No Sentencing Dates for Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman and Lauren Salzman Likely Means They’re Cooperating Witnesses For New Charges Against Clare Bronfman and Others

As of now, there have been no dates set for the sentencing of three of the six Nxivm convicts – Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack and Nancy Salzman.

This could mean:

  1. Their sentencing reports are incomplete.
  2. They are cooperating with the feds.

The three took plea deals in April. The trial of Keith Raniere ended in June.

The other three convicts – Raniere, Kathy Russell and Clare Bronfman –have had their sentencing dates set months ago.  All three of them are scheduled for sentencing next month.

So why haven’t the other three women’s sentencing dates been set?.

I suspect the reason for the sentencing delay is that they have given information about additional crimes committed by Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman and others.

If there is additional appetite on the part of the feds, it would make sense that the main target would not be Raniere. They have him on enough charges to put him in prison for decades.

Who would be of interest?

Clare Bronfman

Clare Bronfman has only been convicted of two minor felonies – harboring an illegal alien [Sylvie] for financial gain and identity theft [assisting in the use of the deceased Pam Cafritz’s credit card].  Clare faces about two years in prison.

Clare would be a worthy target. It will garner publicity and likely reap millions in fines and penalties – which are badges of honor for US Attorneys.

On top of that, former Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza is gone. By her leading the Nxivm prosecution, she was able to land a big-money partnership in a private law firm.

Another extremely competent attorney, Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar, played second chair to Moira in the Raniere trial.

If she can bring another bombshell case against Nxivm – this time featuring Clare Bronfman and others – she too could leap in status and prominence – just like Moira did – whether she remains with the DOJ or hops to a big paying job in private practice.

In addition to Clare – and in order to make this a true bombshell case with the media – Tanya would almost certainly charge others too.

And not just low-level members, who are, for the most part, broke.

This is a money case. This would not be only about getting conviction stats. It would be about seizing money and reaping big fines.

She won’t be targeting criminals like Jimmy Del Negro or Esther Chiappone Carlson or slaves like Michele Hatchette. [Though they might charge Brandon Porter and Dr. Danielle Roberts; as physicians that will make headlines: The human fright doctor and the branding doctor].

If the DOJ EDNY is moving forward [and there are other indications that they are], they will want big names.

Names who make news. People who will pay big money to get out of prison or lessen their prison time.

In addition to Clare Bronfman, there is Sara Bronfman-Igtet, Emiliano Salinas, Alejandro Betancourt, and Rosa Laura Junco – for their money plus the “names-make-news” factor.  And for the news factor only – Nicki Clyne [she’s broke.]

Clare Bronfman with her employee Nicki Clyne.

By the way, to bolster my argument that this notion of mine – that the two Salzmans and Mack are not scheduled for sentencing because they are cooperating with the feds – I offer:

  1. It is standard to delay sentencing for cooperating witnesses until after they testify.
  2. The better a cooperating witness testifies, the stronger the recommendation from the prosecution for leniency.
  3. If they are already sentenced, they have less incentive to testify as the prosecution wants them to.
  4. They are less able to work with the prosecution if they are in prison.
  5. Judges usually cooperate with the prosecution and delay sentencing when someone who has been convicted is a cooperating witness until after the trial.

This may be why we saw Nancy and Lauren candidly photographed at a Starbucks recently laughing and seeming merry.

Do they look like they are headed to prison? They may already know they are in the clear.

So what do they know that could put others in prison?

Both Salzmans know enough to put Clare and probably Sara Bronfman away for decades.

Mack has info on Nicki Clyne and probably Clare too.

Lauren and Allison know a lot about Rosa Laura Junco.

Lauren knows even more about Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt.

All of the above are rich or have families who are rich. Mexican parents of Salinas, Betancourt and Junco would pay tens of millions to save their children from years in prison.

Two other things suggest the investigation is active and that Clare is the main target.

Clare’s attorneys are fighting to keep Clare’s emails to Nxivm attorneys confidential under the attorney-client privilege doctrine.

The government has argued – in a motion before Judge Nicholas Garaufis – that since Nxivm is legally defunct, there can be no attorney/client privilege.

Clare’s lawyers have responded by saying that the Nxivm lawyers who were involved in the emails were also, in effect, her lawyers and, therefore, the government can’t see the emails.

Why would the DOJ take the time to make a motion to access attorney/client emails for Nxivm, [and Clare] if they had no further interest in prosecuting?

Why are Clare’s attorneys fighting this motion?

Judge for yourself. Here are the documents:


Tanya Hajjar

The DOJ is busy. Tanya Hajjar is not known to be otherwise idle or prone to wasting her time making motions when there is no indictment in sight. Tanya wants to see Clare Bronfman’s emails to attorneys on behalf of Nxivm.


