to only easily find that which debunks the theory.  That is what is most intriguing.

Though Big Media or Big Tech might conclude I endorse the theory that there is a connection, because I write that people might wish to explore it, I don’t endorse the theory.  I don’t know. I am not a scientist, but I do think the theory should be rigorously debated just in case it is true, and 5g does have a negative effect on human beings.

If 5g did have bad health effects, that would have catastrophic financial consequences on certain companies and individuals and would hurt Big Government, [surveillance] Big Tech, [better tech and surveillance] and its lackey Big Media and, if it is true that 5g sickens people, it would hurt Big Pharma, who can sell drugs to manage their chronic illnesses caused by 5g.

Of course I am not saying that the Big Four are comprised of people like those found in Big Tobacco, who would knowingly sell a product that kills people.  Maybe only Big Tobacco would do such a thing. Big Tech, for instance, is constantly telling us that is comprised of evolved and enlightened beings and have our best interest at heart at all times. So does Big Government and Big Pharma.

Duck Duck Go, a far more neutral search engine than Google, permits the open discussion of the theory with a mix of pro and con articles about a connection to 5g and the virus.

Here is what I found on the first page of Duck Duck Go.What You Need to Know About DuckDuckGo

Duck Duck Go Search Results

More Images for 5g and virus


So why does the relatively obscure Duck Duck Go permit readers to easily view both sides of the argument and Google – the giant of all Big Tech companies, the company that rules the internet, allow only one view?

This is the real question….

Below is what seems to me an intelligently written argument. It may be pure nonsense, but why not read it? Google is sure to effectively ban this article by not ranking it anywhere to be easily found. But that doesn’t make it untrue or beneath your consideration.

By Davo

There are many reports from peer-reviewed, academic, governmental supported agencies that connect 5G with producing viruses in the body. Further, ‘viruses’ respond to frequencies and often makes the more virulent.

There’s plenty of info and more coming daily regarding the inherent and known dangers of EMF/RF on living organisms. What do you believe you are composed of? You are energy/frequency and no matter how hard you try to deny that, it won’t change the facts. Energies affect other energies; some beneficial, most man-made ones are harmful.

I would post more links for you, but, if you live in the manufactured world specifically created to keep you in your box and believing that ‘schooling’ actually educates you, it will not help you..

Regarding the pandemic of 1918: They can’t keep numbers correct now, and have falsified, created, changed the numbers and the rules to make them fit for a better, and more ‘scary’ pandemic which isn’t even worth speaking of. That small percentage that have died would have died of anything in addition to their frailty.

Get an immune system and get over it. Those controlling corps also control the gov and the ‘education’ you supposedly received.

FACTs are this: 5G does damage living organisms and they can, via patents, experiments, declassified data, etc., program your DNA with frequencies.

Now, just go OBEY and keep your mind closed as your programming expects you to do.

BTW: Russia LEADS the scientific community in bio-energy research and they don’t CENSOR everything from their citizens as the eUSA does openly. It’s the eUSA that is imperialistic in nature and their job is to allow corps to scavenge the planet and create havoc.

Funny… this was retracted, but, it isn’t the only report out there:

It was retracted because too many people were starting to catch on, and the report was published.

I have Chinese studies done stating the same and more regarding 5G and its effects on opening pathways allowing virulent natures of pathogens to become exhibited. These reports cannot be taken down by the AMA or the rulers. It’s just fact! Once you understand reality, you’ll never look at frequencies the same again.

Opening pathways: “Because Ca2+ signaling regulates a broad range of cellular processes, it is not surprising that many viruses modulate Ca2+ signaling to favor their replication.

For example, the Dengue virus (DENV) and West Nile virus (WNV) disturb Ca2+ homeostasis to favor the viral replication cycle, and cells treated with Ca2+ chelators and channel blockers significantly suppress the production of viral yields (Dionicio et al., 2018; Scherbik and Brinton, 2010).

Rotavirus (RV) infection activates the ER calcium sensor stromal interaction molecule 1 (STIM1) and store-operated calcium entry (SOCE) to promote viral replication (Hyser et al., 2013).

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection triggers ER Ca2+ depletion and increases Ca2+ uptake by mitochondria to induce apoptosis and mitochondrial dysfunction…” 5G/EMFs open pathways.

Please, also understand that humans have more bacteria and viruses than they do their own cells. We cannot live on earth without them. They, because of the environment, go rogue; we live in a toxic environment making it all too easy to trigger responses if you know how.

I can assure you, there are those that know exactly which frequencies promote certain activities within the body. Again, patents, studies, military de-classified info, etc., all state their capabilities.

Good luck staying healthy. I don’t live in fear of death, which is KEY to selling the FEAR surrounding death and sickness. BFD. Live or ‘live’ in fear daily, which is ultimately, dying every day.

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  • Having tried it out, I’ve come to the conclusion that 5g isn’t about telephony.

    Telephones are just the method of it’s deployment

  • the cell phone designers i worked with would carry a cell on their person. the virtual circuit of an antenna near the speaker is pretty easy to ssee how EMI can be easily transmitted into the resonate brain cavity. remember the old nokias that got so hot my ear felt like it was on fire?

