How Raniere Attempted to Use Gina Hutchinson to Have Her Brother Imprisoned

Gina Hutchinson was 33 when she died.

Keith Raniere had an ability and the desire to get his followers to turn against their own families. Heidi Hutchinson shares this interesting story about her sister and brother. Readers know her sister, Gina Hutchinson, was a victim of Raniere’s sexual advances when she was around 14 years old.  She remained with Raniere for much of her life – and was found dead from gunshot wounds in a wooded area in Woodstock NY in October 2002.  She was 33.  Her death was ruled a suicide but there are some, including her sister, who feel that Keith Raniere had a hand in her death. Whether it was murder or working to assist in her suicide is unknown at this time. Heidi takes us back to the 1980s and Clifton Park before Raniere founded Nxivm and became the Vanguard.

Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

My brother, Eric Hutchinson, has some not-so-fond recollections about Keith Raniere. He’s permitting me to share them with Frank Report readers.

Eric got to know Keith when Keith proposed starting a business with him called “The Concept School” back in the mid-eighties —when Keith was “mentoring” our little sister along with some of her friends.

Eric, btw, just so happens to have a true, very high IQ that throughout his life always tested in the “genius” range. He still holds the highest score in history on the U.S. Naval entrance exam and his portrait still hangs in the hallowed halls of Navy headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Eric was accepted into Keith’s own alma mater, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute — though he attended Brigham Young University on a full-ride scholarship instead.

One of the features of Eric’s indisputably high intellect is a keen memory starting at a far earlier age than average.

NXIVM aficionados might recall that Keith Raniere makes the same claim of having memories from the crib — a panic attack over losing his baby bottle and such — that supposedly led to Keith’s development of “anti-parasite” strategies for early infant genius training. What a concept.

In fact, many of Keith’s genius-making “concepts” arose from his association with my family. My brother, Mark, for instance — whose not necessarily a genius but pretty darn smart — considers Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead” to be the greatest novel ever written, though he doesn’t recall ever sharing that with Keith.

Eric, however, recalls how Keith — who is two years older than he — tried to pick his brain under the pretext of starting “The Concept School” to produce geniuses who would someday rule the world and make them both ultra-rich if one of their (Eric’s) inventions didn’t do the trick.

Eric’s invention was a sort of solar energy device that ran on something he calls “luminiferous ether” — seen as electric blue molecules that Eric says group together in the atmosphere and can generate energy — [and, according to Keith Raniere, intensely potent, multiple orgasms in Keith’s female subjects during sex with him.

Eric soured on Keith when he started getting the idea that about the only thing Keith could conceptualize was having sex with the girls he dazzled with his faux intellect and RPI credentials. And before Scott Johnson chastises another relative of Gina’s for not reporting the statutory rape, no one except Gina’s best friend and I knew that Gina herself was sexually involved with Keith from before the time she reached the age of consent in New York.

It was in 1987 when Eric accompanied Gina and her best friend — a girl I’ll refer to as “Susan [not her real name] because she is yet in such legitimate fear of Keith Raniere that she’s asked me not to name her — went out one night with fake ID’s to a local disco to do some underage drinking. They got into the club but weren’t sold any alcohol, as Eric recalls, so they eventually left in search of libations.

Susan was driving, Gina occupied the passenger front seat and Eric sat in the back. Gina wanted to drag Susan over to Keith’s townhouse, again, but Eric wanted to be dropped off at his hom, if he couldn’t convince them to forgo Keith’safter-hourss invite altogether.

Heidi and Gina Hutchinson

Neither Susan, who’d worked up a thirst dancing, nor Gina — who apparently thirsted for Keith’s company — she was, sadly, long infatuated with the beast — wanted to make the detour to bring Eric home. They’d suggested he could get a cab or walk despite the chilly temperatures.

Eric had to pee en route back to the disco and use a pay phone to call our Mom for an emergency pick-up since he didn’t have the cab fare on him — this was long before cell phones — an alternative the girls did not agree with either.

If Mom were called, of course, that would put a sure stop to their plans to meet up with Keith.

So, the ever-clever Susan pulled over to let Eric out to pee off the side of the road and tried to take off before Eric barely had his fly zipped. Eric, however, managed to dodge back into the car as Susan was trying to tear out on him and leave him abandoned on the roadside to drudge home.

As Eric hastily re-entered the back of the vehicle he pulled a lever that pushed Susan’s seat up and momentarily pinned her to the front steering wheel, allegedly bruising her young, tender breasts. Susan was able to drive and drop Eric home, however, before the girls headed over to Keith’s next.

A few days later, the police were knocking on the door with a warrant for Eric’s arrest based on a report made by Susan and Gina over his alleged assault on Susan — when he’d supposedly shoved the seat up on her. Eric spent his first and only night ever in jail. Our Mom made bail for him the next day, of course, but unless the girls could be convinced to change their story and drop the charges, Eric was destined to be put back in the pen again. He was also facing a fine of $450.

