Was State Trooper Corrupt in Tighe Case?

Painting of Rodger Kirsopp, NXIVM State Trooper

Ice Nine is a scholar and gentleman. He read Tighe: Forced to Plead Guilty vs. Risking 20 Years

Ice Nine wrote to John Tighe seeking his response:

John – I had asked Kristin Keefe about your case and what she thought happened.

She seems to think Keith Raniere had nothing to do with it, and essentially Rodger Kirsopp was just paranoid and framed you himself, out of fear I guess that Keith might eventually go after him.

I’m not sure what to think. I am certain you are innocent, but Kristin’s comments create some doubt about who was responsible. Do you have any thoughts on her comments?

Ice Nine [to Kristin]

NY State Trooper Rodger Kirsopp – was he a corrupted agent of NXIVM?

Kristin Keeffe replied to Ice Nine

I went to the NYS Police to report, among many other crimes committed by NXIVM, that the computer trespass charges filed against Joe, Barbara, Toni, and John were fraudulent.

After my report, I thought the whole case would die. Because Keith found out I had turned on him, I had to go on the run.

I never dreamed the NYS Police would go forward with the case – and it was horrifying to me when it did. I did everything in my power to ensure the charges were dropped. And eventually, they were.

Ice Nine

John Tighe – What was done to John and by whom? Ben Myer’s role in it, and which state and local authorities were corrupted as a part of it?

Keeffe replied

I am not aware of anything done to Tighe. If things were done, I never heard about them.

Ice Nine

How deep does the corruption run in upstate NY? Who did it, and how was it done, i.e., through blackmail or bribes?


I am not aware of any blackmail or bribes. You would be shocked to see how far relationships, fear, and people with untold resources (i.e., the Bronfmans) can influence proceedings.

I generally think it was a confluence of events.

a) No one wanted to go against the Bronfmans in the Capital District, because anyone who did knew they’d be against the best attorneys money could buy. Plus, everyone wanted their money for their own causes.

b) The child porn charges against John were considered legit and that was the biggest collar in Clifton Park, NY, in a decade. They didn’t want to lose that case.

c) Rodger Kirsopp had something to hide and, in his paranoid guilt, thought NXIVM knew what it was. Although they didn’t.

d) The NXIVM attorneys had deep relationships with the local District Attorneys and the police. You would be surprised how much influence that can have. The squeaky wheel gets oiled.
I hope that provides some of the information you’re seeking.

End of Ice Nine and Kristin’s comments, beginning of Frank’s comments.


When Kristin fled Raniere, I got a call from Rodger Kirsopp. Out of the blue. He was looking for Kristin.

Then I heard from Kristin, out of the blue. She came to the Florida Keys with her son.

Kirsopp seemed interested in helping Kristin and making sure she was OK. He said he helped her leave NXIVM and get to a domestic shelter. She fled from the shelter and disappeared. He did not know where she was and wanted to be sure she was safe.

When Kristin came, he called again and asked me if Kristin had an old laptop computer with her. She did not.

I thought he was trying to help her.

I spoke to Kristin and arranged a call between Kristin and Kirsopp.

I was on the call.

I realized then that Bronfman money coopted Kirsopp. He was trying to arrest her. Over what?

The old laptop computer? Its resale value was not more than $300. It would be petit larceny if it were true that Kristin stole it.

I understand Kristin had a laptop for years. But Clare Bronfman might have paid for it, so she claimed she owned it.

She did not even know if Kristin had her laptop. She was just trying to get Kristin arrested.

Clare inflated the value of the computer, so it would be a felony charge. Kirsopp was willing to go along with it.

NXIVM coopted Rodger Krisop between February and late March 2014.

Later, I asked him questions about his role.

I told him I did not think he should have arrested Joe O’Hara, John Tighe, and Toni on computer trespass charges.

John Tighe

He seemed nervous and said he wished he had never heard the name NXIVM.

I asked why he arrested O’Hara, Natalie, and Tighe, but not Jim Odato – since he said they all did the same thing. Use a password to look at the NXIVM website.

Kirsopp said, “We were not going to go up against Hearst.”