The federal investigation is likely ongoing. The target is likely Clare, her sister, and a couple of wealthy Nxivm people.

Add another item.

Based on reports from within MDC where Keith is in custody, Keith’s attorneys are no longer paid by Clare Bronfman.

Neither is Sara chipping in. It is likely that Raniere will have a public defender to handle his appeal.

Adios! Keith Ranieres super lawyer, Marc Agnifilo, is likely to be free of Raniere after he is sentenced. [Photo by Dianne Lipson]
Why did Clare stop the funding? Maybe because she is up to her eyeballs in pending charges – charges that threaten her entire future.

If she is charged again, she will no longer be facing a mere two-year sentence.

To make this worthwhile [and she committed plenty of crimes to support it], she would have to be charged enough to be facing a decade or more. Charges that would allow her the opportunity to pay tens of millions [as much as optics will allow ] to buy down her sentence from the DOJ to a livable number of years.

If Sara Bronfman is also in trouble – the stakes might be high for the DOJ.  They got $6 million off Clare on the last round.

Between the two sisters, the DOJ might reap $20 or $30 million – in return for the sisters buying down their sentences. [That’s how it works in America.]

The sisters are no longer paying Raniere’s lawyers, our source says. They may have finally realized what the monster has done to them and are in “save our own ass” mode.

Happy days. Nancy [Prefect] Salzman cuts the ribbon opening up the Mexico NXIVM Center. Alex Betancourt [l] Emiliano Salinas [R], two gullible lads, were led by Nancy for almost two decades. My crystal ball says Nancy will get off without a day in prison – and these two followers might wind up in the slammer yet.
As for the wealthy Mexican trio – Rosa Laura Junco – insane and cruel leader of DOS, who offered her virgin daughter to Raniere – and lovers, Salinas and Betancourt –the latter two who did so much to intimidate and extort Nxivm and DOS members who wanted to flee the cult – the DOJ can have a field day.

They all committed financial fraud.

Rosa Laura was deeply involved with the fraud concerning the late Pam Cafritz, wangling the money from her estate for Raniere and using the dead woman’s bank account and credit cards. She was, like Lauren and Allison, equally involved in forced labor and extortion of slaves, lying to them that Keith Raniere was not involved in DOS as she arranged to get their collateral and brand them for him.

Rosa Laura Junco

Rosa Laura is the daughter of Alejandro Junco, the biggest publisher in Mexico, a man rumored to have a net worth of more than one billion dollars.

Emiliano Salinas is the son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas – who is reputed to be the boss or bosses of the Mexican drug cartels – Mexico’s most hated and feared man, a man who may be the richest man on earth [Forbes does not rank drug lords on their most rich list].

His son, Emiliano was involved with the racketeering conspiracy with Canaprobe, trying to spy on enemies. Moira Penza said outright in court that Emiliano committed crimes in connection with this.

Alex’s father was an accountant who made millions adjusting the books for his wealthy clients.

This would be the harvest – a trio of Mexican elites – and two Canadian heiresses.

A woman seeking to make her name – a woman like Tanya Hajjar – can make the most of this. This case could be bigger than the first Nxivm trial.

And Tanya would have three wonderful witnesses:

Nancy Salzman – who knows everything about everyone – largely because she was there with them leading them to commit nearly every crime.

Lauren Salzman – who knows a lot and has shown she can cry on cue.

She did splendidly for the prosecution in the last case – so good was she that the judge stopped her cross-examination because he felt sorry for her. He said it afterward – that he is a man first and a judge second.

Her tears were so exquisitely self-pitying, even jurors had a hard time holding back tears.

Then there is Allison Mack – the actress.

The lovely star – Allison Mack.  Here is her chance at redemption.

Can you imagine how good she will be on the witness stand? Pretty, engaging, happy or sad, serious or expressive as the occasion demands. A witness with star quality.

She would be the central witness – called right in the middle of trial – crying on cue, being a victim – a credible victim, and sympathetic as she describes how Keith and Clare and Sara [along with Barbara Bouchey and Kristin Kreuk] sucked her in – how Clare and Sara flew her on their private jet and how she married Nicki for Nicki’s gain.

She can describe her long descent from beloved actress to a criminal at the hands of Bronfman-Raniere. It will be effective.

Will Others Be Charges?

If this scenario I am describing comes off, there may be others charged too – minor fry – for purposes of conviction stats and possibly cooperation.  This one is in the bag if the EDNY wants it.

At this moment, the only reason I can think of for the delay in sentencing is cooperation.

