Debunking Lies and Panic Mongering — Something Is Going on, but It May Not Be a Virus

By Bangkok

‘Official’ NYC data for emergency room visits has been released…

NYC emergency room visits are back down to normal levels from January.

NYC emergency room visits peaked on March 25th — but since then, they are down 55% and are now at normal levels.

NYC emergency room visits are now equivalent to where they where in January, LOL, according to the official graphs.

Look at the official charts to verify this fact. 🙂

Don’t pay attention to the idiots who tell you to ignore the REAL DATA and instead listen to whatever gibberish they can copy and paste from Huffington Post, lol.

I can’t speak for everybody else here, but for me, I’d much rather rely on REAL ‘official data’ (rather than liberal rubbish that tells us to ignore the REAL DATA). 🙂

What about DEATH RATES?

Death rates are still elevated because that’s a ‘lagging’ indicator which will always lag behind hospital visits, but emergency room visits are clearly going way down in NYC —– and it’s doubtful that the economy will stay shut down beyond mid May at this rate.

Oh… On a different note…

A new study shows that higher temps do bring down the rate of infection of COVID, just like the flu. This is not a surprise since this is how most viruses operate.

So yes, Trump was being pragmatic when he predicted that summer would see the virus decline due to hotter temps. Only an idiot would assume otherwise.

The combination of these 2 facts (lower hospital rates plus hotter temps coming) is gonna make the scare-mongers blow a gasket, lol.

The lockdown might be making things worse…

This is backed up by REAL data.

1) The ‘hysteria’ is causing many people who don’t have the virus (who have minor cold/flu symptoms) to visit the hospital out of extreme fear —– which causes them to become infected after being exposed to other infected patients or staff, even though they would never have visited the hospital except for the media hysteria causing them to ‘overreact’.

In fact, people are now being asked to stop showing up at hospitals with ‘minor symptoms’ —– to prevent them from getting infected, LOL.

The media is causing this extra spread of the virus, LOL.

2) The lockdown is causing ‘asymptomatic’ patients (infected people with no symptoms) to stay home all day and huddle around family members, causing the family to all get infected, LOL. This guarantees that everybody at home will become infected without even realizing that one of them was the original carrier.


Just in…

Florida hospital capacity not even CLOSE to being full, LOL.

Plenty of room in Florida hospitals and ICU beds, despite the recent ‘surge’. LOL.

Watch this video of empty hospitals!

New videos have emerged from CITIZEN REPORTERS who decided to film for themselves what the TRUE atmosphere is like inside hospitals.

This is a MUST WATCH video…

*Lots of fishy bullshit is being exposed and the liberals don’t want you to see this stuff.

Holy shit

Europe’s unity is fracturing as richer countries (like Germany) refuse to dig deep into their pockets to aid the poorer countries like Spain and Italy.

We’ve all been told that Europe’s grand vision of ‘unity’ and ‘equality’ is the future.

We’ve all been told that the ‘greedy’ USA is not generous enough with its neighbors, LOL.

Yet when push comes to shove (and people are dying in Europe) the wealthier European countries are giving the MIDDLE FINGER to their southern neighbors. LOL.

In Europe, it’s every man for himself.

In Europe, it’s FUCK everybody else.

So much for the European vision of unity.

Germany Suspicious

Germany is confirming that autopsies are being discouraged for Coronavirus cases —– which means finding out the TRUE REASON for each death can never be 100% accurate.

This is likely to FALSELY INFLATE the Coronavirus ‘death count’ because it’s impossible to know for sure what caused a person’s death in many of these cases where other serious health issues brought them into the ICU in the first place —– UNLESS an autopsy is conducted.

Science is being replaced by nonsense. LOL.

People seem to WANT higher inflated death counts without VERIFYING for sure what caused EACH and EVERY death.

Quote from article/video:
Germany: The German Robert Koch Institute now even advises against autopsies of test-positive deceased persons because the risk of droplet infection by aerosols is allegedly too high. In many cases, this means that the real cause of death can no longer be determined.

