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Kristin Kreuk, Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack when all three were members of NXIVM.

Kristin Kreuk to Appear in New Show for Amazon

Former NXIVM Coach Kristin Kreuk

Less than three months after the taxpayer-funded CBC show, Burden of Truth was canceled, Kristin Kreuk landed a role in Amazon’s Jack Reacher series. Taxpayers will not be required to fund the new series.

Alan Ritchson stars as Jack Reacher, a rather large in stature, former military policeman, who drifts about the United States taking odd jobs and solving problems.

The series is produced by Amazon Studios, Skydance Television and Paramount Television Studios.

Ritchson previously appeared with Kreuk on Smallville, as Aquaman. Kreuk starred as Lana Lang.

The Reacher series is based on the Reacher character from Lee Child’s books and begins with the first book, 1997’s Killing Floor, which is set in a small town in Georgia.

Kreuk will play Charlie who, according to TV Line, is “a refined former debutante living the Country Club life with her husband Hubble (Marc Bendavid).” Kreuk’s character is described as  “much tougher than she appears.”

Harvey Guillén is Jasper, the local medical examiner “who is suddenly overwhelmed and terrified by multiple murders in his small town.”  Willie C. Carpenter is the town barber, and Currie Graham is a “beloved longtime resident with a dark side.”

It is written, exec produced and showrun by Nick Santora.

The “tougher than she appears” role is not surprising. Kreuk often plays tough, brave women.

She also played a significant non-acting role in the NXIVM group – which many have called a cult.

From 2006 to around 2012, Kreuk was billed as one of the prominent members of NXIVM in promotional and recruitment efforts.

She downplayed her role in the group after 2012, but remained with NXIVM until around 2016.

After Frank Report broke the news about DOS and its branding of women as slaves in June 2017, creating a mass exodus from the group, Kreuk was asked to denounce NXIVM founder Keith Raniere and his master-slave sorority in order to bring media attention to it.

Kreuk declined to help out but quietly noted others’ courage in standing up to Raniere.

Meantime, she used social media to propound women’s issues, denouncing Harvey Weinstein, and praising mass murderer Phaloon Devi, who led her gang of men to murder several dozen men of a rival gang without a trial because she claimed, without evidence, that they raped her. Innocent or guilty, they were murdered – and some, like Kreuk, voiced support for this expeditious method of executing suspected rapists and sparing us all from the inconvenience of trials.

Phaloon Devi

On social media, Kreuk took on all issues big and small where women were being victimized except for one – the slave women of NXIVM, some of whom she had recruited into NXIVM.

On her TV show Burden of Truth, Kreuk played the bravest of lawyers, a woman willing to sacrifice her career to expose a big company victimizing young women.

After the New York Times and others made the story international and it no longer mattered whether she made a statement about it condemning Raniere, Kreuk made a rather incomplete if not misleading statement about her role in NXIVM.

Kristin Kreuk statement about NXIVM
Kreuk’s tweet regarding her involvement with NXIVM

She failed to mention she was a high-ranking coach, preferring to refer to herself as a student who took courses in the past. And it was not true that she left about five years before she issued her Tweet [i.e., 2013].

When the moment of truth came, the burden of the truth escaped and silenced her.

This suggests she is a lot less tough than she appears – at least on camera.

Nicki Clyne Keeps Everyone Fascinated

The polar opposite of Kristin Kreuk is Nicki Clyne. She has never been afraid to speak out. Though most would disagree with her views.

She does not seem to care if she loses popularity or her chances at a future career. She is convinced that Keith Raniere is innocent and well-intentioned.

I love this picture the media is often fond of using of Nicki Clyne – it is from a scene from Battlestar Gallactica. The media has used it several times without explaining that it is a still from a TV scene, instead leaving the reader to infer it is a photo of her in DOS – as a slave.

On social media, Clyne shared her views on Ross Ulbricht, 37, an American who created and operated the “darknet” market website Silk Road from 2011 until his arrest in 2013.

Ulbricht’s site used Tor for anonymity and bitcoin as a currency. He was convicted in February 2015 for conspiracy to commit money laundering, conspiracy to commit computer hacking, conspiracy to traffic fraudulent identity documents, and conspiracy to traffic narcotics by means of the internet.

