Nxivm Victim, Sally Brink, Tells Story of Nancy Salzman’s Advice on Her Cancer

Sally Brink raised $42,000 on GoFundMe for her cancer treatment. Nxivm leader Nancy Salzman told her she got her cancer to seek attention from her husband.

From the New York Times article on the Neil Glazer Civil Lawsuit comes an interesting facet: The interview with former Nxivm member, now plaintiff in the lawsuit, Sally Brink, who has breast cancer.

The Times story is Nxivm ‘Sex Cult’ Was Also a Huge Pyramid Scheme, Lawsuit Says

Sally Brink is married to Nxivm diehard and Society of Protectors [SOP] leader, Damon Brink.

Sally Brink raised $42,000 on GoFundMe for her cancer treatment. Nxivm leader Nancy Salzman told her she got her cancer in order to get attention from her husband, Damon.

First, let’s republish what the Times wrote about Brink:

“’They get you to not trust your own decision-making process,” said one former member, Sally Brink, who said she paid $145,000 to take Nxivm classes over the years. ‘They tell you that you need them to make decisions. You start to doubt everything.’

Ms. Brink was among the 80 plaintiffs who sued Mr. Raniere and 14 other associates of Nxivm ….

“Ms. Brink, 47, said in an interview that she was introduced to the group in her late 20s. She was struggling as the new co-owner of a restaurant in a Vermont college town, weighed down by 18-hour days.

“Her college roommate recommended turning her life around through Nxivm, pitching it as a class that helped entrepreneurs reach their goals. The roommate told her the program had been developed by a brilliant thinker named Keith Raniere.

“Ms. Brink flew to Los Angeles in 2004 for a five-day course, hosted at a home in the Hollywood Hills. At first, she found the teachings to be profound. Her relationships with her employees and her family improved.

Still, he was a damn good liar.

Damon once said: “For those of you that don’t know, our founder, Keith Raniere, has built more than 1,000 millionaires in his life. He has built multi-million dollar businesses in a short amount of time and at one point was making more than $100,000 per hour coaching the highest level business executives in the world.”

Bullshit Damon.

Nancy Salzman with Sara Bronfman at V-Week 2017. It was here in Sliver Bay when Nancy announced to Nxivm followers that she had breast cancer.

Feckless Nancy

These are very wicked people in Nxivm. One of the wickedest, Nancy ‘Prefect’ Salzman, was quickest to hop on the plea deal bus, jumping ahead of her own daughter, getting only one racketeering felony, instead of two, like her daughter.

Nancy: ‘I love you darling but I got that first seat on the plea deal bus.”

Nancy has told others in Nxivm that she now realizes Keith tricked her; she had no idea for 20 years he was rotten to the core.


Keith Raniere has owned Nancy Salzman for 20 years. But that ownership has been rescinded.

Nancy is, overall, an astounding deceiver, a liar of immense proportions. Next to Clare and, of course, the Creature himself, she deserves a monstrous-long prison sentence. Chances are she will get off lightly.

The Creature with Barbara Bouchey and Nancy Salzman

Generous Nxivm Followers

I did find it curious, when reviewing Sally Brink’s GoFundMe page, that a few Nxivm members made contributions.

After she raised some $42,000, I am pretty certain Nancy was pushing her not to spend the money on herself, but to get it to Keith. Not so much because he needed it – he had Bronfman millions and other sources of income – but because these two, Keith and Nancy, hated the idea that anyone would have any money to spend on themselves.

And because I believe Keith wanted her to die.

Maybe Nancy and Keith influenced followers to be parsimonious with Sally. After all, ‘What does it mean when you have extra money on hand and you don’t spend it to make the world and yourself a better person?”

Of the millionaires who donated to the cause of possibly saving the life of their friend:

[redacted] – $1000
Vany Huber -$500

Alex Betancourt gave $270.

Ceci Salinas – $200.

Omar Boone gave $80

Angelica Hinojos, who is a poor Rainbow nanny, working for $15 per hour, donated more than the millionaire Betancourt, donating $300.
The widow’s mite: Angelica Hinojos gave more than millionaires to help Sally Brink.

Other Nxivm members who contributed:

Wayne LeBaron – $200

Christina Starr – $200.

Siobahn Hotaling  $150

Linda Chung  – $100
Ginger Macintosh – $50.
Kim Constable – $108.
Lyvia Cohen – $54
Wendy Rosen-Brooks – $200
Amanda Canning – $108

It is curious, Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Emiliano Salinas, Edgar Boone, and of course, the two heiresses, Clare and Sara Bronfman, did not appear to donate anything.