A specialist in pathology comments on this as follows: Who might think evil of it! Up to now, it has been a matter of course for pathologists to carry out autopsies with appropriate safety precautions even in the case of infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis, PRION diseases, etc. It is quite remarkable that in a disease that is killing thousands of patients all over the world and bringing the economy of entire countries to a virtual standstill, only very few autopsy findings are available (six patients from China). From the point of view of both the epidemic police and the scientific community, there should be a particularly high level of public interest in autopsy findings. However, the opposite is the case. Are you afraid of finding out the true causes of death of the positively tested deceased? Could it be that the numbers of corona deaths would then melt away like snow in the spring sun?“

Stop Watching TV

World renowned virologist questions ‘media panic’ and advises people to stop watching TV and to relax a bit more…


Quote from article:
Professor John Oxford of Queen Mary University London, one of the world’s leading virologists and influenza specialists, comes to the following conclusion regarding Covid19: “Personally, I would say the best advice is to spend less time watching TV news which is sensational and not very good. Personally, I view this Covid outbreak as akin to a bad winter influenza epidemic. In this case we have had 8000 deaths this last year in the ‘at risk’ groups viz over 65% people with heart disease etc. I do not feel this current Covid will exceed this number. We are suffering from a media epidemic!“

Falsely Labeling Corona Deaths

Austrian authorities have acknowledged that people dying of other illnesses are classified as dying from “COVID” even if they caught the virus while laying in the hospital and dying of another illness unrelated to COVID symptoms. LOL.

Quote from article:
Austria: In Austria, too, “corona deaths” are apparently defined “very liberally“, as the media report: Do you also count as a corona death if you are infected with the virus but die of something else? Yes, say Rudi Anschober and Bernhard Benka, members of the Corona Task Force in the Ministry of Health. There is a clear rule at present: Died with the corona virus or died from the corona virus both count for the statistics.“ No difference is made as to what the patient actually died of. In other words, a 90-year-old man who dies with a fracture of the femoral neck and becomes infected with corona in the hours prior to his death is also counted as corona death. To name but one example.“

You can’t sugarcoat this FACT with liberal gibberish, lol.

This is how all worldwide death figures from COVID are reported.

We just can’t get an accurate death number because anybody who dies WITH coronavirus is reported as dying FROM coronavirus, even in cases where they died of other causes.

Even the liberal BBC is asking about the fraudulent labeling of deaths due to coronavirus…

Quote from article:
The BBC asks, Is coronavirus causing the deaths? and replies, “It could be the major cause, a contributory factor or simply present when they are dying of something else.“ For example, an 18-year-old man was reported as the youngest Corona victim“ after a positive test the day before his death. However, the hospital later reported that the young man had died of a serious pre-existing condition.

Study never peer reviewed

Imperial College study predicting COVID ‘deaths’ was NEVER PUBLISHED or PEER REVIEWED and had all kinds of flaws exposed — yet it was used to shut down the world, lol.

Biophysicist Felix Scholkmann has visualized the fact that in the US (as in the rest of the world), it is not the number of “infected“ people that is increasing exponentially, but the number of tests. The number of “infected“ people in relation to the number of tests remains basically constant (oscillating between 10 and 20%), which speaks against a current viral epidemic.

Misleading information about COVID reported by top doctor…

Dr. John Lee, professor emeritus of pathology, is writing about the highly misleading definition and communication of “corona deaths“ in the British Spectator.

Fraudulent media exposed.

CBS aired hospital footage from Italy but claimed it was from a NY hospital.


The US television station CBS was caught using footage from an Italian intensive care unit in a piece on the current situation in New York. In fact, dozens of recordings by citizen journalists show that it is currently very quiet in the hospitals on the US East and West Coast, described as “war zones“ by the media. Even the “corpse refrigerator trucks“ prominently shown in the media are unused and empty.

CNS showed footage of an Italian hospital when reporting on New York hospitals thereby misleading viewers.

FRAUD has been detected.

The media is fraudulently reporting deaths of Italian ‘doctors’ using laughable standards.

What standards?

Well, they are counting ‘retired psychiatrists’ or ‘retired pediatricians’ who were 90 years old among these doctor deaths, LOL, which gives the FALSE impression that these were ‘working doctors’ who were fighting to save lives in the hospital — when they weren’t.

But that’s not all.

To cover up their fraudulent reporting, they began deleting the date of birth for every deceased doctor AFTER critics began reporting this fraud (to prevent people from seeing these facts).

