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Guest View: Questions for Lauren and Allison & ‘thank you’ to Mark Vicente

Guest View: by Liar Liar Pants on Fire x2

So were Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack speaking as representatives of NXIVM or DOS or both? Does it even matter? Step right up Lauren and Allison and take your seats beside Clare Bronfman on the short bus.

From what I can put together as an outsider, and after reading Mark Vicente’s blog posts, Mark began to question his place in NXIVM after watching how his wife was being treated by the bipolar, flying monkeys (my characterization not Mark’s). His wife left first, but not before tipping off Catherine Oxenberg that her daughter India was potentially in harm’s way. At or about the same time, Mark found out his good friend Sarah Edmondson had a bait and switch pulled on her and she had wound up branded. At that point he finally realized enough was enough and he saw VanFraud, Lauren, Nancy Salzman, Allison et. al. for what they really were: abusive and vile beings. It may have taken a good 10 plus years for Mark to see the light but his speaking up and efforts to stop the abuse deserve a big ‘thank you.’

Now for the $100 question: if this stuff is leaking out, then obviously NXIVM has more leaks then the White House. Maybe in their calorie deprived brains, Lauren and Allison think the remaining sheeple will buy this cock of bull, but my prediction is the exodus will continue, especially with Keith and Clare in Mexico.

Vandaddy isn’t around to herd and mindfuck his flock.

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