He was sentenced to a double life sentence plus 40 years without the possibility of parole. Ulbricht’s appeals to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in 2017 and the U.S Supreme Court in 2018 were unsuccessful. He is currently incarcerated at the United States Penitentiary in Tucson, the same prison where Keith Alan Raniere, the former leader of NXIVM, is housed.

Ulbricht’s double life sentence plus 40 years has marvelous implications. The second life sentence will have to be served the hard way – after he dies. If federal laws were binding in the afterlife, Ulbricht would then serve his second life sentence for eternity – plus 40 years.

As readers know, fellow inmate Raniere [whose sentence is 120 years plus five years of probation] is reportedly working on an invention to bring back the dead, after being frozen in cryogenic tombs. If Raniere dies before completing his 120 years and is brought back to life, legal scholars are unclear about whether he would have to serve the rest of his sentence and whether probation terms would apply.

For Ulbricht – if he avails himself of Raniere’s hoped-for patent-pending life-restoring invention and came back to life – it seems clear he would have to serve his second life sentence.

It remains unclear if he would have to die a second time and be restored a second time to serve his last 40 years.

Here is what Clyne has to say about Ross Ulbricht:

When I saw this being shared on Twitter and people like Mike Cernovich, for example, saying, “Try not to cry during this,” I was a little skeptical.

I get phone calls from prison every day and have developed what you might call a thick skin, or at least a familiarity, with the harsh realities of prison. However, as a supporter of Ross and knowing this was the first time he’d spoken publicly in this way, I was deeply curious.

It was late. I thought about saving it for when I wasn’t so tired, then I pressed play. I don’t want to tell you how to feel, but I urge you to listen. His experience echoes that of so many who are locked in cages this very moment, and he expresses in a way that captures so much pain and loss, as well as so much hope and humanity.

For this reason, I will listen to this again and often. The feeling it conjures is one I want to walk around with daily. I never want to take my freedom for granted, and I never want to stop fighting for those who have lost their freedom unjustly.

Phone call starts around 4:00: https://www.youtube.com/watch?


June Is Not Too Late This Year for Allison Mack

Defendant Allison Mack’s sentencing hearing is set for Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. and, if necessary, on Thursday, July 1, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. This is a month of action for the convicted actress.

Her objections, if any, to the Presentence Investigation Report were due June 7, 2021. This is apparently not a public filing.

The Government and Probation Office shall file their responses to Mack’s objections tomorrow [June 14th].

Mack may file a reply by June 18th – this coming Friday. The Government shall make its sentencing submission by June 21st or a week from Monday. Mack shall make her sentencing submission by June 25th. The Government shall submit Victim Impact Statements by June 21st, and inform the court by June 28th, whether any victims will attend the sentencing hearing and any wish to speak.

We will learn a lot when we see the Government’s recommendation for a sentence for Mack.

A Former Employee Speaks out About Mack

Heather not Morris has tweeted about Mack recently and Kristin Kreuk.

Heather with Allison Mack

She wrote, “I worked for Allison in 2007-2008. She and Kristin Kreuk sucked my (ex) gf and her two friends into NXIVM. I kept screaming cult, nobody listened, I left and moved back home. My ex is currently on a billboard in Hollywood bc she was in the Seduced doc.”


Kristin Kreuk with Heather
Heather also clarified her views in a thread:
“… NXIVM isn’t the sex cult… NXIVM is a cult, yes, but … the sex stuff was (as far as I know) restricted to DOS, the cult within the cult. There were THOUSANDS of NXIVM members but the number who were sex slaves and/or branded were much fewer…
“None of this makes Allison any less garbage, I just like to make sure people who were in NXIVM aren’t viewed as harshly as people who were in DOS because it’s different levels of ick. And no, I haven’t been able to watch Smallville again either…
“I don’t like that people might think everyone who ever took a NXIVM course is a sex slave or master. I never saw anything past s6 bc that’s when I moved out there & got involved