Luckily, the web page showing their ‘date of birth’ was saved at a web archive below:

Quote from article (translated from Italian):
Various media reported that more than 50 doctors in Italy have already died “during the corona crisis“, like soldiers in a battle. A glance at the corresponding list, however, shows that most of the deceased are retired doctors of various kinds, including 90-year-old psychiatrists and pediatricians, many of whom may have died of natural causes.

Have a nice day. 🙂

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  • I’m so appreciative of the fact we have someone like Bangkok parsing what is fiction and nonfiction……

    Currently, Bangkok post more links then even shadowstate.

  • Holy shit!

    Truly breaking news here….

    Hamburg, Germany has now begun forensically examining all COVID deaths (examining corpses) to ensure that only ‘real’ coronavirus deaths are reported (to remove all falsely inflated death figures).

    The result is that they saw a 50% REDUCTION in their COVID death figures —– after removing all their falsely counted patients.

    It’s easy to inflate a death count when you won’t autopsy anybody.

    It’s easy to inflate a death count when you allow doctors to ‘assume’ that COVID caused a person’s death even without a positive test.

    The liberals are screaming for people to STOP TESTING dead bodies.


    Cuz they don’t want any more reductions in the death count.

    Nobody wants the TRUTH to come out. Nobody wants TESTING on dead bodies. LOL.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  • Holy Cow.

    Top infectious disease scientist shows that China and South Korea are faring so well because they were LATE in taking action —- thus, they achieved herd immunity much sooner than other countries.

    They did NOT act ‘early’ (relative to their own first infection dates) as most libtards are claiming

    He provides the DATA to back it up.

    Looks like the liberal idiots (like AnonyFaker) have egg on their face.

    The below video should start at the 13:19 mark (if not, you need to forward to 13:19 in the video)…

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  • Holy Mother of Christ!

    Game changer.

    NY Times reporter Maggie Haberman has just retweeted some of Alex Berenson’s tweets about the COVID data.

    Hell has finally frozen over. 🙂

    While she’s quick to say that retweets don’t equal endorsements (standard disclaimer), she still makes the point that Alex Berenson’s COVID data is very interesting because it’s based on OFFICIAL NUMBERS.

    NY Governor Cuomo is also (tacitly) agreeing with Berenson’s data in his latest press conference, by admitting that new hospitalizations are going down.

    Maggie Haberman also goes out of her way to agree with Alex Berenson’s ‘main point’ —— that our world leaders are relying on FAULTY MODELS that have been WRONG in predicting damn near EVERYTHING (deaths, hospitalizations, ICU beds).

    Maggie Haberman also makes the point that top White House officials are analyzing this data.

    She’s basically admitting that the tide is turning from the ‘doomsday media’ who are trying to demonize ANY MESSENGER who presents FACTS which disagree with their faulty doomsday models.

    This is especially tough news for AnonyFaker and Flaccid Paul ——- cuz those dudes have nothing else to do for the rest of the year except sit in their basement and watch CNN (no friends, no hot/attractive women to bang, no jobs). They really want the hospitalization rates to keep soaring higher and higher. They want millions of people flooding into hospitals for COVID. They want death and plague.

    Sorry guys, the tide is now turning. You’ll have to go back to masturbating to Jim Acosta’s questions. LOL.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • “You’ll have to go back to masturbating to Jim Acosta’s questions.” Bangkok

      Watching CNN is like having Jim Accosta urinate in your eyes.
      Haberman is no friend of Trump but she is a legitimate journalist.

  • Breaking news…

    I have good circumstantial evidence that Frank is probably sick.

    Frank may have COVID.

    He updates/approves ‘comments’ maybe twice per day and writes almost zero articles now.

    He can’t be ‘busy’ working on his trial strategies with attorneys, cuz his trial has been delayed.

    He can’t be ‘busy’ with boating or having fun cuz there’s a fucken lockdown.

    He’s cooped up in his home most of the time, just like everybody else. …And that mother fucker doesn’t watch TV —- so if he’s not on his own website more than twice per day then he’s likely got Kung-flu.

    Thus, I conclude that Frank likely has COVID but is too chickenshit to tell us about it. 🙂

    Frank, you have an ethical obligation to tell us about it. I know it can’t be that bad. Sniffles. Slight fever.

