Disproving 5G-Coronavirus Connection: Many Places With 5G Have Low Coronavirus Rates; Some Places Without 5G Have High Infection Rates

By Anony Maker

This is in response to a post by Fred, entitled, Maybe There’s No Correlation, BUT Your Chances of Dying of Coronavirus Are More Than Doubled if You Live in a 5G State.

The states with no 5G are also rural states where your chance of committing suicide is also up to about double – go figure:


Fred is obviously good at spinning a convincing-sounding narrative, and apparently connections, seeming buttressed by some sort of evidence – or fancy charts (hard to read, and here falsely showing there’s no 5G in Connecticut and Delaware, which doesn’t match with common sense much less a look at coverage maps).

But on a simple fact-check, for instance, a Google search on the obvious term “list of 5g tower fires” turns up other examples in just the first couple of returns, which turn out to include in many cases photos and videos – and clear evidence of arson – even though Fred claimed that such couldn’t be found:

* Police appeal for witnesses to ‘5G’ arson attack on phone mast in Belfast

‘The video clip shows an incident on the Antrim Road in north Belfast on Thursday night, in which flames can be seen at the base of a mobile telephone mast.

Voices can be heard stating “5G” and “viva la revolution” as the fire burns.’


* 20 phone masts attacked over Easter weekend as 5G conspiracies rage on

[pictures of burned mast in Dagenham, England]


* Man arrested after another 5G telephone tower set on fire [Liverpool]
‘After forensic and CCTV enquiries, officers arrested a 47-year-old man on suspicion of arson.’

A damaged phone mast in Dagenham, east London following a suspected arson attack over the Easter weekend fulled by conspiracy theories linking 5G to the spread of coronavirus


[photo of burning tower in Almere Haven, Netherlands]
‘An eyewitness told a news crew at the scene that he had seen a man using a jerrycan, filled with petrol, to set fire to the mast.’


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Fred is also obviously quite determined to make a case for his beliefs – even, when necessary, blaming the failure of evidence to fit his theory, on some sort of vast conspiracy.

As for the US county with the highest death rate – but no 5G – I think we can better trust the local coroner that he’s seeing far more deaths than normal, and not deceiving the world on behalf of the new world order or the Jesuits or whoever – and thus that they are indeed related to the current pandemic:

* This is historic’: St. John Parish reels from rapid coronavirus spread

‘ In his 32 years as coroner for St. John the Baptist Parish, Dr. Christy Montegut says he’s never seen anything like the grip coronavirus has on his community.

“Never, this is historic,” said Montegut. “We’re having trouble keeping up, but we had probably 14, 15 cases since last Thursday.”’


* Louisiana cancer-ridden county known for toxic air pollution tops NYC for highest coronavirus death rate.

‘Dr. Christy Montegut, the coroner in St John the Baptist parish, said he recorded 30 deaths in the parish linked to COVID-19. That’s a rate of 68.7 per 100,000 people, The Guardian reported. The death rate in New York City, which is the epicenter of the outbreak in the country, stands at 29 per 100,000.’


Obviously, most of the places hardest hit are going to be major urban centers that are hubs for international travel, and ripe environments for the spread of a highly contagious disease – and due to being centers of business and wealth, the first and most likely to have been wired for 5G. These are probably also places that have other expectable correlations, like the most sushi restaurants and designer handbag stores per capita.

But even then, the counties with the 6th, and 7th highest coronavirus death rates, are Randolph, GA, and Louisa, IA – the first with only some areas of 5G coverage and significant areas with no cell phone service at all, and the latter with no 5G at all and sizable areas of no coverage of any type:


And then there are the cases I’ve brought up before, of entire countries that inconveniently don’t fit Fred’s theory – which he apparently can’t even respond to, though he obviously has spun hard trying to explain away that one US example in Louisiana that I brought up previously:

* The new hospitals the Chinese built to help contain the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan – which they did successfully – were billed as fully wired for 5G:

China opens first ‘intelligent’ coronavirus hospital with 5G-powered robots offering round-the-clock care for patients

* Over 50 other cities in China with 5G networks had low rates of COVID-19, with the most highly 5G wired, Beijing, having few cases and deaths only in the single digits

* Hong Kong started testing an extensive 5G network just as the coronavirus started to spread, and like Beijing had few cases and a number of deaths that could be counted on one hand

* Taiwan also started aggressively rolling out 5G this past winter, and also experience few COVID-19 cases and single-digit deaths

* The world leader in 5G – and an international model of success for suppressing and treating COVID-19 infection – is South Korea

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