One Sweet (Plea) Deal

The Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), a federal jail in Brooklyn, mainly holds defendants awaiting trial – in other words, innocent until proven guilty defendants. It is one of the foulest, unhealthy and inhumane prisons in America which is lucky for federal prosecutors.
In addition to overcharging defendants, and fighting to deny them bail in part because of the over-charging  – and the normal disadvantages a defendant has when in custody in mounting a defense – the horrific conditions of MDC help defeat the innocent defendant.
The MDC is a prosecutor’s playground and helps them achieve a splendid 98 percent conviction rate, a conviction rate only communist countries and dictatorships can hope to match.
Once in MDC, innocent defendants find their health rapidly deteriorating. There is no outdoor activity. No fresh air. No yard. No outdoors. No sunlight or wind.  Always inside – under harsh lights 24.7, in dank, mold and vermin-ridden cells and units often too cold or too hot.
This plan helps persuade the defendant awaiting trial that there is no such thing as innocent until proven guilty- an ugly concept to prosecutors in pursuit of high conviction stats.
Unsanitary water and horrific food make the picture more complete – for an unhealthy defendant is as good as a hopeless one.
Once inside MDC, the average defendant soon realizes he has no chance at defending his case. His public defender does not even want to come down to this fetid hell hole and risk his health to meet with him, although I am informed that there are now air filters in the attorney visiting room to help filter out mold the detainees must breathe all the time.
He knows he is going to lose regardless of innocence or guilt. He also knows that almost every federal prison he would be sent to after he is convicted is better than MDC . In this clever fashion, he is softened up for taking a plea deal if for nothing else it will improve his living conditions immensely – for he will go to a regular prison.
One sweet deal.  For prosecutors.
Inside MDC

Consider that pretrial detainees have harsher conditions than convicted felons. Pretty cute.
Not long ago a judge found conditions so bleak and inhuman at MDC that people who spend time there should be given extra time served.  Why there is no movement to improve conditions for pretrial detainees is a question prison reform advocates are invited to ask of those they lobby.
Now Team 12  reports that MDC in their seemingly continuous effort to serve prosecutors and destroy the well being of innocent defendants [remember MDC houses mainly pretrial defendants – and they are innocent until proven guilty] “isolated entire inmate units together regardless of some testing positive for COVID-19, resulting in hundreds of inmates getting sick.”
Check out Team 12’s report which includes calls and letters from inmates.
Team 12 found that the isolation practices inside include:
  1. MDC broke CDC guidelines in its treatment of inmates with COVID-19.
  2. Unit 73 was put on lockdown together, regardless of COVID test results.
  3. That decision forced the virus to spread rapidly, not just to the unit, but to staff and other units inside the jail.
  4. One-hundred-and-sixteen staff members at MDC tested positive for COVID-19 and testing is not mandatory for staff.
  5. The pandemic was exacerbated at MDC.
It was a bad break for those housed there [just as when the heat went out for two weeks in the dead of winter] but overall a pleasing prospect for prosecutors who know the only good defendant is a plea bargained-convicted defendant.
Qui Pro Domina Justitia Sequitur.


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  • Nicki Clyne looks so much more attractive after her nose job. It appears to be a soft tissue fix. Talking in the sides to narrow it and tampering her nostrils. This kind of adjustment can go largely unnoticed but completely transform a face.

    I’ve never heard the Nxivm stance on plastic surgery. It seems that they had unconventional views on medical procedures and Western medicine in general.

    Did Keith believe one could transform their physical features with their mind? Or was that different than “giving yourself breast cancer for attention”?

      • Look at an older photo with her very wide, flat nose. Look at a newer one ( like the headshot she uses most now).

        Noses never stop growing ( like ears). They do not get smaller naturally with age.

        It could be photo shop. In every more recent photo.

    • Speculation: if it is the case that Nicki invested in a new nose, but she has not yet invested anything in her defense in the Edmondson et al v. Raniere et al case, in which she is a defendant and does not yet have an attorney. Did she get the nose job done for herself or for someone else she wants to please, or did someone else pay for it for Nicki? Does this reveal that Nicki has a new boyfriend?

  • It seems the article forgot to mention that Ross Ulbricht was caught, on his computer, when he was hiring a hitman to murder a rival. Before that, it wasn’t known who ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’ was or how many ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’ there were.

