Raniere: ‘When We Smile the World Smiles With Us’

[Warning Creep Factor ‘High’ on This Post]

Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard had this saying his followers often quoted and is offered for readers today to enjoy.

“When we smile, the world smiles with us: Each experience of joy is an experience of joy for all people and a victory for humankind.”

Many people smiled when Raniere was arrested. They smiled again when he was convicted. It was a victory for humankind.

Scroll down and enjoy the smiles of Keith Raniere – who, it is said, is smiling a lot less these days.

[I had these pictures in a file and thought his ex-followers – who are free to enjoy the world today – might enjoy seeing them and can reminisce and consider Raniere is in a cage – a place where is likely to be for decades to come.]



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  • I think Raniere was more like Rasputin than Manson his personality, but more like Manson in the way he brainwashed his gang.

  • This was not the first murdering that this branch of Mormons has experienced, in the same area. They were obviously caucasians, and they are “known.” Lots of blondes, too. So many children.
    Out on that road like sitting ducks. They were not far at all from one of their group settlements when they were shot, etc. In other words, NOT strangers. Not at all popular as a group at all, and their particular group and its enclaves have been in Mexico since 1924. Mitt Romney came from this Mormon branch as an infant born into it. This is a sidenote, not intended as some tinfoil hat detail.

    The shooters were not color blind or oblivious to who they were shooting. They had to have seen that there were only women and children to be shot, and caucasian ones, at that. These particular Mormons have been politically active, a lot. They isolate themselves yet are “political” about it, trying to protect their lives and their choices as a group. Mutual unrest here from both dimensions or who knows how many points of view and certainly the Mormons are well-known, especially locally. We might never know the whole story here, with so much bad blood amongst people with a variety of “loyalties.”

    Then you add in the LeBaron associations with Nxivm. This is not “news” to all people, especially to people who are living nearby to the Mormon groups. They already have a longheld reputation for their sexual distinctions, piled onto the religious practice of group marriages.

    Their branch came to Mexico specifically to have more freedom for their group marriage lifestyle, albeit that arrival to Mexico is not recent anymore. Everywhere groups who are different live, there’s plenty of talk about the least acculturated ones versus the others as a whole, and usually hostilities are present. You can easily trace the hostilities regarding this Mormon branch, for moremthan one generation.

    I just think that the shooters were completely aware of who they were hitting. It would have been obvious: a group of women and children who were Mormons and who were unaccompanied by men. These elements are not, were not invisible.

    Unless somebody really talks some straight talk, possibly not much truth will become known anout this massacre. The loss of innocence and the overall vulnerability of such a caravan is hard, very hard to handle at all. Yet it is happening all over the world, whether the innocent are caught in the crossfire, or were really targets. This could’ve been a crime that happened due to “opportunity, unplanned” or it could be something else more planned or awaiting just such an opportunity to kill.

    • Agree that the shooters cannot have been mistaken for all the reasons you outline. RIP all the victims of this massacre.

      I grew up in a place where white farmers and their families were, not frequently it has to be said, killed on their homesteads. Sometimes by the original evicted and furious land owners, more often by the patriarch, whose perverse family arrangement could not be sustained, because even in the middle of nowhere, evil, eventually has no place to hide.

  • yah, Keith does appear to possess a “fuck you” arrogant smirk in some of his photos as if he were God. Sadly, in many ways, he pulled this off for a good amount of time. Hopefully, may those who have been on the receiving end of his behavior get some closure of some kind. That’s my wish.

    • God, what a thought, like a horror movie. I know what you mean. Who would not puke all over THAT? Yug. Holy God that is gross. The royalties for taking that shot could be a royal kick in the ass heard worldwide.

  • There are all kinds of fake smiles and he employs all of them. A real smile involves the whole being, not just the mouth. He’s just a mouth-smiler.

  • It’s startling to see all these pictures side by side. He is a true chameleon in every sense of the word. He can be whomever you want him to be: A rolly-polly, boy genius geek, a Christ-like figure, a suave businessman. Shudders.

      • “There was a module that loosely had us practice doing that.”

        So, Nutjob, you are or were a member of NXIVM.
        NXIVM called its lessons “modules.”
        No wonder you are so detached from reality.

        • Good job shadow. Way to not miss the layup. But don’t make me come up with another “who’d you rather go camping with” question.

        • Why shut down one of the few here who have actual first hand experience and information? We should welcome that. Although …Nutjob is not Nicki Clyne so her insights might not interest you much.

          Not trying to be ugly – this just got under my skin. I like to hear what Nutjob has to say. (And you, too, most of the time.)

        • Shadowstate,

          It’s the Pot calling the kettle black….

          You are like a ship which lost its mooring….adrift at sea….That is how detached you are from reality….

          Shadowstate you would castigate Christ…
          ……for having sympathy for the female courtesan he allowed to clean his feet with her tears.


    • Ted Bundy was also a chameleon. Ann Rule’s book about Bundy has a series of photos where he looks totally different in each one. He and KR are the only two people I can think of where I’ve noticed this. Quite a pair.

      • Interesting! Bundy also convinced many people he was someone he was not. He even fooled Ann Rule when she worked with him on the suicide hotline.