Keith Raniere

Gina changed her statement almost immediately. However, Keith convinced Susan to take the “honest” route and hold out for “justice.”

Both Keith and Susan berated Gina for changing her testimony — for “lying” in support of her brother —although Gina insisted she was, in fact, lying when she first made the statement with Susan at Keith’s behest — probably to avoid exposing the true nature of his relationship with her and continue being allowed to see him.

Eric recalls Keith even had the audacity to try to convince our mother that it was in Eric’s best interest to be punished for his crime and that Gina should, likewise, be punished for perjuring herself when she changed her initial statement to something closer to the truth.

Gina needed a lesson on “ethics” even if it cost our family a few hundred bucks in fines, a few thousand in attorney fees, and her errant brother, perhaps, a bit of his freedom and a felony criminal charge on his record.

After weeks of Socratic debate with the world’s self-proclaimed most ethical genius on the topic — Gina stuck with her altered statement that exonerated her brother.  Fortunately, Mom paid the fine and the attorney fees and the assault charges against Eric were reduced from “assault” to “public nuisance.”

Eric remembers that had something to do with having his wiener hanging out in front of Susan when he hopped back in her car not fully zipped.

Like many of us, today Eric prays Keith Raniere is able to help fully reform his fellow inmates during his prison stay with his ethics teachings and believes God has finally placed Keith where he might most benefit humanity.

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  • Every word that you write resonates, Heidi. Thank you for giving these glimpses into that car with “Susan” and your brother and sister. God, there’s nothing like a real family remembrance to bring all of this to life. None of these young people were expecting a Raniere, yet he was already exploiting them with his destructiveness. You got me imagining being in that car and with so many, many different nuances. Thanks to your brother, too. What a young, unforgettable night!

    Okay, so you have to have guessed that you would get someone’s attention here (and I quote you from within the comments) with this dartboard bull’s eye of a remark. Here is the snippet.

    “…I learned that Kristin Keefe was literally calling the shots on location with “The Lost Women of Nxivm.”

    Heidi, do you remember that song “Summer Nights” from Grease with all that wondering outloud about young love? There’s a chorus refrain in that song. The chorus urges
    Tell me more
    Tell me more

    Let us get DOWN, Ms Heidi, let us get right on over and sniff dat thang. Lemme tell you, if one may be so bold, that I can dig it. Unh huh. Always trust the nose. W-O M-A-N’ s intuition. The ignition is fully charged. Hoo yeah. Do tell. Or don’t, but I gotcha.

    Regardless of what you say or don’t say, the drift of that “calling the shots” phrase was redolent and has wafted out onto my verandah already. Too late. Tee-hee.

    As Jessica Simpson so sagely questioned, “is that tuna or is is chicken?”

    Luckily, we have frangipani and ceiling fans. “Calling the shots,” eh? Who was holding the balls?

    Now. Cyberhugs to you. Bouquets to you and the ones you love from somebody happy to be acquainted, from here in the audience. Here’s to Gina

  • Great story, Heidi. Thanks for sharing!

    How many times over the years has Keith tried to disrupt/harm/maim/destroy somebody, “in the name of ethics”?

    Burn in the hole, bastard!

  • Hi Heidi . Great article.
    I really like how you write . I found it interesting that the pattern Keith did with your sister and brother is somewhat similar to what Happened with dany and her sisters . I think your brother was fortunate to have your parents who believed him. Maybe also Keith got better at being manipulative.

    Anyway all the best . I love your work too. Let us know how we might help your cause . Keep fighting !

  • Thanks for sharing, Heidi – sorry your family has had to deal with so much from the psycho.

    I assume Erik had already fallen out with Keith when this happened? Because I suspect Erik was jerking Keith’s “I’m so smart” chain. Luminiferous ether was debunked in the late 1800s as a theoretical substance that allowed the propagation of light – something that Erik knew, but Keith didn’t. I’m sure Keith acted as though he knew all about it though. I’d bet that Keith’s vengeful side kicked into full gear when he realized he’d been duped, but he couldn’t go after Erik directly without exposing his own original ignorance. Kudos to Erik on his clever poking the bear – sadly, it is one thing to take the air out of a bragging gasbag, but infinitely more dangerous when the gasbag is a narcissistic psychopath.

    Think his Ayn Rand kick started earlier, too. He was trying to get me to read Atlas Shrugged back when I knew him.

    Stay strong!

    • Yes, Eric saw right through Keith I’m sure but he’s not the type to call anyone out — not petty, focused on ideas not personalities, socially awkward with the ladies — your classic “nerd.” There was also prolly some tension over ‘Susan’ that Keith couldn’t overtly display bc of Gina. Keith and Eric were also commodities trading, had some “genius” formula going on with that — until the FBI intervened — apparently some Arab sheik’s were slighted — but that’s another story.

      I regret that I wasn’t around more to intervene or tell you the factual dynamics. I didn’t even know about this incident until it came up at a family gathering over the last Holidays.

      I’ve never read Fountainhead myself, either.

