Allison Mack Wanted to Be Raniere’s Slave – She Just Did Not Enjoy Having Sister Wife-Slaves

Ed. Note: Allison Mack is awaiting a sentencing date on her federal conviction for racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. She did not go to trial. She took a plea deal in April, just weeks before her joint trial with Keith Raniere and the other Nxivm defendants was scheduled to start.

The sentencing guidelines for Mack are estimated to be between 3-5 years. The judge has discretion. The maximum she could get is 40 years – which is extremely unlikely.

It is believed she could have gotten a much better plea deal in the summer of 2018, when her lawyers were reportedly trying to arrange a deal that included cooperating with the feds. She did not take it. Instead, she waited, faithful to Raniere, living at her parent’s house in California, under house arrest for almost a year. Then, after the feds added another charge – against Raniere – of sexual exploitation of a child and possession of child porn [later transferred to the Northern District of NY, but remaining as predicate acts in the Eastern District of NY, where the trial was to be held] did she and her other co-defendants rush to the feds to cut deals, leaving only Raniere to stand trial.

Frank Report has been making a study of Mack, prior to her sentencing, to try to examine the balance between her being a victim and a perpetrator. She was originally charged with sex trafficking. If she had taken the early plea deal and testified for the prosecution, early, when they needed her – when she could have provided a break in the solidarity of the Nxivm defendants – she might have come out looking more like a victim.  And with a better plea deal. Instead she spoke of “taking one for the team.”

The trial, based on testimony of witnesses, revealed her to be a perpetrator. Lauren Salzman, who cut a a deal to cooperate with the feds and who did testify, and who, in my opinion, was every bit, if not more a perpetrator than Mack, came out looking like a victim, crying so bad during cross examination that a visibly moved judge, calling her a damaged human being, stopped the cross examination, declaring he is a human first and judge second.

Allison never got her chance on the witness stand to cry and explain how everything that happened to Lauren, for instance, all the abuse of the monster Raniere, happened to her as well. Consider, while Mack may have been a little tough with her slaves, Lauren Salzman actively worked to imprison Daniella for 700 days then deprived her of her ID when she was freed. Yet Lauren was given a pass. She’s a victim.

In the spirit of examining the balance between victimization and personal responsibility, using Mack as an example, let us hear from our champion of eschewing victimization – and taking personal responsibility – our erudite commenter, Actaeon.

By Actaeon

It seems to me that Allison Mack didn’t embrace the idea of sister wives and polygamy. She accepted it because she had to, and pretended to be pleased because it’s what Keith Raniere wanted.

I remember reading her blog when she was gushing about him and his “project”.

It was obvious that she was smitten by him from her worshipful tone. I vaguely remember a post of hers, about a trip to Peru (I think it was) she took with her “friend and mentor”. There was a snapshot of her sitting in an empty bathtub, clothed, but the context was creepily sexual. Leads me to believe that their relationship was physical from early on. She would have been in her mid-late 20s then, he old enough to be her father.

Well, to each their own.

That was the early days. The first blush of romantic infatuation typically fades, especially so if the man has a steady influx of young nubile sex bunnies. Which Keith had. From his “teachings”, he’s perfectly okay with that. And he clearly expects his girls to be okay with it too. If they are properly “integrated”. He doesn’t want to hear about their hurt feelings, their sense of betrayal, lest it upset his delicate digestion.

No, the old hens consigned to the background are supposed to accept their lot with smiles and encouragement. Even to hunt up new, younger sex bunnies for his sweaty bed.

That was Mack’s happy lot. Settle for crumbs. She was no longer the cute 20-something pretty actress, fresh from her girl-next-door stint on Smallville. She was an aging, stringy has-been, no longer the exciting new conquest she had been. She would diet for him, do whatever he asked, but he was tired of her. He lost interest.

Lauren Salzman with Allison Mack – well into their DOS days.

All she had to give him was her loyalty. Her obedience. So she groveled, did whatever he wanted and pretended she liked it. She is, after all, a professional actress. The silly girl probably actually thought he might someday pick her as his favorite once again.

