CT Family Court Judges Adelman & Moukawsher Legally Mess Up Ambrose Case – Mistrial Coming Next!

The black line? Judge Thomas Moukawsher summarily disbarred Attorney Nickola Cunha because she accused Judge Adelman of judicial bias and abuse.

This is a breaking development in the CT Family Court divorce and custody case of Christopher Ambrose versus Karen Riordan.

It looks like a checkmate – a mistrial. The legal errors of two judges make it impossible for the trial to be resolved.

I will have more to report on this matter, but here is the quick analysis based on an appellate ruling that came down this morning.

Based on complaints and possibly because of numerous reports on Frank Report and elsewhere, on November 9, 2021, CT Family Court Judge Gerard Adelman declared a mistrial in the Ambrose case. Later that day, he issued a sua sponte order asking that CT Judge Thomas Moukawsher to hold a hearing to decide whether he [Adelman] should be removed from the Ambrose trial for bias.

Judge Thomas G. Moukawsher did not like that Attorney Cunha challenged the process of CT Family CT. He disbarred her.

The children in the Ambrose case have been separated from their stay-at-home mother and her extended family for almost two years – and kept in isolation by their affluent father, despite their repeated pleas to be allowed to see their mother.

As he admitted in court, Ambrose confiscated his wife, Karen Riordan’s, share of the marital assets and admitted stealing her inheritance in open court; an inheritance Riordan received from her mother before their marriage.

Inexplicably, Judge Adleman did not require Ambrose to return the money.

The Ambrose trial, which was in progress in November, was interrupted by Adelman’s sua sponte order.

Karen Riordan and Chris Ambrose – he stole her money and ruined their children’s happiness,

Judge Moukawsher, however, got confused over Adelman’s referral for him to review his disqualification.

Because, perhaps it had never happened before in CT – where one judge asks another judge to determine if he should be removed from a case – Moukaswher did not understand the issue to be reviewed, failed to ask for clarification, then solicited a motion from Riordan’s attorney, Nickola Cunha, to disqualify Adelman for his review, absent jurisdiction. Cunha complied.

Moukawsher failed to realize he lacked authority/jurisdiction to solicit a disqualification motion on a case he is not presiding over. He could not hear it himself. By law, any disqualification motion from litigants [Cunha for Riordan] goes to the trial judge, Adelman.

Not realizing this, Moukawsher held the disqualification hearing and determined that there was no bias on the part of his fellow judge and chose not to disqualify Adelman for his role in the Ambrose case. Instead, he decided to disbar Riordan’s attorney Cunha, who had been a thorn in CT Family Court for years.

Judge Gerard Adelman was presiding in the trial of Ambrose v Riordan– but now his hand is forced – he will have to declare a mistrial or find himself in even more legal hot water.

With Cunha disbarred, Adelman happily resumed the Ambrose trial in February with a penniless mother who was now without legal counsel.

Then Judge Moukawsher made another legal mistake. He moved his disbarment of Cunha out of the Ambrose case and into a case of its own as Judge Adelman hastily proceeded with the Ambrose trial, now that Riordan was without counsel.

Judges can do many things and have a lot of power. But one thing the Constitution does not grant them is the power to create a case themselves. Parties must do that outside the judiciary, such as private parties or the executive branch of the government.

But Moukawsher ‘judicially created a case, taking the disbarment of Cunha out of the divorce proceeding, and, acting illegally, judicially created a case named ‘In re:‘ Cunha – separating it from the Ambrose divorce and custody case.

Adelman did not realize the legal error and set a new trial date for Ambrose v Riordan.

Riordan made a motion asking Adelman to adjourn the restart of the trial since she did not have an attorney [because CT courts told her that Cunha was disbarred] and because her husband Ambrose admitted in court that he took all the marital money and stole her inheritance, thereby leaving her with no money to retain another attorney.

Meantime, Cunha’s attorney, Norm Pattis, filed an appeal of the disbarment in the ‘In re:’ Cunha case.

Nickola Cunha is not disbarred by law.

