The Faces of Nxivm — Government ‘Exhibit Photos’ of Nxivm Inner Circle Published First Time Ever

Dawn Morrison - one of the helpers and liars for Keith Raniere

Here is it – a rogue’s gallery of the faces of Nxivm – the hand-selected pictures of the Nxivm inner circle. Hand-selected by the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York for use in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere.

Each of the photos was selected from various choices of photos to present to the jury. Each photo supports the view of the prosecution. They looked for the ugliest and creepiest pictures of the villains that they could find.

The heroes came out a little better and there were some heroes in my book, like Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson, to name two.

For the first time ever, Frank Report, which painstakingly gathered copies of these exhibits and converted the files to images, is presenting them all on one page.

Some have never been seen.

There a couple of photos we are not publishing though we possess them. These are photos of four women who testified – Nicole, Sylvie, Daniela, and Jaye. Since they did a brave thing in testifying, I think it’s fair that they remain anonymous.

Here they are – with a few comments from me on who they are – starting with the chief rogue.

Keith Raniere, the Vanguard, leader of Nxivm. This may not be his worst picture but neither is it his best. This looks like a mug shot and perhaps it is, yet to me, it looks like it is a few years old.


Nancy Salzman AKA Prefect. Not one of her best pictures. In this one, she looks half-crazed.

A better pic of Nancy Salzman


Lauren Salzman – not her worst picture and rightfully so since she testified for the prosecution and they wanted her to look sympathetic. They would not want one of her smiley pics either.


Lauren Salzman, a better picture and one available to the prosecution.


Clare Bronfman – one crazed lady. The cruel and demonic heiress who ran the company since 2009 and controlled the purse strings. Convicted on two felony charges.


This photo of Clare was available to the prosecution but they chose to use the one above it.


Allison Mack, a little crazy and not her most flattering. She was convicted on two felony charges.


Spicy pictures of Allison are readily available.


Innocent pictures of Allison were also available to the prosecution.


Kathy Russell came off at trial as a sexy horn dog who loved to join in and arrange threesomes. Here she looks like an aging lech.


A more recent pic of Kathy Russell.


The late Pam Caftriz in a photo that seems to make her look a little like a pig.


Loyal wing-woman Pam Caftriz toward the end. Pathetic and suffering from renal cancer.


Publicity photo of Pamela Caftiz that the prosecutor had access to use.


The late Barbara Jeske. This photo seems neutral to me,


Rosa Laura Junco, an heiress, and first-line slave master. This mother of five was so enamored of Keith Alan Raniere and his teachings that she offered her 15-year-old virgin daughter to him for his pleasure.

Rosa Laura Junco


Branding doctor Danielle Roberts gets a fairly decent photo. Not her best and perhaps not the worst.

Danielle Roberts


Michele Hatchette, who Allison Mack described as having a “beautiful cunt” when Allison took naked pictures of her, is a DOS slave.
Here’s a picture of her with India Oxenberg and Dr. Roberts.


Lusty Daniela Padilla. She was in charge of sex toys and having threesomes with Allison Mack. She looks a little worn here and plain.


Here is Dani with Karen at a Nxivm party.


Here’s Dani with her sometimes lover, Allison Mack.


Horny Dani Padilla, who forsook all men and became a slave of Keith Raneire and now sports his initials on her pubic area.


Kristin Keeffe provided a lot of information to the feds about Keith Raniere. She was also with him for 24 years before she took off, so she knew a lot. During the trial, she was often described by both the prosecution and the defense as one of the prime co-conspirators in the Nxivm racketeering enterprise. This picture makes her look like a wide-eyed follower of the monster.


A more recent picture of Keeffe. The prosecution had access to Keeffe and could have taken a more flattering picture like this one. In fairness to Keeffe, the prosecution did avail themselves of a lot of her background information and gave her immunity in return for the information she shared with the prosecution.


Emiliano Salinas is a photogenic man and this picture is not unflattering. He is also a weak man and a cowardly one who let another man, Keith Alan Raniere, do his thinking for him for nearly 20 years.


Dawn Morrison, a long-time member of Raniere’s harem. In this photo, she looks like an aging whore. There are plenty of more attractive photos of this harem member who, like the others, lied and cheated for her master.


This photo of Dawn Morrison was readily available to the prosecution. But they chose the one above it instead.


Ivy Nevares, a long time slave of Keith Raniere with jealousy issues. She and Barbara Bouchey had longstanding anger toward one another, especially when Ivy crowded out Barbara as the number one woman in the harem.


A more glamorous photo of Ivy Nevares


A more sultry photo of Ivy Nevares at the 2016  V Week. She did not attend V-Week 2017 over jealousy issues.