Like Camilia Fernandez, Allison debased herself. Practically begged. It’s so humiliating, the way Cami degraded herself. Groveled.

Camilia Fernandez, as we learned from the trial, when her texts with Keith Raniere were read in front of the jury, was a groveling, abject slave to Raniere, begging him for a crumb of love or attention. Despite him taking everything away from her, including rescinding his promise to have children with her – she stayed loyal. A perfect slave. At one point – after telling her that he would not have children with her, which she said broke her heart, he assigned her to find a virgin to replace her for him to sire children.

It’s exquisitely sad, knowing a human being can be so abject, so debased. Eagerly allowing themselves to be treated like dirt, literally like slaves. Quite literally like slaves. Branded with his initials, finding other women for him, lying for him, their “friend and mentor”.

The philosopher Nietzsche called Christianity a slave religion. The appeal of being a slave is real: “mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa”.

“I am a sinner; I do not deserve your grace O Lord; I writhe in the dust before thee.”

A lot of people find subservience and self-abnegation deliciously satisfying. I find it absolutely disgusting.

Allison and Cami seem to hate themselves. It’s not uncommon, really. Having read Mack’s blog, she always seemed to think she was uneducated and inferior.

A lot of people take masochistic joy in thinking about themselves that way. In reality of course, she had a very successful career. She’s a pretty good actress, or was. She had talent, she was making phenomenal $, and had a far more interesting career than most folks. She threw it all away.

I suspect she threw it away half-deliberately. To punish herself. Because she didn’t think she deserved it.


Though she wept for Keith Raniere, he seems to have lost interest in the aging actress.


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  • Apart from any other factors to be weighed when considering Allison Mack, I think she is also very unintelligent. Everything she has written and said sound like the words of and eleven or twelve year old.

  • “It is believed she could have gotten a much better plea deal in the summer of 2018”
    Penza ,with her obsession to attack Allison exclusively, never would have proposed anything better…
    Also, technically, she didn’t commit most of the crime she is accused but was forced as Penza said she would do her best to link her to the pedophilian accusation (despite the fact that Allison wasn’t a member back then)

    She collected the collateral and that is the only thing proved. And she did it under coercion (which is quite the redeeming factor!)

    Had the prosecutor have been a sane person, Allison wouldn’t have been accused of sex trafficking (which never happened), nor forced labour (never happened either), nor the rest as she is clearly another victim.

    “Instead, she waited, faithful to Raniere, living at her parent’s house in California, under house arrest for almost a year”
    You are an idiot…first, how do you know? you know nothing and show your ignorance about Allison everytime you talk about her.
    But not satisfied, you also go against all proofs to continue your fantasies about her.

    “Frank Report has been making a study of Mack, prior to her sentencing, to try to examine the balance between her being a victim and a perpetrator”
    No, you didn’t…for every “she is a victim”, you gave us 20 she is a perpetrator…Something debunked during trial but noneless you continued to support the crazy fantasy of some of the insane member around here (like Actaeon…Someone who is clearly missing a lot of screw)

    “She was originally charged with sex trafficking. If she had taken the early plea deal and testified for the prosecution, early, when they needed her”
    Penza never gave her the opportunity…And all charges should have been dropped to be replaced by the collection of collateral. The rest is clearly not proved.

    “she might have come out looking more like a victim. And with a better plea deal. Instead she spoke of “taking one for the team.”
    First of, she would never have looked as a victim with obsessed idiot like you and others twisting the truth …
    Second the “taking one for the team” is a clear statement showing she was awaken and ready to defend but was conscious that everyone was about to charge her as much as possible.
    In a way Raniere who is the real monster, manage to both break her completetly (has some idiot still believe she is the lead of DOS) and get her to take the blame (as you and some idiot continue to blame her for things proved wrong in the trial)

    “The trial, based on testimony of witnesses, revealed her to be a perpetrator
    BS, you decided to overlook the many points that show that she was a victim…The fact is the trial showed more than ever that she had no power and did the same as the other victims…

    I don’t see you blaming Lauren or India as much yet, India did the same as Allison (exactly the same…doesn’t that make her a perpetrator too?) and Lauren did WAY WORSE!

