What the Hell Was Keith Raniere Saying on Voice Messages to Ex Girlfriend?

In a previous post, Rare Voice Recordings of Keith Raniere Lying to a Girlfriend When He Was in His Late 20s, Frank Report made a recording available of the inestimable Keith Alan Raniere, when he was in his late 20s, leaving a series of voice messages on his girlfriend’s landline recorded message machine.

The tape was largely inaudible, but Frank Report assigned Marie White to listen to the audio carefully – and she was able to make out some of the words as they issued from the lips of that great being who was later to become known as the Vanguard.

The back story is this: Raniere, in his late 20s, was every bit the liar back then that he was when he was the Vanguard [1998-2018].

He had been together with Kathy for several years and was living with her, in Albany, at least some of the time.

She thought they were in a monogamous relationship and that his extended absences were due to his cancer, which required him to go to NYC for treatment at Sloan Kettering.

The truth is he did not have cancer and he was not in NYC. He was living part-time with Karen U and bedding every woman he could get his hands on, or his dick into.

Kathy found out about his cheating.

It seems one day, just after he called “from the hospital at Sloan Kettering,” her teenage daughter ran into Raniere with a couple of women at a Clifton Park mall. Raniere pretended not to know the girl, but she was sure it was the rascal and told her mom.

This led to the realization that Raniere was a stone-cold liar.

Indeed, any man who would lie about having cancer would lie about anything.

Kathy’s deep concern and worry about his possibly fatal condition gave way to a feeling that he was an execrable asshole. And now she wanted his possessions out of the house, her house.

Keith had just started up Consumers’ Buyline and he had not told anyone there – none of the women anyway – that he had a girlfriend he was living with.

Kathy called him and told him that she was gathering all of his possessions and dropping them off at the only place she knew of where he would get them – the offices of Consumers’ Buyline. She planned to drop them off at the Wednesday night meeting when all the members would be there.

This would be hugely embarrassing to Raniere and so, worried she would show up, he started making calls and leaving messages for Kathy to try to avert her coming to his offices.

He evidently did not want her to drop them off at the home he had recently purchased with Karen U at 3 Flintlock Lane in Knox Woods for no doubt he never told Karen about Kathy or told Kathy that while he was supposedly living with her in a monogamous relationship, he had also told Karen the same thing.

Here is the recording and our best efforts at transcribing it. Perhaps some readers can make out more words than we can. If so, please let us know.

Here is our transcript of the calls.

4:12 pm

I didn’t realize it wasn’t an infinite message. As I’m saying um you know after you decide, just let me know what it is so we can talk about it afterwards so at least you’re not held up anymore, you feel you can live your life.

It just seems like circumstances aren’t allowing us to get together, so maybe this is what needs to be … .Look into your heart right now. You know at least in your past you could talk about being connected to me (?)

4:11 pm
I got your message. You sounded quite upset. Sorry about that. Um, I don’t think I’m going to get to meet with you because I have to go out of town, um …  Going to be bringing me back but as soon as I get back I can call you. I think because you, you’ve been waiting so long that you feel that your life is on hold that’s why I think you should make a decision or whatever you need to do, just tell me what it is and we’ll meet afterwards. so at least you….
Wednesday 4:12 pm
[Same as the first message above but in the proper sequence] I didn’t realize it wasn’t an infinite message. As I was saying, um, you know after you decide just let me know what it is so we can talk about it afterwards so at least you’re not held up anymore. And so you feel that you can lead your life, um. It just seems like circumstances aren’t allowing us to get together, so maybe this is what needs to be (?). Look into your heart right now. At least in the past, you used to talk about being connected to me [?]…. .
1:46 a.m.
Hi, Kathy, this is Keith. I just received your messages. Final one on this Friday…You’re going to be packing up stuff I guess to bring over, um, I don’t think that is necessary. If you feel that it is and you want to do that, ah, I guess that is your choice but, um, you know I think we should speak first. I haven’t been able to speak to you, probably won’t be able to speak to you for a little while longer but we will keep in touch and I will speak to you as soon as I get back into town
1:47 a.m
Unless you feel it needs to be done over the phone, although I think you would prefer to just do it in person  Um, you know I’m not in a rush on this. I do realize there is a lot going on with you though. Um, I just hope that you get this message before you decide to go to the Wednesday night meeting. I guess you could do it and return the stuff, um. So I will be speaking to you soon or at least leaving messages for you.
1:48 a.m
I do hope all is well with you (?) (?) (?) I think you got the other two messages before this one. I hope you did….
12:58 a.m
To just continue, I called just to wish you a happy birthday. I’m hoping that all is going well with you. Things are going pretty well with me…although very very difficult … day to day….. resting [?]
What an asshole.

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  • You don’t have to print this, I’m just worried about you guys bc you’re not posting at your usual pace for Google ads and haven’t returned my texts. Happy Easter & Passover and hope all’s well. Is it Frank’s dad? Bangkok? Or worse? CLAAAAAARE?!

  • Thank you for the laborious translation, Marie.

    Really doesn’t sound much like Keith except that he does sound and speak like someone who’s very conscious that he’s being recorded — using ambiguous, measured, monotone words. Could be disguising his voice.

    I don’t doubt anything ‘Kathy’ is tellling us. I well remember hearing the same grandiose, “Sloan Kettering” experimental cancer-curing treatment story from Gina.