    Helpful hint: don’t hire a hitman, while using a public server, in the public library. Sheesh. Maybe just take your money and call it a day.

  • Heather states “ NXIVM isn’t the sex cult… NXIVM is a cult, yes, but … the sex stuff was (as far as I know) restricted to DOS…”

    This is incorrect. A great deal of “sex stuff” preceded the formation of DOS. Like Raniere grooming and sexually abusing an underage girl. And his stable of women to use and abuse.

    And let’s remember JNESS. Something Kreuk was involved in too.

    The Nxivm cult was mainly about power and sex, for the benefit of Raniere. DOS was merely the final flowering of the perverted, criminal, immoral enterprise.

    Sex was always a driving force behind Nxivm.

    • “This is incorrect.”

      No it’s not. It’s technically correctly nuanced. NXIVM had a number of layers to it. It was a corporate entity that sold self-help seminars/intensives and life coaching services. It was alleged to be a cult and/or that it was a cult for a small subset of the thousands who purchased such services for a longer period of time. Of that small subset of people, an even smaller subset of them were considered closer to Raniere, and only a smaller subset of them knew his sexual proclivities and/or engaged in “sex stuff” with him.

      The media never referred to NXIVM as a “sex cult” until after DOS was formed and its existence was first publicly revealed here and then picked up by other media outlets which then began referring it to as such.

      It is likely true that sex — and power, money, and control among other things — was Raniere’s driving force behind NXIVM, but it certainly wasn’t the OBVIOUS one (more like an underhanded one) for most of those who were involved with it in some manner. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have lasted for nearly twenty years.

        • “He gave her a necklace — a heart with a stone in it.”

          This is a quote about Rhianon – Keith’s 12–year-old, 1990 rape victim – from the Albany TU 2012 expose’ link posted above.

          The Devil is in the details — when did Clare Bronfman start bejeweling Keith’s conquests with an eerily similar pendant?

          Thank you for the reminder.

      • The media did not have to call it a sex cult for it to be a sex cult.

        NXIVM was also a tax evasion cult, a personality cult, a lawsuit terrorism cult and, in general, a cult.

        And the media were talking about NXIVM years before DOS. Morons chose to ignore everything.

        How is the spanking going Hasif? Stocked up on Vaseline during lockdown?

      • “The media did not have to call it a sex cult for it to be a sex cult.”

        That’s true, but that’s not what I said. I said the media never referred to NXIVM as a “sex cult” until after DOS. Not to my knowledge, at least. If you can point to an article that says so then do so.

        The above article that was referenced alleges Raniere engaged in multiple underage sexual relationships prior to NXIVM [I didn’t read the entire thing] but otherwise, the relationships he had in NXIVM were consensual and between adults. That doesn’t make NXIVM a “sex cult”, at least according to the recent usage of the term, and that’s why it was seemingly never referred to it by that phrase.

        I guess you could call any famous person who has many sexual relationships with women sex cults. Like the cult of such and such athlete, or such and such pop or rock star, or band.

        “And the media were talking about NXIVM years before DOS. Morons chose to ignore everything.”

        Some did. Some didn’t. But speaking of ignoring everything, so did law enforcement. For well over a decade apparently. Maybe if they actually did something, then the people who were actually were hurt by it wouldn’t have been. But blaming everyone who was part of NXIVM for wrongdoing simply isn’t congruous with reality. They can only be blamed for their gullibility.

        “How is the spanking going Hasif? Stocked up on Vaseline during lockdown?”

        What do these questions even mean?

        • The media does not get to decide what something is. Whatever the media says or does not say about nxivm, it is a sex cult. It always was. It was run by a sexual deviant where the end result was getting his dick wet. Power, control and pussy.

          The media did not have to call it a sex cult. They could of called it a hippy commune. It was still a sex cult.

          Elements of the cult was a sex cult. Other elements were about money. Other elements were political influence, etc.

          Nxivm was a cult and a sex cult.

          Now, on to the Vaseline… have you tried halal goose fat? It is probably less harmful on the environment than petroleum jelly.