    “our erudite commenter, Actaeon”

    Now to the real idiot :Actaeon

    Instead of obsessing about your fantasy, you should really live your life and leave Allison alone…

    It’s obvious you don’t understand a thing of this case (or else, it wouldn’t be Allison name in all of your posts but Raniere’s name that would be cited)

    You continuously make useless point and talk like you know everything… The truth is you don’t even know the basics and i doubt you even had a slight interest in the trial or else you wouldn’t be saying so much BS like this article.

    “I remember reading her blog when she was gushing about him and his “project”.”
    If she was “gushing” about a project, it was about the source, you idiot!

    “It was obvious that she was smitten by him from her worshipful tone. I vaguely remember a post of hers, about a trip to Peru (I think it was) she took with her “friend and mentor””
    Hmmm no, it didn’t happened…In her mid 20s ,she was still in couple with someone and not interested in Raniere…Also he never had a trip with her.
    She was not with him until she was collateralized in 2015…it’s is clearly explained and demonstrated during trial but whatever…
    Also that picture is happening in her brooklyn appartment and there is nothing sexual…the picture, to explain to the others, shows Allison sitting in her bath, fully and heavily clothed, smilling like she just felt backward.
    Seeing this picture, i’d say it’s likely the one who took the picture who pushed her for the “joke”…
    I don’t see what is creepy in that you insane idiot!
    Unless…oh wait ! a bathtub!!!! so much wrong to show your bathtub! I’m tired of the idiot around here trying to analyze Allison without understanding a tiny bit of her and twisting even the most innocent picture into something gruesome and dirty.

    Actaeon , grow up and buy yourself a brain!

    From that affirmation, we can clearly debunk anything you are writing afterward…

    See, that is the problem with the people against Allison, Nothing is true and they have to create stupid stories just to prove a fake point.

    While the truth is showing that Allison wasn’t willingly doing anything (it happened AFTER HER COLLATERAL WERE FINALIZED…If she was so willing, it would have happened before (like Lauren who emprisonned people before DOS).

    • “She collected the collateral and that is the only thing proved. ”

      Collecting blackmail material is the crime.
      It is an inherent part of SEX TRAFFICKING.

      And Allison Mack collected “Blackmail material” not collateral.
      ” Forced labour ”

      Your spelling of Labor with a ‘U’ exposes you as a Britisher, Canadian or Australian.
      Who are you?
      Sara Bronfman?
      Kim Constable?
      Nicki Clyne?
      Or some other non-American NXian?

      Whoever you are regardless of the nation where NXIVM operated — America, Britain, Canada or Australia — collecting blackmail material is a crime.
      It is part of SEX TRAFFICKING.

      And as for Actaeon, his posts and comments on NXIVM are 100% on point.
      Allison Mack is a racketeer, gangster, extortionist, blackmailer and sex trafficker.

  • cami is strong for me. She humiliated KR in court: “it’s been a while since it has been up”. She showed that KR is a loser.
    keep strong cami!

  • The HUGE difference between Lauren and Allison is that Lauren — and her family (she’s the daughter of NXIVM co-founder, Nancy Salzman, of course) — were company PRINCIPLES who all benefitted financially and had long-held insider knowledge.

    Allison was targeted and recruited for her celebrity — late in the game — long after the Salzman’s witnessed the results of the poisonous program they administered — on my sister, Gina Hutchinson — who died —on Kristin Snyder — who disappeared — on the countless who suffered loss of mind, means and spirit along with, for some, their childhood innocence.

    Allison Lost her future — her career, her child-bearing years, her reputation and some say her own will and identity.

    Lauren may have lost those things too, but Lauren did so far more freely and willingly.

    Lauren was in on the grift — born to it. Her sister, Michelle — who wed Ben Myers — the true love of the Mexican girl, Daniella, Lauren enslaved and endangered — was born to Nancy Salzman, as well.

    Nancy passed on her cult recruitment and indoctrination skills and techniques to both her daughters.

    Lauren’s sister, Michelle, recruited Ben Myers — seducing him away from Daniella Padilla — who was torturously forced to watch while imprisoned by Lauren.