Here is my prediction: If Mack, Salzman and Salzman are not scheduled for sentencing by the end of December, they will be witnesses for the prosecution and indictments will come down in late winter or early spring.

Viva Executive Success!

Finally, we cannot rule out public corruption charges – possibly involving public officials and attorneys who corrupted the system for Bronfman money. Nancy would know about this. Lauren might know something also. 










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  • I thought Bronfman money was paying for Nancy, Lauren and Alison’s defense attorneys. They would not turn on Clare for that reason alone. Unless, this is not true or something changed.

  • I thought you said that Allison had a mental breakdown and wasn’t emotionally or mentally equipped to testify. Also if new charges are going to brought against Clare, would her sentencing still be scheduled just 3 weeks out or are you saying she would be sentenced, put in prison, and then be put on trial for different crimes?

    And looking at the social media of some of your informants, why are these former sex slaves of yours still following the likes of Emiliano if they’ve really left the cult?

  • “2.They are cooperating with the feds.”
    I doubt Nancy is cooperating much as she is not showing regret but Lauren and Allison definitely do…
    Allison already did for the first trial.

    But I doubt it is for a second case, it’s likely for the appeal.

    “If she can bring another bombshell case against Nxivm …she too could leap in status and prominence – just like Moira did”
    Not this again, Moira lost…her career is on a downhill…Actually, Tanya did WAY better and she could really have a serious case undisputable…

    She is clever enough not to put her hatred in the scale and could obtain more.

    “1.It is standard to delay sentencing for cooperating witnesses until after they testify.
    2.The better a cooperating witness testifies, the stronger the recommendation from the prosecution for leniency.
    3.If they are already sentenced, they have less incentive to testify as the prosecution wants them to.
    4.They are less able to work with the prosecution if they are in prison.
    5.Judges usually cooperate with the prosecution and delay sentencing when someone who has been convicted is a cooperating witness until after the trial.”

    All this exactly.

    “Can you imagine how good she will be on the witness stand? Pretty, engaging, happy or sad, serious or expressive as the occasion demands. A witness with star quality.”
    you are an idiot…because she was acting at one point, she is permanently acting…you sure understand humans.

    “how she married Nicki for Nicki’s gain.”
    Idiot! like, if true, she would shoot herself in the foot…

  • I haven’t understood why there isn’t more noise around the computer trespassing and spying on Judges, Congressmen, politicians, journalists, etc. that came out in the trial. It would seem to me that Judge Garaufis would simply just need to pick up the phone and make that happen. Frank do you know if those charges are coming one day? I would think those would make bigger headlines, not to mention if you want to make your name well known to the boss as a prosecutor, that would be a great way to do it.

    • All of the potential charges that you mentioned – as well as many other charges – would have to be prosecuted in the Northern District of New York. And given that law enforcement officials here spent two decades refusing to investigate – let alone prosecute – those same types of charges, it’s not very likely they will do so now.

      I think our best hope for getting any new prosecutions started is to have the Eastern District of New York staff handle those cases. Although it doesn’t happen very often, any Assistant U.S. Attorney can prosecute a criminal case in any location in the U.S. Thus, I am hoping that Tanya Hajjar and her colleagues spend part of next year in Albany prosecuting Clare and Keith – and a host of other high-ranking NXIVM members.

      • If it’s true that they can prosecute a case in any district, why were the CP charges “handed off” to NDNY?

        • They were dismissed in the EDNY because there was no jurisdictional basis to prosecute them there – and “handed off” to the NDNY. But no decision has been announced as to which attorneys will be on the prosecution team in the NDNY.

          • Thanks for clarifying that.

            So are we somewhat hopeful that the NDNY is/will be moving forward on these and perhaps other charges? That would be miraculous if it actually happens.

          • I continue to believe that no law enforcement official in the NDNY will ever do anything with respect to NXIVM. I remain hopeful, however, that the EDNY investigators and prosecutors will pursue new charges in the NDNY.

  • I vote for option #2 as well. The court has had plenty of time to put together their sentencing hearings. Also, I would go where the evidence leads. Whether rich or poor, if there is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, prosecute. The little minions should not feel safe just because they’re broke.

    I thought Agnifilo said he would continue to represent Raniere in the appeal, even if he doesn’t get paid, because he believes in him so much (was it the promise of a green sash?).

    The NDNY may also be involved in these new developments, THAT would be very good news coming from them, for a change.

    The judge is a known softy regarding sentencing, so the more charges/convictions the better.

    My conclusion from reading the court documents is that NXIVM has not been proven to be defunct yet, and the judge was definitely leaning away from declaring it defunct based on the current facts.

