Kristin Snyder Planned to Go to Mexico – and Call Vanguard on the Phone

Some leaked documents show that Kristin Snyder took some Ethos classes.  The dates are uncertain.  The worksheet says September 2002, but Executive Success Programs in those days often used old blank sheets with previous dates for their workbooks.

I am studying the trove of newly leaked documents to try to ascertain where and when Kristin took this Ethos class.

Two Nxivm sources told me she took Ethos classes when she was in Albany. It is still not clear how many times she went to Albany. But it appears she was there at least once in January 2003, for we have a credit card charge that shows she bought gas in Colonie, NY.

In any event, what comes out of Kristin’s Ethos notebook – whenever and wherever it occurred – was that she was planning to go to Mexico to take a Nxivm intensive class there. And perhaps more significantly, she seems to have been in telephone contact with Esther Chiappone Carlson, Nancy Salzman, and Keith Raniere.

This is solid evidence that she had Keith’s phone number and could call him. And from what we know about Raniere, whenever he was “working” with a woman, that meant sex.

If he was talking to Snyder on the phone, he was likely “working” with her because she was slender and attractive.  If he was working with her, it meant he would be trying to and/or succeeding in seducing her. She would be thinking that he was trying to help her grow, not knowing he would spring it on her once they were alone.

I suspect Kristin took this Ethos class in Albany and she was already in telephone communication with Vanguard.

Let’s look at the document:

Below are two closeups.

Kristin writes under the category “List all the things you have to do tomorrow” – “Get packed to go to Mexico.”

Was she really planning to go to Mexico? Why did not this come off? Did she meet with Raniere and did things get changed?


Above she writes about her plans. The Ethos class asks her to plan out her work and divide it into various activities including who to call on the phone.

Kristin writes, “call Vanguard + Prefect + Esther.”

She also says something about a Mexican class.

This sort of provides some evidence that Keith and Kristin did know each other. Some Raniere defenders have told me in the past that Keith probably never even met her or spoke to her. Esther told the class Kristin was just seeking attention when she said she was pregnant with Raniere’s child.

This was her justification for throwing Kristin out of the classes in Anchorage repeatedly, with the final ejecting leading to her permanent disappearance.

Another curious thing is that at some point she was planning to go to Mexico for ESP. She evidently had Esther, Nancy Salzman, and Keith Raniere’s phone numbers. Were the two connected?

What this trio did to this woman is not yet known. But I think it’s fair to say that it was brutal and monstrous and directly led to her disappearance.

What happened to Kristin Snyder?

We will keep chipping away, adding to our body of evidence and knowledge and, hopefully, one day we will find out.



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  • Responding to Shivani, below, I’m reminded that the sheets Snyder wrote on are also the first I’ve ever seen of NXIVM training materials, and particularly their “executive success” content that was apparently the lure for getting people involved, and starting to get them indoctrinated in the group’s ideology.

    It looks like some pretty basic personal effectiveness material. But a lot of people aren’t taught that and aren’t aware what resources there are for learning it, and when a group like ESP/NXIVM comes along pitching it, it can seem impressive if not even wondrous.

    It could easily have been cribbed from various sources, such as the work of Stephen Covey – best known for his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I wonder if that was one of the projects Raniere had one of his crews of young women work on for him.

    And as NiceGuy pointed out recently, there were no successful executives leading these trainings – plus no indications any such experienced professionals were involved in the design and production of the courses and materials.

  • The capital “M” in “Make” in the first image, is completely different from the one in “Management” in the second – the first is pointed and the second rounded. Oh, but they’re from the same sheet of paper from the same person….

    That can only mean that Snyder was some sort of experimental subject of the shape-shifting reptilian alien conspiracy – or possessed by demons!

    Or, maybe her handwriting varied so much that it’s impossible to compare and evaluate without extensive samples and the help of an actual expert.

    I wonder how many of us would find, if we gathered up samples of our own writing, would discover that it’s more variable and inconsistent that we would have assumed….

    • Good try, but the first capital letter M is printed and the second and third letter Mss are written. Your printed letter does not look like your written letter, that is normal, and that doesn’t lead to a conclusion that her writing is variable or inconsistent. Actually, from the samples we have seen, her writing is consistent, and when she prints, her printing is consistent.

  • Clearly NOT Snyder’s handwriting. Wonder why now a certain someone is so desperate to deflect. OT work may align one with forgery, but it cannot mask the truth. Handwriting does not lie and murder has no statute of limitations!


  • This is all so nuts to me. Some kind of worksheet where one is told to make lists for the next day of what one plans to do. My answer to all of this would be and is “none of your fucking business.”

    Never have I wanted or needed anyone or anything leeching off the interior of my thoughts, feelings or ideas. In fact this kind of psychological interference pisses me off just imagining it. What I do “tomorrow” is my affair. What I think, feel or do RIGHT NOW is mine to move on or to change or to drop, lickety-split. What I think, feel, do or don’t do is not something to make assholian bargains about with any frigging self-appointed experts who need thousands of bucks out of me so that I can slide into their fucking cesspool. There is no need for a group of strangers to set up any rules for how I live. If I want a goddamn prison, I can build it myself.

    What blows my mind is that anybody would want this crap at all, never mind to pay for it. What pretentious, tension-filled, bossy crap!

    You know what? Nobody is born with a coach telling us where or how to drool, to begin walking or how to organize anything. I say “back off, bubba. Hey you, get off of my cloud.”

    You want to sit around and make anal lists about the future, go right ahead. You want to find out from some commercial group of pompous jackasses how to think, how to blame yourself, what is right and what is wrong, wrong, wrong?

    How about NO! Look this kind of sales pitch over long and hard. The first thing any sincere “expert” acknowledges is not knowing, of being impelled to keep learning. The moment when anyone begins claiming to know what is or what is not best for YOU, cut him or her off at the pass. Sit back and watch the show for a minute or two and walk on by, unless you want to be a slave.

    Grrrrrrrr. Tidings of comfort and joy!

    Today is Ghislaine Maxwell’s birthday, her 58th. Here is a humble wish for her to be given every single thing back at her, all that she has given to others. Happy fuck-knuckle to Madame Numbnuts.

    • Shivani, I think it’s important to objectively observe and understand how NXIVM worked.

      This part just looks to me like training in organization, time management and prioritization. That by itself would be totally legitimate, and things like that are important in the context of high control groups and cults because they function as the “good” part that is used to lure people in – the bait in the trap.

    • Frank, I hope you don’t mind me answering Scott’s question.
      According to a source, Heidi Clifford did not have any knowledge of the Mexico trip.

      • If true, this would be another indication that the Snyder/Clifford relationship wasn’t very close. Do you know what the purpose of the Mexico trip was, and who are you? It would be helpful to know your relationship to NXIVM/Snyder.

        • Yes, if you look closely at the small writing, it says she wants to talk to Vanguard, Prefect and Esther about a Mexican class. Scott, very good observation about Miss Snyder’s and Miss Clifford’s relationship. I’m sure Mr. Parlato will be addressing this in due time.

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