    Just tell us. Be a man, Frank. Don’t be a pussy. Just admit it.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  • Bangkok and his Twitter guru, Berenson – apparently one of the world’s highest IQs and top problem-solvers, able to figure out what’s really going from the perspective of his armchair, without needing any actual expertise – should go bang on the White House gates and tell Trump to stop panicking if it’s unnecessary:

    President Trump: 1,000 military personnel deploying to NYC

    Trump warns ‘there will be death’

    Further reality-check courtesy of Fox’s pandemic panic website:

    Coronavirus: Morgue staff exhausted by the numbers of dead
    SKY News
    5 hours ago

    • AnonyFaker’s data has been proven wrong yet again. 🙂

      Breaking news…

      At a press conference, Cuomo admits that deaths are going down and so are hospitalizations.

      Finally confirmed by NY Times reporter. Better late than never, lol.

      Cuomo AGREES with the same data that Alexa Berenson has been showing us for DAYS. lol.


      Have a nice day. 🙂 🙂

  • Breaking news…

    Australian researchers say they’ve found an anti-parasite drug that kills COVID virus in 48 hours.

    It’s called ‘Ivermectin’.

    It’s already FDA approved and appears to kill the virus.

    These are not just ‘average’ doctors claiming this. These are world renowned doctors who’ve been studying COVID ever since it spread outside China. They said it is proven to kill the virus.

    Holy cow.

    Holy moley.

    Holey mother of Christ and all the saints and sinners.

    I wonder if the scare mongers are gonna cry now. They don’t want a cure. They want to spend the next 18 months holed up in their basements eating Doritos and watching MSDNC. AnonyFaker is currently in his undies, with his fat belly hanging outside his shirt, watching Rachel Maddow.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • So far, they’ve only tested it ‘in vitro’ but they say it kills the virus.

      Safety testing doesn’t need to be done since it’s already FDA approved. They just need to test dosages.

      Could be a game changer.

      Holy Mother of Satan.

      Have a nice day. 🙂

    • If it is known to work, next we will have major press articles telling us it kills babies, and someone will drink some toilet bowl cleaner with a similar name and die, and then when someone is cured by it, the press will twist the article with a headline so suggest it is a dangerous drug.
      Thanks for posting this – I have never heard of it but I will not be so presumptuous as to bash it. Some people actually say “I never heard of it” as if that proves something is bad. I have never heard of it, I do not know, I want to know so the next step is to start to read up on it.
      I certainly hope it works. I have been praying for a cure, and I will pray not just for a cure but that people will not get in the way of the cure when it is provided. God provides but that does not mean that man take the logical step of using what he does. Too many idiots with their “I never heard of it” line, or nasty journalists who are patsies for Big Pharma who prefer to promote
      expensive drugs instead. That is how the devil works.
      Please post more info on Ivermectin.

  • French Convid19 study with dosage amounts used to cure virus

    Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate 200mg 3 times a day

    Azithromycin Or Z-pak – 500mg day 1 / 250mg next 4 days

    Case study

    The chart in the link belies shows that when both medicines were used together, no Convid19 was found in the blood stream at day 5 (green line)

    • Phil, thanks for the real data. This is not the only study that suggests it works. Sadly, Iive in a state where the governor does not listen to such date, or to the commander-in-chief, but goes rogue and REFUSES to allow chloroquine to be used. His party has recently closed two hospitals in NY city. Andrew Cuomo. Now his brother, the CNN talking head, is sick.
      It’s all sick.
      Please continue to post or comment with data we can use.
      BTW, I live in GROUND ZERO.
      I am safe thank God, and I am drinking tonic water and buying quinine products. CQ and HCQ are only sold by prescription in NY, and
      even with a scrip are hard to get, the pharmacy told me their supplies were commandeered for hospitals – so where are they now, as the hospitals are not permitted to use them?
      Maybe Cuomo took them for his brother.
      Similar thing happened in France. Is the mob stealing our meds?

  • Since Bangkok is once again spamming links from his Twitter guru – who, while he puts out some pseudo-scientific looking stuff, turns out to also believe that marijuana use is fueling COVID-19, see below – and since there’s no point in playing the game of responding to each one, let me just present a public service announcement about the nature of what he’s doing:

    Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists
    Trolls will lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response.

