What Happens to Prefect Salzman if the Vanguard, Raniere, Flees to Fiji?

Several former and/or present NXIVM members have written to me about my recent, speculative posts about the Vanguard, Keith Raniere, funded by Clare Bronfman, possibly fleeing to Fiji to avoid prosecution.

Uppermost in several Nxian’s minds is: what happens to Prefect, Nancy Salzman, whose name is on everything from NXIVM, the company, to real estate to bank accounts to so-called “shell corporations”?

“The (flight to Fiji) story …. isn’t hard to believe”, one Nxian writes, “Raniere has talked … for years (about) having his own island i.e. country,.” adding that, if he were to flee to Fiji, “he has his out of all the illegal behaviors.”

A Nxian writes, “Question is, is the island big enough for all those who he has involved in his schemes or are they going to be left behind for the Feds to sweep up for prosecution?

“The question is where does this leave Nancy Salzman? Is she going to the islands also? If not, as predicted for years, it leaves her holding the bag.”

Another Nxian writes, “NXIVM is in deep ‘poop’ with unpaid state and federal taxes. I’ve been at a training where Raniere preached that paying taxes was unethical and supported an unethical government. Both Nancy Salzman and Barbara Jeske worked people over several times attempting to get people to not pay their taxes.”

K Raniere 4 brighter

Keith Raniere is the world’s smartest man, his adoring followers say.


Does Nancy Salzman love her master enough to take the fall for him? Does the Vanguard love his Prefect enough to protect her?


Nancy Salzman, NXIVM’s president, poses for a photo during Vangaurd week at Silver Bay Center on Lake George Tuesday August 27, 2003. (Will Waldron / Times Union)


Fiji might make a nice locale for a fugitive named Raniere

taking the fall
In the Maltese Falcon, Humphrey Bogart demands that someone take the fall in return for handing over the Maltese Falcon.

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