Nice Guy: Raniere could have led the life of playboy had he not been stroking his narcissistic ego by keeping “slaves”

By Nice Guy

I agree with Heidi: “Raniere ordering his slaves not to have sex with other men is about control”.

In fact, I would take his total “control” over the DOS slaves one step farther and argue it was all about Raniere’s ego and much less to do with actual sex.

Think about this: Keith Raniere could have gotten laid with a lot less effort and trouble. He could have had women being monogamous in their relationships with him. Raniere did not have to go the DOS route.

Raniere is charming, charismatic, and successful. He ran his own business/cult that made millions.

Raniere had a net worth that ran into millions of dollars and an army of female admirers and fans.

I hate giving the ‘Devil’ his due, but it’s true.

Rich, charismatic playboys usually do not have trouble meeting eligible free woman.

I am not being chauvinistic or misogynistic. What woman -or, for that matter, man- wants to date a loser?

Raniere could have led quite the life of a playboy had he not been stroking his own narcissistic sociopathic ego by keeping “slaves”.


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  • Thank you for underscoring the point that KAR was not about sexual gratification, per se, but I doubt he’d do as a “playboy” either. Far too selfish in every respect. And his delusions don’t support even splitting a check let alone picking one up…ever.

    C’mon, Clare’s paying his CHILD support while he’s prolly still got Pam’s $8 million stashed somewhere.

    Nor do I know many women who are in the market for a “playboy” these days. Haven’t they gone extinct?

    Most respect KAR ever got was as a “renunciate” and that started with Gina when they were supposedly preparing for a Mormon Temple marriage. (If you slip up, you can still wed in the Temple if you’re celibate for at least a year prior and have a Bishop’s recommend.)

  • Oh boy…. It’s a psuedo article/comment. So feel free to remark on my poor writing skills or……what political beliefs I have
    or whether I am a male chauvinist or whether I have one brain cell or two brain cells. It’s all good and okay. I have it comming after writing the comment.

    • Addressing that commenters and criticism:

      Raniere’s woman were all ready being monogamous by all accounts with him. Raniere had a harem of 15-20 rotating woman. Frank has documented that fact multiple times.

      Raniere was/is charming. People do not follow a messiah/guru/leader unless that leader has some charismatic qualities.
      I hate Hitler, but I can at least admit the scoundrel had some charismatic qualities.

      Regarding woman…I believe woman have
      the right to choose and it is up to the elected states and the federal government or more ideally it should be put to national referendum( vote by the people).

      I am not a woman so I do not hold a true opinion.

      Anonymous will pay for the welfare aid to raise the children and will you be adopting all of the orphans? Before abortion became legal there were all kinds of hellish stories.

      Regarding woman and rich guys. Most woman do not play that game. The fact that my wife chose me proves that fact.:)

      I genuinely have a high opinion of all women. Please do not allow this one public comment/ article to lead you to conclude otherwise. Last time I checked my mother, grandmother, wife and sister are all women.

      My wife family practice law leaves me with the conclusion that 9 out of 10 times the mother is the better parent by a large measure for whatever it’s worth.

      G right again we should all stay on topic and not get political.

        • Anonymous,
          Could you please highlight what you are referencing in terms of “you have a lot learn”?

          The article/comment was written in haste. I wrote a follow up comment to
          explain and apologize to anyone that took what I commented out of context or was insulted.

          I apologize if I offended you.

    • I didn’t say anything about your brain cells or writing skills, Niceguy. …Did I?

      Meant to say “thanks” and reinforce with some facts and thoughts. Maybe I’m a bit edgy with a flu dragging on for days and “over-the-counter” meds that are making me hallucinate when I’m not having sweaty nightmares KAR’s gonna walk because he was just a good ol horn dog like Gillibrand’s pops.

      Maybe I will just STFU a couple more days. Give Schlock a chance to punk me — till I come full strength.

      You have fine writing skills and a nice conversational tone. Leon does as well. Frank’s heard many earfuls from me about allowing assholes to punk his guests. Nothing else I can do, rather have FR than not. Personally, I blame Frank’s good old buddy Roger Stone. Hate Speech is an “effective” tool for destruction despite all the denial on behalf of POTUS that only overly sensitive types are hurt by it.

      Hate Speech, taunting, heckling was a tool of KAR’s to break down his victims. Starting with the tiny tots at Rainbow Culture Garden who were taught girls are weak and worthless.

      And, Guess What? Donald Trump is not about to pardon anyone, ever, IMO. Stone tried to blame his “volunteers” for the crosshairs. None of the top leaders of either party have a shred of decency, IMO, and as you say. THEY’RE POLITICIANS!!!

      • –Hate Speech, taunting, heckling was a tool of KAR’s to break down his victims. Starting with the tiny tots at Rainbow Culture Garden who were taught girls are weak and worthless.

        In other words, things in common with certain posters who malign me.

        Or things in common with people exaggerate alleged flaws of women in general or in particular to put them down so that it negatively impacts their self-esteem so that they start to over-focus on them making them easier to control, such as saying certain women don’t have asses or tits. Or are D-list actresses.

          • It’s easy to counter. Legitimate criticism isn’t “hate speech.” Only snowflakes believe that BS.

          • –Legitimate criticism isn’t “hate speech.”

            What an idiotic attempt at conflation of two terms on opposite ends of the speech spectrum. If you think the content I was referring to is “legitimate criticism” you’re living in delusion.

      • Heidi I was/am responding to others…and future criticisms… 😉

        Now if I ever write an actual article I will have to do so under a pen name or no one will read it. 🙂

      • I don’t believe all politicians are without a shred of decency. Many are honest and are genuinely trying to help people.