Fearing that this would ignite a forest fire if Cunha won her appeal, for this was targeting if ever there was one, the Attorney General for CT, William Tong, filed an appearance on behalf of the entire Judicial Branch to counter Cunha’s appeal.

Of course, this is illegal. Tong cannot represent the entire Judicial Branch of the State of CT before three appellate judges of the same Judicial Branch.

Soon someone at the appellate court realized all the legal mistakes, including that there could be no appeal taken from a judicially created case, “Re; Cunha”:  you can only appeal an actual case, and the AG certainly cannot appear in an appeal on a fabricated case representing the judiciary while the judiciary would be the judge and the party to the case they will judge.

Cunha’s appeal was dismissed for this technical reason – that Judge Moukawsher was outside the law.

The appellate court then directed Cunha’s lawyer to file the legally proper Writ of Error, brought under PB§72, as part of the Ambrose case, the only case at hand.

But wait, according to PB§72, a Writ of Error triggers an automatic stay of the disbarment order, meaning Cunha is not disbarred until the appeals court hears it – but no one knew that when Adelman rushed to return to trial.

Adelman ignored Riordan’s request for an adjournment, and he resumed and thought he concluded the trial without the defendant and her counsel of record in attendance.

Adelman violated the due process set down in practice rule by ignoring Moukawsher’s misconduct, his fabricated case, and the requirements of PB§72, which spell out the automatic stay of Cunha’s disbarment.

Foolish Adelman went ahead with the trial, not giving notice to Cunha, who was not disbarred because he did not know the law, and concluded the case, leaving only the final ruling.

Adelman cannot go back in time and eliminate the last two days of trial without the attorney or the defendant and start all over with them.

A mistrial is now inevitable, as I shall prove by citing the laws applicable in my next post.

I just wanted the public to know, and the three lonely children, who take solace in the Frank Report as their last bastion of hope, that they may be able to leave their brutal father and return to their mother whom they spent every day of their life with for 13 years while he was out of town.

Now, all that is left of the Ambrose case after 400+ docket items, over 980 days of protracted litigation, 36 days of trial spread over a year, a million dollars or more in legal fees, all payments made by Ambrose (using his and his wife’s money without her consent) is a MISTRIAL.

There is no other way out of this one.

It is a sad thing when judges do not know the law. It is worse when they don’t care; so eager are they to crush any opposition to their money-driven freakish process of non-law and bias.

Stay tuned for the next in this series.

Meantime, children be happy – your captivity by your father is nearing its end, and who knows what will become of the coconspirators of Family Court – Adelman, Moukawsher, Nancy Aldrich, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Jessica Biren-Caverly, Dr. Bill Horn, Ed Nusbaum, Rich Callahan, Judge Jane Grossman, and a host of others to be named.

And what will happen to Chris Ambrose, a man who would not only rob his wife, of 18 years, of all her assets but cruelly deprive their children of their hearts’ desire – to be with their mother.

We will clean this Augean stable yet.

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  • Thank you, Frank, for your continued efforts to unearth the details behind the injustices brought on Karen and her children. Sure, people (including lawyers) can make mistakes, but it is up to the State of Connecticut to identify, own up to, and correct the error(s), as soon as possible.

    It is here where the state and their system has failed repeatedly, just in this ONE case. One can only imagine how many more mistakes have been uncovered and unresolved. Not only should there be a mistrial, but also restitution!

  • So Sissy Chrissy Ambrose is a pedophile that will soon be going down…now that Tom Price, his accountant, has turned state evidence…

      • Tom Price is Ambrose’s accountant. This might be very significant. Price knows about certain hidden money. When I spoke to him he became extremely agitated and hung up on me – after calling me some choice names.

    • Adelman was an elementary school teacher.

      A jew family from Brooklyn, his dad moved to Columbus OH, where Adelman went to Ohio State, liked teaching ten year old boys, his favorite, teaching in Meriden for many years, dragging his feet working on MS, then he got admitted to the pedo club, polished off a law degree in less than three years at night skool UCONN law, immediately became an expert in family law, appointed to committees, special masters, instant authority on dealing with kids, put on the bench, sat in RFTD immediately, has the nickname DARK LORD.

