Bangkok: Notice To All Attorneys Who Might Want to Sue –Toni Nata-LIE Lied and Here’s Proof!

MK10ART- Toni Natalie and her book chock full of lies.

Our esteemed commenter, Bangkok, has favored us with another comment, more or less supplementing his previous post Bangkok: Do Not Decrease Your Awesome Coverage of Toni Nata-LIE.

In that post he asks Frank Report to continue their coverage of the numerous, alleged lies of author Toni Natalie, who wrote a book entitled The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of Nxivm a book that holds on the Amazon Best Sellers Rank a ranking of #281,015 in books, which means it is selling about one book per week. The book was released only nine weeks ago, and for it to be doing so poorly means – and there is no polite to say it  – her book has tanked.

In any event, Bangkok has done us the honor of not only defending his post against a possible lawsuit by an aggressive attorney or attorneys, but explaining some of the lies that Ms. Nata-LIE is suspected of proffering to her readers.

The cover of Toni Natalie’s poorly selling book. She wrote it with her friend Chet Hardin, whose name appears on the cover in woefully small print, compared to Toni’s.

By Bangkok

Just in case Neil Glazer (or any other attorney) questions my assertion that Toni has ‘provably’ lied… 🙂


Frank has PROVED (by a clear preponderance of evidence) that Toni lied about everything shown below…

1) Toni lied in her book about dropping out in the 10th grade.

Her senior yearbook photo is proof.

Toni Natalie claims she dropped out of high school in the 10th grade in her new book. So why is her senior picture in her high school yearbook?


2) Toni lied in her book about her brother committing suicide.

His longtime girlfriend (Lisa LoPresti) told Frank that the death certificate says ‘Afib’ (heart condition) and not ‘suicide’.

His Obituary encourages donations to the American Heart Association (not a Suicide/Depression related charity).

Toni Natalie, seeking to capitalize off her brother’s death of a heart condition, said in her book that he committed suicide and that Keith Raniere [with the aid of Kristin Keeffe] mindbended or gaslighted him into doing so.
Lisa LoPresti was with John on the day of his death. She claims that he began having heart trouble early that day and called his doctor. She says he had a series of small heart attacks throughout the day and died later that night.

According to Lisa LoPresti, Toni hadn’t even spoken to her brother in the previous 2 years before his death.


According to her family, Kristin Snyder did not call home to say she caused the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, though Toni says it’s so.

3) Toni lied in her book about Kristin Snyder phoning her family to report that she was responsible for the Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster, shortly before her death.

The Snyder family has spoken to Frank and they strenuously deny that they ever received such a phone call from Kristin.


4) Toni lied in her book about personally witnessing Keith tutoring Rhiannon on the very first day that Toni met Keith in August 1991.

*Frank has proof that Rhiannon was living away at St. Anne’s Juvenile Home from June 1991 thru June 1993, therefore she could NOT have been tutored by Keith in August 1991 as Toni claimed.


“I married a girl from a honeypot operation?’ Scott and his wife, Denise Foley.

5) Toni lied in her book about her 4th husband (Scott Foley) being the victim of a fake ‘honeypot’ or ‘catfishing’ operation with a woman who didn’t exist.

In actuality, Frank proved it was a REAL woman that Scott cheated on Toni with (a younger & prettier woman, LOL). Scott wound up marrying that woman. Toni’s not being honest with herself or her readers by claiming otherwise.


Toni has a tattoo on her back that reads “In War Truth is the First Casualty, But Not This Time.” It is ironic since Toni said she had the tattoo placed on her back when her brother John committed suicide because of Keith Raniere – which was a lie.

6) Toni lied in her book when she said that her marriage to Rusty DeCook was a ‘loveless marriage’.

Toni told the Times Union (in a 2012 article) that she was in a “good marriage”. Liars often contradict themselves, which is precisely what Toni is.

*Also, Rusty DeCook personally responded to Toni’s claims on FrankReport. Rusty makes a strong (logical) case that his version of events is more likely to be true than Toni’s. Anybody with common sense can see that Rusty is likely telling the truth and Toni is lying.


The late John Natalie

7) Toni lied in her book by claiming that her brother was trying to ‘negotiate her freedom’ from Keith, LOL.

In reality, her brother John had been proposing various business deals to Keith and trying to gain his approval — which were declined. That isn’t something a loving brother would do IF he was trying to ‘rescue’ his sister from that same man.

Also, Kristin Keeffe claims that she NEVER visited John on Keith’s behalf, as Toni claimed in her book. Keeffe says it was pure fiction.


How’s that, Neil? 🙂

Want some more, bro?

Toni has also told other lies OUTSIDE of her book, which Frank has proven.

Like what?

