FBI Agent: Killing Qasem Saleimani Isn’t Murder Despite What Fox News’ Leland Vittert Says

He lived by the sword. The US Department of Defense confirmed it killed Iranian major general Qassem Soleimani

Editor’s Note: J. Gary DiLaura is a legendary FBI agent [He helped break the Timothy McVeigh case; was involved in the John Gotti arrest; and, in the old tradition of the FBI, collared bank robbers after shootouts, setting a record one year for most bank robbers caught in NYC. He advised me on the investigation of “The Lost Women of Nxivm”. He is an opinionated man, with deep-seated political views. 


I have been a fan of FOX News, for the most part, since they started. The need for a conservative mainstream media has been overwhelming for decades, as most Republicans would attest! But since Bill O’Reilly left, in a disappointing way, it’s almost as if Fox just gave in and began submitting to the Left.

When they brought on Juan Williams, he appeared on O’Reilly, who asked him if he had any idea why he was fired from NPR so suddenly and he said he had “No idea why he was fired” and there was no reason!

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Juan Williams said on Bill O’Reilly “Look, Bill, I’m not a bigot. You know the kind of books I’ve written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”

I didn’t believe that then and don’t believe it now!

Juan – after listening to you for years I can hold back no longer: You have no idea what you’re talking about half the time. You don’t know federal law, yet you always have a “legal” opinion and somewhere in your analysis, “Trump” is involved in a non-complimentary manner.

You don’t understand the US Constitution but talk as if you did. It’s understandable that you don’t understand, so you should make it clear that you are reporting your opinion and not reporting on any resemblance of any facts!

I believe that is why you were fired – suddenly. Sadly, you don’t learn from your mistakes!

Leland Vittert

Leland Vittert, new guy, you need to hide your dislike for our duly elected president, a lot more, like Shepard Smith did until he believed he was self-established enough to “bite the hand that made him”, a Conservative Cable News station.

Had “he” started where he belonged, CNN and on the morning show with “Boring”…I mean Morning Joe…do I think he would have made it?


Leland, take small steps. Do not take big steps on your own. Stay in your element, which is apparently small.

I’ll explain: On your “news” show, Jan 4th, 2020, you referred to the killing of an Islamic terrorist killer General Qasem Saleimani, as a MURDER.

Murder in this country is a CRIME, and if it is a crime, there must be a CRIMINAL who committed the crime!

You just accused the President of the United States of being a Murderer!

That’s either a pretty serious OOPS or outright stupidity!

Leland, listen closely: Qasem Soleimani was a general in the Islamic Iranian Army, the terrorism leader OF THE WORLD.

His country is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world!

Saleimani’s leader and Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, has said he plans to kill all Americans and our Allies. He has been responsible for MURDERING thousands of Americans, our Allies, and his own people!

Killing him was the same as killing Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Mussolini and hundreds of other murderers!

President Trump is a hero for having the guts to make a tough decision and you, my friend, owe him and America, a BIG freaking apology!

I understand you want to be rich and famous but the best way is to get a shot of testosterone to deepen your voice and stick to real facts and NOT your opinion until you learn enough to have an opinion. Good Luck!

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  • Solomonkey was a 2 bit thug and he and the ahyatolya let their alligator mouth overload their gnat behind.

    Open mouth, insert hellfire missile.

