Scientists Check out Frank Report Coverage of Possible Correlation Between Pandemic and 5G – Since Coverage Is Often Banned or Shadow Banned Elsewhere

Fred’s recent stories on the possible connection between 5G and the coronavirus is attracting considerable attention from the scholarly community.
Priyanka BANDARA | Executive Board
Here is an email from Dr. Pri Bandara, a scientist and eminent researcher. Dr. Bandara is an independent health researcher, former academic clinical researcher/molecular biologist, and Advisor to Environmental Health Trust USA and Doctors for Safer Schools.
She writes, “Thank you for investigating this topic. I’ve shared your report on social media – with thousands….  This info needs to be published ASAP. There is an industry-WHO cartel on this issue of man made EMR – pushing industry/military interests with no regard to biological harm.
“This can completely destroy life on Earth if industry engineers and physicists are allowed to change our natural environment like this. See how massive this electromagnetic pollution is (already up by Quintilian times) – it is chocking us without the knowledge of our medical system:
“5G is extremely worrying.”
She also commented:
“The International EMF scientists who have been warning the WHO and the UN on the serious risks of man-made EMR/EMF have been ignored ( – it is time people from all walks of life need to address this massive public health risk. Please don’t stop this investigation.”
Dr. Magda Havas
Another noted researcher, Dr. Magda Havas wrote to a distinguished group of scientists about Frank Report.
Magda Havas began research on acid rain and metal pollution in 1975 and worked at the Smoking Hills in the Canadian arctic, in Ontario near the INCO and Falconbridge metal smelters, and at Hubbard Brook in New Hampshire.
She was Science Advisor to the Canadian Coalition on Acid Rain and her research (and that of others) helped bring in clean air legislation (Eastern Canadian Acid Rain Program) in 1985 that reduced sulphur dioxide emissions by 30% and lead to improvements in air and water quality and ultimately resulted in the recovery of lakes, which she also studied.
Her paper “Red Herrings in Acid Rain Research” confronted the misconceptions that were being perpetrated about acid rain and its effects.

Electrosmog and Electrosensitivity

High Voltage Transmission Lines

Power Lines

Dr. Havas’s research since the 1990s  is concerned with the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution including radio frequency radiation, electromagnetic fields, dirty electricity, and ground current.

She works with diabetics as well as with individuals who have multiple sclerosis, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and those who are electrically hypersensitive. She also conducts research on sick building syndrome as it relates to power quality in schools.

Dr. Havas included me in her email to a group of scientist:
She wrote, “I learned about the Frank Report after he contacted me to ask me some questions about my post on the correlation in the US between covid-19 and U.S, states with 5G vs. no 5G.

“He’s written several articles now on 5G and covid-19.  Here is his latest.

“When the 5G System Is More Widely Rolled out, the Real Pandemics Will Begin 


“There is some concern about 60 GHz and there is information in the Frank Report that needs to be investigated further.   Some places may have unlicensed 60 GHz 5G!!!!
“2019 was the breakthrough year in Europe for 60 GHz unlicensed 5G  
“IF this is he case and IF New York is one of the cities with 60 GHz antennas (big IFs) then there may be a very different explanation for the higher rates of covid-19 cases/deaths in NY.”
How I overcame electrical hyper sensitivity – With Paul Doyon, Smombie Gate | 5G | EMF
Paul Doyon,|MAT/MA/BA/ Professional ESOL Facilitator/Instructor,  responding to Dr. Havas wrote:
“Dear Magda and Distinguished Others:
“In writing my own paper, I have used WorldoMeters  as a sources for a lot of information. And thank you, Magda, for doing your own statistical analysis of rates of COVID-19 in US states with and without the 5G.
“However, in just looking at the T-Mobile coverage map, for example, it looks to me like T-Mobile has 5G coverage swaths in portions of almost every — if not, every — U.S. state (as it is a little difficult to delineate the borders just looking at this map, however).
Screenshot 2020-03-03 19.05.51.png

Here’s the AT&T coverage map:

And here is the Verizon coverage maps:

If you take a look at the WorldoMeters website, on their table, they now (I believe they did not originally have these) list Total Cases/1 M population, Deaths/ 1 M population, Total Tests, and Tests 1 M population with the original Total Cases, New Cases, Total Deaths, New Deaths, Total Recovered, Active Cases, and Serious/Critical Cases.

