Blind Gossip ‘outs’ Allison Mack’s role in branding women

Blind Gossip encourages readers to guess who the story is about. The headline was “The Female Tom Cruise’

[Blind Gossip] This actress is probably best known for her role on a TV series that ran for many seasons starting in the early aughts.
She has supposedly been spending a lot of her time working her way up to a leadership position in some organization that holds “self-improvement” workshops.
…She recruits new members who are almost all female. If she recruits them, she gets to brand them with her initials.
… the “self-improvement” workshops allegedly lead to sex slavery pyramid schemes and blackmail and branding women in their private parts. Allegedly!

After the New York Times story Inside a secretive group where women are branded was published last week, Blind Gossip published an update on their ‘Female Tom Cruise’ post:

Actress: Allison Mack from Smallville…



The New York Times article cites a source named Frank Parlato. He is a former member of the group who is now working to expose their practices. Frank Parlato is to NXIVM what Leah Remini is to Scientology. You can find Frank’s blog here. The section that he just published about the cult members being branded with the founder’s initials or Allison Mack’s initials is particularly disturbing.

As a point of clarification, I was never a member of the group. I was a paid consultant. I was originally retained to get Keith Raniere accurate media exposure.

While I was fired by Keith, I am pleased to be able to continue in a voluntary role and  complete my assignment.

Allison Mack: Is she a victim or a predator? Or both?


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Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is the founder of the FrankReport, publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.


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  • Is funny how Frank Parlato use the NY Times to promote himself, is this guy who talk bullshit of all this situation, and put himself in a pedestal. He believes that is a kind of hero, his post talk about this site like ultimate truth, The NY time put his name as a reference of this site, and he things he deserve the honor. But the New York Time never said all this bullshit is truth, they just inform the part that they consider legitimate, the same as the existence of this website, and Parlato become crazy adding stories that we cannot affirm that are true.

  • The best think you can do is share the news stories with her name all over her social media and send to her Smallville friends and producers. Share, share, share. @allisonmack is her twitter, @allisonmack729 is her IG

    • We believe the reason she was not named is because the focus should stay on Keith because the responsibility for brainwashing Allison in the first place is on him. She was a perpetrator in the DOS group, but before that, she was a victim. It would be better to just focus on getting Keith locked up, then the brainwashing will wear off Allison and she will likely come back to being a productive member of her community.



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