  • Let’s have some straight talk on #Soleimani, shall we?
    1. Suleimani took command of the Quds Force over 20 years ago and his job is to reshape the Middle East in Iran’s favor: thru military force, by assassinating rivals and arming allies.
    2. His twenty year focus is directing
    a network of militant groups that has killed hundreds of U.S in #Iraq and others.
    3. I know of only ONE American who has ever met him, John Maguire, describing him as soft-spoken yet the most powerful man in the MidEast. Thoughtful, strategic, smart, charismatic – 100% dedicated
    4. He personally runs #Iran’s war in #Syria and brought in thousands of #Quds Force when #Assad’s army began to fail.
    5. Suleimani and #Nasrallah of #Hezbollah #Lebanon are old friends and cooperate globally where Hezbollah has performed terrorist acts at Iran’s behest.
    6. His power comes from his impeccable revolutionary credentials and his close relationship with #Khamenei, The Supreme Leader, who has referred to Suleimani as “a living martyr of the revolution.” Suleimani is a hard-line supporter of Iran’s authoritarian system but is rich
    and has built the #IRGC into an economic powerhouse.
    7. He hates #Israel and Jews and is well known to its intelligence services as a superbly effective operative; in some ways, he is both hated and admired
    8. #Suleimani has orchestrated terrorist attacks in places as far flung
    as #Thailand, #New Delhi, #Argentina, #Lagos, and #Nairobi— at least fifty attempts in the past 20 years. The most notorious was in 2011 against #KSA Ambass #AdelalJubeir when #Iran hired a drug cartel to blow him up at in D.C. Suleimani’s agent turned out to be a #DEA informant
    9. #Suleimani was pragmatic. He worked indirectly with #RyanCrocker of State Dept in helping the U.S target the #Taliban and in selecting Shia officials for the new #Iraqi Gov’t.
    10. That cooperation was short lived, however. In 2004, the Quds Force began flooding Iraq with
    “explosively formed projectiles “ that accounted for nearly twenty per cent of U.S Iraq combat deaths. Roadside E.F.P.s were made by skilled technicians in Iran and were supplied by #QodsForce. They also resulted in tens of thousands of maimed U.S and Iraqi soldiers.
    11. In recent years, the #IRGC has posted social media videos of #Soleimani directing attacks in #Mosul and against #IraqiKurd forces. He has traveled widely and has unprecedented autonomy in carrying out his military-terrorist mandate.
    12. Those who refer to his death as “political assassination” of a “foreign official” are either grossly ill-informed or willfully blind. In my experience, his involvement in targeting U.S military personnel alone has made him a legitimate target of at least TWO U.S Presidents,
    Although @realDonaldTrump is the first to have succeeded. On at least two occasions in which I am aware, previous operations in other administrations were canceled due to intel or other complicating factors.
    11. Given the prominence of #Soleimani in all of #Iran’s extra-territorial operations, both military and civilians have considered the implications of directing operations aganist him on multiple occasions, including 2nd and 3rd order impacts/retaliation from various adversaries.
    12. I hope this is useful. There is an excellent profile of #Soleimani from Dexter Filkins @NewYorker from 2013 that gave a good feel for #Soleimani using excellent sources.

  • The Democrats’ which include their MSM, faculty lounge and Deep State Crony Enablers in the bureaucracy and diplomatic corp have their hair on fire because it was proven in 2014 that not only did the CIA know that Qassem Suleimani was in Libya with the money to fund the attack on Benghazi, but with the intention to kill US Ambassador Stevens, and that this was in fact conveyed to Hillary and Obama well in advance, and all of the military resources that were alerted and about to go to the aid of the consulate were ordered to stand down. That Hillary also knew in advance of the Muslim Brotherhood attack on the US Embassy in Cairo that had been coordinated, and imminent attacks on allied embassies was also proven. The Obama Administration was collaborating with Iran’s QUDS which was supporting both Syria’s dictator Assad, Hezbollah’s final takeover of Lebanon, and QUDS created and managed militias and political figures taking over Iraq. The Obama Administration has the blood of many Americans overseas on its hands, as well as hundreds of thousands of MENA people, and lied incessantly to the American people. Leon Panetta said they had no advance inkling at all about Benghazi in sworn Congressional testimony in the same hearings that produced the advance cables coming in to the Pentagon, White House and State as well as security agencies for days, and the desperate pleas for help that were ignored.
    They were traitors who naively and arrogantly pursued a disastrous foreign and military policy. Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal lifted the Specially Designated Terrorist OFAC sanctions from Qassem Suleimani and many other QUDS leaders enabling them unrestricted access to do business with American firms, launder money through American banks and credit cards, and facilitate and fund terror worldwide. The criminal behavior of Obama and Clinton and the rest of their despicable gang is staggering. Obama did it for ideological America-hating reasons, Clinton did it to line her pockets and her cronies’ pockets to acquire power.

    Let us consider for a second that we didn’t kill a terrorist in Iraq, but did what the democrats say: killed an Iranian asset engaged in acts of war on foreign soil.
    In other words, Iran is at war with us, but unless the House – while in the grip of a mental disorder – gives permission, we have to stand and take it. Hello, Benghazi Part Deux.
    How far does this go? A few Americans here and there is okay? What if they hit a city with a dirty bomb? Are we still supposed to cower in fear and offer up pallets of cash in the night?
    By labeling him a terrorist, the president prevents a war: we killed a terrorist caught red-handed in Iraq, just a nasty rogue Iran should disavow and be happily rid of, if they had a brain among them.

  • The Epoch Times

    Trump Derangement Syndrome Skyrockets Over Soleimani

    Roger L. Simon January 4, 2020 Updated: January 5, 2020

    Remember “politics stops at the water’s edge”?

