Brave Mark Hildreth Offers Help to Women Who Are Abused

Mark Hildreth

Better late than never

Brave Mark Hildreth, the former Nxivm proctor, who silently quit Nxivm after he found out that his girlfriend was branded with the initials of his master, Keith Alan Raniere, is now coming out as a true social justice warrior.

After hiding in the shadows for more than two years, quaking in dim recesses, quivering in the twilight, afraid to offer a single comment about the brutal and savage practices of his master, who he supported for years – of his branding and blackmailing women,  Hildreth is finally stepping out to the front lines of true social justice warriorhood.

When he was in Nxivm, which was for about 12 years, the noble Hildreth was always obedient to his cuck-worthy master, Raniere, as he fawned and worshiped the world’s smartest and most ethical man.

Mark Hildreth [right] sits, along with fellow Nxivm leader Allison Mack, at the feet of the master Keith Alan Raniere.
But when the going got tough, after Frank Report exposed Raniere and then, following the New York Times story, the FBI began to investigate and finally arrested his master – Hildreth skulked cravenly in the darkness, hoping no one would ever find out that he was a cuck-worthy minion of his vainglorious master.

But now that Raniere is safely in prison and cannot hurt the brave Hildreth, he is ready to come out and rescue women. This is ironic, for when women really needed his help, starting with his girlfriend Nicole, who Raniere took from Mark, and made into a sex-trafficked slave – and right through the ugly fight when Frank Report, along with a few others, were trying to take Raniere down, Hildreth was seen hiding, his pants wet with involuntary fear-piss and most likely with diapers filled with fear, precluding him from saying a single thing.

He was afraid to speak out and he admitted it. He shed many a tear over his cowardice.

He may play tough guys on TV, but in reality, he is a big sissy.

But then again, he is only an actor. He may play brave men on TV but, in reality, he is a caitiff coward. Or at least he was.

He apparently has manned-up.

I got this email from a reader today:

“Have you seen this recent Facebook post by Mark Hildreth? I’ve also attached a screen capture of it.
“His post is a wonderful idea/gesture if it was coming from anyone else but him. Pretty sure he is the last person a woman should be going to if they needed help. He never helped any of the women he got into NXIVM, to get out.
“If you print this, please keep my name out of it. The only reason I saw his Facebook post is because I have many mutual Facebook “friends” with him and one of them re-posted it. And as a long time reader of your blog, I recognized his name and thought you might be interested in seeing it.”
So what is Mark’s wonderful idea?

It’s brilliant, isn’t it?

Mark Hildreth:

If you are ‘social distancing’ at home and you are with a toxic or abusive partner, message me about MY PAMPERED CHEF OFFER (I don’t have one) and I will know to continually check in on you.

If you ask me about PLACING AN ORDER AND INCLUDE YOUR ADDRESS, I will know to contact the Police.

There has been an increase in domestic violence cases since this quarantine.

Please don’t be afraid to reach out.

If you’re willing, put something similar on your wall. Strength in numbers.

I hear you.
I see you ❤️


What a hero.

Brave Mark is telling women that if they are being abused, to let him know. He’ll protect them.

You bet.

And if he actually got a woman to respond that she was really in trouble, what will our brave Hildreth do?

Did he find his courage at last?

I hope so.

Here is a little poem about Mark trying to find his courage:

Yeh, it’s sad, believe me, Missy, Mark was born to be a sissy

Without the vim and verve.

But he could show his Facebook pluck, be a lion not a cuck

If he only had the nerve.

I’m afraid there’s no way to not unfold it: he’s just a Raniere cuckold,

A fate he richly deserves.

He’d be brave as a blizzard…

As gentle as a lizard…

As clever as a gizzard…

If his courage is only required on social media…

Somewhere in between confronting the lion with.

Well, it wasn’t much of a poem, admittedly, but Mark is not much of a man.

God help the women who come to him for help.

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  • Male abusers often purposely seek out women who are being abused. They can be in a philanthropic role( ie board of directors, financial donor) at a womens shelter or even offer support on-line. Women who are abused have services and advocates who are women available to them. It seems to me that he is likely trying to use Covid- 19 to his own advantage. I hope it does not work.

    • Guest,

      Are you saying Marky Hildreth is attempting to get laid?