        Roger Stone and his gang of thugs are not politicians. Stone admits to playing dirty, and it’s pretty simple to check out what his baby thug Wohl recently did….
        Little Jacob tried to pull his own dirty trick on Mueller, and it backfired on him.
        Stone, you failed in teaching this newest student…..your baby rat got caught in the trap. Awwww….

        • Please explain what Stone did Dennis. Care to discuss the Mueller report which is due out in the next couple of weeks? Care to discuss the phony dossier that your buddy Hillary financed. Dennis. I could also mention the FISA court abuse your fellow democrat buddies were involved in. Please shut the hell up with your hypocrisy.

        • Cut the crap Denny. You know absolutely nothing about Roger. You can’t even state what he has done wrong. Denny you are projecting your own evil deeds upon others. Pain is coming.

  • Duh, of course it was about control. The smartest man in the world also wanted to avoid getting STDs. It was about sex, Raniere is a perv. He not only COULD have the women not have sex with others, he DID direct that for years before DOS. He started DOS because he was getting old, couldn’t get it up, and needed some “insurance” of loyalty.

    Raniere was NOT “charming, charismatic, and successful.” He is a scam artist shyster. He has the personality of a banana, watch his video commercial with Eddie Albert or his one-on-one with Mack, where she is smiling and crying while he talks. Raniere needed lots of sycophants to help him, and he found them.

  • I think he was stimulated by the danger pushing the envelope getting away with any crime including murder!

    If you study the motivation of serial criminals, they have a patttern of needing to feed the hunger to keep pushing the limits until they get sloppy and ultimately get caught

      • Toni Natale’s dog was poisoned and put in the freezer for her to look at each day
        Then we have the three suicides Gina Natale’s brother and Snyder in Alaska. That’s a lot of suicides of close associates.
        Then we have Pam and Barbara not being given proper medical care and dying painful horrible deaths. Cancer without pain meds is worse than a gunshot.

        • Each day? How many days did she leave it in the freezer? Killing a dog isn’t murder, that term is reserved for killing humans. Suicide also isn’t murder, get your terms straight. Pam and Barbara could have obtained medical care and they chose not to, so that’s not murder, either. Any others? LOL

          • ScottTeX2 & Eveyone else.

            anonymous’s was trying to make the point that Keith A. Raniere is a sick psychopath.

            The fact that anonymous’s description of events do not resonate with Scott in someway is because Scott is a psychopath/sociopath.

            Scott, lacks the most general empathy that even toddlers or primates exhibit.

            “Scott Tex2 “, does not even know to fake empathy or compassion so that he can appear normal. Tex2 is a lower functioning sociopath.

            The pain and suffering of others does not even register with Tex2Scott.

            Scott only feels for his own suffering and pain. Scott is incapable of feeling empathy or acknowledging the pain of others.

            Bangkok and Sultan of Six may have personality flaws ,unlike Scott, they are clearly not sociopaths.

        • Anonymous,

          Thank you for sharing.

          I did not know about the brother’s suicide or the nefarious tidbits regarding the dead dog or the fact that pain meds were never given to the two women with cancer.

          It seems Keith Raniere’s depravity has no limits. I am not being flippant.

          I have witnessed a cancer patient suffering from cancer with no pain relief. It’s one of the hardest things I have ever witnessed in my entire life.

          Keith Raniere is pure evil.

  • No need to read this excellent article!! I am a genius. I have read somewhere that “Pride goeth before a fall.” How in the world could an antiquated book written by stupid men STILL be correct today?? Amazing…

  • Well spoken sentiments Nice Guy. But it rings a bit hollow in regards to women’s rights. Are you in favor of a woman’s right to choose abortion? Or, do you follow more closely with Trump’s Republican Party on birth control, where a wealthy man can fuck strippers shortly after his wife gives birth to his son and then attempt to pay for her silence. Which type of man are you Nice Guy?

    • Ya know anonymous, you need to leave your politics at home and not post them on this forum.
      You are beyond annoying. Your rude and harassing.

    • Trump may be a creep, but Hellary THE Horrible had to be worse, or he wouldn’t have beat her. Which type of voter are you, “Anonymous?”

    • Apparently you are in favor of infanticide. What is it with you deocraps and the murdering of infants. If the woman does not want to get knocked up than keep her legs closed

      • Anonymous,

        There are plenty of people who feel as you do.

        Draconian laws based on exact reading and open interpretation of something written over 1000 years ago….

        Just move to the Middle East. Men are men and woman subservient, gay people put to death for being gay…

        Liberal? I am actually a registered republican. The Republican Party was a great political party until you bible buddies started showing up in the 80’s. You and your ilk were Barry Goldwater’s biggest fear. At the bottom is a quote from Barry. You should read it.

        So Anonymous which Protestant religious sect should we all follow? Baptist, Jehovah,Methodist, Church of Christ, Church of God, Mormons, Pentecostal; the list in the US is well over 100.

        “Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.”
        Barry Goldwater

    • Right to chose an abortion. Now the filthy bastards of New York and some other states want infanticide. You and your fellow democraps support murder of infants. This is where the whole abortion debacle was headed from the earliest days of Roe Wade which was based on a lie.

  • He’s a superficially charming conman who builds things based on lies and the backs of others hiding those lies. It’s only a matter of time whatever he builds starts to crumble. The guy has never been nothing more than a short term success, and in his case I use the term loosely. The only reason NXIVM lasted so long is because he effectively burned through money that was never his to buy people off. Think of a business raising venture capital only to have all of that money wasted on perks instead of growing the business. That’s VanDumbass for you. His intent was never to grow a business or be successful in such a sense. Merely use it as a front to fool around and grow his ego.

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