Screenshot 2020-04-27 19.15.23.png
Hence, I think this makes it a lot easier to do some statistical analyses. Also, I think that there are going to be a multitude of factors that will affect the number of cases and severity of cases in a country, not only the amount of wireless, esp. 5G, but also other factors, though I believe 5G and other wireless infrastructure to indeed be major factors. For example, according to the chart below, San Marino — a very small country within the borders of Italy — has the highest number of cases with the factor of total cases per 1 million population, though I am not sure how statistically significant this might be, (as statistics really isn’t my forte). LOL
Screenshot 2020-04-27 19.36.45.png
All of these countries, except for Andorra (which is situated between France and Spain) seem to have some form of 5G trialing or implementation, and digging a little deeper we can find the following article about San Marino, which seems to indicate that their population has been blasted with the 5G longer than most, and if we consider the fact that EMFs are both immunosuppressive and their effects cumulative, well…

Telecom Italia “5G” trial to blanket San Marino in 2018

Posted on July 17, 2017

According to the Financial Times (on line subscription required):

Telecom Italia plans to test its home grown “5G” technology in the micro-state of San Marino next year, making it the first country in the world to boast a nationwide 5G network.  The state of San Marino, which has little more than 30,000 citizens, extends to only 61 sq km, making it the smallest republic in the world.

Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of the tiny country to upgrade the existing 4G-LTE network in advance of a trial of “5G” services in 2018. It will double the number of mobile sites and will install a network of small cells in downtown San Marino, a Unesco heritage site, this year that will provide the backbone of the future commercial network. Investment in 5G network trials are taking place around the world with carriers in South Korea, China and the US among the most active in testing 5G technology. Giovanni Ferigo, head of technology for Telecom Italia Mobile, said San Marino’s 5G network would be the first in Europe “for sure.”

It was not revealed who created the specs for the Italian telco’s “5G” network or where Telecom Italia will procure the end point devices/handsets.  One would assume that Ericsson is supplying TIM with the “5G” base stations, based on a MOU signed between the two companies in March of this year.  TIM wrote in a press release on March 2, 2017:

TIM and Ericsson are committing to share skills, projects, laboratories and resources for designing, testing and building the technological components of the new 5G network needed to create a complete and open ecosystem around next-generation digital services.

In particular, the agreement will directly involve the research and innovation structures of the two companies, focusing on the design and testing of access infrastructure, the respective antenna systems and network virtualisation solutions, particularly through joint participation in Italian and European research projects and integration of service platforms for testing in the field of innovative Use Cases.

The 5G system will provide peak speeds of up to dozens of Gbps for UltraHD services and cloud computing solutions, a decrease in communication latency, reducing it to a few milliseconds, reliability for mission-critical services and service density with the ability to connect up to a hundred thousand terminals per cell. These characteristics mean that 5G will become the reference mobile network for next-generation digital services (such as virtual reality) and for the industrial Internet (robotics, manufacturing, health, environment, self-driving logistics).

The agreement is part of the “5G for Italy” initiative launched in 2016 by TIM and Ericsson for the establishment of an ecosystem of experimental industrial partners, confirming the commitment of the two companies to innovating technologies and networks in support of the socio-economic growth of the country.


Telecom Italia is also testing “5G” in Milano and Torino, but has more freedom in San Marino to experiment because of fewer restrictions on the use of airwaves than in Italy.

“We need to experiment as soon as possible,” Mr Ferigo said.  The work done in San Marino would play a critical role in the future of 5G technology in Italy but was also crucial to the wider European sector as standards for the new network are refined.

“For 5G, our intention is a European leadership in standardization,” he said. The European Commission published a 5G action plan last year when it estimated that sectors such as healthcare, transport, cars and utilities would see economic benefits of €113bn by 2025 from the technology.  However, the European Commission does not generate any telecom standards.  For Europe, that’s ETSI which contributes to 3GPP and its members contribute to ITU-R WP 5D which is standardizing true 5G (as we’ve noted in numerous blog posts/articles).

Earlier this year, Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) said LTE customers are expected to account for around 90% of its mobile broadband customers by 2019;  That’s due to almost blanket LTE coverage of Italy with network speeds up to 75 Mbps and peaks of 500 Mbps in the main cities via the use of LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation.

The above referenced FT “5G” article states:

Some countries have committed to the first 5G launches in 2019 but the wider telecoms industry is still struggling to define exactly what 5G technology is and some have argued that it is not yet clear how they can justify spending billions on the new network.

Mr Ferigo said the San Marino launch would be “very important” in defining the use case for 5G that would transform all sectors from healthcare to robotics to public transport. Telecom Italia has started working with companies including Maserati and Ducati on the use of better wireless technology but also the makers of parmesan cheese who want to better monitor the cows in their fields. Small territories have been used in the past for telecoms testing. The first 3G trial in the UK took place on the Isle of Man, while the remote Isle of Bute in Scotland was used to test “white space” technology.

Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2017. All rights reserved.



