The Right Side: John Bolton Says President Wanted Quid Pro Quo – FBI Agent Says So What? What Difference Does It Make?

John Bolton [photo by Michael Vadon]

J. Gary DiLaura, FBI, retired.

There is nothing wrong with “You do this and in return, I’ll do that” deal, so long as, in the case of elected officials, it benefits their employer, the US government.

That is what is called a Quid Pro Quo. However, it could also be Hobbs Act- Extortion or a variety of other crimes. I’ve taken some to trial against elected officials, won 2 lost 1.

Joe Biden’s case is a slam dunk and I have been calling for the president to order his Attorney General to have the FBI investigate and convene a Grand Jury, since I first became aware of Biden’s admissions.

If it benefits the elected official like former Vice President Biden or his relatives, it’s called a CRIME, a very serious felony!

In order for there to be a Quid Pro Quo, both parties must know that there IS a Quid and a Quo! If either side is “unaware”, that there is a “deal”, then there is NO deal and no Quid Pro Quo!

In order for you to file a complaint for assault, you must know that you were assaulted. In order for you to file a complaint for harassment, you must know you were harassed! That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Those are factual, common sense, statements, under our Rule of Law, but not under Adam Schiff’s new “Adam’s Rule of Law”, by the council of Adam!

Examining the Law… let’s for a moment, assume the President told John Bolton that the President wanted to know if what Joe Biden said on video is true or false, an investigation into corruption  (Quid), BEFORE he releases any money to Ukraine (the Quo) .

Did John Bolton or any other government employee tell any Ukraine Official that the aid is dependent upon anything else, like getting dirt on Biden, before it came out in Politico, six weeks later? According to the President of Ukraine, Bolton did not.

Other Ukraine officials say there was no pressure and no Quid pro Quo.

If you read and take the transcript for what it says, there was no Quid Pro Quo and the request was to “get a handle” on Ukraine corruption to help the US/us! That’s what he said!

Now if you want to believe that what the President meant is that, “he wants to build a new Trump Towers in the Ukraine and put his son in charge and if you don’t agree to give him a plot of acres to build, before the President hangs up the phone, you aren’t getting the millions”…you can say that…but that doesn’t make it true, does it?

Our law does not allow any person to testify that another person didn’t mean exactly what they said! The Judge will stop you or Adam Schiff, cold. It’s just not allowed as testimony!

Was it the duty and responsibility of the President and is he the Sole Person Authorized by the Constitution, to set and enforce foreign policy? Is there another US Government official who can set foreign policy to demand no corruption before financial aid is rendered and tell Ukraine anything about policy to Ukraine or any other country?

The answer is an astounding, NO!

So the bottom line is this: Two people can talk about anything they want, legal or illegal, moral or immoral AND as long as they don’t act upon their illegal discussion it’s not a crime. On the other hand, act on that conversation of the crime and commit two overt acts, and you may be in trouble!

No matter what the President said to Bolton, who took an oath to keep private conversations with the President private, Bolton cannot disclose anything the President said to him about foreign policy and he knows that!

Bolton did not take the “Quid” to anybody Ukraine! Therefore Quid Pro Quo never happened!

I, for one, am very disappointed that we seem to have lost John Bolton to the dark side. I used to admire him. Now he’s just a lost little boy, who couldn’t have his way!

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  • The First Amendment guarantees freedom of the press. But there should be some responsibility in return.

    I read this rant a few times, and it doesn’t make a coherent point.

    And the implied point is political, rather than on-topic for what I value about this site.

    I’m disappointed.

    • …don’t politicize the site?
      Sorry you need help understanding what I said…so I’ll make it easier for you.1- There was no Quid Pro Quo. 2- There was no intent, by the President , to commit a crime, so there was no crime.3- There is reason (PC) to believe former VP Biden and his son violated the law and should be charged ( and not protected because he’s running for nomination to be President).4- The President cannot be Impeached for exercising his Constitutional Rights under Articles 1 and 2 of the Constitution( you should have listened to Mr Dershowitz).5-John Bolton signed a Non Disclosure Agreement a (NDR) and took an oath to become a member of Trump’s Staff. He gave up the right to divulge his private conversations with the President of the United States when he signed on. If he had a “criminal” issue with something the President said he would do or did actually do…then there were avenues he could have taken …he chose not to…so much for Bolton’s integrity being displaced with greed! 6- Is that simple enough for you? The Right Side

    • It is fine to express political opinions. And that is still fine even when they are all very biased, both in content and selection.

      But you can’t do all that and represent yourself and website as “hard-hitting journalism.”

      Time to choose one or the other.

      • Calawyer, I’m not certain to whom you refer. To clarify,as I have MANY times …I am a retired FBI Agent with a very good working knowledge of Federal Criminal law who writes a fact based Opinion column called The Right Side and a website at… If you assume most members of Congress are lawyers and after hearing numerous speak, especialy those on the left, I feel quite safe in saying that I forgot more Federal Law and Rules of Criminal Procedure than most of them know! I have never claimed to be a “journalist”. Fact is, I would take that as an insult based upon the “journalists” who actually make up facts to insert their opinions and represent the result as fact . In my opinion, Frank Parlato publishes a fact based publication in a pretty fair manner. Enough said. The Right Side

    • Kiss it buddy.

