Guest View: FBI Didn’t Tamper Because Cami Would Know

By Magoo

A few thoughts…

As for the claim that the FBI seizing the hard drive and camera ‘immediately’ was somehow suspicious (and tantamount to fraudulent intentions), I’m having a hard time following the defense’s logic here.

Why wouldn’t the FBI have focused on seizing that computer/storage evidence? Especially when several victims had already told them it likely contained nude photos.

I have a hard time believing the FBI had ‘fraud’ on their mind from Day #1 when they first seized the evidence.

Why? Because if the FBI really seized the hard drive with ‘fraudulent intentions’ (i.e. if they had a ‘black ops team’ waiting in the wings from Day #1 to illegally alter photos on those hard drives, LOL) then WHY would they have waited 11 months to actually commit this ‘planned fraud’ and/or discover it suddenly in the eleventh hour, thereby drawing INCREASED SCRUTINY to this evidence?

In other words, if the FBI had a so-called ‘black ops team’ (i.e., a team of agents who conspired to commit fraud, LOL) then why wouldn’t they have done it quicker and sooner, thereby not drawing so much INCREASED SCRUTINY to their alleged felonies?

What about the ‘motivation’ of these FBI agents?

FBI agents largely remain anonymous and are not treated as ‘media heroes’ like Moira Penza was.

Moira Kim Penza became a media darling.

Yet, supposedly these same FBI agents conspired — from the day the evidence was first seized — to commit felonies JUST so that Moira Penza would look good and become a media darling?

These FBI agents risked their careers, pension and freedom just to help Moira look better? LOL.

Moira Kim Penza, lead prosecutor of USA v. Raniere.

Yeah, sure. That sounds reasonable. Not.

Oh… Unlike the ‘Silk Road’ investigation where two crooked government agents stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in bitcoin (and profited heavily from their crime).… I just don’t see what ‘benefit’ these FBI agents would receive by ‘pre-planning’ a fraudulent raid to seize a hard drive for which they had already planned to illegally plant evidence on.

Simply hoping for a ‘small promotion’ (in the future) is not worth the risk of losing your career, pension and freedom by literally committing outright FELONIES.

Risk and reward go side by side.

That’s a very HIGH RISK idea which the defense proposes, since the FBI agents would risk their careers, pension and freedom IN RETURN for EDNY prosecutors getting all the credit in the media. LOL.

Were the prosecutors involved too, Frank? LOL.

Also, the defense hasn’t explained the PINK ELEPHANT in the room.

PINK ELEPHANT: If this whole operation was really just a big ‘government conspiracy’ against Keith from the day they seized the hard drive (LOL).… Then how could the FBI do that without collusion with Cami?

Cami by MK10ART

Because IF they didn’t have Cami’s ‘approval’ for tampering with these photos, they’d have risked Cami coming forward through her attorney (or being called as a witness) and telling the court that those photos were not legitimately taken in 2005.

Frank won’t even attempt to explain why agents would risk altering photos (and going to prison) WITHOUT THE APPROVAL AND KNOWLEDGE of the person who was actually photographed.

Thus… I’m just not buying what Frank & Company are trying to sell us here.

That’s why I’ll wait for the prosecution to respond to this motion before deciding.

Now, if the prosecution responds (to this motion) by saying they have no logical explanations to deal with Mr. Kiper’s allegations, then I’ll probably switch camps and agree with the NXIVM holdouts.

Thus, we must wait for the prosecution’s response BEFORE knowing if there’s any merit to it.

Frank currently has his nose shoved 100% up the butts of Kiper & company.

I may start a GoFundMe campaign to cover the costs of Frank erecting a statue of Kiper on his Florida estate. Anybody willing to help donate?



Look for Bangkok’s go-fundme page to make suitable contributions.

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Nice Guy
Nice Guy
1 year ago

Mr, Magoo (Pious Bangkok) makes a lot of sense.

This latest iteration of Bangkok is delightful.

1 year ago

I don’t want to jinx it, but the latest version of Bangcock seems solid.

What is the motivation of the FBI agents to tamper with the pix?

Still waiting on the GoFundMe link.

1 year ago

Is the ugly and lamentable full scale character assasination of Cami over yet?

Who’s next?

1 year ago

Based on my understanding of events (and this is limited and only on what FR reported), the FBI never really extensively interviewed Cami as she was tricked into not participating by family and friends.

As for using the evidence, no the FBI is not really required to get permission, verification, or approval from the subject of the pictures. Otherwise child porno and pedo cases would be impossible to prosecute as often times the children in the images cannot be identified.

All your really did was rephrase my question – why isn’t Keith Raniere and his Acolytes not concerned about Cami verifying the pictures’ veracity?

My answer – they know they can and will prevent her from testifying if the need ever arises.

Nice guy
Nice guy
1 year ago


Please read the following scientific study on Computer Forensics.

It backs up some of my assertions.
I’ll add more later.

It’s important for the public to understand that Computer Forensics, despite being highly technical, is a pseudo science.

Just Sayin'
Just Sayin'
1 year ago

Bravo!!!!! Well done 👏

Viva Executive Success!
Viva Executive Success!
1 year ago

Nailed it.

It was thrown out today. Quickly.
Even Clare’s own lawyers called BS on it.
It wasn’t even properly submitted.

The worst lawyer money can buy.

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