Best worst shot for the prosecution. Monica Duran on her worst day. One of the 8 first-line slaves who was ready to line up to give Raniere a group blow job, which never came off due to Raniere’s surprise arrest.


A better picture of Monica Duran.


James Del Negro, longtime flunky and co-conspirator in the Nxivm enterprise, Actually one of his better pictures, if any can be said to be better than others.


Tied for the best worst pic – Loretta Garza head of the diabolical Rainbow Cultural Garden human child experiment and a First Line slave master.


A younger Loreta


Evil personified – Esther Chiappone Carlson – the wicked one who served Keith’s demonic requirements for years. Did she have a hand in the death of Kristin Snyder?


Esther Carlson Chiappone


Nicki Clyne, usually photogenic, looks a little tired here.


Nicki Clyne with Clare Bronfman


Barbara Bouchey, once queen of the harem, then displaced, She quit and withstood years of legal assaults from Raniere. Not her best photo.


Barb after learning about the guilty verdict of Keith Raniere.


Barb [blonde standing sideways] with Keith Raniere
Alejandro Betancourt AKA El Duce. He has left his Vanguard now that it is inconvenient to be with him. He got frequent mention during the trial – mainly about how he worked with his lover, Emiliano, to intimidate women trying to leave Raniere.



Tracy Christopher, a little mentioned inner-circle member.


Omar ‘Cuckie’ Boone, one of the leaders of Nxivm today.


Edgar Boone, the pioneer of Nxivm Mexico and one of its current leaders.


Karen Unterreiner, who was the real “Patient Zero” in the NXIVM operation. Karen was nabbed by Raniere when she was a teen and spent 40 plus years with him. After speaking with her at length and receiving ample help from her on the expose of Raniere, I now firmly believe that Keith sequestered her from a lot of his more vile activities. I am also convinced she knew nothing about the underage victims and leaned about DOS from the Frank Report. She knew about his harem and accepted it, but not the rapes or statutory rapes.


Karen U.


India Oxenberg’s Government exhibit photo.

There are better pics of her available. But the prosecution did not present India in a good light during the trial. She was an unindicted co-conspirator in the attempted sex trafficking of Jaye.


A more recent picture of India.
An older photo of India.



We’ve noted it before that there is one major inner circle member of Nxivm that was not pictured and that is Sara Bronfman-Igtet.

Next to Nancy, and Clare, she is one of the most guilty of the pack, since she funded the horrors for years.

Here’s the picture I might have used of Sara.


A better pic of the enabler of the monster.


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4 years ago

Was there a local aesthetician who was doing all their eyebrows? Like Lauren, is she trying to capture the ‘femmes of MS13 gangland’ look with the drawn-on with a Sharpie bizarrely-placed permanently-surprised look? What did she see when she looked in the mirror at those U shaped eyebrows? She looks utterly insane in every photo because of them. But then i notice that she isn’t the only one with that same shape and odd position of the hook brow. Thyroid problems will make the brow thin on the outer part, and i suppose anorexia will make them simply fall out. These appear purposefully misshapen. To me they are so striking I can look at little else in these photos. Where were these women’s minds that they failed to see themselves in the mirror?

Thupten Thokmey
Thupten Thokmey
4 years ago

Thanks for your wonderful work!

John 1
John 1
4 years ago

Aspect ratio, part 2: I see that in the photos showing a ring of defendants/conspirators, the aspect ratios of Clare, Nancy, and Keith are correct, so perhaps it’s the way you imported them here.

John 1
John 1
4 years ago

Why are Keith, Nancy, and Clare’s trial pics always shown in the wrong aspect ratio? Did the government exhibit them that way in court?

4 years ago

Here is a new addition to the NXIVM Rogue’s Gallery.

For the past two months we’ve been bombarded with comments from Dr. Gastone H. Porter praising Toni Natalie and threatening lawsuits against anyone who criticizes Toni Natalie.
Yesterday Dr. Gastone Porter described him/herself.