      Yes, he is evil. Yes he is into little boys. Yes he does not care about the law, he has ABSOLUTE DISCRETION to f*ck up any family, child, parent, or grandparent in Connecticut. He is the will of the evil people of Connecticut who create such a system.

        • Where does Adelman’s ideology come from to separate children from their mother? The state has no interest, the law does not allow it …. you are a fool to not recognize the source of Adelman’s insane orders.

      • Get over your envy of the strengths of Judaism. Even as an atheist, you too can learn how to respect the family of mankind and get a clue about Capital Governance such that your own are protected for generations against all the bs perpetrated by governments of all stripes. May your ignorance become understanding one day, and your bitterness turn to mirth.

  • These clowns would be considered seminal thinkers and transformational leaders in the corrupt, inept judiciary of the Adams County, Colorado, 17th judicial district. Judge Roberto Ramirez awarded full custody of my grandchildren to a serial strangler, serial rapist, serial child sex assault perpetrator, serial domestic violence arrestee, child porn addict, incest child porn addict, thief, embezzler and tax cheat, cocaine/alcohol/ meth addict and coercive abuser. My grandchildren were named victims of this abuser, prior to their mother’s murder.

    Ramirez was rated by attorneys and non-attorneys alike as being deficient in his knowledge of law, among other deficiencies too numerous to mention.
    His colleague, Chief Judge Don Quick allowed this reprobate and lifelong criminal a “Sweetheart deal” (Quick’s words) in the form of a deferred sentence created by useless, lazy, incompetent district attorney Darren Kafka and his boss, district attorney Phil Weir.

    Incompetent, spiteful Judge David Blackett refused my daughter’s plea for an order of protection against the pig. He told her, on the record, in court, “If he breaks into your house and you think he’s going to hurt you, call 911.”

    My daughter, Kathleen Rafferty Petrocco, was found dead in her home, asphyxiated, on July 14, 2019. To date, no investigation, no charges filed, no prosecution.
    It pays to be one of the wealthiest, politically connected males in Colorado.

    • Oh MyGod. This is beyond the pale. Surely this man, everyone involved, will face justice. So sorry for your loss.

  • Thank you for holding these people accountable, Frank. Karen is an old, dear friend and I’ve watched her and her kids suffer this man’s abuse. Chris Ambrose should be in jail for stealing her kids and her inheritance and destroying their happiness.

    • Liz, I’m not sure if you would remember me but I grew up with you and Karen. I was just looking up some names and found all this stuff with Karen. I too had my own issues with family court in CT and still live in the area. Just wondering if you had any contact with her? I hope you are doing well and hope Karen is managing as best possible under the circumstances.

  • I want to hear more from Patriot God! His ingenuous voice is only one in a million generations and it breaks my heart that Frank is so cruel to censor him is his priceless wisdom!


  • Frank, your such a moron. You didn’t even bother to read the rules you cited. So, I will do your homework for you:

    1. PB72 says this “There
    shall be no automatic stay if a writ of error is filed
    challenging an order of civil contempt, summary
    criminal contempt or any decisions under Section
    61-11 (b) and (c) in accordance with the rules
    for appeals.”

    so, what is 61-11 (b) say? hmmm..lets go read it shall we?

    “Under this section, there shall be no automatic
    stay in actions concerning attorneys pursuant to
    chapter 2 of these rules,….”

    now, lets go see what chapter 2 says… well, 2-44. Power of Superior Court To Discipline Attorneys
    and To Restrain Unauthorized Practice

    so, lets summarize this for you…
    1. No automatic stay for any decisions under 61-11 b, that section says automatic stays do not apply to attorneys or anything that is governed by chapter 2, which lo and behold….includes when a court disciplines an attorney.

    I’ve been on this blog a long time, but it really feels like the quality is going downhill….maybe your just getting old…

    • How about the fabricated case? That sits well with you? The fact that they suspended a divorce and custody trial indefinitely to hold a witch trial against Attorney Cunha? That’s all in the Ambrose case, and then they quickly switch it out to HIDE the fact that after 35 DAYS OF ONLY THE PLAINTIFF’s testimony, they disbar the defendants attorney?