…Like things related to her former bankruptcy testimony and assets/paintings owned, including a $50k painting allegedly owned by her son (yet she still has it, as proven by a photo that Frank posted).

Toni Natalie with the valuable Ramon Santiago painting of her son Michael.

If her son truly owns it (as Toni testified) then would Toni be willing to let him sell it to pay for his college tuition?

Come on Neil, how about an answer? 🙂

Have a nice day, sir.



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4 years ago

Bangcock is a liar and can’t be trusted. She promised she’d be gone and wouldn’t post until the spring. Since that glorious proclamation, this is now post number two. I don’t trust her as far as I can bowl her.

4 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

Mr. Nutjob,

Bangkok is a she? What a curious observation indeed. Bangkok has frequently commented on women’s pedicures, feet, wardrobe, feminine hygiene i.e. leg shaving/waxing, makeup, and even handbags, over the last few months. Whoever heard of a young man making such comments?

Onetime Bangkok even alleged Heidi “purchases her handbags at JCPenny”. Only catty school girls say such wicked things in LA.

Bangkok is a she or a future transgender she. ;).

Isn’t that right, Bangkok?

4 years ago

Oh, look!

It’s the disgraced former United States Attorney, Dennis K. Burke, aka “Bangkok” (one of his several aliases), calling someone else a “liar.”

According to documented factual history, Dennis K. Burke knows a thing or two about lying.

After Burke was forced to resign in shame when he was caught lying, Burke himself was called a “leaker and a liar” on the public record by former Deputy Attorney General James Cole.

The Inspector General of the Department of Justice (DOJ) confirmed in an official report that Burke lied in connection with his involvement in the Obama-era “Fast and Furious” scandal where weapons were trafficked by federal agencies to Mexican drug cartels on Burke’s watch.

And so Dennis K. Burke (aka “Bangkok”) is a liar.

To be clear, this post is not intended to defend Toni Natalie. No idea if she lied about something or not.

However it’s quite hypocritical for Dennis K. Burke himself, (aka “Bangkok”) (aka “the Cartel clean-up man”) to try to make a case against any other person when he’s on the record in federal government reports as one of the biggest liars in recent history to grace the U.S. Attorney’s office with his unwelcome presence.

Next, watch for Burke’s several sock puppet alias accounts to try to discredit this message. As if the venom “Bangkok” spits about Attorney Neil Glazer, who had several legal confrontations with Burke over the past few years while dealing with NXIVM-related matters, isn’t enough to give away what many of us already know about “Bangkok’s” true identity.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous


No more Bangkok/Burke BS!!!!

Bangkok I cannot take it anymore. Please stop posting the Bangkok is Burke conspiracy. Please! Burke is not around anymore. If anything you are Al Goldstein magazine publisher.

4 years ago


Why and what are you going to be sued for exactly? There is nothing to gain by suing you. You have no f*cking assets or income. Scott Johnson and SultanOfSix have more assets than you.

BTW: Bangkok if you post your name and address Sultan of Six will come to your home and entertain you and family for the holidays free of charge; However it may be the last holiday you and your family spend together.

4 years ago

In my humble opinion, a lot of the threats to sue people for expressing their opinions come from that tireless defender of NXIVM, Nicki Clyne – which is ironic because she used to work for NXIVM’s propaganda mouthpiece “Knife of Aristotle.”
One would hope that a former journalist would be more respectful of contrary opinions.

Nicki, please read the story of John Peter Zenger a journalist in early New York and an American hero.

“John Peter Zenger (October 26, 1697 – July 28, 1746) was a German printer and journalist in New York City. Zenger printed The New York Weekly Journal.[1] He was accused of libel in 1734 by William Cosby, the royal governor of New York, but the jury acquitted Zenger, who became a symbol for freedom of the press.”

Jury can nullify the law
Jury can nullify the law
4 years ago

That was Jury Nullification.

4 years ago

The people in 1734 knew nothing of Jury Nullification but they believed that what Zenger published had the air of truth.
And they believed in Free Speech.

Frank Parlato
4 years ago

It was jury nullification nevertheless. Zenger had broken the law and the jury exercised their power and chose to nullify the law. The jury thus provided the Colonies – in a sense – with freedom of speech. They nullified the law that people cannot criticize the government.

In fact, the Judge told the jury that the “truth is no defense” and that they must find Zenger guilty regardless if he published the truth or not.

The jury chose not to follow the law – as the judge instructed. They, therefore, nullified the law. I agree that they probably did not know the term jury nullification, but that’s what they did.

Fake Love
Fake Love
4 years ago


Toni’s Natalie fake lawyers are going to do a fake lawsuit.

Blowing hot air saying how much they love her and how beautiful she is.

Come on, Nata-LIE needs a little hope and a little love from time to time.

Even if it’s as fake as her boobs.

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