    Ben Myers was a needed cog, an IT guy willing to hack and fraud.

    Ben, Lauren’s brother-in-law, financially benefitted.

    He was in on the grift.

    He lied to the police to set-up NXIVM whistle-blowers in the computer trespass case, long before Allison joined DOS.

    Allison was recruited, seduced by Lauren herself.

    Lauren used the Bronfman jet and name to literally reel her to Albany in style.

    Allison was sex trafficked by Lauren, Nancy and Clare Bronfman.

    Allison was coerced into Keith’s bed through lies and deception.

    Lauren knew what she was hooking Allison — all her recruits into. She testified that she was likewise deceived by Keith — but long before she reeled in Allison.

    Allison was financially and emotionally fleeced, and shorn of her spirit — as surely as were the Fernandez girls — who were also recruited BY Lauren herself — under false pretexts, through emotional blackmail and high pressure sales tactics — all the tricks that Lauren used to entrap and enslave.

    Lauren had malintent. That’s obvious. She and her Mother, her entire clan, well knew what ill-fate Raniere had in store for his victims. And they benefitted.

    Allison’s crime was believing for too long that she was involved in something empowering and good — that a Judge, a court, a jury, anyone would find she “took one for the team.”

    Allison should receive the lighter sentence.

    Lauren could be put on par with Raniere himself.

    But Nancy Salzman, who did not cooperate with the investigation — as Lauren ostensibly did — and who betrayed all other defendants by holding them back while she slipped into first position on taking a “plea” — though giving nothing in return to prosecutors — deserves the strictest sentence besides Raniere’s of all.

    Clare Bronfman was indoctrination and robbed by Nancy Salzman, and possibly others, who convinced her to invest in and undertake their, Keith Raniere’s, cause. One Salzman knew was fraudulent from the start.

  • Mr. Shadow is NOT going to like this story, because even the hint of victimhood when it comes to Mack repulses him.

    I don’t think the Feds ever “needed” Mack, but she could have saved them a lot of effort putting their case together and made it even stronger than it was. Then they could have spent more of their time and effort on other cases. When you do this kind of favor for them, they go easier on you. That’s how it works.

    I also don’t believe Mack ever felt rejected by Raniere. After all, they were about to give him a group BJ when they were rudely interrupted by the Mexican police. I think she had accepted Raniere’s “one man, many women” routine.

    There is a profound misunderstanding of the Christian religion on this website. But it’s okay, you’re all going to hell. LOL

    • “Mr. Shadow is NOT going to like this story, because even the hint of victimhood when it comes to Mack repulses him.”

      My main comment is in moderation but here is a taste of what the truth is.

      Since everyone is a Victim, let’s empty out all of the prisons.

      Clare Bronfman’s a victim.
      Sara Bronfman is a victim.
      Keith Raniere is a victim.
      El Chapo the drug trafficker is a victim.
      Charles Manson was a victim.
      H. H. Holmes was a victim.

      So many victims that we forget the real victims.
      The women who were branded and blackmailed in sexual slavery.
      The critics of NXIVM who were harassed by endless lawsuits.

      What a pathetic country America has become.
      A nation of heroes has become a nation of victims.

      • Thank you for proving my point. You are unable and/or unwilling to think like an adult. Mack can be both a NXIVM victim (initially) and a perp (eventually). The judge may or may not take her victimhood into account and therefore perhaps reduce her sentence, but that does not erase her crimes. This is the way America has always operated, you’re just nutso thinking otherwise.

        I didn’t suggest opening the prison gates or letting the other crimes go unpunished, you did.

  • There just IS a certain degree of self-abnegation involved in the raising of children and the care of ones elders, and etc., at least there should be.
    Im no christian nor would I self-abnegate for fun. I don’t see it as disgusting tho, whereas, self-centred, neglectful narcissism, I think is very damaging indeed. There’s a distinct difference between service and servitude.

    I do agree with you about the tragedy of AM’s life choice, that she ‘..threw [her career] away half-deliberately. To punish herself. Because she didn’t think she deserved it.’ I think that is sadly, very apropos.

