5G Will Track Everyone and Everything and May Cause an Immune Crisis

By Fred

I’ve been researching this issue very deeply since 2003. I have a long background in radio communications, I’m not an enemy of wireless communication. I’ll bet I’m the only person around here who knows Morse code, I learned it when I was six years old, operated for many years, and can still take 20 words per minute in my head.

There are at least 25,000 scientific papers in the literature showing health hazards and biological effects from low-level (“non-thermal”) microwave radiation, dating back to the 1920s and the work of the Russian researcher Gurwitz, who noted that plants emit electromagnetic radiation in the near ultraviolet (he called these “mitochondrial rays” as they are particularly strong during cell division, they are now called biophotons, and are routinely photographed with sensitive cameras). That’s nearly a century of evidence now.

I have collected every single peer-reviewed scientific paper published anywhere in the world on health risks around cell phone towers, there are about 30 to date. Every single one of them, without exception, shows a consistent pattern of symptoms, including

  1. Headaches
  2. Severe sleep disorders (very common)
  3. Attention and memory problems (very common)
  4. Mood swings, rages, depression and suicidal thoughts, restlessness
  5. Skin rashes, burning sensations on skin (I have personally collected dozens of affidavits and doctors’ letters to this effect from people living near towers, with drastic pictures of rashes that no dermatologist could explain, some of which I sent to WHO; 5G is mostly absorbed by the skin, so look out for more of this)
  6.  Lowered immunity, lingering influenza (very relevant in light of the covid-19 epidemic)
  7. Joint pains
  8. Eye inflammations, visual disorders (the eye is very susceptible to microwaves, the eyeball resonates with centimetre wavelengths and cannot disperse heat well. Radar operators in WW2 went blind with very distinct cataracts, definitively linked with microwave exposure)
  9. Giddiness, nausea
  10. Heart arrhythmias, blood pressure fluctuations. People have been known to faint on entering a microwave field
  11. Gastric problems, loss of appetite
  12. Metabolic problems, leading to pre-diabetic conditions
  13. Hormonal fluctuations, including melatonin depletion, which will impair DNA repair
  14. Tinnitus
  15. Significantly raised cancer rates — a study in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, found literally thousands of excess cancer deaths in people who lived near towers, the cancer rates rising steadily the closer the person lived to a tower. The city promptly removed many base stations. A Taiwanese study found increased cancer rates in townships with towers, and removed them all from schools. An Israeli study found a tenfold increase in cancers in women who lived near a tower for five years.

This is only a partial list.

I can give you references to all of these papers. The WHO instructed the world’s researchers NOT to look at health around base stations, particularly NOT to research cancer around base stations, from 2006. There cannot be a problem, move on people. Not one study of health around towers has been conducted in the USA. It’s the blind leading the one-eyed.

I have met and traveled with Mr. Barrie Trower, the UK government’s former top scientific officer and intelligence agent researching microwave warfare. Mr. Trower held the world’s most complete list of pulsed microwave frequencies and their effects on body and brain. He obtained much of this information from the interrogation of captured Soviet-bloc “microwave spies” infiltrated into the UK with sophisticated miniature microwave transmitters. They targeted government ministers and other influential people. Mr. Trower was responsible for advising these ministers on their protection. He also debriefed Soviet-bloc dissidents who had been microwaved in their homes, a story that was recently confirmed by the New York Times’s William Broad, long a skeptic on the issue.

I can assure you that Mr. Trower is very much the real deal, a true 007 agent who was sent on anti-terrorist operations with a large revolver and instructions on whom to kill and when. He has a personal collection from his government service of over 8,000 papers showing health risks, some of them very rare and unobtainable. It took us nine hours to photocopy the papers he brought with him.

Mr, Trower has given expert evidence in courts all over the world, including the USA. He literally does not say one single word that he cannot justify without copious evidence.

He has repeatedly described the 5G rollout as “GENOCIDE” and confirmed that this is a directed energy weapon, a phased array that       across the landscape, whether you are carrying a phone or not.

Why do you think “tinfoil hat case” is the go-to insult for anyone who does any research on what is really going on behind the scenes?

We are the object of derision by all authorities, all mainstream media. If you hear buzzing noises in your head, you will be given antipsychotic drugs. If you get depressed, you get antidepressants. If you get ADD, you are given Ritalin.

There are at least 30 studies showing severe damage to sperm from low-level microwaves. There are dozens of studies showing changes to brainwave patterns from ordinary cell phone radiation. A few minutes’ exposure changes brainwave patterns for hours.