      Are you serious? The woman has NOT GOTTEN TO PUT ON HER CASE! Ambrose, blabbermouth finally rested two days after Riordan’s counsel was disbarred. 37 days of a trial for bigmouth Hollywood writer and plagiarist to complete his fabrication storyline. He is the victim… as usual. Hey Chris– how about NBC? Care to share what happened?

  • Here’s a laugh for you: Adelman’s remarks before the Judiciary Committee begging for his Superior Court confirmation.

    What is particually laughable (read: disgusting) is where he speaks about “developing alternatives to litigation in the family law area” and how he has had special training and is very active in divorce mediation and collaborative divorce.

    Pardon me while I go vomit….

    • Adelman was targeted to be kicked off the bench in 2017, the world had enough of him, no such filth should soil the court of a free people….unfortunately there is a strong power from folks who do not celebrate Easter who run the show. Adelman was kept in place by his masters. Just look at the voting. Evil walks among us.

  • Bravo for being so tenacious, Frank, and never forgetting about those children!
    I hope that this injustice will finally be picked up widely by the Conneticutt media — it is certainly a “gotcha” moment!

  • “Foolish Adelman went ahead with the trial, not giving notice to Cunha, who was not disbarred…”

    Maybe double check that. The section on appeals states that “stays” do not apply to attorneys.

    Besides, it does not make sense that the disbarment wouldn’t go into effect immediately. If a disbarred lawyer had a stay until appeal, clients could be stuck with an attorney who was deemed unfit by the court.

    • Someone does not know due process. The practice book is no law of the people, it is a compilation of administrative procedures regarding the filing of legal papers and such. It is controlled by CGS 51-14 which does not allow rules to abridge rights or defeat the redress clause when the First Amendment is violated.

      Your point fails as the writ of error was not filed by a lawyer.

      Moukawsher disbarred her, so she was just another regular person not subject to licensing rules, so the writ triggered the automatic stay, which Adelman failed to realize when proceeding in trial. The constitutional screwups by Moukawsher, Adleman and disciplinary boob Leanne Larson are significant to the point the divorce action goes down in a mistrial. Insanity of Connecticut Judicial Branch.

      • If I’m understanding what you’re saying, she might have the stay for the contempt charge, but not for the disbarment? Since she was a lawyer when she was disbarred.

    • I think this is Frank pretending to be a lawyer but not doing any of the research. My guess is that Chuna knows she is not a lawyer even if Frank won’t admit he’s wrong. I checked the website and it still says she is disbarred. Womp Womp

      • Well if the court docket says it it must be true 🤣. Surely you don’t live in Corrupticut!

  • Lengthy nvolvement in the Family Court system is arduous. Mind boggling creating heartbreaking unbelievable unfathomable miscarriages of justice impacting the psychological and physical well being of family dynamics. This very injustice in the judicial system is the cause of total family financial devastation, psychological decline, as well as tumultuous adult and childhood lifelong trauma and associated stress disorders and the effect on all social relationships.

    • The tragedies of the CONNECTICUT FAMILY COURT are the will of the PEOPLE who reside in the state. No one else is to blame other than the SHEEPLE who pay the judges to commit such atrocities.

  • Manipulation of the facts and distortion of the applied law. No hearings should ever be scheduled Monday or Friday for the same reasons you shouldn’t buy a car on those days. Not sure exactly why the code of professional conduct, practice book, criminal code of the best interest of the child doctrine exist with the exception to be utilized as paper weights, decor, or dust collectors in general for those who were meant to follow them.

    Should be deemed ethical alienation. Justice abuse. The vast amount of family court orders themselves should be illegal.

    Under Jennifer’s Law they are. Best examples of legalized coercive control, separation abuse, legal abuse, financial abuse, intimidation and threats of incarceration. All this can be yours for living a life as a Domestic Violence victim. All the can be yours if your a Mother trying to literally protect her child or children’s fleeting childhood. In an unconditionally loving effort to allow them to remain innocent, filled with child like wonder in a world full of economic problems, disease, war, inflation, on a planet that is becoming more polluted not only with debris but selfishness, entitlement, the need for instant gratification, Greece and hatred. The precursor to hold any position in the Judiciary should include being a parent.