  • With so many women from a variety of backgrounds, what did Raniere do? One by one he established dominance over them as the given, proprietary code. As a personal perv of a guy, he added his sexual insanities into most of his headwork, handiwork. Disallowing any other choices.

    How did Raniere work these angles with the men he lassoed? Who has been branding whom in them thar’ woods? Was anybody, or how many somebodies, running their own private showdowns & hoedowns, behind Raniere’s back?

    Who’s sorry now, amongst his intimate flock, and who is sitting back, licking their chops? The Salzman and Raniere connections went on a long time. There are Guadalajaran sounds, sounds in France, sounds out of Brooklyn. Allison Mack was whack.

    The child brought into this scene seemed to do her best to outthink Raniere and realized that no one would allow her that freedom to rebel. He, a dirty old man, took sexual advantage of her. These chicks all knew the drill. Some pimped for him, some dropped off money, some trafficked. Some litigated. Group sex.

    It’s obvious that somehow each one allowed themselves, individually and as a group, to accept this pathetic and often vile, set of circumstances. With a scuzzball.

    And God bless the child who’s on her or his own. Figuring out how to last and how to get out free. Allison was no baby when she made her choice. Nobody made it for her. Some who were really young and enmeshed had nowhere to turn, a kind of peer group prison system. A bunch of adult pervs bossing them around.

  • Cami showed lots of spirit in the beginning, more than her sisters, even though she was the youngest. At times she seemed to see right through Raniere. But Raniere systematically broke her down. He isolated her. He berated her character, most especially after she had a sexual encounter with Robbie. She learned that she had to be subservient to avoid his anger and threats. He controlled her whole family. She grew adept at telling him what he wanted to hear. For instance, Raniere would whine that he didn’t know if he could attract a young virgin. Cami quickly assured him that a young virgin would be thrilled to receive his attentions.

    Cami’s whole family was in NXIVM and indoctrinated by Raniere. Raniere groomed Cami from the age of 15, methodically establishing control over her whole life. She really had nowhere else to go. I do not think she enjoyed self-abnegation; She tried to rebel against it. Please no more judgement about how Cami “degraded herself “ or “groveled“.

    • I agree. Mack was an grown-ass woman who made some poor decisions when she came across NXIVM. Fernandez was an underage girl who Raniere physically, emotionally, and psychologically mind-f*cked, yet she ultimately rejected him.

  • “Having read Mack’s blog, she always seemed to think she was uneducated and inferior.” Actaeon

    Plenty of people complete their education in their twenties and thirties.
    With America’s proliferation of colleges and universities eager for students and the tuition money they bring, there was no excuse for Allison Mack to neglect continuing her education.
    Allison Mack had the money and the time to get a college education.
    Allison Mack’s father and brother both received college degrees.
    Her sister has some kind of degree from a trade school.

    Anything worth having is worth working, striving and saving for.

    People with a good critical education would have an easier time seeing that Raniere is a fraud.
    I come from a family where my relatives, even after retiring, audited college courses for the joy of learning.

    Here it should be noted that if Allison Mack was unhappy with being a sister-wife in a harem, she was eager to push aside her sister-wife Nicki Clyne to a subordinate position in the harem.
    Well, Allison Mack, you wanted to be boss of the harem.
    How’s that working out for you?

    Some people would suggest that Allison Mack is really a sado-masochist.
    A person who enjoys groveling and being humiliated by her superior but also in turn enjoys abusing and humiliating her subordinates.
    Sadism and Masochism are often the flip sides of each other.

    If Allison Mack is a masochist who enjoys being tortured, she now has the opportunity to be tortured, scorned, ridiculed and disdained for the rest of her life.
    Allison Mack’s obituary will start and end with her role as a brutal pimp for a sex slave cult.
    Examine the example of Mack’s wife Nicki Clyne.
    Nicki was not indicted or convicted of any crime, at least not yet.
    However, when Nicki took a job recently and her co-workers discovered her background, many of them quickly quit.
    Quitting a job is something not done lightly.
    Allison Mack has been indicted and convicted and the internet is filled with accounts of Mack’s numerous crimes.
    Allison Mack will be a pariah for the rest of her life.

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