Elon Musk and the Missing Ventilators

Corporate Welfare Queen Elon Musk,
Dr. Nicholas Waddy

By Dr. Nicolas Waddy

As New York writhes in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic — racking up horrifying numbers of the infected and the dead — a major scandal has arisen over the inadequacy of the state’s supply of ventilators.

Although many of the facts are in dispute, two things are absolutely clear: first, the state was warned that it could require many more ventilators, and it failed to purchase enough, even as New Yorkers shouldered the highest tax burden in the nation; and, second, New York politicians, even as they denied doctors, nurses, and public health authorities desperately needed support, went on an orgy of wasteful spending and cronyism that steered precious resources to campaign contributors.

And in the middle of this scandal, as it turns out, is none other than Elon Musk.

Those who follow technology and business news will already be aware that billionaire whiz kid Elon Musk is known for a lot more than innovation and gumption. He’s also become famous for rockets that explode, “bulletproof” windshields that don’t quite measure up to their billing, mass market electric cars that struggle even to make it to market, and colonies on Mars that exist only in his fertile imagination.

Most of Musk’s flops are arguably all in good fun, and at least he is trying to push the envelope and to make American high-tech industries great again, as it were. Over-promising is frankly part of his shtick.

Ask the people of Western New York, however, and they’ll tell you that Musk’s pet projects sometimes have a darker side. They do real harm to real people: investors who are shortchanged, workers who are fired (or never hired in the first place), and taxpayers who are bilked of incentives and subsidies.

A particularly glaring example of the latter happened in Buffalo in recent years, and it may help to explain New York’s current plight.

Back in 2013, the Cuomo administration decided to pump hundreds of millions of dollars into a facility for high-tech and green energy businesses in Buffalo (part of Cuomo’s high profile “Buffalo Billion” initiative). Eventually, a star tenant appeared: Elon Musk’s “SolarCity”, a manufacturer of solar panels.

New York politicians, anxious to show their support for alternative energy, upped the ante of their subsidies, pushing the number to an incredible $750 million. Musk, in return, promised New York would become a world leader in solar production and would gain 5,000 jobs. A win-win!

Flash forward to 2020, however. SolarCity (since absorbed by Tesla) is struggling. Walmart, in fact, is suing the company for producing defective (and flammable!) solar panels. In Buffalo, only 1,500 jobs have materialized.

Even more distressing, for New York taxpayers, is the political scandal and legal imbroglio that developed around the construction of SolarCity’s “gigafactory”. The state, it turns out, steered the construction contracts to two companies that just happened to be major contributors to the Governor’s re-election campaign.

A top Cuomo aide, Alain Kaloyeros, went to jail for rigging the bidding process. Welcome to politics in the Empire State!

Alain Kaloyeros went to prison for his role in bid rigging in the Buffalo Billion scheme.

In case anyone is inclined to see this as garden variety public corruption, though, which just happened to benefit one of Musk’s companies, we should keep in mind the context: every dollar of state funds misappropriated in the construction of Musk’s under-performing Buffalo factory is a dollar that could have been invested in education, in highways, or…in ventilators.

Musk, and every businessman who bilks the State of New York out of ill-gotten tax breaks and subsidies, bears some responsibility for the tragedy now unfolding.

Sadly, Musk has compounded his sins by promising to build ventilator equipment in his Buffalo factory… but so far he has failed to give the press access to confirm that any such production is taking place. He has sent ventilators to New York City, to Michigan, and to California (but not to Western New York)… and it turns out that some of those ventilators aren’t the type typically used to treat patients with the coronavirus. They may even do more harm than good.

Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo says that Tesla’s ventilator production won’t be in time for the apex of the epidemic.

New Yorkers are entitled to ask, therefore, whether, on the issue of public corruption, and when it comes to filling the immediate, critical need for ventilators, Elon Musk and his companies are part of the problem, rather than part of the solution?