A study at the Weizmann Institute in Israel, Friedman (2007) found that two minutes of ordinary cellphone radiation triggered a biochemical cascade that flooded living human cells with free radicals, a clear cancer risk. This has been in the hard literature for over a decade, and has been confirmed in every detail by about 300 other studies. The particular cascade that is triggered is found in “long-term potentiation” of the brain, the hard-wiring of the synapses of the cortex. An NIH study has found premature thinning of the cortex in 9-year-old children who use “devices” for more than seven hours a day.

Image result for thinning of the cortex i

This thinning of the cortex is usually found in people over 60, who are losing brain cells and going senile. This is now seen in 9-year-old kids.

The average use of “devices” by US teenagers in 2015 was reported at NINE hours a day. You have permanently damaged the brains of an entire generation of kids.

The National Toxicology Program conducted a definitive study of irradiation of rats. They found “clear” evidence, their very strongest level of confidence, of cancer. Very rare heart cancers were one finding that got reported, but there were many other cancers. The NTP found “clear” evidence of DNA damage, particularly in brain cells, a known causal mechanism for cancer.

Yet this is all ignored. The World Health Organization says there is no consistent evidence of harm from base stations (despite 100% of the studies showing a clear and consistent pattern of health damage). This is an outright lie.

The WHO refuses to respond to any evidence that is presented to them. All the “official” reviews by governments, who are making a fortune from the telecoms industry, say there is no problem. All the research points the other way, but they just ignore it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. And the NTP study is really that guy on the Titanic shouting “Iceberg! Straight ahead!” — and no one listens, because it’s just too inconvenient a truth.

5G is the end of the line. Which are most 5G-saturated nations on the planet? China; South Korea; Japan, the three worst-affected nations by the coronavirus. There is strong evidence that Iran has rolled out and is trialing 5G.

That Huawei CFO who was arrested, Meng Wanzhou, was specifically charged with contravening the sanctions on IRAN. She is something like China’s Steve Jobs, a national icon. Do you think she would be arrested if nothing was going on with 5G and Iran?

Another country with advanced 5G is Saudi Arabia. I predicted covid-19 cases there. The first death was reported recently.

Everywhere you look, there’s a connection. Covid-19 in Tenerife. Take one look: they’ve got 5G. The one continent that is almost free of deaths, is Africa, with its generally undeveloped infrastructure. Look out for cases in South Africa, with 5G.

Mr. Barrie Trower has stated many times that the single most pervasive impact of low-level microwaves is lowered immunity, depleted white cell counts. Dr. Arthur Firstenberg MD tracked outbreaks of lingering flu in American cities in the weeks in 1996 when they rolled out the cell phone networks, and a spike in death rates in 120 cities in the weeks after the rollout. Neighboring cities with no mobile service did not experience these flu outbreaks.

I may be nuts, but I’ll quote the great Viktor Schauberger: “They call me a madman. Let us hope that they are right. It is of no greater or lesser import for another fool to wander the earth. But if I am right and science is wrong — then may the Lord God have mercy on mankind.”

If you’ve read this far, thank you sincerely for your attention. Again: believe me: this is the tip of the tip of the iceberg. I warned way back that there would be an immune crisis with the rollout of 5G. I have personally documented two cases of lingering flu epidemics that coincided exactly with the rollout of new microwave networks. Those epidemics killed many people. I was made severely ill in both cases, the second time I got a severe bronchitis that I seriously thought might kill me. And I have a generally good immune system, I was a school teacher, you know, we have to be robust.

This is the greatest danger the human race has ever faced. And I rattle on about Rudolph Steiner, but he predicted all of this, and predicted that a very evil character would arise to inherit and deploy the Internet of Things to terrible effect. Take a look around you, and remember the good old days. We are truly in the end times.

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  • As an example, here’s a little fact check about Fred’s supposed authority on microwaves, whose bogus credentials he has apparently credulously lapped up, just like Raniere’s followers accepted baseless claims about Vanguard being a child prodigy and one of the world’s smartst men:

    “Barrie Trower

    Dr.Barrie Microwave Trower is a pseudoscientist who allegedly trained in the British Government Microwave Warfare Establishment in the 1960s and worked with the underwater bomb disposal unit.[1] So far, he hasn’t given any concrete evidence to support his apparent training and work. He also claims that after this he “went on to teach advanced physics and mathematics at South Dartmoor College”, which in practice means he was a high school teacher, as South Dartmoor College is a secondary school in Ashburton, Devon, England (perhaps he wants you to think it’s a research university, but no).[2][3]”