MK10ART’s painting of Nancy Salzman who taught “Breast cancer is the result of low self-esteem.”

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  • That Sally is quoted in NYT article as a plaintiff in Glazer lawsuit I hope means she is alive.
    I pray she didn’t fall for something that deterred her from timely medical treatment that might have helped her survive. Nancy Salzman should fry in hell for suggesting Sally not try to live– who does Nancy think she is? Practicing brainwashing on a sick person and trying to divert them from life is pure evil.

    Cancer patients are understandably targets for all sorts of poppycock re cures. They want to live — for themselves and their children…so they’ll try a lot of things that might be bogus in hopes it works.
    A long time ago there was a Bill Moyers show on healing, and there was a guy he interviewed outside San Francisco who had investigated pretty much every then-existing cancer “cure” and his conclusion was if he had cancer, he’d go the conventional route except he’d also try Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Major cancer medical centers are now integrating TCM as therapy. If Sally reads this–please look into TCM. It has thousands of years of history behind it.

    I’m surprised a well-educated Vermonter like Sally fell for Raniere, but I guess that’s the power of it all. To even draw in someone like her. She is a grad of Choate-Rosemary Hall and UVM. I think of Vermonters as being a bit less prone to fall for the BS than most people. And a liberal arts education like she would have been exposed to at Choate and UVM is supposed to teach people to think critically.

    I’ve noticed that many ESPians /NXIVM members do not have a liberal arts education, or much of any education a lot the time, and seem inexperienced in some way or another. They lack the education that would provide perspective on where Raniere/Salzman fit within history or the world of ideas and intellectual life… Anyway, if you’d been to university, you’d have met plenty of people with high IQs—-they don’t talk about their IQs, nor think they are more ethical because of their IQs-

    The recent bestseller “Educated,” which describes the life of a girl who grew up in a radical Mormon cult but escaped to get educated and went on to teach at Harvard, talks about the effect of education, and how it opened her mind beyond the cult………. The Bronfman girls were rich, but not educated, and definitely cultists.

    I’m glad Sally escaped Raniere. I pray she escapes cancer.

    • Her GoFundMe said she was getting chemo and just using complimentary treatments for side effects.

      If she went from Choate/RMH, which is an Ivy League feeder school, to UVM – a mediocre school mostly for well-off out-of-state (up to 80%) undergrads who come to ski – then she was one of the party kids or laggards in her class. Like the Bronfmans, she squandered opportunity life gave her.

      While it’s inaccurate to say that people who get into cults are stupid, and even research that suggests the opposite, in my long time observing and studying such groups, I think you are right that members tend to be not so well educated, and particularly not in rigorous disciplines like the sciences. Very few have advanced or professional degrees, which train people to varying degrees in research and analysis, even when not in the sciences. Those who stay for the long haul, seem to be particularly lacking in critical thinking skills.

      On a related note, one of the things that strikes me about NXIVM’s mission is that it is so materialistic. Unlike other cults, there’s no pretense of spirituality, and not even an aspirational goal of producing humanitarians, leaders or Nobel laureates – they were just dedicated to controlling the most money, which they of course failed miserably at.

      p.s. Sorry, but TCM is a particular peeve of mine, as it’s what brings us poaching for exotic animal parts like tiger bones, rhino horns, pangolin scales, abusive treatment if not poaching of bears for their gallbladders, to satisfy the Chinese market, and is otherwise rife with pseudoscience even in the West. Like NXIVM, there is some “good” in it and parts that “work,” but I don’t know how you separate that out, other than to eradicate it while putting only the parts that can actually be proven to work under some new umbrella.

      • Your point about animal poaching is well taken. But the meds I’ve gotten from TCM doc (personally) were herbal, and intended to be complementary to traditional medicine. My prescribing doc was Chinese and both an oncologist and TCM doc. The animal poaching is disgusting. I first heard of TCM from that Moyers show. Then my hospital added it

        I personally have a v serious achiever-type from UVM in my extended family, ha, Who is v successful in finance. So not all UVM’rs are slackers. But who is to say on most of the others. I like Vermont. I recommend the book “Educated” .

        • I get that herbs can work – and possibly even acupuncture – and would consider it myself if I needed it, though I’m not sure what practitioner I’d trust to strictly adhere to evidenced-based medical practices. And some of the complementary medicine approaches these days seem to me to be tacitly admitting that they’re just working at the “support” level of placebo effect, under the philosophy that it can’t be totally discounted even if it doesn’t meet conventional scientific standards.

