Interesting Story of Sara and Clare Bronfman’s Youth and Their Father’s Trip on Private Plane With Pervert-Pedophile Doctor

L-R Sara Brnfman, Edgar Bronfman, Clare Bronfman.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Perverted

By Shadow State

The website gives a fascinating insight into the inner workings of that business and naturally enough it looks at Seagrams.

In one particularly interesting story A Seagram Story of Yesterday and Today, readers get a pretty good glimpse at life as a Bronfman.

What will follow are some of the main points from the article, written by author Arthur Shapiro.

But first a word about Shapiro himself.

He joined the Seagram Spirits and Wine Company in 1986 as VP Marketing Research. He was in marketing and assigned in the US and globally including VP New Products, SVP Marketing Asia/Pacific/Global Duty Free, Global Head of Marketing Services and EVP Marketing for the Americas. His job at Seagram was high profile and he was chosen to the Ad Age Power 50 and Marketing 100.

He spent 14 years at Seagram, nine of them as head of US marketing. He led the effort by Seagram to end the voluntary ban on broadcast advertising in 1993.

Seagram closed in 2002 and he continued as a marketing consultant and his clients included Jose Cuervo International (the brand owners), Brown Forman, PernodPatronBeam GlobalCape Wine Classics and others in startup modes.


Arthur Shapiro 

So here is his story. It was published on July 31, 2018, just days after Bronfman was arrested and charged with racketeering, identity theft money laundering, and other crimes connected with her role in Nxivm.

After reciting a little about her charges, Shapiro writes about the fact that Clare and her sister are the daughters of Rita Webb, AKA Georgiana, “the daughter of an English pub owner” and that “after their parents’ divorce (they were divorced twice), she and her sister lived in England.”

Shapiro did not know Clare and he writes, “I didn’t know her but knew how much her father Edgar M. Bronfman (Edgar Sr) cared about her. I recall a phone call from his office with the instruction for us to sponsor equestrian events inasmuch as she was a world-class rider and competitor. Believe me, there weren’t any brands for whom this made any sense at all. So, with a stretch of the strategy and an intense desire to keep my job, Crown Royal was selected.”

The Company Airplane

Edgar traveled often to and from London in the mid -980s to visit his daughters. Clare was born in 1979 and Sara was born in 1976, so they were quite young.

But clever Edgar when he took the company plane realized that in order to take the tax deduction he had to take a Seagram’s employee with him.

“The Bronfmans flew on the Gulfstream IV whenever they chose, but wanted traveling employees when possible.”

One day, Shapiro got an email from an ex-Seagram friend [he gets many from ex Seagram’s employees’ this time it was Tony Rodriguez, who joined Seagram in the early 1980s and held senior positions in business strategy and finance.

Tony told this story:

“One of my first business trips around 1985, as Budget Dept. bean counter, was to Seagram’s European HQ in London (where I would eventually work as CFO for 3 years). On one particular trip and at the last minute, they (Seagram Travel Department) canceled my Pan Am flight reservations because Mr. Edgar wanted a ‘mule’ to be his excuse for a company-paid corporate jet flight with his family, including wife and two daughters, to London. What ensued was a very uncomfortable cross-Atlantic flight…”

Shapiro adds, a “trip on the Gulfstream was a wonderful way to fly, [but] it was not without its own special peril. Especially when traveling with Edgar Sr, one was often cautioned to control the alcohol intake and to avoid career-ending conversations when Mr. Bronfman had been, ahem, over-served…. on this trip, the booze flowed, especially the Sandeman’s Port. Tony was invited to join the meal aboard the plane and to join in the booze and conversation.

“There were seven passengers on the flight — Edgar Sr, Georgiana, a British friend of Edgar’s, the Seagram doctor, Tony, and the daughters. They all had lunch (except for the children) and fit nicely around a table on the plane.”

Sara would have been nine and Clare 6 years old.

Gulfstream IV Aircraft Guide | Air Charter Service USA
Gulfstream IV


Gulfstream 450 – Macair | Worldwide Aircraft Charters, Sales ...

The Seagram Doctor

Shapiro continues, “Seagram had a … fully equipped medical office in the NYC headquarters with a full-time doctor and a few nurses. The physician was …. part pedophile and part poster child for #MeToo, but his interest was men. Let’s call him Dr. G., since many of us referred to him as Dr. Goldfinger.