      Frank can you let us know if Mark Hildreth is successful in his quest?

      I’d like to start a website to help women….

  • All of these losers, including Mack and INCLUDING Nicole chose this lifestyle. None of them are victims.

    Just dumb losers

    • Smtolle- exactly what you said, plus Dani chose to stay in that room….you can’t tell me she never snuck outside the window. I believe she stayed out of loyalty to her Master and in the end, she was just another woman scorned.

      Then again her family helped keep her submissive and Lauren was drugging her…so idk this whole thing is so complex. It’s like all the convicted are being charged with bullshit crimes while the real criminal activities have been passed over. Allison never actually sex-trafficked anyone. But they used it to scare her. And, by all means, please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Mark Hildreth, you are a cunt. In fact, who is the bigger cunt, Mark Hildreth for this ridiculous audacious abortion two years afterwards, or his former chinky GF Kristin Kreuk for taking huge sums of other people’s tax money to pretend to fight for little girls on television, doing that shit paki ‘girl power’ documentary about murderer Phoolan Devi etc instead of helping branded sex slaves including her own friend who asked her for help but she said no? It is all the equivalent of Frank Parlato forming his own sex cult after the trial. How much money has Sarah Edmondson, who never misses an opportunity to make dollars from her NXIVM cult (she is jewish right?) off her ridiculous book? NXIVM attracted assholes like flies around shit.

    Hey Frank, you are in your sixties right? Be honest, could you kick Mark Hildreth’s ass? You probably could, he is that much of a pussy.

  • Is it just me or does it seem the number of stories about Allison Mack on FR have equaled or exceeded the number of stories about Keith Raniere himself, (even higher than the non-stop attacks on Kristen Kruek), even though Allsion was only one of 7 front line slaves, a victim, and less powerful than Lauren, Nancy, or Clare?

    I don’t think this blog has had more than two or three stories about Nancy in the past two years even though she was second in command of the entire organization and responsible for all that transpired.

  • Male abusers often purposely seek out women who are being abused. They can be in a philanthropic role (i.e., board of directors, financial donor) at a women’s shelter or even offer support on-line. Women who are abused have services and advocates who are available to them. It seems to me that he is likely trying to use COVID- 19 to his own advantage. I hope it does not work.

  • Mark Hildreth is in the USA on a work Visa for acting.

    Why hasn’t anyone written to the Department of Homeland Security to ask that his Visa be revoked, due to his participation in Sex Trafficking?

    Sure would be ironic, to actually have to live and work in your home country (Canada), after helping to torture women in the USA.

    • Anonymous,

      “Mark Hildreth is in the USA on a work Visa for acting.
      Why hasn’t anyone written to the Department of Homeland Security to ask that his Visa be revoked, due to his participation in Sex Trafficking?”


      Because Mark-cuckold-Hildreth is a white guy from the 51st state of the USA……


      Worry about the Chinese birthing hotels in California where Chinese National females come to give birth so there children can become United States citizens…


      …..Worry shout the special law that allows any mainland Chinese citizen who invests over $500,000 in a US business. Not only does the businessman become a citizen but is it entire family wife and children.

      Here is an article all about American citizenships up for sale to the Chinese.

      You can thank Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress!!!!!!!

      Republicans and Democrats came together for that law!!!!!!!

  • Speaking of Mark Hildreth, where is Mr. Claviger’s article about all of the male actors involved in NIXVM and/or SOP? I have the names of some I suspect were recruited by Allison but I don’t want to name them and have people on here jump to conclusions. What information did Hildreth and Edmondson give you Frank about their fellow actors? Didn’t Hildreth name names in an attempt to prevent you from writing articles like this about him?

    • If you think you have some good information, I suggest you get in touch with Parlato and Claviger – you don’t have to send them all your information up front, just ask them what they might do with it. In my experience, Frank is pretty discrete, though I think increasingly he may not want to mention people who weren’t heavily involved, so that they can get on with their lives after having made a mistake.

  • “Mark Hildreth [right] sits, along with fellow Nxivm leader Allison Mack, at the feet of the master Keith Alan Raniere.”
    What a fckin idiot you are…once again, stick with the FACTS …BTW Mark was more powerful than Allison in the hierarchy.