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In addition, Dr. Havas also sent me this chart for publication, writing,  “Attached is a graph I made based on the Santini data.  Feel free to use it in your article if you want.  I refer to EHS as Rapid Aging Syndrome because our bodies are aging more quickly when we are exposed to this radiation and particularly if we are sensitive.
“Also, I’m on several email distribution lists and I’ve posted a link to your most recent article, “When the 5G System Is More Widely Rolled out, the Real Pandemics Will Begin.
“If you ever find out where the 60 GHz antennas are please share that information. Keep up the great work you are doing!”
So what is the point?

The point is simple. These are not fringe players.
Despite the fact that the corporate-owned mainstream media has announced that the theory that 5G and coronavirus could be related has been “debunked,” there are serious scientists who think there may be a correlation.
In a frightening Orwellian twist to freedom of speech, one’s freedom to speak or advance ideas that the majority or mainstream [corporately owned] media does not agree with or want published is now subject to being silenced by those who control the search engines. It is not outright banned in the USA- though it is in many places – and I would include the UK in that list of places. In some places you can be arrested for publishing what is here on the Frank Report on 5G.
Youtube has already removed as debunked, false or dangerous content videos that present the possibilities in intriguing ways..
I do not know if there is a correlation between 5G and coronavirus and possible future pandemics, but I think it needs to be studied thoroughly.
And I don’t think the enemy is independent blogs or independent thinkers or scientists. The enemy may be much larger, and global, with such deep pockets that all the mainstream info you are getting is monitored and controlled by them.
This may not be really new, but with technological advances, it may be quite profound in its impact on your life.

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  • So called Qanon ignored this 5G issue altogether. Why? ‘Tust the plan’ it is a bullshit. I am sure that POTUS is part of the game. Otherwise he wouldn’t have granted billions of dollars for Elon Musk to put 5G satellites in space. I believe this pandemic is a false flag operation to achieve various things including 5G roll out. I think those patriots have been fooled and taken for ride by quanan. Wait until POTUS to introduce compulsory vaccination program that deep state criminal Bill Gates is planning.

  • Articles about this 5G conspiracy theory are not being banned. Internet conspiracy sites are spewing this nonsense everywhere. Frank Report is definitely not the only site publishing articles about it.

    Can You Find This Video?

  • Dr. Pri Bandara appears to have some respectable credentials, and is expressing concern that commercial interests may be pushing technologies without adequate regard to EMR safety – a reasonable position I can give some credence – but as far as I can tell (I searched) she’s not saying that 5G causes COVID-19 or is part of something like a depopulation theory.

    “Dr.” Magda Havas is a PhD at a 3rd or 4th tier institution with almost exactly the same global research reputation (according to US News & World report rankings) as one that has a PhD specializing in flat earth theory: . One of the charts currently on the front page of her website shows that Connecticut has no 5G which is completely wrong, an error even a competent high schooler with access to The Google wouldn’t make (see and put in Connecticut).

    Paul Doyon, the “MAT/MA/BA/ Professional ESOL Facilitator/Instructor” is a grade school ESL teacher with no relevant scientific training or qualifications. His sloppy data analysis and attempts to erroneously draw causation from correlation are just he sort of amateurish thing I’ve been debunking all along, including failing to account for the cases I’ve pointed out where there is a high incidence of COVID-19 but virtually no 5G, or vica versa – the latter being the case with entire countries like South Korea and Taiwan (plus Hong Kong, Beijing and dozens of other Chinese cities besides Wuhan).

    On the subject of academics and fringe theories, there is also “Dr. Flat Earth PhD” whose credentials can’t be verified, but whose social media looks very much like what comes out of Fred and his fellow 5G conspiracy theory travelers, including seeming certainty that their far-feteched theory is right:

    “Im here to educate people on the undeniable truth that the earth is flat”

    The one serious scientist in the group does not seem to think there is a correlation between 5G and COVID-19 – just generally concerned that the potential hazards of EMR may not be adquately understood. The PhD from a virtually unknown institution with easily debunked garbage information on her home page, and the high school ESL teacher, pushing conspiracy theories about 5G being some sort of hidden threat to humanity, are indeed accurately described as “fringe players”.

    The absurdity of 5G conspiracy theories is exposed by just fully considering the implications, which because of the widespread or universal nature of the supposed menace, means the imagine masterminds and perpetrators would also have to be harming themselves, their families and children, their relatives and friends, and so on. This is also the case with what I call widespread conspiracy theories like chemtrails, as well.

    Almost the only logical resolution that that, would be that that the conspirators must then be immune – aliens, unaffected by the EM radiation in this case. I sometimes really wonder if people like Fred don’t actually believe that – David Icke, of shape-shifting reptilian humanoid infamy (though my personal favorite conspiracy theory) is one of the influential forces behind their 5G conspiracy theory world – but aren’t willing to be forthcoming about it because they know how ridiculous it sounds, and believe people need to be be brought slowly to their imagined truth (just what cults do with their inner teachings and practices, like Raniere’s polygamous harem, as well).

