Guest View: Twenty Questions on NXIVM & the importance of obtaining Nancy Salman’s cooperation

By Shadow State 1958

As much as we might find Nancy Salzman’s 20 years at NXIVM horrifying, the government might need her help in cracking encryption codes and her testimony in explaining events.

Here are some questions:

  1. What acts (possible crimes) did Kreuk do for NXIVM?
  2. When did Kreuk leave the cult?
  3. Why did Kreuk leave the cult? Her father? An incident with Raniere?
  4. Why did Mack stay in the cult after Kreuk left?
  5. Who was involved in cult money laundering?  – Branson? Salinas?
  6.  How much money was laundered over the years?
  7. Was there international sex trafficking? Was there child trafficking?
  8. In what way were Kim Constable and Allison Mack, Sara Bronfman’s girls?
  9. Ms. Mack described herself as a Globe-Trotter. What did her international travels for the cult involve?
  10. Mack was pimping for Raniere. Was she also pimping for Clare and others in the cult?
  11. How does Rainbow Cultural Garden fit into the NXIVM universe?
  12. What was the role of each person in the cult?
  13. What were the rivalries inside the cult?
  14. What geopolitical schemes was the cult involved in?
  15. What was the cult planning in Mexico and Libya?
  16. Was the cult involved in framing John Tighe?
  17. Which Government officials did NXIVM bribe?
  18. Of the roughly 100 shell companies involved with the cult, how many were involved in money laundering?
  19. Was the Source acting school run by Mack as a money laundering scheme?
  20. Several top NXIVM members died under mysterious circumstances. Were any of those deaths, murders?

The answers to all these questions and many other questions may be locked up in Nancy computer files.

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  • Next serious Salzman question: Did Nancy have a nose job? Because her nose looks normal; her two daughters, when not photographed head on, look like anteaters. Does anyone know if Jimmy Durante’s sperm was frozen?

  • Sadly for Shadowstate, I think the only individuals who will serve hard time based on the activities described in his questions above are Keith and Clare. Whether they flip or not, I think others (Mack if she doesn’t flip, Nancy Salzman if she doesn’t die, Kreuk, Sara Bronfman (losing a good deal of her fortune and ending up wed to Bassett Hound Igtet punishment enough?), the chameleon Sara Edmondson, will never get the punishment they deserve (in Shadow’s mind) for corrupting his beloved Chloe.

    As a taxpayer in the state of New York, I would be fine with only Vanguard and Legatus being brought to trial and severely punished. (If I was Frank Parlato, and had undergone a decade of harassment at the hands of NXIVM, or if I was Shadowstate, and had a woody you could cut glass with for Allison Mack, I might feel differently). Many of the other “criminal” actors are more sympathetic than nefarious, lost souls looking for love or acceptance in all the wrong places, spending hard earned money on New Age tombfoolery. Because the self proclaimed genius Raniere apparently did not believe in succession planning, and the homeschool drop out Clare Bronfman could not manage a one car funeral procession, the NXIVM “criminal empire” has effectively been put to pasture with the long term incarceration of Raniere.

    Millions of dollars of unpaid taxes with interest to be collected? How much time and effort to be wasted on this pursuit? A major forfeiture imposed on the Bronfmans would be judicious and juridically efficient.

    Indeed, looking at the tangled web woven by NXIVM and all the shell companies thereunder, even with Nancy Salzman’s testimony and encryption skills, how much time and money do the citizens of New York City/New York State, where violent crimes are being committed as we speak, where financial crimes and money laundering (on a much larger scale than perpetrated by NXIVM) are taking place as I type, want
    to spend on bringing to trial and punishing the minor actors?

    Shadow, as to your continued implication that NXIVM/Raniere would somehow attain a position of political power in Libya or Mexico (I know, you read it in known political/historical expert Catherine Oxenberg’s book), it still makes me laugh, and brings to mind three satirical movies: The Russians are Coming, The Mouse that Roared, and The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight.

    With regards to Rainbow Cultural Gardens, I think there are more heinous actions being undertaken in New York City public schools, where our current pseudo Progressive pothead mayor dumBlasio and Board of Ed czar Richard Carranza have access to a $24 BILLION budget
    and are trying to “dumb down” the better NYC public schools through mandated diversity directives. This will affect many more young lives than Rainbow Cultural Gardens, where maybe what, hundreds of children of misguided parents are enrolled worldwide?

