Was Raniere Posing as Teen Girl on Kristin Kreuk’s Website?

Kristin Kreuk started a group called Girls By Design {GBD] which sought to recruit teen girls into a sexy fun club and gather information about them. The group was at its heyday during the time Kreuk was being widely used by Nxivm to recruit members. Kreuk did not disband the group even after it was reported in the Albany Times Union that her mentor Keith Raniere had raped teen girls.

By Heidi Hutchinson

Frank Parlato wrote, in the post Kristin Kreuk Promoted Sex Slavery For Teen Girls On Her Nxivm-Based Website! that one of the writers, “G”, on Kreuk’s Girls By Design website, was encouraging little girls to make videos of themselves to submit to Kreuk and possibly Keith Raniere.

In various posts, the salacious “G” talks glowingly about sex slavery, tattoos, pants falling to the floor – and being – like Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin – a 1970s rock band – shirtless – all on Kreuk’s website for 12 -15-year-old girls.

There is not a shadow of a doubt in my mind that Raniere is “G” and is the author of the GBD/ Sexy 7 posts and many comments thereto — posted as “G” and otherwise.

As Frank notes: clearly “G’s” goal on “Sexy 7” is to solicit videos and photos in addition to information on a group of girls, preferably as young as 12.

As I recall, the “Sexy 7” site also ran a photo contest to win a free camera at one time — the prize for making the best video of their own sexy teen and preteen selves.

Could there be any more sinister motive behind the “Sexy 7” than to sneakily round-up 7 preteens willing to show their sexy side to win a camera and the joy of being discovered and mentored by a teen idle such as Kristin Kreuk?

Kristin Kreuk at Necker Island – 2010 – at a Nxivm retreat.

I believe so and here’re a few facts and thoughts on why:

– Keith once knew a girl (in fact there were two) whose name began with the letter “G.” They were both virgins named “Gina,” who read and wrote poems, who longed for adventures outside of Cohoes, NY.

The Ginas were bright and bored at school. They joined RPI Players — where they met Raniere during a production of “The Barber of Seville.”

The Gina’s ran loose around town playing hooky from school and secretly rendezvousing with Raniere, who was like a big brother, a father figure, a man with worldly knowledge to impart, and big plans himself.

Raniere was also, they thought, an RPI genius, a progressive thinker, a master of many disciplines — music, math, science, computers and martial arts to name but a few.

Gina Hutchinson was statutorily raped by Keith Raniere.


Gina Molita was another 15-year-old girl that the adult Raniere raped.

Raniere stole both their virginity, but, he said, “for their own good.” If not, they may have fallen into the hands of “The Man” — that patriarchal world where girls are mere servants valued only for their looks.

The Ginas were tomboys, prone to climbing trees, jumping off cliffs at the river, trying new adventures, building fires on the land late at night.

They wanted to travel to exotic lands and meet strangers from other cultures, perhaps in rebellion of their own.

At least one of those two Ginas whose first initial is “G” sacrificed not only her virginity but her life – not by becoming a branded slave sacrificing her life to the perverse service of her NXIVM master and grandmaster, Keith Alan Raniere (KAR),  under threat of blackmail, while starved and sleep-deprived — but by mind-conditioning my sister, Gina Hutchinson, over decades using some of the same techniques to finally end her life or allow another to end it.

The next clue that links GBD/Sexy 7, “G poster” to KAR are the dated social references “G” makes in these posts incognito as a girl in her early, “tee-hee,” teens.

Those references on the GBD site to the likes of Jack Kerouac and Ranier Marie Rilke are two examples right off the top of both Gina’s favorite poets from the early 1980s.  Gina H. had “On the Road” practically memorized.   She pulled it off our Dad’s bookshelf from a generation prior.

Image result for robert plant shirtless

As for “G’s” references to “Led Zepplin” – everybody’s favorite in the day — although still a popular iconic rock group throughout the ’80s, they broke up in 1980.  IDK if “G” and these GBD groupies are gushing over bass player Robert Plant shirtless in 1968, when Zepplin formed, or in the ’80s when the band was already retro, but by 2010, I doubt any teenager – or Kristin Kreuk herself – would relish the sight of a topless Zepplin bassist who was by then in his 60’s…STILL somewhat older than Keith was in 2010.  [Dream On, Raniere, dream on.]