          It may be that some of UVM’s programs are rigorous, I know that was the case at the state school where I did my graduate work, which also had a reputation as a party and ski school for rich out-of-state undergrads (except in schools like engineering which had separate admissions processes). If Brink went from UVM into restaurant and bar work, I doubt she was in one of their rigorous programs. I discovered Frank had done this earlier piece about her husband and fellow UVM grad, who comes off as one of the real koolaid drinkers:


          I think I remember hearing an interview with the woman who the book was about. Unfortunately my reading list is stacked up with books about subjects like cognitive biases, cults and conspiracy theorizing, plus assignments from my kids on history and social issues.

          • The book “Educated” is not work to read like some other stuff– it is so engaging it is really hard to put it down. It is very very well written account of growing up in radical cult family and escaping. And what it cost her and her sibs who escaped (and those that didn’t try) — among other things she lost connection with her family that she thought for awhile she could maintain something of Powerful 1st person account.

      • Important to note that Sally does not fit the description you suggest. She was a local girl whose family lived in Wallingford where Choate is located. Very challenging to be a ‘townie’ among all of the boarding school students. I should state that I personally knew her family but Sally was a very young child at the time. I do not claim any knowledge of the circumstances surrounding her acceptance to this very fine college preparatory school.

  • Sometimes I wonder if not having to foot the bill for Nancy’s 1st class cancer treatments isn’t 99 percent of the reason the DOJ is letting Salzman Sr. off so lightly — her sentence being so teeny compared to the other defendants and all.

    That’s just as pathetic as Clare’s paydown on her sentence relative to the other defendants, if that happens.

    There’s the practice money loss aspect to that but then there’s also the very unusual fact that she didn’t have to snitch on anyone under oath — both of which reflect gross inequities in the U.S. pay-to-play justice system.

    And, yes, why shouldn’t Nancy just accept her at-cause Karma — maybe her cancer was caused by trying to get IDK Joe Bruno’s or Doug Rutnik’s or Frank Parlato’s attention — “ANYTHING you need, and sue ya soon.”

    At least, she deserves no better treatment than anyone else doing time for likely lesser crimes than she’s guilty of.

    CRIME PAYS would be terribly unjoyful ending to this sorry saga but when you factor in all the uncharged perpetrators looks like that’s the net outcome.

    Whose the leader of the trial that’s made for you and me?

    M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

  • They say “apples don’t fall far from the tree, and shit don’t fall far from the asshole.”

    What’d you all think Lauren Salzman is like? The Sugarplum Fairy?

    Everybody is sorry when they get caught.

  • Nancy will not be smiling for much longer. She thought she’d won the jackpot after she walked out of court with only a micro sentence to worry about.

    That isn’t how it’s going to work out.

      • The Google – or paying close attention here – will tell you that Nancy Salman never actually owned the big house at 3 Oregon Trail, it belonged to one of the corporations.

        As I’ve posted previously, the only Salzman with property according to Saratoga County records is her daughter Lauren. So I’m guessing that’s where Nancy lives, though I’ve never seen it confirmed.

        Interestingly, the corporation purchased the house in 2005 from a Robert R. Romano who now lives in Wexford – Heidi, is that yet another of your relatives, and so yet another Romano-NXIVM property connection?

        • Why, yes. But I’m completely dumbfounded, I can assure.

          We have many Italian — some Sicilian — relatives in the Albany area. The Romanos were popular bc they had the restaurants — one right across the street from where Gina grew up — and kids the cousins Gina’s age hung out with.

          Did we find out for certain if Town Hall LLC is a NX company? The other suspicion I have — on top of the new name “Apropos” — is the way the business changed hands so quickly — a couple of times in July 2002 per your research. Looks shady.

          If all the shiftiness wasn’t a “premeditated” cover for a “suiciding” what was all that about? Money laundering front?

          …How much dirty money can a Lipton’s tea bag in a paper cup make up for once Nina Cowell took over the operation?

          • Heidi, it was in 2012 that the property was bought from someone named Harrington by NXV Trust, and then flipped to Village Hall LLC – and a check shows that both of those are on the government’s list of NXIVM-related entities. I’d chalk that up likely being something such as NXIVM haplessly casting about for the right corporate entity to put it under, maybe having done the wrong thing at first when it came to taxes or other considerations.