    An Internet troll is someone who comes into a discussion and posts comments designed to upset or disrupt the conversation. Often, in fact, it seems like there is no real purpose behind their comments except to upset everyone else involved. Trolls will lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response.

    What kind of person would do this?
    “Both trolls and sadists feel sadistic glee at the distress of others. Sadists just want to have fun. . . and the Internet is their playground!”

    • Anonymaker
      While internet trolls ARE sadists and narcissists, I believe many of them have a political agenda. Some are even paid to spread propaganda and bullshit.

  • Holy Mother of God!

    You won’t believe this…

    Governor Ned Lamont was caught LYING about the death of an infant who was accidentally SUFFOCATED to death by the caretaker.

    Governor Lamont reported this death as a ‘COVID death’ and warned mothers everywhere to be scared for their infants.

    But Candace Owens found the truth and reported it and the governor is now walking back his statements waiting for the official autopsy report.

    The infant’s parents are angry with the governor for using their baby’s death to further his political agenda.

    This is despicable.

    Governor Ned Lamont was using COVID ‘fear mongering’ to scare people into thinking that all babies are at high risk (when the TRUTH is that not a single baby has died due to COVID yet).

    Babies are among the LEAST risky demographic for COVID complications.

    People like AnonyFaker are supporting these quacks and fear mongers by IGNORING the TRUTH.

    Why would anybody here listen to AnonyFaker after this report?

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  • Breaking news…

    Italy is now mass prescribing Hydroxychloroquine.

    Italian expert says that Coronavirus has 2 ‘stages’ for the sickest/oldest patients.

    1st stage is normal flu symptoms (which get better after a week).

    The 2nd stage is where the patient first gets better, but then suddenly takes a turn for the worse and has respiratory issues that lead to ICU treatment or death.

    Italian expert says that Hydroxychloroquine administered early (during 1st stage) is preventing patients from developing the 2nd stage respiratory problems.

    We have just understood that the virus has an evolution in two phases and that it is during the second phase, after a few days (about a week), that the situation can suddenly, in 24 or 48 hours, worsen and leads to respiratory failure requiring intensive care.

    The results that we are starting to accumulate suggest that hydroxychloroquine administered early, gives the possibility of avoiding this evolution in a majority of patients and is also helping us to prevent hospitals from filling up.”

    The deniers need to stop their denial (Flaccid Paul and AnonyFaker and Heidi).

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  • Holy Moly.

    Exposed by Fox News:

    NY Governor Cuomo FAILED to order 16,000 new ventilators when he had the chance a couple years ago. Instead, he wasted hundreds of millions on several failed liberal projects and shortchanged his public pandemic equipment.

    How can this man give advice to Trump or anybody else? He failed to heed the advice of his own experts to buy more equipment.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  • I think that this article raises some key points, such as the Italian doctors who died of other causes, such as old age.
    There is definitely manipulation of data and some govs are using this in evil ways.
    Many of the nasty comments attacking Bangkok are inane; some, however, do have some merit, such as the one
    noting that in warm areas there are outbreaks of the virus as well.
    But overall this article is well researched and worth reading.
    I live in the US Ground Zero – NYC – which seems to be Ground Zero for a lot of things.
    This thing is the worst. And the governor of New York is the worst. His party, often referred to as
    ‘Tammany Hall’ – closed TWO HOSPITALS in the 212 area code recently.
    He refuses to let chloroquine be used – EVEN AFTER GRAPHIC ACCOUNTS OF IT BEING
    And we in NY all have to worry about a religious group led by a rich man named Franklin Graham
    how is putting corona patients in flimsy plastic tents. Why not use them for clinics? If you care so
    much about NYers’ medical needs, why not do your goods using common sense rather than risking
    further spread of this Level 4 pathogen?
    Another rich man, de Blasio, adds to the misery and growing unease; where is the money his wife was\in charge of?
    Did she steal $1 billion through ‘charities’?
    And the super rich of the world – where are they when needed? Tim Tebow just donated one million meals.
    He is NOT super rich. OK, he makes more than most of us, but he hits and throws a lot better than most of us
    too and leads an exemplary life. And does REALY charity with his own $. BTW, Trump does a lot of charity that
    the lib press does not report, – some of this I know from local knowledge, talking to people here and then there’s
    the fact that he donates his entire pay as POTUS save for $1 a year to charity.
    Bezos? He is out selling tins of soup on Amazon for $36 or charging an arm and a leg for things at Wholefoods –
    where workers are now striking; in other locations he is firing those who strike.
    Great guy. Fire people when they are at their lowest point in life while you make billions off of this situation.
    Bezos, who made lots of $ from CIA contracts and has friends in the space world who want to leave the Planet Earth
    on their expensive rockets. Is that his plan?
    Weird guy. Weird and dangerous, like this virus.