    Its one thing to fear the unknown for yourself, but it is at another whole level when it is a piece of you outside yourself. A child is created, a gift. Priceless which literally means not for sale not an object to be awarded to the person selected who can outbid or outlast their opponent. A case in Family Court should not drag on like 14+ seasons of your favorite show without an ending on an infinite budget. Yet go look at the age an length of the oldest cases in the family court system.

    Look at how many had numerous cast changes as the Judge, the Court Stenographer, the Defendant’s Attorney, the Plaintiffs Attorney, the GAL, the Family Court Services Representative, the Custody Evaluator, Criminal Attorney, Probation Officer, DCF Official, the Court Appointed Supervision Facilitator.

    It is akin to a new season comes out on Netflix and you literally binge watch it in 2 to 5 days credits going on and on. Plot twist (memorandum of decision) takes as long as hiatus. Or not enough money was spent time to file frivolous motions so many that warrant continuances which surmount to another expensive season then binge watch more…until a enough extensive financial damage is done to the families estate is drained or the consequences are unnecessary, unfathomable and irreversible.

    All while no one wants to be held accountable or responsible for the damage left in the quake. People walk into Family Court like frightened trusting deer hoping for justice to protect their families from hunters during hunting season.

    Instead they walk in to a nightmare filled with ammunition of who knows who, who needs a favor, job security for anyone but the families to dipped their toes and naivity that justice actually prevails without paying the unprecedented price….every lost moment being able to participate in your child(rens) life.

  • Frank-

    That’s the craziest legal case I’ve heard of. It’s a good thing you’ve been reporting. It’s disgusting what is going on in Connecticut court.

    • The lengths they will go to to steal children from fit parents is criminal and should be treated as such. Thanks, Nice Guy, for paying attention to what has been a silent epidemic in CT courts. Please follow and help raise awareness; childhoods are being destroyed daily. CT news WILL NOT cover any of it. Check out the CT judicial branch/media committee. They don’t even try to hide it. https://www.jud.ct.gov/committees/media/

      • The news outlets in Connecticut are owned by folks who share the same ideology as Adelman, Solomon, Heller, Wetstone, Grossman, Pinkus, et al. They don’t celebrate Easter either.

  • Judges are only human. They can make mistakes. I am sure Judge Adelman only wanted what’s best for the children.

    Children when they get older don’t need their mother. They need a father. You can have lots of mothers and stepmothers aunts and sisters. But you can only have one father.

    • I’m talking to you ‘Joseph Paglioge’. That said, if this was a miserable attempt at humor, jackass still applies

      • And you, sir, do not understand. The mother has a limited role. Breast feed. Change diapers, coddle, etc. But when the child gets to be around 8, the father is the important one.

        That’s why CT court gives custody to fathers and if the mothers are bitches, then they don’t get to see the children at all.

      • this ‘joseph paglioge’ is a nxivm troll called abnft1. They (nxivm members) have quite intense form when it comes to negligence and abuse of children, they think it hilarious and valid to be spiteful about this.

        Their father figure/lover languishes in prison for his crimes, I think they find the levels of sympathy and engagement here on the Frank, with these family court cases quite triggering — but what can you do for people who actively choose to assume the status of Pariah in life? — not much, ignore, try summon some pity?

        Their laughable attempt to free their master is a nothing burger compared with the injustices faced by any parent and children destroyed by this family court travesty.

    • And all the strong single mothers who have raised children and sent them off into their adulthoods ready for happiness and success – we all laugh our asses off at your ridiculousness, you troll.

  • Great news for this mother and her children! Applaud you Frank for your tireless efforts exposing this HUGE injustice. At the risk of sounding syrupy, I literally have thought about this quagmire created courtesy of these judges and Chris Ambrose paid attorneys and experts more than I should have as it is TRULY heartbreaking (not to mention completely illegal) and will sleep much better knowing that justice will ultimately be had for these kids in one way, shape or form.