            If I were a diehard conspiracy theorist, I’d say there’s no way you could not know about a Romano in Clifton Park selling NXIVM one of their key properties (Salzman’s residence was used to impress outsiders and shoot videos). But I know that sometimes things are just coincidences – and I do appreciate your answer, which I will take at face value.

            I increasingly think it’s plausible that Cowell could have been involved in attempts to drug Snyder to try to get her under control – which, as I’ve noted, could have had the unintended consequence of actually increasing the risk of suicide. And that would have given NXIVM plenty of reason to invest in making sure she was kept far away from the scene.

  • Great collaboration on the article!

    AnonyMaker, you made an excellent observation. Keep sharing! F’ the haters!

    Nancy is the epitome of evil. She is a vile creature.

  • Another creepy story from nxvim… WTF, your cancer is your own fault, you should accept it and die. And by the way, give us all your money.

  • “It is curious, Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Emiliano Salinas, Edgar Boone, and of course, the two heiresses, Clare and Sara Bronfman, did not appear to donate anything.” Frank Parlato

    It appears that Lauren Pimp Salzman also failed to donate anything to her Sister in Need, Sally Brink.
    But the top rank NXIVM women liked to tool around in BMWs.

    Oddly enough /Allison Mack’s Super Fan Charger426hemi1 describes Allison as #compassionate, #angelic, #gentlesoul, and #caring.
    Why couldn’t compassionate Allison Mack spare a hundred dollars to help her Sister in Spirit, Sally Brink?
    Maybe Allison Mack needed the money for new cauterizing pens.

    😍😍😍❤❤❤ #allisonmack #chloesullivan #smallville #powergirl #inspiration #beautiful #gorgeous #amazingwoman #greatactress #blessed #caring #gentlesoul #unique #extraordinary #exceptional #angelic #heavensent #captivating #majestic #devine #freeallison #goddess #queen #phenomenalwoman #intelligent #compassionate #hero

    • Too bad Scott Johnson didn’t set aside a few bucks for therapy after he preyed on his family, friends and acquaintances to buy his Amway products out of his garage.

  • Any delay in cancer treatment probably caused Kemp to die. Thank you, Mommy Dearest Salzman.

    I wonder what “disintegration” Mommy Dearest Salzman says caused her cancer?

  • “Following Raniere’s arrest, Sally and her family moved back to Vermont.“

    Sally fled Albany about 1 year before the arrest. Sometime in spring 2017.

  • “Part will go towards working with cutting edge technology, science, and medicine that are complimentary to the standard practices”

    Yea right. This is total fraud. The non-nxians that donated should sue.

    • Good catch – see my comment below, about similar cases I’ve seen among Scientologists, where all they’re raising money for is the pseudo-scientific woo. It seems pretty common among cultists like this, and the mindset says something about the people they attracted, or at least those who stayed long-term, that they seem prone to falling for questionable dubious claims of “technology” and “science.”

      Still, reading the GoFundMe page, she seems to have been relying principally on conventional, proven treatments, using the complimentary care for side effects and symptoms, and some of those can have value, including if only as placebos. It doesn’t look too sketchy to me.

      Along the way I noticed that her social media and website presence seems to have gone quiet about a year ago, so I wonder how things are going for her.

  • Frank, glad you found that article, and my comment, of interest. I appreciate your being able to flesh out more of Brink’s story, which I was curious about, partly because I’m pretty sure we have mutual friends.

    Resorting to GoFundMe for critical health care costs is something also fairly often seen among Scientology cultists, who tend to eschew normal health care and expenses like insurance – and then sometimes end up actually begging for the worst of useless pseudo-science treatments, as a last ditch effort once they are hopelessly ill. Scientology also indoctrinates its followers to blame themselves for “pulling in” illnesses – and even injuries from accidents.

    Besides Kemp’s case, I’d suspect there are still others out there that just have yet to be revealed. And then there have to be more cases of people who suffered significant harm to their mental health, like the little cluster we know about around the time of Snyder’s case – I wonder if there are any of those among the plaintiffs.

    And the claim about Raniere’s supposed executive coaching is bizarre, but not unexpected for a cult like that – it’s sort of the American version of Indian gurus’ claims of miracles. Raniere might have made some kind of money before the 2003 Forbes article seems to have ended his ability to attract a few actual truly successful executives, rather than a bunch of wannabes and a smattering of moderately successful entrepreneurs, but the only time he could possibly have made $100,000 per hour was when he was fleecing the Bronfmans.

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