      • Shoulda guessed it would be over cinching his chance at a girl. I never read Atlas Shrugged either. Yeah, I made a lot of connections about what was really going on when I spoke with James Odato years ago. And then talking with the FBI also made things clearer and finally the witness testimony.

        We should find a way to talk in person sometime. I can’t help with much beyond maybe some early timeline stuff, but given KRs usual ” keep things compartmentalized ” tactics, you never know what might spark some connections. I never expected how much I would learn/realize from my chat with the FBI. Took me a while to process it all, but my understanding of what was going on behind the scenes of my relationship with him is much clearer now.

        • I would love to connect directly, L. Let’s figure it out – maybe Frank can help. …Whatever happened to Vangone Day? Last year a few regulars on here were planning a new kind of V-day celebration. I’d still come. (With a food taster.)

          • If either of you email me with contact info to be sent to the other, I will share it only with L and Heidi.

      • Heidi, Raniere always had stories – or even conspiracy theories – to blame his losses on, but that’s just more of his BS. He was just incompetent at many real-world things, and on top of it apparently a compulsive gambler (and sex addict).

        There are no “genius” formulas – those are just the fantasies of people who are gamblers at heart, the same sort who will tell you there are ways to beat the casinos (for geniuses like the famous crew from MIT, counting cards is a way – the only one – but it only works until the pit bosses are tipped off by the winnings, and have the players 86d).

      • “I regret that I wasn’t around more to intervene or tell you the factual dynamics.”

        That sums up this story. A man who is called a “nerd” by his own blood that catches an abuse charge via his pecker hanging out is a naval academy genius. 🤯 WOW

  • Wonder Woman
    Heidi- Great post! Am so sorry for what Keith and his minions have put you and your family through. The Snyders are thinking about you and praying for you. Please Call Kim when you get a chance.
    Heidi- have faith that Keith is where he belongs- and he will stay there. He is a worm on the face of the earth.
    Heidi- kudo’s to Eric- can you send us a photo of him, when you call Kim?
    Please have faith, and know, God is with the victims’ families- each and every day.
    God Bless- Love ❤️ Wonder Woman

    • I’ll give Kim a call soon. Still having some tech issues like when Kim’s text messages were switching over to Frank Parlato’s number under Keira’s name. Another lemon phone, sigh.

      • It’s not the phone that is a lemon. One of you ladies put your conversations in a group chat. One of you had to actually choose who would be in the group so only the group would see the conversation. This is not done on accident or by a lemon phone.

        • I was being facetious about the lemon phone, Ann. In truth, however, these kinds of tech tricks have been occurring on various phones of mine for several years and while many have witnessed this phenomenon, few ever ascribe it human meddling or error — just my luck with tech “devices.” One phone even threatened to kill me. In Spanish. 😄

          • Interesting and very weird. Glad you are still alive 😊. Many blessings to you.

  • I’m not gonna trash Heidi in this post.

    I’d simply like to ask Frank to verify what Eric’s entrance exam score was?

    Also, what exam was it? Entrance exam for the NAVAL ACADEMY in Annapolis?

    Did he attend the actual Naval Academy and graduate from there as an officer?

    Or was it just a local OCS exam?

    Also… How does she know that nobody else has since scored higher in the last 30 years? If these scores are publicly printed for her to see, then please tell us where we can verify them also.

    Also… if his portrait hangs in the Naval Headquarters, please elaborate on why it hangs there. Did he retire as an admiral? War hero? What was his RANK in the navy? Why would his portrait hang in DC?

    I want Frank to verify it.

    Frank, is she telling the truth about everything? If so, then kudos to Eric. Good job.

    But I don’t trust anything Heidi says unless Frank verifies it for us.

    • Looks like another bullshit exaggeration from Heidi about her brother’s accolades.

      Heidi can’t say two words without bullshitting us.

      Frank hasn’t verified JACK SHIT about Eric’s so-called accolades. Total joke.

    • I should have attributed the recent picture & plaque sighting of Eric at Naval Headquarters to my equally impressive brother, Mark (he did two tours on a nuclear sub in the Persian Gulf War – never talks about it, though) who informed us of this at Thanksgiving dinner — but I was under the influence of L Tryptophan when I wrote the story.

      Frank has Mark’s contact info.

    • Your welcome, GSC. I contributed this a couple of months ago, though — before Bangkook made a comeback, KKK icons appeared on here (as if Johnson isn’t enough racist hate for the entire Internet) and before I learned Kristin Keeffe was literally calling the shots on location with “The Lost Women of NXIVM” documentary.

      I do hope it helps especially those who still don’t seem to know who or what they’re dealing with.

      • I just hope the investigation into your sister’s death is on-going, and continues well beyond the upcoming sentencing(s) . While I realize it costs energy and money to reopen investigations into Gina’s specific case, is there any way folks who wish to contribute, can?

      • Thank you, Heidi for writing this so eloquently. Bangkook is a racist. Frank Report should not enable him.

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