    What kind of a leader can’t decide anything, is coerced (it’s not disputable, collateral were presented enough here and in court), starved, sleep-deprived, punished when other people committed mistakes (because this was confirmed 100% that she was punished but nobody was punished by her)…
    A leader who is penniless because of the scam she was a victim of.
    A leader violently abused by the monster, a leader living in a crummy apartment with 6 people, sleeping in the same bed as other slaves because of financial issues…
    A leader who was permanently given orders by anyone (including people like Lauren or Vicente, or Raniere, or Nancy, or…)

    I advise you to learn the meaning of “leader” before making a bigger fool of yourself than you already do!

    Oh, and I remind you that because of the collateral(by herself), she is a ……..Slave.

    BTW, while it was ridiculously and wrongfully said by the district attorney that she was the leader, it was corrected quite quickly and before the trial.
    During the trial, she is never presented as a leader and it’s shown that she isn’t.

    Only you and your BS stories pretended that she was the head of anything but the reality showed, undoubtfully and clearly that she wasn’t in any power position.
    She was at the level of other victims (in terms of hierarchy) and that is simple…it’s because she was a victim herself, victims of the same abuse and victim of the same people.

    When you’ll stop with your lies and fantasy story to write the REAL STORY instead of making your own, you’ll have the right to consider yourself a “journalist” because at this point, you are nothing but a failing blogger who’s all about conspiracy theory and that’s it.

    I shouldn’t even waste my time trying to correct your willing “mistakes” as first, it’s gonna come to bite you back (defamation still pending over your head Mr I don’t care about the facts).
    But second, if people read the other title of your blog and decide to post here believe anything you write, I doubt they are salvageable…

    Only nutjobs still believe the MANY lies and BS you write.

    I doubt anyone will read this (as you play the “freedom of speech” card but only when it fits your agenda) but I hope you do Franky…

    • I’m absolutely sure that Allison didn’t ever mean to break the law.

      I hope she writes a book describing her being methodically drawn into a cult and the ways and means that were used to drain her financial supply.

      Raniere was a failed student of the path, who had to hide his lechery, under the cloak of darkness, using the pretense of helping women “perfect” themselves because he was too embarrassed to show that he wasn’t a master. After all, if you haven’t mastered your own animal desires, you have zero moral authority to tell others how to master theirs.

      And yes, I believe that Allison was as much a victim as the women who testified against Raniere.

    • “Mark was more powerful than Allison in the hierarchy”?!

      Once again, you’re verging on delusion in your claims attempting to downplay your Ally’s role. It looks like it’s time to cite my fact-check list again:

      * Vicente said she appeared to be “at the top” (of “an alternative stripe path”)

      * “eventually became a proctor. She was one of the heads of Jness… she was one of the leaders. She was [also] the head of humanities in Albany.

      * “she also was the head of the company called The Source, which would be the acting program. ”

      * Edmondson thought “she’d now replaced Pam [Caftiz, infamous wing woman, and procurer – including of underage girls] as Keith’s number one”


      * Mack brought into DOS before Salzman, picked to be Raniere’s henchwoman over Salzman

      * slavemistress in charge of collaterial DropBox

      * collaborated with Raniere on branding ceremony

      * brandings took place at her residence; Edmondson wrote her slave group was taken to “the home of Allison Mack, a modest ranch-style house that sits on a corner in the heart of Knox Woods” and Salzman testified to same in court

      * worked with Salzman to edit video of Edmondson being branded, that was released to Mexican media

      * reportedly left in charge after Raniere was arrested – until arrested herself, and Clyne took over

    • What makes you think that Hildreth was more powerful than Mack in the hierarchy? On the coach list leaked in 2011, Hildreth may have been listed as having an orange sash but that doesn’t mean that AM didn’t move up or pass him along the way. Also, Mack, not Hildreth, was in Raniere’s inner circle. Mack was credited as being the President of the Source while Hildreth was only listed as “Leader of 12 Week Program.” Mack was also on the Executive Board of Jness. While Mack moved to Albany to be closer to her Vanguard, Hildreth moved to Georgia to work on the TV show Resurrection and continued working in film and TV series such as American Pastoral and Looming Tower.