    As to corruption in the capital district of New York State, old news. And we can’t come close to Illinois’ admirable record of having four of its last six governors ending up in prison.

    If you are going to be a regular guest contributor at the Frank, you owe it Mr. Parlato to do some snooping, to come up with something new or original, Or at least share with us the deets on your pursuit of Allison Mack.

    • I think Rainbow Gardens deserves a very close inspection. No doubt the New York school system as a whole is in bad shape, but this is a group of very young children . Were they exposed to Dr Porters fright experiments? They are not only to young to tell us. Some of them are unable to speak proper English due to Raineres bizarre experiment. If New York doesn’t consider this worthy of checking out I wouldn’t send any child to any school in that state.

    • I think you’re right. If the prosecution goes off on a hundred different rabbit trails, the case against KAR might get diluted. I would much rather see minor players given a pass than risk KAR escaping conviction and (hopefully) life in prison. If he gets off (and out), the game will start again, maybe under a new name.

    • @ Witches. Good read but is NYS alone picking up the Nx prosecution legal tab?

      I thought since it’s a Federal case brought by DOJ, investigated by FBI yada, yada, it’d be at least partially Federally funded?

      Plus, this one could turn out to turn a tidy profit — especially if any laundered Mexican-mafia elite dinero need be sent back to the mat for alterations.

      Agree, maybe Shadow has a fresh, free hand left to devote to the cause in between his Ally-whacks.

  • Frank, by focusing on Kristin Kreuk, you’re opening the Pandora’s box of useless comments :
    -the ones they have no real clue of what NXIVM is, but know about Kristin Kreuk, are coming here to hear/talk about their TV crush
    -the ones they know what NXIVM is aren’t commenting here, because this blog is more and more about a TV star(let) they never heard of or they don’t care about…

    Please Frank, give more space to the NXIVM victims (or the still faithful ones they are questioning their beliefs) and less space to someone who will never talk about her involvement in NXIVM. Maybe she already has been auditioned by a special canadian task force in cooperation with the FBI, maybe she even had a deal with the Canadian tax authority… We will never know… She never will talk about it, she never will be questioned in the media about it, she never will comment here… Better ask Grace Park… No, wait… Nevermind !

    Maybe you should dig just before NXIVM became “famous”, before the Forbes “Cult of personality” article… And answer the following question : Who was both a NXIVM attendee (maybe already a high ranked member) and a Warner Bros (not CW, but WB) high ranking employee ? So, who was there when Warner Bros began to produce Smallville ? And is it just a coincidence ?

    My intuition tells me that there is a little “knot” there, something that binds two visions of reality, in a twisted shape, and has to be unbound to unveil a crude reality. Sometimes it’s better to know than to believe.

    • Well guys, I better stop commenting in this blog !!! Because I caught myself having the same disease that I find in some others here ! ^_^

      No more bullshit from me, dudes ! <3 <3 <3 Sorry ; °

      • Haha…. Rob, who speaks poor English.
        I’m sure I know you from somewhere.

        No wait ..I must be thinking of another reality.

        • I don’t believe in alternate realities. But sometimes I get caught in my own daydreams…
          This is sometimes hard to me to stay in tune with reality. Even if I globally love my life : I’m still in love with my wife, we’re doing cool stuff together, I collect/fix vintage computers and calculators, I’ve got my small electronics lab, I globally like my job too, etc.
          But my mind gets often sucked in some kind of fantasy swirl… I don’t understand myself on this point.
          Maybe you actually know me as this slightly fucked up deadreamer ?..

  • Frank, please post an article written by Sultan Of Six, so we can watch everyone squirm and the comment section explode?

  • Why do you think Shadowstate works for Frank Report? He is a commenter like the rest of us who Frank has decided to publish. He can’t be fired.

    • That’s right.
      Frank can choose to not publish what I write as it is his blog and Frank has done a very good job exposing the crimes of the NXIVM criminal conspiracy.

      If anyone dislikes what I write they are welcome to criticize it and put forward their own narratives about what NXIVM is and how it operates.