    What I think is frightening is that people are harmed and dead from following baseless speculative theories, and lives are disrupted or worse due to people who are essentially innocent bystanders being falsely implicated in conspiracy theories, while property and critical infrastructure is being destroyed by a modern day corollary to lynch mobs responding to barbarous urgings. It may be that technological advances have gotten ahead of us, and the real threat is that we can’t yet adequately distinguish what are the online equivalents of yelling fire in a crowded theater – dangerous abuses of free speech by the irresponsible and malicious, that ultimately threaten to undermine the very basis of civil and open society.

    Schenck v. United States, 249 U.S. 47 (1919):

    “The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic. […] The question in every case is whether the words used are used in such circumstances and are of such a nature as to create a clear and present danger that they will bring about the substantive evils that Congress has a right to prevent.”

    • AnonyMaker – your opening line is as sententious as it is pretentious, with the added irony that you present no credetials of your own –
      other than your unsubstantiated claim in a former comment that you worked at the Pentagon.

      “Dr. Pri Bandara appears to have some respectable credentials” is that opening line. Dr. appears before their name because
      they earned a degree. And the name is a real name that can be checked. What fool would believe you over them?

      Think before you pontificate. 5G does show a strong correlation to areas with high number of coronavirus, and any caring person
      would pause to be cautious. Maybe you expect them to throw care and caution to the winds and just listen to you to stoke you ego?

    • AnonyMaker,

      Are you saying the World is not flat?

      Are you saying there is no giant ice wall on the edges of the earth like in the show Game of Thrones?

      How do you explain the fact that the Sun appears to be the same size to where you stand on the Earth?
      ……Oh, wait!!!!
      That would mean the Earth is round.

      I’m glad you investigated the assorted group of self-proclaimed experts.

      Thanks for dispelling the pseudoscience.







  • hi Frank
    maybe you should have a section on 5G on Frank report? Similar to the Epstein section? I think it might be popular.

      • Scott,

        How you doing now that can no longer use your name?

        As you say “LOL”.

        You can’t even use TexTex or…

        ….Texas ToolBoy.

        Big Guy are you going to explain why your wife or Amway won’t let you use your own name?

    • I second that. This is a leading site for such research.
      Tony Gosling in the UK (though he is actually stuck in NZ at the moment)
      is a good source of information too, especially on Bilderbergers.
      I live in NYC and can confirm that in Harlem, where they just put up 5G,
      there are more cases per capita than the average.

  • Yeah there aren’t any nutty scientist.

    What is the benefit of killing off the majority of one’s consumer base?

    • In the case of nutty vast conspiracy theories like these, they’d be killing – or sterilizing, or whatever – themselves and their families, too, since the effects of the supposed threat are widespread and everywhere, especially in the urban centers of power and wealth where imagined conspirators would be. Bill Gates, for instance, lives in a virtual 5G hotspot, last I knew his oldest daughter was a medical student in New York City, the son was in Chicago, and the younger daughter was at his alma mater Lakeside School in the heart of Seattle – all places that would put them among the first to experience any negative effects of 5G.

      • For starters, if there is a conspiracy to kill the world population or reduce it, you can be sure that this is something that is well above bill gates or directors of corporations, now yes! we are left at the health risks the fact that scientists who have worked on this subject for years take it very seriously, it is something very remarkable if it were not so Frank would not have given it the importance it gave in the title of article, I certainly do not take the words of these scientists lightly, they know more about the subject than the average reader of this blog, also if the story is of any use it is not to repeat it, I wonder if anyone knows how long it took to achieve that Asbestos was banned due to the risk of cancer associated with its use, and even so it continues to be used in many countries precisely because governments care more about businessmen and corporations than about people’s health.

        When it comes to 5g, there are many commercial, political and military interests, so why believe that everything is safe and not anything bad, electromagnetic pollution is bad for the body is essentially a machine that works with electromagnetism and has electro-conductive elements. like water and mineral salts in its structure, with only these two basic aspects of our structure it tells us that we are not immune to the external influence of the artificial electromagnetic radiation that surrounds us, if the noise around us in the human environment is considered Noise Pollution, so electromagnetic pollution would be harmless

      • AnonyMaker,

        Don’t you know…..

        Gates children possess specialized helmets and live in lead lined housing; allowing them to avoid the ill effects of 5G.

  • 5G is not a frequency, it varies from the 600 MHz to the 30 GHz band:

    As I’ve commented before, all of these “PhDs” need to bring science to the table, not anecdotal BS. Unlike Fred, they know better. LOL

    I’m all for free speech as well, they will either be proven right or be made to look like fools. Right now, the latter has a large lead. LOL

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