    In the Trump era, that patriotic phrase isn’t only dead, it’s decomposed.

    And ironically so, since the latest manifestation of this decomposition is over the termination of Qassem Soleimani, the terror mastermind who was, on analysis, even more dangerous to the United States and the world than Osama bin Laden and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, monumentally evil as they were.

    Neither bin Laden nor al-Baghdadi ever had remotely the power at their disposals—even when the latter controlled his caliphate—that Soleimani did as the military leader of by far the greatest state sponsor of terrorism. They weren’t even close to the man who was head of Iran’s Quds force and the second most powerful person in that country of 80-plus million, with all its attendant weaponry and technology and ties to China and Russia.

    Besides the thousands of Americans who either died or were maimed for life because of Soleimani, hundreds of thousands across the Middle East have met their fates at least in part through this man’s ministrations.

    The once-shining state of Lebanon is practically decimated through the rise of his Hezbollah, a fate he was replicating in Iraq. And then there’s Yemen and his Houthi and their simultaneous war against Saudi Arabia and their own people. And, of course, Israel, where he kept the Jewish state in a crossfire between his clients Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and, again Hezbollah (when Hezbollah wasn’t busy exporting drugs into the United States).

    It’s worth remembering that Soleimani was in charge of all these operations at once, a veritable superstar of terror.

    On top of all that, he had as much influence as anyone in keeping the Syrian Civil War alive. Current death (under)count: 400,000. Number of refugees: 5.7 million. He may have changed Europe as we knew it forever.

    And let’s not forget Iran itself, where only in the past few weeks, Soleimani’s footprints were all over the deaths of thousands of peaceful anti-regime demonstrators. Nobody knows how many. And torture as well—something that the Islamic Republic has made a specialty since 1979. Only the other day, they again executed a man for homosexuality.

    Yet the supposedly liberal and progressive Democrats are all in a dither about the assassination of Soleimani. After all, Trump did it. It has to be wrong.

    Not only would these same Democrats obviously have applauded the action if it had been done by one of their own, equally obviously, many of them would have attacked Trump even if had he assassinated Hitler in 1940, blaming the president for escalating the conflict.

    It’s that simple—and nauseating—and every honest person in America knows it, especially the vets, almost all of whom have friends incinerated by one of Soleimani’s roadside bombs, if they aren’t themselves walking around on prosthetic devices.

    And this leaves aside whatever Soleimani’s plans were that constituted the proximate cause of the assassination. If past performance is any indication, he had many.

    Meanwhile, the Democratic candidates are demonstrating uniform cowardice in the face of the action. Is there one of them you would want to have beside you in a foxhole?

    It would seem to have been impossible, but as bad as it’s been for the past three years, Trump Derangement Syndrome has reached unforeseen levels.

    But a deeper cause of this increased derangement may stem from events that began Sept. 11, 2012—the Obama administration’s behavior in the aftermath of the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

    As most will recall, the administration sent Susan Rice to inform the nation that the lethal terror attack occurred because of a spontaneous emotional reaction to an amateur anti-Islamic video that barely anyone had ever watched. It wasn’t a planned attack by a terror group, Rice said. That was a despicable lie.

    Kenneth Timmerman wrote in the New York Post in June 2014, “My sources, meanwhile, say Suleymani [sic] was involved in an even more direct attack on the U.S.—the killing of Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi, Libya.”

    Timmerman goes on to detail a complicated and clever plot behind Benghazi worthy of the evil mastermind Soleimani. (Read it here.)

    If this is true—and it seems vastly more likely than Rice’s “explanation”—then what just occurred at Baghdad Airport is a prime, and highly justified, example of that old saw: what goes around comes around.

  • Wow just a few months ago the demofucks and their left wing deep state media allies were pissing and moaning the President Trump wanted to pull 500 or so troops out of Syria. What a bunch of evil hyocrites

  • When judging response against Iran consider Iran has been the largest promoter of terrorism in the world sponsoring Hezbollah Hamas & others Recently attacking our embassy, Saudi oil field, 6 oil tankers in Strait of Hormuz & kidnapping Americans since 1979. Iran was planning more

  • History proves over and over again that the gullible citizens of any country take an immediate dive into deep tribalism when told by their government’s that “our bad bad enemy attacked us, it is time for war”. Germans did it when informed that they had been attacked by Poland. Americans do it today. Now we see the same tribalism coming from even this web site owner and posters here. People who warn the public over and over again about false flag attacks and the ability of governments to manipulate their citizens into war are the same people who stupidly fall into the same trap.