    “You will notice what’s very specifically not been said here, which is that Mr. Trower teaches physics at a university. Lest anyone should carelessly arrive at this impression, it ought to be said that what the Post calls “Dartmoor College” is South Dartmoor Community College, a state comprehensive school for children aged 11-18. They are doubtless lucky to have a “weapons expert” like Mr. Trower on staff (assuming he is on staff), although it is damned hard to be a military expert in anything for any length of time without inadvertently getting your name on any patents or peer-reviewed papers to speak of. ”


    “One Morrison expert PPS attorneys have had to depose is Barrie Trower, who claims he worked on a “stealth” microwave warfare program for the British Navy (noting he had no rank because he refused promotions) and was assigned to a secret British prison housing “spies, dissidents, international terrorists [and] gangland killers.

    Trower claims a bachelor’s degree in physics earned in night classes, has been repeatedly turned down by Ph.D. programs, and says he recently traveled to consult with “the king in South Africa” on Wi-Fi dangers. (South Africa abolished the monarchy in 1961.)”


    • Mr Barrie Trower applied to do a PhD at his old university, Exeter. They were particularly keen on his application, because he had already obtained funding for it — until they found it was to be on mobile phones and health. Thereupon he was told to go away, to never come back, to never set foot in the university again. He told me this story personally.

      He applied to the Open University. The professor who chatted to him there was quite sympathetic, but said they couldn’t touch the thesis — it was “too political”. This is on the record somewhere.

      However, another story Mr Trower told us, was how he was dismissed from the technical college where he taught A-level physics, which is universally called “advanced level” in the UK. I’ll get there now.

      What you are omitting from Mr Trower’s CV is the 11 years or so he spent as a correctional services officer at Dartmoor Prison. He was the gym master for the jail, and the only possible alternative to solitary confinement for many top-security prisoners was supervised gym activity. So Mr Trower had genuine certificates on his wall in football, volleyball, gymnastics, etc., as a cover for his position as lead interrogator of a number of Soviet “microwave spies”, none of whom suspected that he had been given years of training in psychology, lip reading, etc.

      He played a similar role in Wormwood Scrubs prison, where he became aware of abused youths, rent boys and the like, who were victims of top MPs, cabinet ministers, police officers and others. Mr Trower compiled a dossier on these abusers, naming names, in the early 1970s. It was perhaps the first of a series of such dossiers that have disappeared with trace:


      Barrie Trower does not have a high opinion of British politicians, he describes them in public talks as “the most corrupt politicians in the world,” based on the huge percentage of them who had admitted guilt to offences with regard to perks. (He doesn’t say anything he can’t prove with numbers.)

      So, anyway, to augment his prison warder pension, he taught A-level physics — and you can check, there’s a national crisis in the UK, a drastic shortage of physics teachers, a leaked government memo in 2015 showed they were going to spend 67 million pounds to try attract 2,500 more physics and maths teachers. Most UK colleges don’t offer physics at all any more, according to the Times Educational Supplement, they simply can’t find the teachers:


      These kids at South Dartmoor Community College are therefore very lucky to have Mr Barrie Trower teaching them, even if he’s only “Mr” Trower.

      So let me describe how Mr Trower lost his part-time teaching job, it’s quite interesting.

      There’s an infamous case in telecoms, known as The Greek Watergate, when Vodafone networks using Ericsson switches were compromised and there was massive spying.

      “The phones tapped included those of the Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis and members of his family, the Mayor of Athens, Dora Bakoyannis, most phones of the top officers at the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry for Public Order, members of the ruling party, ranking members of the opposition Panhellenic Socialist Movement party (PASOK), the Hellenic Navy General Staff, the previous Minister of Defense and one phone of a locally hired Greek American employee of the American Embassy. Phones of Athens-based Arab businessmen were also tapped.”


      That’s quite a list. This was over the Greek Olympics, and the Olympic committee were also extensively bugged.

      Mr Barrie Trower was invited to give technical evidence at a Supreme Court investigation in Greece into the mysterious death of Vodafone Greece’s network planning manager, Kostas Tsalikidis, who apparently uncovered the bugging. He was said to have “committed suicide”, although he told his fiancee that it was a matter of “life and death” that he leave the company.

      Mr Trower told us — that man committed suicide the day before he was to go on a honeymoon. No one does that.