  • 4 Question Survey for AnonyFaker and Flaccid Paul.

    Please answer HONESTLY for us, guys.

    1) Have you ever went more than 12 hours without reading Huffington Post? If so, did your blood sugar drop to dangerous levels?

    2) Do you spend less or greater than 16 hours per day watching CNN?

    3) How many years has it been since you went a full 24 hours without watching MSDNC? 6? 8? 10? Just a good round number will suffice.

    4) If the end of the world were coming next week, would you rather:

    a) Get laid by a hot chick
    b) Masturbate to Jim Acosta
    c) Fantasize about giving Bernie Sanders a tongue bath

    Please guys, be honest. I know you’re seriously thinking about answering ‘b’ or ‘c’.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Just to demonstrate how delusional and unthinking you are, continually setting up imaginary and fallacious strawmen, I don’t watch or ever pay any attention to any of those media sources – as a thoughtful centrist, I find them either annoyingly partisan, or just not in-depth enough.

      If you paid attention to reality – something we can now tell is not your strong suit – I actually cite Fox News articles around half of the time, followed the NY Post also owned by News Corp (both of those, in deference to snowflake Frank Report readers who wouldn’t believe that the earth was round if the New York Times wrote about it) and then other articles I pick up at DrudgeReport, followed by a variety of sources none of which are the ones in your feverish imagination.

      Meanwhile, your narrow-bandwith media consumption seems mostly limited to spamming Frank’s board with tweets one from one account that you follow.

      Here’s an example of your Twitter guru Berenson’s nuttery – making it quite obvious that he doesn’t understand causation versus correlation:

      ‘Alex Berenson, author of the controversial book Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, had a different outlook on marijuana in the time of coronavirus. He told FOX News host Laura Ingraham this week that maybe cannabis deserved partial blame for the outbreak.

      “There’s a really strong correlation between the places that have the most cannabis use and the places where this epidemic has really taken off,” Berenson said. “Whether that’s New York City, the Bay Area, Seattle, Colorado…then Italy and Spain are the countries in Europe, along with France, that have the most [marijuana] use.’

      (that should freak out hemp advocate Ken Gibson)

  • Holy cow.

    Florida hospitals are much emptier today.

    Florida sees huge DROP in both hospital patients and ICU patients in the last 24 hours —— even though Florida just recently began a ‘lockdown’ which hasn’t had enough time to impact these numbers yet.

    *This indicates that these lower numbers are NOT the result of the lockdown.


    Cuz the lockdown has a lag time of 12 days before patients feel sick enough to visit a hospital (5 days to feel any symptoms at all, then 7 more days to get sick enough to visit the hospital).

    This would indicate that the lockdown is probably not doing much.

    This would explain why South Korea isn’t locked down.

    We simply need to protect the oldest/weakest people and begin testing everybody else before allowing them to go back to work (with some social distancing rules to be observed in the workplace).

    But locking down ‘everybody’ is quite stupid, as the data indicates. It’s like using a sledgehammer to kill an ant.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • The ER illusion has already been debunked, but here it is again for those who weren’t paying attention:

      Unexpected Consequence of COVID-19 Crisis: Empty Emergency Rooms

      ‘News of nearly-empty emergency rooms may come as a surprise to most Americans amid media reports of a national healthcare system pushed to the brink. The reason, as counterintuitive as it may seem, is the coronavirus itself.

      First, COVID-19 cases are immediately secured elsewhere in the hospital without entering the ER, segregating the infected patients from the hospital population. At the same time, fears of the virus are discouraging some people who might otherwise go to the ER for a relatively minor medical issue to stay home. Studies show that many Americans, including more than half of Millennials, use ERs or emergency care facilities for non-emergency care.’