    As for Chris Ambrose there may be a silver lining in that he can really embrace his love for Latino boys and being a lettuce barber in the clink. One might say, Viva Executive Success! 🤣

  • Doesn’t that writ just apply to the contempt filing against Kunha? Not the disbarment?

    As to her appealing her disbarment, I think the stay might not apply, based on 61-11 (page 453) “…there shall be no automatic stays in actions concerning attorneys…”

    BUT I could be misinterpreting some of this legalese, of course.

    • I thought it was just the disbarment of Attorney Cunha. If a mistrial is declared (and I think it should be), it doesn’t mean a different judge will hear the case. Otherwise, any time a litigant was unhappy with a particular judge, he/she could pull some egregious stunt (like the wife’s attorney accusing the case’s Jewish judges, attorneys and professionals of being in a “Jewish conspiracy”) to get a mistrial declared and a new trial judge is assigned. I think this is going to blow up spectacularly in Karen’s face.

    • She wasn’t an attorney when she filed the writ of error. She was already disbarred, so she qualifies for the stay.

  • Perhaps we need to picket Adelman’s court. The general public does NOT know this is going on. Thanks to you Frank it is starting to be known


  • I so hope you are right…but it seems that every time the Ambrose children have had a flicker of hope,the GAL has swooped in,or some BS emergency motion is filed to silence the children and throw them back to their father – whose only concern is for himself. He can’t work as a writer anymore so he wants to live off his soon to be ex wife.

    He is truly a disgusting human being…and the court “professionals ” he has surrounded himself with at a high price are beyond reproach.

    I hope for the sake of the Ambrose children and all other children who have suffered at the hands of the Family Court system that a MAJOR overhaul of this system takes place. Heads…and careers…need to roll.

    Keep going Frank!!!!

  • Tong and everyone know exactly what is being done to innocent children and families. How many children will be subjected to such torment? I never know of these atrocities. Thank you Frank for showing the public what is happening in our family courts. Please view:

    Parents have been destroyed for decades. Life savings STOLEN and quack psychologists, reunification therapists, supervisors– all for parents who have never been found to be unfit– take over as the judges endorse criminal conduct.

    The parent who endorses this has NO SOUL. Ambrose among them.

  • Judge Adelman lied to the judicial committee at his reappointment hearing in 2017. CT knows he is evil– and his role is clear. He is the father of the child traffickers. The protector of abusive fathers– He takes perverse pleasure in leaving mothers homeless; while stealing her children and destroying mother child bonds.

    He is a clever monster; comes across as reasonable until crossed. In the end, he delivers the final blow which destroys childhoods and eradicates hope.

    Cunha blew it in her attempt to take him down, but she’s up against a court-house mafia. Cunha has been tortured and threatened for years, while trying to hold her ground. They ruled Cunha asked for and was granted 15 continuances.

    Where is the concern of judicial authority when an attorney needs 15 continuances for personal reasons? They watched her fall apart under their draconian rule. They took pleasure in it and then blamed her for their own conduct.

    • She could have had 50/50 custody if she didn’t behave like an idiot/crackpot. I think she needs intensive psychiatric care to recognize how horrifically she is self-sabotaging.

  • It’s unreal that this farce of a family court system has been allowed to roll over Karen Riordan’s due process rights at every turn. This entire process bears zero resemblance to any kind of justice for the children and their mother.

    • It is not UNREAL as you suggest, it is the way the system is designed by Elliot Solomon, the grand master of family court.

      The communist ideology is that children are creatures of the state, parental rights do not exist, mothers are breeders, the state will take kids and give them to third parties, that is the law in Connecticut, one stroke of the pen, the kids are gone from both parents, on discretion of the judge who simply states it is in best interests.

  • The fact that Karen Riordan and her kids have had to live through this nightmare, it is a travesty. The courts should never unilaterally remove children from their mother. It is obvious that Mr. Ambrose has paid off decision makers to get full custody of their children.

    There are mothers in other parts of the USA that are drug users, abusive, or uninvolved with any part of their child’s daily life and the courts rule in favor of the mother to maintain custody.