    They were all hustling to roll out CBI and Keith would just disappear for days leaving the tough, computer admin. and programming work to Karen and his eager, young acolytes like Gina.

    At one point, Keith’s miraculous recoveries — he’d always reappear in the pink of health — was part of the CBI promo campaign:

    “…Meet Keith Raniere the Genius-boy-wonder, consumer rights revolutionary, CANCER SURVIVOR!”

    • Isn’t it fckd enough some of us hafta eat SPAM on Easter Sunday without being reminded that there are loonies around trying to turn this into WWIII?

      …And others like you, Shadow, who plan to vote for him?

    • What is your point? Was your comment typed in all caps meant to alarm us all of your newfound wisdom? Asshole.

  • Frank, I am not sure that’s Keith’s voice. It has another tone, it is not the recording machine, I think it is not his voice, his tone in a phone sounds quite different. At his late 20’s, the voice should be the same as in the 40’s-50’s.

      • Slower and softer? that’ll be after Nan instructed him to modulate his tones according to NLP precepts.

        Tush and Fie, Guest! – Rome wasn’t built in a day you know!!

    • Agree with you. Does not sound like KAR at all. I heard his voice in 1990. You can also cross reference with the Eddie Albert promotional video for CBI, made about the same time.

  • Who the hell saves a voice message for so long? This woman must still be in love with him to have kept it.

    • I think we all are wondering how the messages have been saved for so long. I’m going to start saving my voicemails so I can whip em out 30 years later, and blindside people with them…
      Where’s Flowers to call the tape fake?

      • Nut job,

        Petal Head will, of course, troll Frank in her oddly passive-aggressive way…
        …..Oddly because she always plays “dumb”.

      • Nutjob,

        I can’t believe I what I’m about to ask…

        Is everyone’s favorite A-HOLE Texan with a proclivity for tranny New Orlean’s escorts okay?

        At the end of the day I’m a nice guy and I wouldn’t want something bad to happen to the hapless Texan who has no luck.

        • Follow the trail of his meds. Every time this has happened in the past, he comes back with dickhead vengeance.

          Our only hope of surviving his bull in china shop return will be Frank’s censoring button.

          If he’s gone forever, I’ve got this tool scam I’ve been sitting on that I’ll roll out soon.

          • I really shouldn’t say this out loud but between hitting the Evil Empire State of NY hardest and, possibly, Scott Johnson, COVID-19 is looking like “ Pandageddon”
            — you know, the second coming of JC — is off to a good start. Lol.

            Get well, never, Schlocker. We’ll never forget how you told Heather to die faster of cancer, chased off NX insiders — hell, everyone with an opinion — here to share and maybe heal — with your racist, misogynistic insults, how you fooled us with Ben Zemeckus and I strongly suspect you & Bangcuck even helped out my ex in using my healing process to profit himself and harm our son.

            REPENT and pray for your soul’s salvation for the Kingdom of Heaven is nigh, asshole.

        • I asked the same question last week. Where are you, Scooter? Frank where’s Scott Johnson? I’m concerned he might be a dick…I mean sick…

          • I do not know where Scott is. He has signed off. I do not know if he is coming back. I hope he is not sick.

          • Here’s where it would come in handy if a single one of the Frank Report readers ever once attempted to listen to his podcast (which I’d guess is a fake podcast except Frank vouches for it existing).

          • I just went to send Scott a tweet to see if he’s ok, but for some reason the tweet didn’t go through…
            Anyone know if TexTex is on TikTok?

          • Hmmm. So used to skipping over his and shadow’s posts that I must have missed it. Is it in poor taste to say good riddance? Who cares. Good riddance.

          • So, so long Scott Johnson,
            Singular Amway Troll Warrior.
            You said goodbye on the fifth
            Or sixth of April after many years

            Of calling out libtards
            And wishing cancer on all
            Opposing viewpoints to your own.

            You were an object lesson
            in how not to influence people
            and make friends you were
            tenacious in your loyalty to this end.

            You drove a steady stream of
            commentators round the bend.

    • Maybe the woman who submitted this is kind of half James Cagney, half Joan Crawford? Who could guess? The male voice on the recording sounded like a monotone buzz saw. Talk about stringing somebody along with utter indifference, empty words.

      Yuck. That monotone gives nothing. Sexy if bad breath coming from a dirty rat is your thing. The hell with a “lover” like that. What love?! Huh?

      His bits of personal crap that he kept at her house needed a driveway ceremony as in Waiting to Exhale. Demolition man? Demolition woman. bushido code

      Out! damn splotchy spot.

      Somebody kept this message in a bottle around, like 20 years of bad smelly mojo. Really?

      If it weren’t for the New Yawk accents this could be a brief, faraway and remiscent scene in a Bad Southern Novel. Gone With the Queef, The Flabturd and the Fury, Other Vices, Other Gnomes.

      • reminiscent, damn it all

        Raniere on tape
        like a genie in a bottle
        ripe with athlete’s foot and the septic pus of gonorrhea

        No woman wants to be stuck with a rat like Flabturd. There’s medicine for that.
        Have some of that Groom’s Cake ice cream by Blue Ball, the husband preventative from Texas.

        Remember Queef as a manwhore with a pudgy ass who sometimes wore a wig and a bra.

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