Keith Alan Raniere is suspected of being G – a writer who glorified female sex slavery, told stories of “her” pants falling down – and about being shirtless like Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. It was odd to hear such an antiquated reference – in 2010 – by a supposedly teenage girl – for a group that had disbanded 30 years before.

I betcha “Stairway to Heaven” was played a dozen times on Keith Raniere’s high school prom night.

As Catherine Oxenberg notes in “Captive” – Keith Raniere was stuck in the 1980s.  It was in that 80’s time warp where Keith Raniere first knew the thrill of virgin conquests as an adult himself and was most joyfully worshiped by the pure, young acolytes he tutored.

The GBD “ass burn” joke, in fact, is nearly exact to one that Gina H. coined about getting the runs after eating hot sauce on pizza with Keith all night.

I firmly believe Raniere relied in 2010  on the same methods that worked for him in the ’80s and ’90s to recapture those glory days of decadence without bothering to update the material much for GBD / Sexy 7, decades later.

I think Raniere was posting on Kreuk’s website Girls By Design – trolling for virgins – masquerading as “G”. I suspect Kruek knew that much.

The only question is whether Kreuk knew about his true motives – to use her and her website to find and groom and finally to rape underage girls.


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  • There’s no way of knowing if Kreuk or the site was used by Raniere. No one can definitively say what Kruek’s involvement was,criminal or otherwise. The feds don’t seem interested. GBD could have been used without her realizing it.
    Her guilt or innocence is just speculation. As is a lot of went on behind the scenes and the various players activities. My opinion is total innocence on anyone’s part is very hard to believe. How vindictive and cruel to one another is anyone’s guess. Thinking of all involved in this community there are some major players and then the supporting cast that turned a blind eye and also had hands on by verbal or physical activity. The very least of which was never speaking up in defense of someone who for the day, week, month or year(s) was outside “the cool kids club” or inner circle as often said.

    Just for example the way some were called brave and heroic here in the early days of FR and over time have been outed as near or as bad as the Vangaurd himself. This is a community of people that do harm without a care for others. As long as they are elevated and seen as special.

  • They both project word salad, like Kristen Kruek, and both associated with little girls on the Internet .

  • I guess there is a possibility that Keith Raniere poses as someone’s (rather hirsute) teenage girl in the Metropolitan Detention Center.

  • Hell no! I don’t want anyone seeking to ‘empower,’ my 13 yr. old daughter, especially through a f’ing website! No one has any business communicating with an underage girl online. Full Stop.

  • Kristin Kreuk has never been connected with any criminal activity. This fact is according to public records, and ex NXIVM members’ public testimonies that were on the inside. Add to Kristin’s pattern of speaking on girl empowerment, and minority rights, it seems in no way she would let anyone attack her fans. Kristin obviously would support a site that would help promote confidence and positive direction in education and future career paths for young females as herself. There is a point Kristin would have to leave the duties of monitoring comments that are posted on the site to other people. Kristin is a busy woman, she can’t sit there all day monitoring comments. Can you imagine if every site operator on the internet will be held accountable for every comment on their site? And their character comes into question because others can’t control their filthy worded members? Who would open a site? I believe folks here are big supporters of the 1st amendment, but none here would support slander and dubious speculation, to destroy someone’s career or life. Or at least most people.

    Oxenburg joined NXIVM for positive change in her life and her daughter, yet while being in for 2 years, she couldn’t watch her daughter’s every move. Edmondson was in longer and yet she fell in the DOS trap. Apparently. she had no idea how far NXIVM would go. Kristin should be seen in the same light. She is a true victim as these women were and this is supported by many ex-NXIVM members, who also seem to have a very high opinion of Kristin Kreuk and her character, and she left the NXIVM program clean and clear.

    • You are as predictable as a bad smell after a fart. You are completely infatuated with someone who could not give a flying turd if you live or die. Your long sad unrequited emotional investment reaps zero rewards for you. You just train your brain to be more toxic. Nobody cares what you say Abdul. It’s funny how you change your writing style from alias to alias. Your mother would be so very ashamed if she knew what a psychologically twisted, emotionally spasticated fuck-up her little larvae is. What a sad, sad, sad beetle…

    • Sorry Sweetie, but procuring underage girls for a pedophile IS criminal activity. When you grow up to be a big girl you will understand.
      Hope you get lots of candy trick or treating next weekend.