  • “Less than three months after the taxpayer-funded CBC show, Burden of Truth was canceled, Kristin Kreuk landed a role in Amazon’s Jack Reacher series. Taxpayers will not be required to fund the new series.”

    Odd little opening. Not inaccurate, just very very odd. Someone watching too much Fox News or Newsmax and all the talk of the rich avoiding taxes which those channels have twisted into more rah rah rich and “they” are going to tax everyone else must be causing some mental friction. We then get to enjoy it leaking out. Too much news, regardless of source, is bad for your mental health.

    For those seeking context, since Frank’s conservative dander is up and wouldn’t provide it is the show was produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) which is the equivalent of the BBC or if can only think ‘Merica, then like PBS but with a much better budget and production machine. The show being taxpayer-funded isn’t in and of itself a negative or positive. However, considering the show lasted four seasons, was licensed in the United States and elsewhere around the world including for streaming, chances are the show actually made Canadian taxpayers some money, which is driven back into making other television shows. The reason these programs exist is other shows wouldn’t’ have been made otherwise. The most famous example currently being Sherlock and Doctor Who, both of which which are money-making machines that were “taxpayer-funded”. I could list more shows but this is mostly a reminder that the American mindset of “taxpayer-funded” = cuss word as implied above is a lazy way of thinking. Otherwise, things like roads, dams, bridges, police, firefighters and more wouldn’t exist (Psss…also, those are forms of socialism, something GOP like to gloss over, but socialism that allows capitalism to function).

    Morris does make a good point. The cult itself was made up of 10s of thousands if I understand it right. Many of whom never realized it was really a cult. Of that, a fraction lived on the main campus (or whatever it was called) that were the active cult members. Of that, a much smaller number would have been invited into DOS and/or the day-to-day chicanery. Nothing against Morris but based on pics, she would not have met Keith’s criteria to be invited to either. Something she probably is relieved to know (but the follow-up question is if asked, would she have said yes?). So the actual DOS numbers looked to be maybe a couple of dozen out of those thousands of maybe cultists and the inner influencers (not to be confused with inner circle) who kept the gears of the cult running, recruited, etc., was probably a hundred or so. From that, you then have the inner circle, with Keith at the top. It’s sorta corporate-like in structure. So being mean or vindictive to ex-NXIVM members, depending on where they were in the structure, is basically like assuming the janitor knew what the VPs of the company are doing. Anyone working at a corporation knows that idea is moronic on a good day. Hell, people working at a local McDonalds are barely aware of what the store manager is doing.

    As for jail treatment, yeah it’s not great. Could use improvement but too many third-party companies make money off of shitty jails so don’t see that changing.

    • “chances are the show actually made Canadian taxpayers some money”.

      Ordinary Canadian citizens did not see a cent. Same as when BBC shows are aired in other countries. The ordinary British citizen does not see a cent either. Crew members and people/cities renting out property at most.

      “which is driven back into making other television shows”.

      That is not money well spent.

      “The reason these programs exist is other shows wouldn’t’ have been made otherwise”.

      Literally, so what?

      In Britain, they make citizens who own a television pay a “television licence” to fund the BBC, even if they don’t watch the BBC. CBC might just be bigger propaganda.

      • “Ordinary Canadian citizens did not see a cent.”

        No s@#&. I didn’t say that either. As for thinking government shouldn’t pay for arts of any kind including TV, that is fine. To my knowledge that isn’t the prevailing opinion of Canadians. Americans confuse their hatred of government (but boy do those same haters can’t seem to get their hand out fast enough when need help) with how other citizens in other countries of the world think. It isn’t identical. I was simply explaining to Americans how some shows are done in Canada since Frank was allowing his American mindset to interfere with his write-up (extraneous comment without context that really had nothing to do with the topic of ex-NXIVM actress getting another job).

        • [redacted] (real Americans) do not like handouts [redacted].

          That would be liberals, [redacted]. They do not represent America.

          And you did say this Canadian tax funded nonsense would make Canadian tax payers some money:

          “chances are the show actually made Canadian taxpayers some money”

          See, you did say that.

          “which is driven back into making other television shows”

          Also tax payer funded.

