Kristin Kreuk Tells the ‘Ladies’ [Read Teen Girls] That ‘a Little Controversy Is Fun’ on Girls By Design Website


Deep Dive into Girls By Design [GBD] Part 4

On October 9th 2008 Kristin Kreuk (almost) announces the winners of the teen board of directors.  To tease things out as much as possible she informs her fans that while GBD has chosen the winners, the readers will have to wait for the newsletter to find out who won.  This post generated more many comments than usual – 102.   The usual posts get less than 50 comments.


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We have selected the GBD Board of Directors and we are sooooooooooooooo excited! I figure that an excess of o’s will encapsulate our level of woot-ed-ness! Unfortunately you will have to wait until the newsletter is released to find out. So, yeah. That’s it.



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As others have pointed out before, Kreuk calls the teenagers ‘Ladies.’  This is a very formal, adult level of communicating to girls who are much younger than she is.

In another post, Kendra writes about a dream she had, giving birth to a baby goat.

This is followed up by a weigh-in from Tabby.  Her dieting entries feel more like self-flagellation and include her physical ailments (hip injury.)  She posts her obese weight for everyone to see.  Knowing how Keith and Nxivm treat overweight people, it doesn’t bode well for her moving up the stripe path.

Weight Blog: Honesty

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So, the other day I was thinking “What is wrong with me? Why am I eating this cookie!?”

The cookie? It was so so delicious.

But that’s not the point. The cookie will probably always be delicious. But that’s not why I was eating it. And why I was eating it isn’t really what I was going to talk about, but rather why I want to lose weight.

I think its important to reflect on occasionally because reasons change. Originally, I wanted to do this because I felt unhealthy. I wanted to feel healthier. As time wore on, I think my reasoning changed into “I wanna look hot,” but I wasn’t fully honest to myself about it… so I think the lack of inner honesty with regards to why I was trying to lose weight allowed me to … stop trying.

Now that I realized that I wasn’t being honest with myself, I can focus on the task at hand, figuring out how to get back on track! Mostly I’ve just decided to just DO IT. Get back to my previous routine, and then go from there. So, day two back on my previous routine and I’m back to my weight that I “ended” at (220 lbs) and on my way back down again. w00t!

So, photos will hopefully get back up soon, perhaps next week? In other news, my hip is still very injured. Thanks to the lovely skahahoo, I’ve got some exercises and things to try to strengthen it up, but I do need to go see a doctor… soon. Once that gets back on track I can start up an exercise routine!

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The month of October ends without a single mention of Halloween.    This seems strange for a website aimed at teen girls.  Most people in the western hemisphere love Halloween festivities.  Harry Potter books are extremely popular with teens for a reason.  Young and old enjoy spooky, magical, horror movie types of entertainment. But not GBD it appears as they did not mention Halloween at all.  That one topic alone would have provided months of interesting posts for their blog which seemed to struggle for content.

Instead it was filled with short movie reviews which were so boring that even they couldn’t be bothered to do them as Tabby’s post below reveals.

Tomorrow’s Movie

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So we’re lame (read: I’m lame) and totally forgot to post tomorrow’s movie. Mari will be reviewing “Gray Matters” so go watch it!


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Tabby continues the self-flagellation.  She has revealed on GBD that she is struggling to lose weight, hurt her hip (we aren’t told how), and now is too ‘lame’ to write a movie review.  What a fun website GBD is (not) turning out to be.

Next, Kristin decides to use the web platform to settle a score with someone she had a disagreement with concerning global warming.  In her last sentence she writes “I want to be the kind of person who looks at things from all angles, open and willing to take in information and then determine what I think seems the most true.” This writer couldn’t agree with her more and hopes to determine what is most true in regards to their intentions towards teen girls with this GBD website.


A Little Controversy is Fun!

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I was talking to someone the other day about Global Warming. I said something to the effect of, “Regardless of whether or not “global warming” is man made, it is still important for us to take care of our environment, and create sustainability.” This person responded with some indignation that it was not okay for me to even suggest there was a possibility that man-made “global warming” was not %100 true. I think the whole subject is getting a wee bit taboo… And when you aren’t supposed to question something any longer I get a little curious. So here is an article published by the National Post newspaper that talks about some of the other data that is out there. Enjoy! THE ARTICLE
I want to be the kind of person who looks at things from all angles, open and willing to take in information and then determine what I think seems the most true.



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  • Kristin seems to attract the psychos. From Andrew Thomas ( on Twitter:

    @MsKristinKreuk You’re a piece of NVIXM garbage. You were a stalker, a rapist, a ho, and a psycho. I’m glad to be done with you, and I’m better off without you. I’ll do great. And yeah, I dumped your crazy ass. Who gives a shit about Tom? You’re his problem. Also, fuck Canada.

    @MsKristinKreuk And I’m not bound to you by loving-kindness or whatever. The truth is that I’m free from you and I don’t want anything to do with you whatsoever. We’re broken up.

    • Those tweets don’t appear any longer, however this one does: “Yeah, Kristin was a skank, rapist, and a racist ho. I’ve known how much of a piece of garbage the NVIXM girl is for some time now. And for the record, I strongly opposed that organization and worked to take it down.”

      • Every celeb attracts fans and psychos, Kreuk is no different. Even Dr Fauci has had death threats. And look at all the angry comments here on our minor celeb Sultan from semi-psycho juvenile stalkers.