  • I do have a marketing/PR/journalism background enough to say this is clearly a hardcore propaganda campaign online and in the soft sell, 5G TV ads as well.

    Don’t you just love the sour dough girl in the T-mobile 5G ads that subtly equates 5G conspiracies to the ridiculous expectation that the new tech will help with sourdough bread making. In all the ads, 5G is included free (whether we like it or not) with the new Verizon/T-mobile merger offer…

    But what has this to do with Covid? “Nothing, it’s just why is everyone making Sour Dough [and getting sick with blood clots and rashes] all of the sudden?”

    But I can only say that bc I’ve already been declared a basket case — by, at least, an opportunistic ex…

    To your point, if there’s no harm in 5G why no real, informed consumer choice and no accountability…and ditto that harsh reality on the Covid vaccine?

  • There are topics other than the beer virus being caused by 5G that are more concerning, such as conservative political ideas. LOL

    While it would be nice for google to not suppress diverse points of view, at this point it isn’t going to do much good to complain unless you’re complaining to the government and demanding anti-trust action and spending more time educating others about other search engines that do not suppress diverse points of view – when google loses ad revenues it will get their attention. LOL

  • It’s quite amazing to me that amidst the debate about the possible relationship between the Coronavirus and 5g, people in the US seem quite unconcerned that they are the most closely monitored and spied upon population in the world. The US is China’s wet dream when it comes to mass surveillance technology already implemented.

    Still your hypothesis about 5g and the Coronavirus is interesting.

    • Both private tech corps and the Feds are getting their agendas met in this. The Feds get their deep surveillance toy upgrade and the tech firms (T-Mobile/Verizon) get their permanent monopoly payday IF they don’t succeed in thinning the herd to the extent no one can pay their phone bill ergo, yeah, “you’re gonna want to have that chip.”

      Where are the major insurers in this to put a tail on Gates’ monopoly gaming ass? Oh, but, snap they don’t expect to have to pay any claims now do they?

      Don’t you know, btw, AG Bill Barr was last employed as a consultant for VERIZON before getting his sudden inspiration to return to the political arena to defend our fearsome corruptor-in-chief against the FBI?

      Not that there’s any link. Except Barr does own a good deal of Verizon now T-mobile the world’s biggest 5G network stock.

      • Good points, Heidi. I have a 5g phone and never use the 5g. It offers no improvement in voice calls. I can stream anything I want without buffering on 4g, and I don’t need to download any 100gb files. It is of little practical value beyond what you outlined. I don’t believe that it offers anything of value to phone users. So what is it’s real purpose…? Just as you say.

  • This is unrelated to the subject of this article but I’m hoping that Frank will allow it. The recent catastrophe in Beirut was caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate igniting. There is a port town in Yorkshire, England that is storing 4,999 tonnes of the same substance.Can someone more scientifically minded than myself tell me how widespread the damage would be if it also ignited? I know someone who lives there.

  • All forms of radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum have some impact on molecules and atoms when they interact. The words benign and innocuous are not applicable.

    If any thing 5G is not effecting viruses adversely has it could effect human cells, RNA, and DNA.

    • Niceguy, are you saying the ‘virus’ (bacteria, whatever) or viruses are flourishing bc we are weakened, immunity-wise, by 5G?

      What a perfect opportunity to introduce (unnecessary) vaccines.

  • spooky2 , hulda clark , bob beck , doug/s coil , robert o becker , bijorn nordenstrom
    raymond rife
    eddy currents

    all work with magnetism & electricity and what results when they are combined .
    for beneficial purposes . to heal . when used properly

    i work with some of the above and i can state that yes this is the way to heal
    NOT what the DRs do
    not allopathic medicine which results in the death of over 100,000 americans per year per CDC

    if you use the correct frequency you can heal or kill pathogens like lyme disease spirochete borrielia burdorfi the kill frequency is
    306 hz square wave useing large inductor s to generate magnetic fields as you run you shift frequency up and down a few hertz to kill different size s of the same pathogen 306 hz is the 1st choice and it works well effects are felt in real time IF the victim really has
    lyme disease this will cause jarrish herxheimer reaction is that good ? yes or yes .

    that said
    it is possible to damage your internal microbiome ./ virome IF you use the wrong frequency you can cause injury & illness by damaging the internal terrain of your own system

    is 5g the wrong frequency ? absolutely unequivocally yes , none of the healing frequencies are that high none operate as sine waves
    what will 5g do ?
    nothing good , things that are the same size as the wavelength of 5g will be affected negatively
    it is easy enough to test
    put test subjects in a room with 5g and another set of the same test subjects away from the 5g exposure observe the result

    its been done “they” do not want you to know the results some are shown in the original post
    there are many more

    the same has been done with schuman frequency
    the test subjects that were un exposed to schuman frequency lost their minds , became angry agitated , the experiment had to be ended

    schuman frequency is the natural resonant frequency of your environment your earth and it just happens to be the same as
    alpha wave brain communication in your brain , do you think you should tamper with that until you are sure there is no negative impact on you or your progeny ?
    hell no or no pick only 1

    search in duck duck go OR swisscows never use google

    • pretty sure lack of the schuman frequency is an obstacle to long range space travel – my no so humble opinion. We love the sound of our mother rocking…

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