      And once again, a quick reality-check trumps armchair theorizing and Twitter twits:

      60% of Florida’s ICU beds already taken

      ‘While the number of cases and deaths in Florida — 10,268 and 170 respectively as of Friday evening — get the most attention, hospitalizations are another important data point. Experts say that number is key to determining if hospitals are running out of beds, intensive care units and essential equipment such as ventilators and N95 masks.’

      • All good observations. My daughter is an ER doc in Norfolk, Virginia. The COVID-19 patients are sent elsewhere, but everyone is so afraid of catching it that they are not going to the hospital for non-flu symptoms so her ER is running at about 50% capacity, and this is the most densely populated area of Virginia. This effect is common in epidemic crisis regions. In the last Ebola outbreak in Chad, people were dying by the hundreds of treatable illnesses but they refused to go to the hospital, so Richard Hart converted a hospital he managed to an Ebola-free zone. It was soon filled to capacity with people seeking treatment of non-Ebola illnesses.

  • More fucking lies from the leftists. The shitstain lying governor from Connecticut.

    Candace Owens
    Since word is getting out— I can now confirm that the infant in CT was accidentally suffocated by its caretaker, who then called the police.
    KNEW this, & then lied to the world by linking it to the #coronavirus because he wants more Federal money.
    He should RESIGN.
    Quote Tweet

    Governor Ned Lamont
    · Apr 1
    Testing confirmed last night that the newborn was COVID-19 positive. This is absolutely heartbreaking. We believe this is one of the youngest lives lost anywhere due to complications relating to COVID-19. (2/3)
    Show this thread

  • Alarmist predictions are STILL failing, LOL.

    April 4th UPDATE on the failed predictions made by alarmists.

    Hospitalizations STILL aren’t anywhere CLOSE to the ‘predicted’ outcomes made by the alarmists.

    Not a SINGLE prediction has come true.

    These experts are literally throwing darts at a board. LOL.

    …and morons (like Flaccid Paul and AnonyFaker) are literally worshiping these alarmists and trying to convince us that we need to take their predictions seriously —– even though EVERY PREDICTION HAS FAILED, lol.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  • USA Today CONFIRMS that Obama Administration FAILED to replenish our stockpile of N95 masks (which were depleted on Obama’s watch).

    How can Obama or Biden give advice to Trump (about pandemics) when they both FAILED to replenish N95 masks?

    Biden already said that Trump’s travel ban on China was ‘wrong’ and ‘racist’.

    Biden already said that he would NOT have banned Chinese travelers on January 29th — which would have led to TONS of new infected people entering the USA.

    What a failure Biden would have been, if he was president. LOL.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  • Sorry, Frank, but it’s beyond irresponsible to put up headlines like “May Not Be a Virus.” That’s the sort of thing that contributes to an atmosphere where people then do irresponsible things that hurt themselves and others and even cost lives. There are some accounts and statistics that might be open to question – typical of an emerging or ever-changing news situation, where initial reports are often incomplete or incorrect despite best efforts – but the virus itself has been identified, had its full genome sequenced, and is even being so thoroughly studied and monitored that scientists are tracking slightly mutated variants of the virus circulating in different areas and populations.

    Bangkok’s armchair theorizing – and that of a couple of people of amateurs on Twitter who he keeps trying to cite as if they are authorities – also consistently misses the reality-check of what’s actually happening on the ground, where our healthcare system is getting overwhelmed by the unusually high hospitalization rate of COVID-19, which is already starting to have dangerous and even deadly consequences that are only going to get worse. I’ve pointed this out multiple times and Bangkok, either out of ignorance or out of the sociopath/psychopath’s disregard for others, continues on with his trollish gamesmanship, trying to make light of the unfolding human tragedy.

    ER doctor in New York details dire supply shortages from the front lines of the coronavirus fight

    New York hospitals rationing ventilators, retrofitting equipment amid crush of coronavirus

    L.A. County tells paramedics to delay transporting cardiac patients amid coronavirus

    New York City morgues almost full, alert sent for 45K health care workers amid coronavirus outbreak

    Coronavirus taking toll on nurses, doctors around the globe

    NYC nurses, clutching photos of dead colleagues, demand better protective gear on pandemic’s front line

    New York hospitals must ‘prepare now’ to work without protective gear: Health Department

    • The numbers for attending ER are down due to people 1) being too worried to go there and contract it and 2) they are being told not to go there if they have symptoms.