“One Seagram friend told me recently that if he went to the medical office for a Band-Aid for a paper cut, the doc would tell him to drop his pants.”

Tony was in his late 20s and found himself in a trans-Atlantic flight sitting next to Dr. G. who kept trying to stroke his thigh during the meal.

“Knowing what was happening, Edgar engaged Tony in conversation:

Nigel, [a British friend of Edgar’s]: Your name is Rodriguez, where is your family from?

Tony: Spain.

Nigel: Ah, I love Spain… I often go grouse hunting on the Costa Del Sol. Have you ever been there? Did your family ever shoot grouse?

Tony: No sir. My family were peasant farmers and didn’t partake in such activities.

Edgar Sr: Have you ever gone grouse hunting when you were growing up? Where did you grow up, anyway?

Tony: No sir, I never went grouse hunting. I grew up in Newark… there were no grouse. But, there were lots of pigeons we shot with BB guns.

Nigel: Well then, tell me, us — what sports did you play in New Ark?

Tony: Street games…

Nigel: Such as…?

Tony: Well, stickball for one. It’s like baseball except, among other things, for a bat we used our mother’s cut off broom.

Edgar: That’s hysterical. Tell me, Nigel, have you ever played with your mother’s broom?

Nigel: I can’t say that I have.

Shapiro wrote a book entitled Inside the Bottle.

Inside The Bottle: People, Brands, and Stories by [Arthur Shapiro]

Here is a story from his book about where to sit on the Seagram’s plane when an employee traveled on it.

It is a great story about the arrogance of Edgar Bronfman, which it seems he handed down to his daughters.

Where to sit when Edgar Bronfman was on board his private plane?

“The protocol on where to sit on the company plane was well known. The owner, either Edgar Sr. or Edgar Jr., had the last seat on the right as you faced the rear of the plane (aft). If they weren’t on it, the most senior executive had that seat. Other plush seats were taken by rank, and the couches (we’re talking Gulfstream jets), were left to the more junior or lower-ranking execs.

“As the story goes, while waiting for one of the Bronfmans to board the plane, a company president was talking to a colleague while seated in the Bronfman seat, when suddenly Bronfman appeared. Startled, the executive shot up, moved away, and said, ‘Sorry Mr. Bronfman, here’s your seat.’ To which the Bronfman in question replied, ‘They’re all my seats.’


Edgar Bronfman Sr.

So what was it like growing up a Bronfman, Canada’s Royal Family of Booze?  Well, it is evident from this story that you don’t have to endure long security lines at the airport.

And you can fly whenever and wherever you want.
And you don’t have to sit near hot, sweaty and overweight passengers or crying babies.
In the eighties, as they were children, they flew the Gulfstream IV, a private jet with trans-Atlantic range. That was the lifestyle of the rich and perverted that Clare and Sara grew up in.
L-R Sara Bronfman, Edgar Bronfman, Clare Bronfman.

When Clare Bronfman flew to Vancouver in 2017 to file bogus charges with the Vancouver Police and the Canadian Royal Mounties accusing Sarah Edmondson of theft, Clare flew on a private plane chartered for her.

No Air Canada for Clare.
Clare [l] and Sara [r] Bronfman
And the generous Bronfman Brats shared that lifestyle with their NXIVM friends.
Sex and human traffickers, slave masters, pimps, extortionists, blackmailers, pedophiles and racketeers, were all guests of honor on Air Bronfman.
Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack was treated to at least one trip on “Air Bronfman” from Vancouver to NXIVM’s Emerald City = Clifton Park – in Saratoga County.
Lauren Pimp Salzman flew Air Bronfman to visit Clare’s Lair in Fiji.
No doubt the few times the Grand and Glorious Vanguard slithered out of his hot tub to use Air Bronfman to visit Vegas to play poker or vacation in Clare’s Fiji Funland.
And I think it is ironic that Keith Raniere was not the first pedophile to fly Air Bronfman.
That there was an earlier pedophile who flew as the employee and guest of Edgar Sr. and evidently he knew all about it and did not seem to care.
Billionaire Edgar Sr., always needing a tax break, dragooned some Bronfman employees so he could charge his travels as company business even though he was on personal business.
Let those poor Americans who ride Amtrak or Greyhound pay the full tax load.
The in-flight entertainment was fueled by lots of free alcohol courtesy of the Bronfmans.
The Seagram company Doctor was known as Doctor Goldfinger.
Doctor Goldfinger was part gay and part pedophile.  I suppose Doctor Goldfinger would use his Golden Finger to make sure young boys did not have prostate cancer.  If a boy was not available an obliging adult male would do.
If papa Bronfman would employ a pedophile and gay sexual predator and sexual harasser, it is so strange that Clare and Sara would support and enable a heterosexual child predator and sexual harasser and rapist?
Clare Bronfman [left] with her sister Sara Bronfman-Igtet.