    I can’t imagine Mommy Dearest Salzman getting zero prison time, as she was too central to NXIVM’s scam to just walk away. I think the pictures with the evil daughter she spawned were their public faces. After all, we know they are all excellent liars.

  • The EDNY only prosecutes people with money?! Who’d have known they were operating such a sort of boutique service out of a public office….

    I can see their going after major players, which at this point looks like the Bronfmans. But it seems to me likely that some of those right behind them in importance would get caught up, though likely to get offered plea deals in exchange for cooperation.

    If we were to rank those who remain unprosecuted – or perhaps under-prosecuted, in the case of Clare Bronfman – in terms of their actual roles and culpability, what would that look like?

    Interestingly, of the Bronfmans only Clare was on the prosecutions’ “inner circle” exhibit:×579.jpg

    • Lots of others to go after . Lots of despicable culprits, Kruek and GBD, Roberts, Porter, the nxivm group from Mexico, the list could go on and on.

  • Your mouth to God’s ear, Frank. “In God We Trust” needs to be printed somewhere that motivates the goodly and Godly to do some justice by it instead of letting money be hoarded by criminals to do further harm with. Oh, wait, whaddya know. It’s printed right here on the U.S. $20 bill I’m about to buy gas with!

    Go get ‘em, Tanya. Me and Dylan Apple are counting on you to put a stop to NXIVM’s harassment of us and of those who are, equally cruelly, taking advantage of it.

    Society in general and NXIVM victims in particular will not be protected until Clare, Emi and any who participated in financing the stalking, spying, framing, suing and harassment of perceived “enemies” are punished and PAY the good guys instead of hired goons, corrupt law enforcers, crooked lawyers, hackers and flying monkeys!

  • The rats are turning on each other.
    This is how RICO cases usually turn out.

    Don’t for a minute believe that the Salzmans and Mack have turned into little angels.
    The only way to get this kind of information is to be an active participant in serious criminal behavior.
    Rats are always Rats.
    The only way to rise up in a criminal gang like NXIVM is to be some sort of Rat.

    Another target might be the vegan body builder Kim Constable of Belfast who had a mysterious meeting with Allison Mack in November 2016.
    Did that meeting involve attempts to engage in international child sex trafficking?
    Will there be revelations about why the eleven Mexican Mormon girls were brought to Clifton Park in 2016 and 2017?
    Will there be a revelation on how Mack was sent out to groom children in Clifton Park for sex with Raniere?
    Don’t forget the eight year old gymnast girl with whom Mack was acting strangely.

    If so both the Salzmans and Mack will have to cop to or confess in involvement in very serious criminal behavior.

    Will there be questions about NXIVM’s support for international terrorism?
    About Mr. Sara Bronfman’s (Baset Igtet’s) involvement in Libyan and Middle East terrorism.
    Didn’t Baset-Igtet meet with a suspect in the 2012 attack on the US Mission in Benghazi that killed four Americans including the US Ambassador Chris Stevens?

    Is NXIVM involved in other terrorism like Tamil Tiger terrorism in Sri Lanka?
    I understand that Frank Parlato is working on a story involving NXIVM’s ties to the Tamil Tiger terrorists of Sri Lanka but I will let him promote that story when he is ready.

    Another question.
    If this investigation rocks the Mexican establishment will it be squelched in order to avoid destabilizing an already unstable country that is really run by the drug cartels?

    And will a Democratic victory in 2020 also influence the course of the NXIVM investigation?
    NXIVVM and Bronfman money found its way to the Democratic party and the campaigns of Hillary Clinton.
    Did Salinas and Betancourt money find its way to the Democrats?
    How about money from other wealthy Mexicans?

    • Don’t get yourself too worked up, Mr. Shadow. I doubt the DOJ has either the incentive or need to go after every NXIVM related criminal tentacle. At least you didn’t completely lose it over Mack cooperating. I was a bit concerned for you, big fella! LOL

        • Good Ole Whitey didn’t last too long in prison. While he was turning in his friends, paying off FBI Agents, and living the High Life, people were taking notes.

          It seems than cons who think they were badasses don’t last too long in the slammer. Whitey Bulger, Jeffrey Epstein, and Keith Raniere?

          Would the Salinas family have any reason to dispose of Keith? Keith Raniere sure knows a lot about Emiliano Salinas and how money flows in and out of the Salinas family coffers.

          • “Would the Salinas family have any reason to dispose of Keith? Keith Raniere sure knows a lot about Emiliano Salinas and how money flows in and out of the Salinas family coffers.”

            Personally, I doubt if Raniere makes it to his 70th birthday even with the protection of the Aryan Nation.

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