    • Frank Report is now like the Weekly World News. Every conspiracy theorist who misinterprets data now has a forum. Now that NXIVM is winding down, it maybe time to go back to The Underground Bunker for real cult news. Sorry Frank, but you did it to yourself.

  • ER visits are normalizing because of standing orders that covid patients are not to use the ER. That’s all those numbers reflect.

    As for warmer weather: Florida already has warmer temperatures and the virus is growing exponentially.

    • Great points.

      ADd Louisiana, which looks like it is going to be the next hot zone – and a sign of a shift towards COVID-19 affecting, and killing, more younger patients:

      * Louisiana coronavirus cases rise record 42 percent in one day

      * Louisiana Coronavirus Updates: 370 deaths, hospitals approach capacity

      * Louisiana isn’t staying home after state order, data says

    • l
      States and Hospitals Falsely Reporting Deaths As Covid-19

      Review of the CDC statistics indicate a sudden drop in pneumonia and influenza deaths compared to earlier this flu season and the two prior flu seasons. Meanwhile, states and hospitals are reporting increasing numbers attributed to covid-19.

      20-25% increase in influenza but a 17-23% decrease in deaths is highly suspicious.

      CDC Data Fact: 2017-2018 was a worst flu season than current

      CDC Data Fact: 2018-2019 was a typical flu season than

      CDC Data Fact: 2019-2020 is a worst flu season than last year (2018-2019)

      SCS Data Fact: Weekly influenza for early 2019 is 20%-25% fewer than early 2020 (estimated from CDC graph)

      CDC Data Fact: Mortality from Pneumonia + Influenza for early 2019 is higher than early 2020

      If the current flu season is 25% greater than the prior flu season, would NOT expect the pneumonia/flu mortality rate to be significantly less.

      CDC Data Fact: since the states instituted stay-at-home and more covid-19 cases have been reported,

      flu mortality has decreased 17% and 23% from the previous year.

      Data indicates that many pneumonia/influenza deaths are being recoded as “covid-19” related.

      More $$$ for a covid-19 hospital stay/mortality than influenza thanks to Congress.

      unusual drop in pneumonia deaths CDC mortality stats for pneumonia/flu

  • The biggest virus on the planet is the global elite who sit at the top of the pyramid hiding in, and ruling from, the shadows, controlling all of the world’s banks with their Monopoly money not backed by any limited natural resource that they supply to every nation (well, almost except a few) which they can print at will to “buy” all of the corporations, media outlets, and puppet politicians (who exist only to give you the illusion of choice), and by extension “their” governments, military and law enforcement agencies to enforce their shitty policies that benefit themselves at the expense of the rest of the world population, flying at whim in their private jets without care or need for passports from nation to nation, while remaining above the law of any of them. I’m not talking about guys like Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. I’m talking about the guys who “invested” in and own all of “their” big companies, the media, and the “think” tanks. Greedy ass, power hungry, motherfuckers. Look how easily they caused this hysteria concerning the Corona virus (which they likely produced for the said purpose) with which they locked down the global population to mask their underhanded debt induced power grab costing millions of people their jobs they never even gave a shit about. If the vox populi said fuck this and them instead of taking it up the ass and being willfully stupid, or living under the ridiculous delusion that they could one day join their secluded rank of families that marry into each other, and threw this insignificant in number group of people out into the sea where they’ve shown they belong, the world would be a much better place. Sociopaths and narcissists the lot of them. Kubrick was so right.

  • Here’s an idea for people to ponder.

    One of the predicate acts of the RICO Act is MURDER.
    The US government can charge President Xi, the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government with premeditated murder in the spread of the RICO virus and then extract damages against the nation of China with the US Military being used to extract TREBLE DAMAGES at the point of guns.
    What does China have of value?
    Rare Earth minerals and mines.
    China’s rare earths could supply all of America’s electronics and computer needs for the next century.

    Rare earth industry in China
    The rare earth industry in China is a large industry that is important to Chinese internal economics. Rare earths are a group of elements on the periodic table with similar properties. Rare earth metals are used to manufacture everything from electric or hybrid vehicles, wind turbines, consumer electronics and other clean energy

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