      NSC aide handling book approvals is twin brother of Lt. Col. Vindman:

      The twin brother of a key administration impeachment witness against President Trump is in charge of the National Security Council’s process for reviewing publications by current and former NSC officials, according to a new report on Monday.

      Breitbart reported that Army Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, a senior ethics lawyer for the NSC, is in charge of reviewing publications such as the book manuscript submitted to the NSC on Dec. 30 by former National Security Adviser John Bolton.

      Also breaking

      Bolton’s manuscript was denied approval for release. Schiff or whoever leaked it committed Felony disclosure of classified info.

  • Politics is full of Quid Pro Quo.
    “Vote for the highway in my district and I’ll vote for the bridge in your district.”
    That is Quid Pro Quo.

    And how about where Burisma gave a lucrative job to Hunter Biden, a man whose only qualification was that his father Joe Biden had lots of influence in Washington DC?
    Isn’t that Quid Pro Quo or influence peddling?

  • I enjoy your posts, Sir, but know too little to comment thereto. This is an off-topic question but would appreciate your answer as a law enforcement expert:

    Why are none of the foreigners, Mexican, Canadian, Brits, being charged in the NXIVM case?

    At the very, least we know some were working (or slaving) illegally in the U.S. for years. Seems some were also involved in the same crimes to the same degree as the indicted U.S. citizens. And one of them, at least — Nicki Clyne — is still here despite evidence of immigration fraud. What gives?

    • None of the foreigners are charged YET. Probably partially because of politics and partially because of lack of criminal evidence. At least one has been identified as part of the conspiracy by the DOJ. Where is the Clyne immigration fraud? There are marriages of convenience all of the time and they are rarely undone.

  • Your last paragraph is full of bias. “We lost..”, “the dark side”, etc. It makes it difficult to take your argument seriously. In my opinion, you should try to present your case without the name calling and bias, it might be a stronger read. Also, its tough to read with so many exclamation points.

  • No question, this is the most accurate assessment I’ve heard anywhere. This entire impeachment nonsense is pure folly. Even if Mr. Bolton’s assertion is correct, there were no crimes committed, nor any rules broken in talking about withholding aid for any reason. There certainly is zero evidence of any quid pro quo occurring. For such to have occurred, the “victim” (the Ukraine) must have been aware of it and the timeline clearly proves they were totally unaware the aid was being withheld for any reason at the time of the phone call. In fact, the evidence clearly shows the Ukraine was unaware any aid was being delayed until more than a month later and even then the reason for the delay has been proven to be the issues of common defense funding and civil rights. There was no quid pro quo and therefore no offense was committed whatsoever. Only an idiot would still think there has been any offense at all, let alone an impeachable one!

    The Bolton “revelation” carries no more weight than had President Kennedy discussed with aids that he thought Khrushchev should die while in office. Wishful thinking is not now or ever was a crime.

  • The Democrap “party” is a joke. Identity politics with “us vs them”. It’s all about power and control. They pander to groups for votes, including those who should not even be in the country. People had enough of their bullshit and voted for Trump. Tons of two time Obama voters voted for Trump. Instead of respecting that, the left just doubles down and are desperate to remove THE PEOPLE’s chosen president. They can’t even wait for elections. They are toxic.

  • Bolton, a fired employee of POTUS, selling his book- HELLO? Anybody Home? 4 Yrs of Deep State Trash and Bolton is another piece of garbage on the heap of lying crap.

    Team Schiff needs a Hail Mary. They limped the articles of impeachment over to the Senate with an incomplete case and Trump’s defense team is quite good, despite what you may read in the mainstream media. The Bolton leak keeps the Democrats’ hope of helping Mitt Romney fulfill his turncoat destiny and insisting upon calling new witnesses to keep this charade on life support for just a little bit longer.

  • Earth to Agent DiLaura. Trump does not need your help. The Dems do not have enough votes to impeach Trump.

    Roger Stone needs your help. You should be writing articles and championing for Stone. He is the one who needs your help.

    His life is on the line. I mean it. How long do you think a man his age can last in a Fed pen? Help him!

    • Hey buddy, didn’t you say you were getting your lame ass outta here? You are no better than Sultan who said the same thing. What a couple of fuckin liars

    • I have written columns regarding Roger Stone, based upon my limited knowledge and the SWAT team raid on his house. Check my website for those columns . I can and have said this…if the Stone case is reliant in any way on any of the Page FISA warrants or from info gathered from others monitored from the Page original wire…they will all be “fruit of the poison tree” and be overturned and dismissed. I have gone further and recommenced to the President to determine if Stone’s case came from the Page warrants and if so…direct DOJ to move to return to Court and ask the Judge to over turn the convictions and erase Stones record!

  • Spot on. Trump did ZERO wrong and we are just witnessing the collapse of the DNC.

    The President has 100% authority over all matters of foreign affairs, and if a high ranking official is selling us out, it’s a foreign affair.

    This is a smoke screen to cover up their own dirty baggage.

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