And, if the answer to either question is yes, we might also ask: why did New York ever get in bed with Musk in the first place?

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  • […] As New York writhes in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic — racking up horrifying numbers of the infected and the dead — a major scandal has arisen over the inadequacy of the state’s supply of ventilators. Although many of the facts are in dispute, two things are absolutely clear: first, the state was warned that it could require many more ventilators, and it failed to purchase enough, even as New Yorkers shouldered the highest tax burden in the nation; and, second, New York […] Elon Musk and the Missing Ventilators […]


    The United Nations and the World Health Organization are headed by COMMUNISTS who want to MURDER as many Americans and Europeans as possible even if it means killing millions of Africans and Asians in the process.

  • Hassan is a direct personal witness to the way cult leaders are defined by their use of money, power, greed, sex, lies, charisma and violence to control their followers and empower themselves. In 2016 Hassan saw those traits personified in the form of Republican nominee Donald Trump. He then tried to alert the public to the danger that a cult leader would become president and that ruin and despair for the United States would be the inevitable result. Hassan’s new book “The Cult of Trump: A Leading Cult Expert Explains How the President Uses Mind Control” attempts to explain how this all came to be.

    While many pundits and others have remained in denial about the existential threat posed by Donald Trump and his movement, Hassan warned early on that Trump’s followers were effectively cult members and would not be swayed from supporting their leader for any reason. With the coronavirus pandemic, Trump’s power over his followers is on full display, as he and his spokespeople are now suggesting that older and other vulnerable Americans should be willing to risk their lives in order to “save the economy” — and of course to aid Trump’s victory in the 2020 presidential election.”


    • Cult of Trump: Trump, like many celebrities and politicians, has what you might call a cult following. Both Bill and Hillary have had loyal, die-hard followers. But saying that Trump’s fans are like cult members is a huge stretch. It trivializes the abuse and suffering of people who are caught up in real cults, like the women in NXIVM.

    • Salon……..you libtards get stupider with every comment

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  • The stories are even worse than the Musk story.

    From Breitbart there is a a story that NYC Officials sold about 500 much needed ventilators a few years ago.
    Now NYC Is begging the Federal government for new ventilators.
    The State of California, another Democratic Party rat hole did the same on the West Coast.
    The sources for this story are Pro Publica and the LA Times.

    Report: New York City Auctioned Off Ventilator Stockpile

    A new report indicates that New York City auctioned off its emergency stockpile of 500 ventilators several years ago, thanks to budget cuts and attention to other priorities.

    The story, reported by ProPublica on Monday, echoes a similar report by the Los Angeles Times last week about California’s stockpile. In both cases, Republican leaders built up emergency supplies, which were later cut for budgetary reasons.

      • Why must one always go to extremes? For some people Trump is the president, for others a joker or clown, and for others a cheerleader. Why does it have to be like that? Is it not possible to remain objective and to evaluate and judge the individual actions, decisions, statements of Trump or others. And then say what’s good or bad about it and why. It seems as if there are too many people and voters who have such biased views that you can’t reach them with arguments. Politics in the US is extremely emotionally charged, but pure feelings alone are a bad guide to making decisions.

        • This site, for me, has offered an amazing insight into America and its politics over these last three years or so.I’ve been gripped. So much hatred. It’s a slow-motion car crash. I never would have believed it if I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes. It certainly looks like a decline and fall. And for real, I find that heartbreaking.

          • You need to get out more, Skippy. The country has been like this for decades. For example, look at the impeachment charade your fellow democrats pushed. They know it would fail but went through anyway to further divide the country.

        • Politics in America has always been extreme and emotional.
          Because Abraham Lincoln was against slavery, one cartoon compared him to a primate.
          And Thomas Jefferson in 1800 was accused of being a secret atheist.
          Where you hear discord, I hear the Symphony of Democracy!

      • President Trump is doing an amazing job at this time not only for here but the world. Right man at the right time

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