          “The reason these programs exist is other shows wouldn’t’ have been made otherwise”

          Considering most television is not tax payer funded, then NO.

          • Splitting the sentence destroys the context as provided by the entire sentence “chances are the show actually made Canadian taxpayers some money, which is driven back into making other television shows”, aka the show makes money which goes back to making other television shows, not into tax payer wallets which is the bizarre conclusion you reached. By you breaking the sentence in 2 separate sentences, you are intentionally destroyed context.

            Thanks though, this does help me explain how conservatives are so good at re-writing reality on the fly. There was literally no reason to do what you did here. Your main point (gov’t paying for arts bad!) remains the same if kept the full sentence intact but you just had to be unnecessarily deceptive. Conservatives just cannot help themselves, its now so engrained into your core.

            When your morality is defined as “Its ok if my team does it”, what else can you expect?

        • You are so easy to beat, Hasif. You said “chances are the show actually made Canadian taxpayers some money”. Putting any revenue from foreign sales into other tv shows is not making Canadian taxpayers money. Taxpayers still pay for shit and don’t receive any money themselves. Ergo, you are very clearly wrong.

          Hey Hasif, “those words”. 😂

          • Guys, it’s ok to be sexually obsessed with another man, just keep your schoolboy antics off this grownup site.

  • https://youtu.be/wAyqGCEIFGU

    Have you seen this yet, Frank? Has nearly 1.5M views. One of my fave overviews on NXIVM. Includes the statuatory rape facts that are, so far, largely absent from many recent accounts. Gives you and Mark Vicente lots of props for your work exposing NX, too.

  • The media still likes Kreuk: “Although Alan Ritchson and Kristin Kreuk’s Smallville characters mostly remained in separate orbits, it will be nice to see the two act alongside each other on Jack Reacher. And Kreuk should make for an excellent addition to the cast. The Canadian actress beautifully played Lana Lang and, over the course of that series, she transformed the character from a soft-spoken girl next door to a strategic and powerful woman. Since leaving that series, Kreuk has continued to take on new roles with her work in the aforementioned Burden of Truth and The CW’s Beauty and the Beast.”

    • “The media still likes Kreuk”

      Is it because there is some kind of trade off? Good press for good (insert suggestion)?

    • Anon 3:21 -Awesome news!!!

      These two seem like they’ll have awesome chemistry. Ritchson is divorced and Kreuk always wanders. Maybe these two will heat things up on the screen and off. Call the fire-department because I smell smoke.
      Sorry super-fans, I bet Lana Lang will be hooking up with a new beau!
      Lookin forward 2 this new show! ❤️

  • According to Wikipedia, Ross Ulbricht turned down a plea deal…. That was the second biggest mistake in his life……

  • Well done, Heather! You lost all those pounds without the DOS starvation diet or Keith Raniere dictating what your weight should be after scrutinizing you in your bra and panties or looking at very close-up photos of your vulva.

    Your transformation is truly impressive. But the most important weight you lost was Allison Mack and Nxivm in general. Also impressive!

    Please keep speaking your truth and telling the world about that evil cult. Best wishes.

  • “From 2006 to around 2012, Kreuk was billed as one of the prominent members of NXIVM in promotional and recruitment efforts. She downplayed her role in the group after 2012, but remained with NXIVM until around 2016.”

    Frank, where is the “2012” coming from? Kreuk was coaching in Los Angeles in 2012 and continued on as a coach until 2013. How exactly did she “downplay” her role in 2012? She was filming a television show in Toronto in 2012 for a few months but still found time to coach in another country.

    “After Frank Report broke the news of DOS and its branding women as slaves in June 2017, creating a mass exodus from the group, Kreuk was asked to denounce NXIVM founder Keith Raniere and his master-slave sorority in order to bring media attention to it”.

    While Kreuk had a moral responsibility to speak out, who exactly asked her to help? Edmondson? Vicente? Yourself? Oxenberg?

    “Kreuk declined to help out but quietly noted others’ courage in standing up to Raniere”.

    Quietly noted? Based on what?

    Why did she refuse? Did she give a reason? An innocent person has nothing to worry about. Could only be about protecting her name, thus her privilege which is dependant on her public image.

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