      Anyway: Mr Trower told the court how this bugging could have been carried out, from his history of working in microwave espionage. The court found that this death clearly had something to do with the scandal: “If there had not been the phone tapping, there would not have been a suicide,” said the prosecutor.

      So Mr Trower returns to South Dartmoor Community College, which has in the meantime been apprised of what Mr Trower was doing in the rest of his retirement time. He was called into the rector’s office, told to leave the campus immediately, not even to return to his office, and to never, ever set foot there again. Mr Trower said he had some A-level scripts that needed marking. He was told this had already been taken care of. Get out, and don’t come back.

      He never told us the story of the dossier on sexual abusers himself, but I wrote to the local newspaperman who wrote the story on him, I was interested to know in what Barrie’s local MP said. Apparently he was told to leave this material with the MP’s secretary, there was no time for a meeting. Barrie said there was no way he could leave sensitive material like this with a secretary, and made it clear that he thought the MP was an idiot.

      Apart from two years of intensive training in psychology and interrogation, Barrie also completed the Mountain Rescue Course — this is the most elite test for the top British special forces.

      He interrogated the Great Train Robbers, the Bader-Meinhof gang, Palestinian terrorists. But for 11 years at Dartmoor, he concentrated on the microwave spies, all highly trained in psychology, very intelligent operatives, masters of interrogation themselves. One was a very beautiful woman. One of the spies was jailed for 42 years. Not a word of this reached the public’s attention.

      Barrie said that he got every single frequency he needed out of them, eventually. There was a particularly critical frequency which only one spy knew. Barrie arranged for an entire Dartmoor lock-down while this guy was in the gym. These security clampdowns happened periodically. The entire prison would be shut, every single door locked, and people remained in place, being fed through hatches in the doors.

      After two days, Barrie told them outside, give me one more day. And on the third day, he got his frequency. He said the only coercion used was a cup of tea and a biscuit.

      So secret was this operation, that nothing was ever written down. If Barrie got new information, a chap called Dennis would appear at the back gate of Dartmoor and be told verbally.

      He’s confirmed that the Brits were using microwaves as a weapon, irradiating Catholic populations on a large scale to make them docile. He confirmed the microwaving of the Greenham Common women in the 1980s, with many experiencing miscarriages and cancer.

      He has very special expertise and training in human physiology — this was a big surprise to me, but this is actually where he possesses advanced knowledge. I was expecting more of an old-fashioned radio man, but he was something quite different, he’s really thinking about what’s going on biologically and psychologically.

      When he saw little children putting powerful microwave transmitters against their heads, using the same carrier frequencies as weapons, using the pulsed modulations of weapons, and using frequencies which he himself had provided the government, which were known to produce effects on body and brain — that’s when Mr Barrie Trower turned whistleblower.

      To be absolutely honest, not a single one of Edward Snowden’s revelations even remotely surprised me. The thing that really surprised me was that these revelations seemed to surprise everyone else. Maybe this says something about my levels of paranoia.

      However: Mr Barrie Trower absolutely shocked me rigid, with some of his disclosures. You don’t even know the beginning of it.

      In my book, he’s a far more significant whistleblower than Snowden. There’s always been something off about Snowden for me. When I saw that he checked into that famous Hong Kong hotel using a credit card in his own name, when he was supposedly under deep cover, I decided that he actually must have known he was under protection. He didn’t act alone, this was some kind of intelligence play. According to Q, of course, Snowden is a straight traitor.

      Mr Barrie Trower is the real deal, on every count. And he’s stepping up just as he’s most needed, after having been ignored for so many years, just as 5G is hitting the world.

      Again: I checked him out at the very closest quarters. As an old science teacher myself, who in fact trained as a physics teacher in the UK, I connected with him in a very direct way, we understood each other very well. I may not be trained in interrogation, but I can assure you that Mr Barrie Trower is exactly who he says he is. He has enough going on in his mind, to worry about making up stories.

      I’ve got many, many more Mr Trower stories, some of them you will seriously not believe, but I was there. I flew with him on a very strange mission once. The king of the wealthiest tribe in the whole world was subsequently thrown in jail and then deposed for talking to Barrie Trower, I confirmed this with one of the nation’s top intelligence agents. It’s a long story, but I’m nearly ready to tell it now. Stay wired.

    • Fred just got OWNED by AnonyMaker.

      I implore Frank to respond to AnonyMaker’s comments —— since otherwise he’s knowingly spreading FALSE articles based on discredited sources.

      You had better respond to AnonyMaker’s comments, Frank, otherwise you’re a fucken coward and a shill.

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