      You continue to conveniently overlook all of the things that Mack did prior to becoming a Slave that showed she quickly and willingly drank the NXIVM kool-aid long before moving to Albany and starving herself, something Edmondson wasn’t willing to do. Allison is the one who willingly hopped on the Bronfman jet after her first introductory Nxivm weekend and a butt-load of Salzman flattery. Allison is the one, in 2007, who willing redirected the money her fans donated for her birthday towards a NXIVM project. Allison is the one who worshipped Barbara Bouchey and turned over her money to her and Raniere within a year or two or meeting them. Allison is the one who openly defended NXIVM in the spring of 2008 on a public message board. In 2008/2009, according to friends of Allison’s sister, Allison was already recruiting her younger sister and by that summer 2009, got her mother to join and by 2010, her sister was cutting ties with non-members. And, of course, in 2011, Allison willingly purchased a home and moved to Clifton Park.

      Over some 20 years, 16,000 plus people took NXIVM courses, a couple thousand were foolish enough to become coaches, at most a hundred or so over the years were brainwashed or devoted enough to actually move to Albany, but only 25 were invited into Raniere’s inner circle. And if you look at who Raniere let into his inner circle, you see they were the ones he knew who were willing to commit crimes for him. Raniere obviously targeted lots of other women, but if people like Kreuk, Piesse, and Cheng had enough sense to refuse to do his bidding and not get into bed with him, what was wrong with Mack and Clyne and some of those others?

    • Anonymous above- I read this site every day. You always spew your idiocy without a name. Be brave and put your name. You know damn well Allison was a leader in Nxivm. Question, have you even actually read the court transcripts? I’d say you havent. Allison “Pimp” Mack has my full support to make a come back. VH1, MTV or the Bravo channel should film Allison Mack and other actors that fell from Grace. Film their struggle and their come up. We all make mistakes and fall from the glory. Your disinformation won’t convince the long time readers that Allison was not a leader. Just look at the brands. They clearly read AM…Allison Mack. Listen to the recording of her and Raniere planning the branding ritual. She loved it. She loves her master Raniere. Lastly Allison should get her hair tested for poison.
      Frank thanks for your great writtings. I know your an awesome journalist. Again great article. You must have been in a good mood writting it, it’s hilarious.

      • Good! Glad to hear it. I’d love to see several in-depth videos with Allison Mack where she is interviewed and tells her side of what was happening. It would be AWESOME! She really could sell it and donate to a worthy cause like a fund for the victims.

        Yes. I’ve read the court transcripts, at least the ones that are available online….everything.

  • So he’s going to personally come to the rescue of any woman being abused? Will he also be turning his home into a battered woman’s shelter? I don’t understand what he’s getting at here unless, of course, he’s engaging in some empty virtue signaling.

    • Sheriff Moonbeam, I agree with you: this vaginal douche container is definitely virtue signaling. He might have learned it from Kristen Kreuk.

  • Christ, women would be better-off contacting Bangkok for help.

    Mark Hildreth is a total p*ssy.

    Mark Hildreth, do you sit when you pee?

  • If Hildreth is a cuck who lost Nicole to Keith, how did he resist losing Kristin to him? Once a cuck…
    Kristin has hinted that she had been in a toxic relationship, so was she abused by Hildreth or cucked out by him?

    • anyone else hear/believe the rumor that vanguard taught the sop to video having sex with their women? and then who saw/kept the videos?

      • Some BFs or ex-BF’s of celebs have posted Real sex pics of the celeb on Fake porn sites–that go unnoticed among the fakes–as a way to intimidate or punish the woman.
        Googling Kreuk fake porn gets almost 3 million results–who would know what’s real?

      • I also want to learn more about SOP; Compared to other aspects of this case they haven’t received much attention.

  • Despite Vanguard’s vainglorious name, he is modest in appearance. He doesn’t dress in a robe or Dhoti and Kurta like an Eastern guru. Instead, he looks like the schlub that he is, no pretense. Look at the photo in the post. I’m sure he’s the sloppiest dressed person there yet his followers are at his feet. Dress for executive success.

    • Keith Raniere, has never been very fashion-conscious, now that qualified fashion consultants from the prison’s clothing department have helped him make fashion choices, such as choosing between S, M L, XL, XXL, and so on, have heightened his fashion awareness and helped him express his business success in the prison’s current collection.

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