The founders of the slavery Clare and Sara Bronfman.


Keith Alan Raniere, the Bronfman’s special predator.

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3 years ago

I stopped looking at your website because while the world is burning down, you’re still reporting on these stupid NXIVM characters. Who cares about them. You’re milking them for all they are worth and are obsessed with NXIVM. Do some investigative journalism on Dr. Judy Mikowitz and how Fauci helped destroy her and stole her research. Interview Bobby Kennedy Jr of Children’s Defense League. I’ll bet Bronfman money is tied into WHO.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Amway and other MLM scams are also preying on people more than ever. They want people to buy more products and tools with their PPP checks. LOL

Amway and other MLM scams are the ultimate “work from home” pitch that are in reality “get scammed from home.”

Gunter Strauss
Gunter Strauss
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Puhleeeese spare us the crackpot delirious quanon Dr Fauci stories. I’ve know Dr Fauci for my entire life – great man. Embodies everything that scares a trumper. Enough said. Keep your stories about bronfman and anyone including Trump, going. Everyone is fair game.

3 years ago

Thanks for this background. It gives us a little insight into how the Bronfman girls were raised, though not really much detail about the formative period after their parents divorced – and then remarried, and divorced again – during which they reportedly attended a string of boarding schools, a pattern that can be indicative of parents too occupied with their business and social lives to spend too much time raising kids themselves.

One of the infamous frequent flyers on Air Bronfman – and reportedly the recipient of other perks from the women of NXIVM as well – was New York Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, to whom the Bronfman girls also gave their largest political donations, until he resigned amidst corruption allegations that ultimately resulted in federal charges. I assume it’s just an oversight that you left out the key role of a notoriously compromised Republican who may well have been key in helping NXIVM and the Bronfmans gain the influence that allowed them to get away with what they did during their early period, when his party controlled the state goverment in Albany.

Also, when I checked for other reasons a while back, I found that Webb’s parents were:

‘Eileen and Lawrence Webb, the bride’s parents, from Finchingfield, Essex, England. Mr. Webb a retired architect and member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, is the operator of Ye Olde Nosebag Inn, also in Essex.’


The father seems to have actually had a more passing involvement in architecture, but a rather interesting career nonetheless:

‘one of his first jobs was in the drawing office of the London County Council, which he found
tedious. He was ‘saved’ when war broke out and he joined the RAF, being trained as a bomber pilot.
….Barry [Lawrence] turned down a short-term commission in the peacetime air force and worked at
RAF Wethersfield as Catering Officer, although as he said this was ‘a job I knew
nothing about’. Whilst here, he met and married Eileen. Eileen’s family’s business was
Wiffens Coaches [busses] and Barry drove for them until he returned to Wethersfield, by now an
American base, running the bar as well as a multitude of other things.
He then opened the ‘Nosebag’ restaurant in Wethersfield with Eileen, which became
very popular. Around 1979, Barry returned to his passion, flying, by getting his licence
at Andrewsfield Flying School. He flew a Piper Cherokee rather like a Stirling – dead
level with a desire to fly low!’


It was actually Ye Old Nosebag Restaurant in Finchingfield:


3 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

Many of us are bored by this minutiae and tripe BS. But it makes sense that you enjoy it. LOL

3 years ago

Often, dorky looking kids, especially girls, grow up to be somewhat attractive. It wasn’t in the genes for the Bronfman sisters. LOL

3 years ago

PedoDoc, PedoDoc, where have you been?

I’ve been to London to visit the Queen.

PedoDoc, PedoDoc, what did you there?

The Queen served young balls. We each ‘et a pair.