      • —Sorry Sweetie, but procuring underage girls for a pedophile IS criminal activity—-

        Who is your source for this charge? “Jane?” Do you see some similarities in the girl’s Sexy 7 replies to “Jane’s” school of BDSM? I think your mind is clouded by images of Kristin Kreuk in leather and lace and a whip. Keep your sick masturbatory imagination to yourself.

        • Stop worshipping Kristin Kreuk “H” aka sultan/spanky.

          If she publicly told you to go fuck yourself, would you just carry on, or jizz in your halal robes for acknowledging your worthless existence?

          If only your mother could see you for what you are. 🧕🏽

          If she were watching you now, she would be HUMILIATED, ASHAMED and EMBARRASSED for what she mistakenly brought into the world (and America).

          Every time you bow down and worship Kristin Kook, you shit on your mother’s memory. You shame her everyday of your pointless existence.

          Just stop it. You are mentally unwell. You are delusional. Nobody has made you this way, it’s all you. It’s all your fault.

          Hurry up and take Frank Parlato out for halal pork chops like you said. 🐷🐖

          Or are you going to disappoint him like you disappoint your mother?

          Sad, sad H/sultan. 👳🏽‍♂️

    • Kristin Crook(ed) should have simply shut up about “speaking on girl empowerment, and minority rights,” as she has no soapbox to stand on. Also, it’s not the nutty comments that are the issue, it’s the people writing the articles. Frank has more responsibility for the comments posted on this website, as he (and others on his team) approves each one. I don’t know whether the GBD owners approved the comments on that website, but I doubt any comments would not have been approved given the nutty articles.

  • You need to be willing and able, to see past and through someone’s outer facade and even the physical appearances of people. Psychologically, people who are very good-looking or ATTRACTIVE to others, are the ones who are most likely to be believed, to be given a pass. Especially if a magnetizing personality or purse-onality accompanies the image being offered and being perceived.

    Sociopaths, in particular, know enough to be able to work these “immunities” given to certain individuals, or to the sociopath himself, herself. Also, if you happen to be “beautiful or magnetic” there’s a lifelong, inherent training, with regards to how and when to operate those lucky charms, if you so desire or if need be. Slowly you learn the signals, both of jealousies and their resultant evocations of exclusion or competitiveness, and of what you can do about it. And you learn, as well, just how much of a free ticket magnetism or good looks gives you.

    Beauty is power, whether one enjoys it or not. It is power in advertising. One photo alone can get the audience’s attention engaged. The audiences are drawn in to WANT what you want, what you offer. Or if you want to sell medicine, car insurance, even cleaning supplies, you pick an “ordinary” face to accomplish it best, a representative of the “huddled masses.” It is capricious and mercenary awareness of how to sell.

    Kreuk has some of that magnetic “immunity” and knows how to work it. Bronfman has that purse-onality immunity and has kept on using it.

    • One more thing about this beauty ratio is that many women crave it, like Toni Natalie, who wants oodles of attention for her so-called beauty, needs to put it out consistently that she is so fucking special. She tries and tries to advertise herself as phenomenally desirable. It is comical. She would have no need to advertise if she were at home with herself and who she thinks that she is.

      Toni Natalie is a false advertiser, through and through. Her lies sought to divide and conquer, again and again. Her craven need is to be special, number one, adored and WINNING. So she twists and twists what is true and what is false, consciously and unconsciously devoted to one person only; that is, blatantly, herself.

  • It appears that a couple of people have some fairly solid experience or evidence indicating that “G” was almost certainly a real young person, and not Raniere. Which I think goes to show how relatively easy it is to come up with a compelling-seeming narrative or theory, that may not be at all correct.

    I had thought that perhaps it could have been one of the women in Raniere’s inner circle, working on a sort of “assignment” on his behalf. But if there really was actual video of “G” that pretty much rules out even a convincing troll.

    The other possibility which occurs to me, is that it was just some over-sexualized girl who was attracted to GBD precisely because of the strange undercurrent originating with Raniere and his warped philosophy, and thus reflecting some of that more as a matter of coincidence.

    Or could it have been some girl in Raniere’s orbit at that time, someone like Cami?

    • “Which I think goes to show how relatively easy it is to come up with a compelling-seeming narrative”…

      Keith and, yes, those in his closest orbit, have been known to come up with a few ‘compelling narratives’ that prove entirely false and calculated to achieve their perverse ends.

      Or do you believe there aren’t anonymous posters on here who are lying to bury the truth not uncover it?

      You already owe me a nice dinner, AnonyMaker, care to bet on the fact that “G” or any number of GBD / Sexy 7 posters weren’t Keith and/or someone downloading his daily dick-dictations.