      Asking questions about the activities of NXIVM and its members is not slander or libel.
      There is ample evidence that NXIVM was an international criminal conspiracy involved in numerous crimes.

      • Yes, and if we cut and paste a comment you made in the past and post it the comment will be deleted….

        • This is completely off topic – so apologies – but I went back to refamiliarize myself with some of the Monte Blu posts since we talk about Pea often. I hadn’t read thru the comments back then but you, VanDouche, flowers, ionpoetry, witches etc have been following this story for a long long time. Back when there was only one or two comments per post – before the brandings were widely known in some cases. Didn’t realize that and boy have the comments section have changed.

  • Question #21: What does Nancy know about the “collateral,” the blackmail information?

    Also, note that any reference to “cult” in the above questions do not have any legal foundation. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech and religion, so the focus should be on crimes, not cult opinions.

    • The prosecutors will deliberately stay away from the word cult at trial.
      Since I am not prosecuting this case and we are not in the trial phase I am not limited in what I can say about the NXIVM cult.
      Edgar Bronfman Senior and Rick Ross characterized NXIVM as a cult and I accept their judgment.
      And even Raniere did not characterize NXIVM as a religion although it almost functioned as one.

    • I disagree. It is clearly a cult so why not call it one? Young people need to recognize that a group that worships one leader is generally a cult and no matter how benign a cult starts they generally end up dangerous. Had Frank not continued to report on Nxivm who knows what would have been next. His continued articles kept the story open and allowed parents of cult members and ex-nxivms themselves a place to go for help. It brought forward a woman who had been branded, and a woman who had been put through a gory fright experiment. Both of these women were lured by people they knew well and trusted. And when they went to officials in New York they were brushed off.
      Those whining on here about posts are just trying to detract from the truth. They don’t want this story repeated over and over so they try to make the Frank Report and his legit posters look like the problem. Those of us that aren’t brainwashed trolls aren’t buying.
      There’s a lot of good exes out there trying to fight back against what’s been taken from them. The trolls I’m talking about are still members , why I can’t imagine knowing what you now know why you would be so ignorant, Nicky? Do you even know why your hanging on? I’m sure you can cover up that brand and move on with a life and a career. Would you be willing to post under your name and help us understand?

  • Hey Shadow i got questions for you.

    1. Who’s dick did you suck to get this job?

    2. Why do you hate Allison Mack?

    3. What’s your beef with Kristen?

    4. Why aren’t you fired from Frank Report?

    5. Why do you slander Allison Mack?

    6. Is it true you yourself tried to join NXIVM?

    I love for you to answer those questions for me at this time or fuck off!

    • 1. Who’s dick did you suck to get this job?

      Wrong sexual orientation.
      Ask that question of Emiliano Salinas or Alex Betancourt.

      2. Why do you hate Allison Mack?

      I hate people who derive pleasure out of torturing and enslaving others while preaching empowerment.
      I also hate hypocrisy.

      3. What’s your beef with Kristen?

      None really, but I do believe she should be more forthcoming about her relationship with NXIVM and the people in it.
      That said I expect that if Kreuk did anything illegal it will probably be in the digital files now in the FBI’s custody.

      4. Why aren’t you fired from Frank Report?

      I am not hired or paid by Frank Report.
      And I have enough resources that I can devote personal attention to this case.
      BTW I have commented on other websites on other issues and none of those websites pay me either.

      5. Why do you slander Allison Mack?

      Everything I write about Ms. Mack is either contained in the indictment or has been written in some kind of publication.
      If anything the truth slanders Ms. Mack.
      And when there is some doubt or ambiguity about Mack’s involvement in illegal activities I try to frame it in the form of a question like her alleged activities with the 8 year old girl in Clifton Park or questions about her extensive international travels and her relationship with Sara Bronfman.

      6. Is it true you yourself tried to join NXIVM

      I have never tried to join NXIVM.
      I am a follower of Groucho Marx’s philosophy: “I won’t join any club that would have me for a member.”

      • “I have enough resources that I can devote personal attention to this case”

        Seems as if Shadow’s old fantasy of managing Allison Mack’s career has been replaced by a new delusion that he is somehow an integral part of the investigation and prosecution of NXIVM.

        Pure. (Tragi)Comic.Gold.

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