    Oddly enough, the Prime Minister of Iraq says that Trump requested he act as a peace mediator between Saudi Arabia and Iran, that he invited Solemeini to Baghdad for peace talks, and that as soon as Solemeini arrived he got whacked. Frankly, this resembles a mafia gangland set up. How many heads of state are going to want to ever meet with US heads of State after this? How many Americans are aware that Shiites and Sunnis are now united in demanding the US leave Iraq after this hit? How many Americans are aware that Netanyahu has been under threat of criminal indictment in Israel for months and that he has been seeking to ignite a war to stay in power and stay out of prison?

    I personally voted for Trump based on his promises to get the troops out of the Middle East, but he turned out to be a liar just like every president preceding him. Americans say they want peace, but both political parties are both WAR parties and Americans aren’t averse to war because they have not YET had to fight a war on our own homeland. People in other countries like Russia and Germany try to avoid war like the plague because they know what it means. I’ve reached the point where I am convinced that the American public is going to have to learn things the hard way when ballistics missiles armed with nuclear war heads start exploding over the cities.

    • You never voted for President Trump. The smell of Hillary’s twat is strong in this one. Hey Slick, Iranian General in IRAQ trying to cause another Benghazi at a US embassy You fucking leftists are as big an enemy as Iran

    • https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/soleimani-was-baghdad-diplomatic-mission-saudi-peace-iraq-pm

      And now it has emerged that the slain IRGC Quds Force chief had arrived at Baghdad airport last Thursday night as part of ongoing diplomatic efforts to mediate peace and an easing of tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This according to no less than Iraqi (caretaker) Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi.

      Saudi King Salman, left, speaks with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, via AP/Times of Israel.
      Iraq had been reportedly serving as intermediary for crucial Saudi attempts at diplomacy which saw tensions soaring between Tehran and Riyadh after a summer of “tanker wars” and the Sept.14 Aramco attacks, widely blamed on Iran and its proxies in the region.

      Adel Abdul Mahdi told parliament in a speech on Sunday the Soleimani’s killing was a “political assassination” by the US, according to The Daily Mail, which reports further:

      Abdul Mahdi suggested that the Iranian military leader was in Baghdad as part of Iraqi-mediated negotiations with Iran’s main regional rival, Saudi Arabia.

      He said that Soleimani was going to meet him on the same day that he was killed.

      ‘He came to deliver me a message from Iran, responding to the message we delivered from Saudi Arabia to Iran,’ Abdul Mahdi told The Washington Post.

      The Iraqi leader did not provide any further details.

      This would mean the high level assassination further served to disrupt peace efforts on a huge scale — something which Iran hawks, including Israeli government officials, likely saw as an additional benefit to the strike.

      Iraq has further identified that Soleimani had been traveling in the capacity of a “formal” and “high profile” guest of the Iraqi government, and had been delivering Tehran’s reply to a Saudi de-escalation letter at the moment he was killed.

  • Some people argue that the air strike against General Salami will make the Muslims hate America.
    News Flash:
    They already hate America.
    America will enjoy true National Security when our enemies fear us more than they hate us.

    • Reading your shadow words and that of many of the lunatics, who have written here about how good it was to kill General Salami, I realize that if there is undoubtedly a third world war, I know who lights the fuse.

      this stupid thought of hitting someone in the face and then you say “we don’t want a war, but if we start it we end it” is the most arrogant thing you can see in the world, it turns out that the only truth you can believe is what you say, the same thing about Syria, there is no legal reason for the US to be in Syria and yet it is there making war mainly against the government of that country and co-residentially its biggest ally is Al-Nusra and they call it blatantly Syrian rebel group, when in fact this group was exported to Syria to participate in the civil war and thus obtain their own interests in Syria, but they are not from Syria, I have seen too many reports from different sources and I still do not see a single report that I managed to contradict this claim, in Syria people do not want them, but they are not in a position to oppose them they operate in areas where the Syrian government lost control so they are the dominant armed force in These places, in addition to working hand in hand with liars helmets, which sell themselves as Syrian civil defense, which is not true since Syrian civil defense is another organization and in addition to working hand in hand with Al-Nusra They are specialized in PRODUCING fake videos, which many people in Syria and other parts of the world have denied even with photographic evidence that shows these people making rescue scenes, and precisely the video where the result of the supposed bombing that served him is supposedly shown. Trump as an excuse to bomb a Syrian military base and get more involved in the conflict, all these things happening and no news network has been interested in revealing the truth behind these allegations, which is worse netflix even produced a documentary about these fake rescuers and fake Syrian rebels who happen to be according to the government of the United States reliable source of information, but curiously the true periods ists do not get any of these stories in fact or not interested to find out the truth, speak with everyone but with the same people living in the area, and then we have the icing on the cake when to own Trump is let slip that the US has control of the oil wells Syrians who had been taken by ISIS and accident just when Russia I iran engage in the war against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria, the US comes directly from the oil wells Syrians but keeps all low profile until Trump will escape this truth that everyone already knew, but the US did not want to admit it because it was accused euu of stealing the oil, and comes Trump and recognizes publicly and among other scandal bombaso come and Qasem kill Saleimani, tactics classic US if there is a scandal cover with another noisier.