        • Don’t need to be a juvie stalker to dislike the mad spanker. Most normal folks here seem to dislike him. Shit attracts flies.

  • “Kristin Kreuk — just another virus from China”.

    Kristin Gook. 😁 Saw the small breasted foreign alien walking on East Street TO. Can confirm, the buttocks and boobs do not exist. Perhaps Allison Mack should do the right thing and share some fat from her ankles with Gook for an ass and boob job. She was walking alongside what one might describe as a soy boy who was wearing a beanie hat (wasn’t cold) gently balanced on his head like a condom placed on the tip of a penis, complete with a gay ‘hipster’ beard. Kinda looked like a cross between Gollum and Dobby the House Elf. That’s unfortunate.,447

    Shadowstate1955, out of curiosity, do you still stroke the salami to Allison Mack even though she’s an ugly bitch with fat ankles?

      • Sultan Of Six, you are an autistic mentally unstable brown incel. The above post suggested spotting a celebrity in the public eye, out in public. Not purposely travelling to Albany to rescue/kidnap the NXIVM actress from her cult, like you did, combined with fifteen years or so of online spanking/e-stalking/masturbating/white knighting. Not to mention the gross contacting of her daddy at work. Psycho-spanker. Don’t project your inappropriate behavior.

        Hey, have you increased your spank sessions during the Kung Flu isolation? After all these years stroking it, you are surely in need of a skin graft. You’re nearly fifty for Christ’s sake. And what do you have to show for it?

          • Case in point: you are Spanky who does not like it that he can be identified, even through anonymous posting and then projects by calling others ‘stalker’ so that he does not have to wear that creepy badge alone. The curry stench is pungent even through the internet.

  • Mean girls why stop there? Meangirl logic demands Kristin ran the NXIVM empire to catch little kids! No wait, Kristin is also a commie spy who made the Corona virus! No wait she is the virus!!! It’s her all her fault because she is a virus! lol.

    Meanwhile Kristin just lives her life not convicted or charged with anything. Yay Kristin Kreuk!

  • I used to watch Smallville a looooong time ago. Kreuk used to be hot, but now she’s pretty old. I remember this cult was mentioned a lot during those later Smallville years. Is she still working? Does she have any kids? It’s been a long time since I cared.

    • Kristin Kreuk continues to be very beautiful and is still under 40. Folks have said she still looks as stunning as she did on the 1st episode of Smallville 19 years ago. She is a executive producer of 2 series, and she is the female lead of her 3rd series. She has been said to be a multimillionaire with a net worth from 6 to 10 million dollars. She is single after a long relationship with an actor and is now seeing a non actor. No kids yet. But according to certain **meangirls**this should end and Kristin should be destroyed because they say so. Of course they will fail to destroy the lovely and youthful Kristin Kreuk who is beloved by millions of her fans, the Canadian government who supports her show, and CW, who has given her 14 glorious years of employment. She is doing great!

      • I’m not sure why you think it’s just girls who hate on Kristin (you keep referring to them as “mean girls”). It seems to me that also obsessed guys who have serious issues too would also demean her.

      • I checked her Wiki. I don’t know how much you can trust that site though since anyone can edit it. It says she’s 37 going on 38. I don’t see any relationships listed. I also don’t see any children listed. She is too old to not have kids and not have a family of her own. She looks older than when I remember her on Smallville which was a long time ago but she is still pretty in photographs although they could be manipulated. I see those same values you said for her net worth but they seem to be guesses from a number of websites. If she has that much money from acting then she’s lucky.

  • nothing nefarious in this post…are we running out of bad stuff? this post indicates GBD was poorly run, okay? and in 2008 lots of people had doubts about global warming being mostly man made…and many conservatives still do.

    • There was also a lot of inappropriate sexualization of young girls in entertainment, media, advertising and retail – as the parent of young girls around then, I remember it, and actually worked hard to keep them away from it, as did my siblings – not a single one of our kids ever went out wearing PINK branded clothing, for instance (I remember the days when that term had sexual connotations, and I suspect it’s no accident that the dirty old men running Victoria’s Secret chose it).

      For instance, in 2007, the American Psychological Association published the report of an APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls:

      Unfortunately, it was, and still is, all to widespread, especially in those industries. So that hapless crew’s efforts with GBD were not necessarily anything more than a sad reflection of the times, and that attitudes of the industry they worked in – though I wouldn’t be surprised if Raniere seeded the idea in hopes it might grow into something that would become a feeder for young women, which of course it failed utterly at, as did so many of his half-baked and poorly followed up schemes.

      • ‘as the parent of young girls around then, I remember it, and actually worked hard to keep them away from it, as did my siblings’

        this touched me, I became the biggest most ardent Britney Spears fan, just to put my girls right off her- it worked. did the same thing with the spice girls – Good man, Anonymaker, thanks for all your sincere efforts especially in these challenging weeks.

  • She said she wants to be the kind of person who is able to determine what is most true, but she wasn’t true in her NXIVM statement said almost a decade later. Omitting information and not telling the whole truth is not being true. She also couldn’t be true in relating that GBD was heavily influenced by NXIVM. If you can’t be true in little things, how can you be true in the big things? How can you be true to others if you aren’t true to yourself?

    If there’s anything NXIVM taught its long term followers not to be, it is not to be true.

  • Great to read a post from such a distinguished and original artist.

    They certainly got a lot of controversy.

    Not sure it worked as expected.

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