    These children are old enough to make a decision of which parent they want to reside with. There is no doubt that they would choose to be with their mother, who was a constant in their lives every day until the courts took Mr. Ambrose’s bribe and granted him with unilateral guardianship. The damage the court and other professionals in this case have caused irreparable damage to Karen Riordan and her children.

      • I sympathize with that sentiment Huck, but as a kid who ran from her kidnapping father 3 times as a child, sorry to say, I ended up in more danger and was returned each time with greater restrictions.

        No child that is wanted and loved by at least one parent, should be needing to resort to something so dangerous to flee from abuse.

        Taking things into my own childish hands, running, no trust for adults etc. put me behind in my own life’s progress by at least a decade. I survived very well, but me, my mum, and my siblings could have been spared a lot of mess and pain if the law had been there for me in some protective capacity.

        Don’t run blindly kids, sadly there are people out there who would take advantage of your vulnerability. Plan and plot like a boss. Keep your cards close to your chest. Much Love.

  • No – this mistrial commits the children to another year under the current temporary orders.

    New trial dates need to be assigned with a flurry of motions etc. that the parties involved will be lucky if it’s done and finalized in 12 months. Will Karen keep Cunha as her attorney? She failed her client miserably.

    The older two need to file for emancipation the minute they turn 16. If they want to live with their mother – great. She’ll be raising them without child support, but money was never her goal.

    • Once mistrial is declared, Adelman is out, the case goes back to Bridgeport, where AJ Welch can answer reporter’s questions on why 33 months and a mistrial. He will tell Aldrich to settle with Cunha as CJ Robinson is cowering in his chambers wondering who is coming after him for his miserable management of a simple no-fault divorce. Feds are watching.

    • “The older two need to file for emancipation the minute they turn 16. If they want to live with their mother – great. She’ll be raising them without child support, but money was never her goal.”

      And who would protect the younger child?

  • What a GREAT job concisely explaining just how appalling the Connecticut Judicial branch is – from Chase Rogers’ tenure all the way to Robinson’s.

  • Buckle-up Adelman, Moukawsher, Nancy Aldrich, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Jessica Biren-Caverly, Dr. Bill Horn, Ed Nusbaum, Rich Callahan, and Judge Jane Grossman.

    • Adelman was slipping when he first became a judge, he is miserable, legislators hate him, but he is well protected by friends of Aldrich, Hurwitz, Caverly, Nusbaum … it is not law, it is ideology.

    • Frank, you’re absolutely wrong on this! A Writ of Error does not apply when it involves lawyers or the discipline of lawyers. It’s like you think you have the scoop of the century and you’re just dumb wrong. You’re not a good journalist if you can’t even get your facts right…

      • She was not a lawyer when she filed the writ. I think it does apply and is precisely the due process for judges who disbar on the spot.

      • The stay is automatic on a writ of error, the practice rule cannot apply when the First Amendment is involved as that violates equal protection, which the rules do not have the power to defeat. See CGS 51-14, the rules cannot abridge rights nor expand the power of the court. Sorry Tom Logan, you have no clue.

        • If that were true, she would be a practicing lawyer in CT. Her writ of error deals with the discipline of a lawyer by a judge so it is specifically not stayed. She will never be a lawyer in CT again for all that crazy shit she said in the courtroom. And she is facing contempt for stealing $30,000 from her clients (Karen?) so she is just all around bad. Interesting to read about!

          • So now saying “crazy shit” in a courtroom is worthy of disbarment? You must be a CT attorney – or are you Leanne Larson? Not too staged and targeted against Cunha. Not even the pretense of a fair proceeding.

          • Don’t think for a minute that practice rules are logical. Moukawsher violated the First Amendment. The issue at hand is protecting the redress clause from terrorists like Moukawsher, Brian Staines, Leanne Larson, Patrick Carroll, Richard Robinson. They are all enemies of the people.

          • Tom, I 100% agree with you. Frank has a very misguided case of white knight syndrome here. And it’s only hurting a clearly vulnerable Karen, and the kids, sadly. Karen might not see it now, but she might one day when she comes out of this fog. I wish people would stop enabling her self-destruction.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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