Gastone Hiram Hastings Porter MD DDS DD PhD JD
November 26, 2019 at 4:10 pm
Looking at the picture of Toni at top of page then the one lower I almost lose my mind that God should have created such beauty outside of heaven. And she keeps getting better with age. Toni I know this sounds funny and maybe kind of sudden but would you marry me ?
I am a physician with significant income and medical practice in Omaha, Wichita, and Bismarck. You would not have to work so hard anymore like you do now. After 20 years taking down Raniere you earned your pension. Say “I do”. Darling. Look me up online and see I’m real. Pay no attention to haters like Shadow State. Just call me my love.
Your eternal admirer

Since Dr. Gastone Porter was so adamant with claims of being a legitimate Doctor I used Google to search for Dr. Gastone Porter.
There is no Dr. Gastone Porter in Wichita, Omaha or Bismarck.
I found a medical practice for Gaston Porter in Washington DC in the Georgetown neighborhood between Georgetown University and George Washington University.
Actually there is a Doctor Marilyn Gaston and a Dr. Gayle Porter and they share an office on the Northwest side of Washington DC.
They appear to be gynecologists.
They also appear to be African-Americans.
Maybe Nicki Clyne fell asleep in a sun tanning bed.

The Gaston & Porter
Health Improvement Center, Inc.
C/O American Institutes for Research
1000 Thomas Jefferson St. NW
Washington, DC 20007

Here is a picture of the good Doctors.
comment image

I assume these Doctors are legitimate serious professionals, unlike Nicki Clyne.
Too bad their expertise is not in abnormal psychiatry.
Then maybe they could help Nicki.

Here is a picture of Nicki Clyne
comment image

Here is a picture of Nicki Lee.
comment image

Here is a picture of Arthur Franz Hunnicutt, Esquire
comment image

Here is a picture of Eugene Everett Cobb, Esquire.
comment image

Here is a picture of Don Giovanni Tortellini
comment image

Here is a picture of Yolanda Cortez.
comment image

Here is a picture of Legatus Pro Tempore.
comment image

Here is a picture of “Pea Onyu”.
comment image

Here is a picture of Monte Blu.
comment image

4 years ago

Correction needed on Dawn’s photos. They’re supposed to be labeled “Nature Lover”.

What’s the deal with this Tracy Christopher character? Has she been helpful in providing info? Or is she just too nondescript and boring to get any mentions?

If I ever start a harem, I’m not going to use the stupid “avatar baby” pickup line. It might help build the harem quickly, but the jealousy issues it inevitably will cause are not going to be worth it.

4 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob


You should inform your future harmem members your sea-men is 99% more effective at killing bad breadth germs than Listerine.

P.S. Don’t tell them about the Blue Flame they will see after sex….Let it be a surprise!

4 years ago

Dearest Frank Hornswaggler Parlato,

I enjoyed the candid photos and mugshots immensely; All wonderfully humorous!
Now can you please post some God damn skin!

4 years ago

What a Rogue’s Gallery of Criminals and Fools.

4 years ago

Thanks for the photo roundup, and Raniere must’ve used his spiked sex club to whack a lot of these women. And maybe even Emiliano Salinas, cuzz, what the hell. It could’ve been one of Vanturd’s wig nights. Everyone needed punishing.

Epstein had sextoy cleaners who had to pick up the soggy remains from around his massage rooms and dungeon setups. Then after all of the dildos, etc. were washed and dry, they were put in Ghislaine’s quarters.

So my question is, who washed Raniere’s spiked sex club? Or was he too much of a bottomfeeder to care if it got washed?

4 years ago
Reply to  Shivani33

You make a good point. I wonder if wig night led to bottomfeeding with Raniere and Emi.

4 years ago

What about your photos Frank?

4 years ago
Reply to  KC

How about yours, KC?

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Sure, I can do that, but I am not in the inner circle like Frank was, so not sure how that would be relative to this article. The Government wouldn’t have my photos among the trove he speaks of in the article, but they do have Franks. We already know what Frank looks like, I was curious what shots the government has for him.

No snark intended, but I do get snark back from you anon, why is that?

Fool me Not
Fool me Not
4 years ago

I thought Ms. Morrison was out of the loop. Is she branded?

4 years ago

Somebody forgot to add Laura Junco. Did Laura Junco pay Frank Report for silence? I have hardly heard anything from her …

4 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

Thank you very much, Frank!! I really appreciate it.
I really liked this article. especially how it helps us to better understand the story the prosecution wanted to share. I found it interesting that Keith looked somewhat handsome in his pic. I think the geek look he had before would have been hard to prosecute

An Observer
An Observer
4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Unlike the others in the pics. Keith was there every minute of the trial about 30 feet away from the jury and facing them so he could be seen in the flesh. And no the jury was not fascinated by – and staring at – Toni Natalie the whole time during the trial.

4 years ago

The picture labeled as “India Oxenberg. There are better pics of her available.…” is actually a nicer picture of Karen Unterreiner, it appears; while there is no caption saying such, it looks as if that there is a caption and a picture missing to complete the set?

Some of the contrasts between the prosecution’s pictures and some other pictures are pretty stark!

4 years ago

When are you going to post the Necker Island pictures?

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