He meant he would not fight the publisher of the Albany Times Union, George Hearst, by arresting one of his reporters. Odato was a reporter for the Times Union – a very good one.

I get it. That’s justice in Albany. Law enforcement goes after the little guy. They let big criminals like Bronfman go scot-free. They even work for them.

They went after Tighe. He had no money.

I suspect they planted the child porn. I do not even believe it was Tighe’s computer. They had another laptop – a Mac – they preplanned to use for the setup of Tighe.

Rodger Kirsopp 

The motive may not be what Keeffe thinks. And there were other corrupt officials involved.

We will have more on this later.

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trooper kirSOPp
trooper kirSOPp
1 year ago

Was Kirsopp corrupted by money or honey?

Chose the honeys who got Kirsopp in a Honey Trap.

Allison Mack
Nikki Clyne
Kristin Kreuk
None of the above
All of the above
All of the above at once

1 year ago

KK, AM, NC, performing for Krisopp?

comment image?w=799&ssl=1

1 year ago

It seems if they want to arrest and charge you they’ll find a way. Doubtful that was even John’s computer. The system is rigged but the public wants so much to believe our government is fair and honest.

Our own peers go right along and believe guilt upon indictment.

Who's Mac Was It
Who's Mac Was It
1 year ago

The one thing most upper-level people in NXIVM loved.

Mac computers!

What do most people buy when they have less money?

Not Mac computers.

John didn’t seem to have a lot of money. So, why would he have a Mac laying around?

It’s possible he didn’t have child porn & it was a set up after he was arrested for using a password Toni Natalie gave him to go onto NXIVM’s intranet.

What did that site have on it?

Nothing of real value. The person whose username & password Toni had given to people to go to NXIVM’s intranet was a low level NXIVM member.

That person’s access had upcoming events, trainings, students contact information.

NXIVM lied to the Court & pretended the access was to their entire system.

1 year ago

We have sociopaths in positions of power who sacrifice the innocent, like John – for their own gain, or to repay a favor.

The charges against Frank Parlato are a perfect example. 19 charges, then a superseding indictment, then nearly a decade of intense scrutiny, and the result is a plea agreement that is wholly non-sensical, and a trumped up “felony” for failure to file form 8300.

Time to reclaim our rights. The government is not for or by the people.

Calling the minions
Calling the minions
1 year ago

Why isn’t the Make Justice Blind group fighting for this ? They should seek to jail this trooper. Oh I forgot, this is not about K-Dog

1 year ago

Trooper Kirsopp is part of New York State’s finest. He could not be corrupted or co-opted.

Money cannot buy our men in blue.

Clifton Parker
Clifton Parker
1 year ago

Isn’t it curious that Trooper Kirsopp lives literally a stone’s throw away from the old Bronfman mansion (where Clare lived) in Clifton Park?

1 year ago

Very good post: short factual statements from the people involved, but very troubling.

I desperately don’t want to believe the police planted child porn and charged John for it. It is so wrong. Is there corroborating evidence John didn’t have an Apple computer? But he could have hidden the Apple from plain sight.

So Kristin thinks Roger has a secret and mistakenly thought NXIVM was aware of it as an explanation for his actions.

There are a lot of questions unanswered and I believe this is something the authorities should investigate.

On the other hand, what can we expect if such an investigation was to be conducted?
Under immense public pressure there was an investigation into the Palm Beach Police regarding the treatment of Jeffrey Epstein after his conviction (incarceration in the police station instead of jail, work release arrangement: only got to spend the night in the police station jail, visits by girls at his “office” during work release, paid supervision by PBPolice, inaction following multiple breach of workrelease rules, noncompliance of sex offender registration protocol etc.etc.
The conclusion of this investigation: PB police did everything according to the rules. Unbelievable. The only thing that changed was that a judge now has to decide on workrelease instead of the police chief.

Still, I think there’s enough here to warrant an investigation. Apparently Roger is not too comfortabel with his role in this saga. When did you speak to him Frank?

1 year ago

Disturbing abuse of power. Money trumps all. John seems was lowest hanging fruit. Glad he’s survived it. Sorry for experience.

Highly unlikely it was his porn. Too many questionable. But Justice is threatening and swift. Truth matters not at all I’m afraid.

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