Andrew Zebrun III
Andrew Zebrun III
3 years ago

From Issac Kappy’s public relations secretary on Instagram.

Kung Flu Cheng
Kung Flu Cheng
3 years ago

NXIVM cultist, coach and softcore pornographic “actress” Olivia Cheng (her ugly mosquito bite “breasts”, flat as a pancake ass and hairy cunt can easily be found online), who has never ever acknowledged she was a part of NXIVM or spoke out against Keith Raniere has the audacity to post these to twitter:

How online abuse of women has spiraled out of control

“This is so powerful, you are a GODDESS @AshleyJudd. Thank you for showing the world how it’s done.”


“is an opportunity to consider solutions to the black maternal health crisis without fear, blame, or shame. #BlackMamasMatter #ListenToBlackWomen”


Online abuse of women and black women. What a brave twitter warrior you are Olivia. Any word on your role in NXIVM and thoughts on Keith Raniere? How about Allison Mack and all the female perpetrators of NXIVM? How about all the attacks and assaults of Clare and Sara Bronfman?

Will the squinty eyed coward consider this “online abuse” for getting called out?

“But I’m a wooommmaaaannnnn!”

3 years ago
Reply to  Kung Flu Cheng

Heh, litecoinblubber, why don’t you stop being such a chicken shit and comment on Cheng’s twitter rather than littering the comments on an unrelated article. Cheng has six times the number of followers Frank has.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Touch a nerve?

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Cheng has “followers” who hardly ever pay attention to her social media posts. Frank has tons of readers and counts actual traffic. It’s not even close! LOL

3 years ago

2nd, 3rd, 4th generation rich people are nearly all monsters. Frank P. supported one to become our president and he has done everything he can to loot the treasury and destroy our nation’s institutions.

3 years ago
Reply to  Dave

Fake news! LOL Trump built most of his weatth. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I’ve followed Trump’s business career for about 3 decades due to my interest in hucksters, con artists and frauds – and investing.

There’s an old investment joke that goes, how do you end up with a small fortune? Start with a large one.

Trump inherited a real estate fortune built by his father and grandmother, that was worth about $400 million in the 1980s – somewhere around $1 billion today adjusted for inflation. If that money had been invested in the stock market, back when the Dow average was around 1200, it would now be worth $7.7 billion with the Dow at around 23,000, if he’d just parked his money with a good investment advisor and gone golfing like many other heirs. But he’s had to admit in court and in financial filings that he’s worth at most $2 or $3 billion – and some analysts think he might not even be worth $1 billion given underlying debt – so he’s done worse than the market. That’s almost certainly one reason he’s so desperate to hide his tax returns, because they will reveal how little his accountants say he’s worth.

The other reality check, is you can look back at how Trump has consistently fallen over the years on the Forbes list of most wealthy Americans. He initially appeared in 1982 alongside his father Fred, though Forbes now says Donald lied about the share of the family fortune he held then, and only the elder Trump should have been listed. In the 1990s he dropped off entirely when his companies went through multiple bankruptcies. He made it back around the time his father died at around 150th, but has bounced around on the list, dropping to 275th last year.

Also, for those sorts of reasons none of the reputable New York banks will do business with him, and he’s been stuck dealing with Deutche Bank, notorious for taking on dubious clients.

LOL at those who don’t understand math and markets, and instead buy the bragadoccio of a reality TV personality who actually has more of a Bronfman sister-like financial track record.

3 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

If Trump “…initially appeared in 1982 alongside his father Fred….” and later “…inherited a real estate fortune built by his father and grandmother….” then that is proof from your own words that he built his net worth. Real estate has ups and downs just like the stock market. What is different for Trump is he employed many people to build and operate his real estate properties, whereas many large stock owners come in, buy enough stock to get control of a company, then gut it and take the profits, leaving many people unemployed. A Libtard like you should have known this, i’m sure you just overlooked these unconvenient facts. LOL

3 years ago

Uhhh, thanks, shadow? New material…

Didn’t Johnson once say his JUCO nickname was Goldfinger?

3 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

All of Raniere’s top henchwomen knew about his notorious pedophilia.
And they all enabled that pedophilia to continue by covering up for him.
Their court room scene of shock and outrage after they were confronted with undeniable proof of pedophilia is extremely unconvincing.

3 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

No, Scott said your name is Brownfinger. LOL

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