  • I’m not American, but I have a question:

    If the president has sworn an oath to defend the republic against all threats, foreign and domestic;

    And the president is assailed by a partisan congress is conducting a faux impeachment for political purposes;

    If during the process of impeachment that president is required to notify the congress of a national emergency,

    but does not have the confidence that the congress will act on behalf of the nation, but rather will act for partisan political reasons,

    What rules govern the presidents behavior ?

    Does not a partisan political impeachment justify the ignoring permission from congress, which therefore acknowledges the fact that the impeachment is a political sham.

    And if so, couldn’t the congress itself be impeached, in that it’s partisan political infighting is hampering the correct functioning of government, and endangering the republic during a time of national crisis?

  • Let’s tell the truth about bloodthirsty Iranian murderer General Kaseem Salami.
    In 2002 the US government identified Salami as one of the world’s top terrorists.
    In 2007 the US government put sanctions on Salami making it illegal for any American to deal with Salami.

    But weak George W. Bush and pro-Muslim Barack Obama refused to put Salami on the KILL LIST.
    Yes, boys and girls, America has a KILL LIST allowing the government to kill dangerous terrorists.
    There is a formal protocol for putting terrorists on the KILL LIST.
    This is war and you win a war by killing people and breaking things.

    The US government has tied Salami to the murder of over 608 Americans.
    Due Process of Law only applies to criminal matters, not War Crimes committed by illegal enemy combatants like General Salami.

    President Donald Trump had no hesitation in marking Salami for extermination.
    And President Trump has warned Iran that if they attack the US there will be NO SAFE SPACES IN IRAN.
    That means the US WILL BOMB MOSQUES.

    Infowars published a beautiful picture of Salami’s charred and dismembered corpse lying beside the highway.

  • He was instrumental in getting the kurds to fight Isis.

    That aside, he was no angel. But the US did use him.

    In the back of my mind, i can’t help but think we once again took the side of the Sunni Saudis. The President of Iraq is a Shia (we installed him after Saddam, a Sunni) and maybe the Shia want us the HELL out of their countries.

    And maybe we SHOULD get the hell out…..?

    The Sunni-Shia battle has been going on for a thousand years and it’s not our issue.

    The entire region is fragmented, and has been since WW1.

  • Saleimani was a key figure in stopping ISIS which the US more or less started and funded along with Israel. The murder of this man creates nothing but discord and chaos in the region. The US has for a long time armed and founded the Sunni/Wahabi Muslim (the traditionally known terrorists) and opposed the Shias, which are the better of two evils as they do not promote international terrorism, but rather stability and order.
    This is the first article on FR I haven’t quite agreed with. It doesn’t quite jive with the anti-elite sentiment usually prevalent here.

    Best regards from Sweden…

  • I don’t care that the United States killed Qasem Saleimani. I am actually glad the US killed him. The only problem is Iran is now going to retaliate publicly. The other issue is Saleimani will be replaced. Nothing has been solved one way or the other.

    The only real solution would be turning Iran into molten ash which is not a real option.

    • Hey, idiot, this has been going on for years. History did not start today or on your first day of pre-school. Maybe the current President should give them hundreds of billions of dollars like the last shitstain did.

      • Hey, fuck nut, did you read my last sentence or my first?

        The only shit stain is around your mom’s mouth after I ATM’d her.

  • I agree with most of this, but not the part about why Juan was fired. The ultra-liberal NPR fired him because he spoke the truth, that people in Muslim garb on an airplane made him feel nervous. Juan was fired for speaking a common opinion, but it was a politically incorrect opinion. NPR couldn’t care less about what the Constitution says, just like any other liberal media outlet.

  • It’s ironic. Many people in other countries in the world believe the US to be the greatest terrorist nation in the world. I’m not saying I agree with this assessment–although the US has more military bases established in other nations (800+) than other nations have on US soil (a big fat zero)–but there’s a reason the saying “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” became rather well-known.

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