  • That smile is a dead thing – rising up from a well of lies to drown in his watery eyes.

  • What comes out of Raniere’s face in almost all of these photos, I just can’t say that I like the looks of it. I do not like to be bossed around. Mutuality or get lost. Good bosses are always “teaching” more, so I’ve loved working around and learning from them. They are respectful, not demeaning.

    Raniere does not look as if he were capable of just being himself. Always peering outward, assessively. He doesn’t look settled in himself. He just keeps looking as though he’s calculating reactions to himself all along, while he looks out and not as if he is communicating but instead, hiding in plain sight. He looks nasty, and most men don’t look remotely like that, so skeevy. Raniere just seems not even in the same realm as good solid strong men.

    It’s as if he had to maintain a very mental plane of constant thought processing, evaluation of OTHERS and withheld much from his true self (probably doesn’t have a conscience.) I just see an absence of feeling, from his “own” emotional component, as if he doesn’t want that kind of interplay. In a nutshell, he looks very unattractive to me. No give and take ?

    Obviously, sometimes he wanted group sexual interplay, and almost compulsively, he wanted to foment the emotions of other people. Playing people against each other to undermine and to better control them. Ugh. Tartly sociopathic.

    And then it gets worse, so much worse progressively, as Raniere veers his groupies off into group madnesses. He is like seeing, even photographically, calculated insanity in the flesh.

    Some of his individual, more private conversations, dialogues with women have been godawful to read. What a dipshit manipulator. He seems to have wanted to harm some or most women emotionally and to prolong their suffering, as long as he could. That was de rigueur, along with his sexual weirdnesses.

    He seems to have loved tormenting people, mainly but not exclusively, women. Females, the younger he could get, the more Raniere seems to have wanted that sex. I know this is probably not quite the words for trying to describe how Raniere “looks” sometimes. And a person who hasn’t experienced seeing him in the flesh can only glean so much.

    It seems rather obvious that he also had sex, caculatedly, with quite an assortment of moneypots. Clearly, these older doofuses weren’t what lit his wick, at all. Manho’ got it up now and then for his money.

    Then he probably taught those less exciting ones about the “joys of serving him” when he was on the phone or watching tv. While the hags gave him blowjobs, threesomes and massages and pre-chewed his pizza for him. Spiritual as all hell.

    ” Oh, Clair! I mean, Nancy. A little further down there, old girl. Get it done before the ad is over.”

    Sometimes there’s a portrait type-shot here and there, where Flabturd looks “mythologized.” Hare Raniere jazz, like Krishna comicbooks. Fictionalized, like some quasi-mystical Fabio on a romance novel’s cover. Blergh.

    Sex queen of executive success. “Hi, you are a guy who used to be Mussolini, and here is your ex-girlfriend. Yes, that compadre right here, your acquaintance, through my grace. He is the son of a son of a big gun of Mexico. He isn’t gay, but so what? You have gotta go fuck him.”

    • Shadowstate,

      Someone decides to share…. in this case Nutjob, and all you can do is jump down his throat…..

      You are a delusional fruit loop. Who are you? Are you so pious as to cast the first stone?…..

      Or are you some self-hating pervert?

      Keith Raniere is the evil leader of NXIVM not Allison Mack.

      Do you understand that Mr. ShadowMadman?

      • Ha ha shadow. Let that be a lesson. It’s the one retaliating that gets caught. And if you’re gonna get flagged anyways, come stronger than that weak attempt. It’s MNF, suck your sauce and take a real shot! And if you think I’m gonna play niceguy and apologize for going to the ThomasSekerastate card, think again.

  • I always see a little cat who ate the canary smirk like he thinks he’s putting something over on everyone. Yeah, it’s creepy.

    • Most of those smiles are calculated – he was presenting a mask. I’ve seen very few of him in which there was any true joy. I think there is truth in the one with Pam and the one with Toni (cut off the edge of the photo here). I might have seen it for real in person a few times, but it was, I suspect, more in celebration of how he could manipulate me than any true enjoyment of his time with me. And there is perhaps some honest glee in his photos when he feels smug about manipulating people (like discussions of sociopaths and how – teehee- he might be one). If he wasn’t such an abusive fuckwit emotional blackhole of a psychic vampire, one could almost feel sorry for his sad existence. But why waste any feeling on a creature that is incapable of any true feeling except perhaps feeling sorry for himself. And he does that enough on his own – he doesn’t need any extra sympathy from me.

  • Keith Raniere had every reason to smile.
    He had a flock of women willing to please him and fund his schemes.
    He had numerous women willing to tolerate his promiscuity.
    He had numerous people, both men and women, hanging on to his every word.
    He had the perfect lifestyle for a dorky-looking kid from Brooklyn.

    If only he had enjoyed the great good sense to behave himself, he would still be smiling.

    Now he has nothing to smile about.

    • It sounds like a certain dude has an erotic fantasy gone unfulfilled: “If only it had been me I wold enjoyed the experience and. I would have had the sense to behave myself. I would still be smiling.

      Hey Shadowstate dude am I reading your mind?

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