      GBD / Sexy 7 was a catfish scheme to bait, hook and lure a certain prototype of girl online.

      What else?

        • Did you send a “Sexy seven” video in to kristin, spanky? Bet she loved the ending when the screen went white.

      • You are exactly right. Remember that Anony (sultan) is always throwing up a smokescreen to protect his dream girl at any cost. Careful at that dinner, you don’t want to end up a lampshade.

      • Heidi, I don’t disagree with you about any of those things. It just looks to me as if in this particular case, there’s testimony or evidence that something else is going on.

        I know I’ve certainly sometimes come up with what I thought was a pretty convincing explanation or theory regarding something, only to find out I was quite mistaken – and sometimes the truth was even quite unexpected. I’ve also definitely seen cases play out where someone like “G” just turned out to be like-minded, rather than part of the group.

        And I haven’t forgotten about dinner. I thought you were going to be in New York at some point; if you’re ever in the City and the weather is nice, I can even take you for a walk in Grammercy Park. I get out to California from time to time, but it’s usually the Bay Area, and I get the impression you live at the other end of the state.

  • One of the things noticeable from the comments evoked by this article is just how subjective the remarks really are. Nothing is unusual about that, but when looking into a comment, the first consideration can (often) be, who is saying it. What, who, is the voice, the commenter? Who is saying what, from what viewpoint, reference points? Secondly, what might be the purpose, behind the remark, comment?

    Is it defensive? Is it obfuscating? Is the person kind of a dumbass, or not? Is the commenter in pain, hurting? Is the person unaware of many pertinent elements of what is being discussed? Is the person trying to hide info, or distorting it?

    Who, and what, how and how come, are you hearing the contents, from any given commenter? Does the remark matter? Offer new insight? Or is the comment “babble” and/or is the commenter misled, and coming from that miscomprehension? There are as many possible combos as there are people who comment.

    People have, inevitably, different perceptions, as well as versions, of what is true and what is not true. Someone very skewed can sometimes, albeit accidentally, reveal something worthwhile. It can come out their mouths without them even realizing it.

  • Where do people get the fanciful notion that being a courtesan or “sporting woman” in old New Orleans was a bed of roses?

    From listening to the song “Lady Marmalade” from 1975 when Keith Raniere was all of 15 years old.
    The original was sung by Patti LaBelle
    This song was remade around 2003 for the movie “Moulin Rouge”.
    The remake or cover was sung by Pink, Christin Aguilar, Mya and Lil’ Pinmk.
    In truth the prostitutes of old New Orleans lived in wooden shacks that were divided into small cribs for their “work” activities.
    These women were just one step above streetwalkers.

    This case illustrates why people should not learn their history from perverts like Keith Raniere and clowns like Kristen Kreuk, Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.

  • Your speculation is entirely baseless. As I said in a previous comment, G is short for George which was her last name. Her first initial was S. She was a teen girl and a member of GbD that other girls knew. She’s more real than a made up “Jane” ever was.

    There are plenty of girls in their late teens even now, not just ten years ago, who gush over older rockstars and how they looked in their heyday—such as members of Led Zeppelin—especially if their parents are/were into the band. Talk about reading something into something that isn’t there. Also, Robert Plant was the lead singer of the group, not the bassist. How can you claim to know what you’re talking about if you can’t get this simple fact right?

    • I have to agree with the above poster (sultan) because he associated with all the little girls on the GBD and other KK sites with his little girl aliases and would know best.

      • Sultan is also associated with owning your ass in every debate. But keep with the ad hominems, sociopathic gaslighting and attempts at self-esteem humiliation, and stalking because these are the only things you’re *terribly* good at it, just like the guy you worship. Hey, maybe you can get Frank to keep posting about Kristin and then you can keep calling out Kristin pretending you’re not obsessed, because in your warped world view, the active slandering of people deems people less responsible than those reactive people who respond to its result. It’s ironic, you know, to transparently try to hide the display of emotions of a jilted person behind tabloid journalism just because they decided not to “take up the fight” so to speak, or whatever bumble headed rationalization you have to attempt to justify an obviously concerted effort to defame, when you’re supposedly fighting against the leader of the group who displayed the same emotions for years. Maybe you’ll grow up someday, but some things just are logically impossible.

          • LOL, SOS posts seems to be a favorite on both sides of the debate…except for Spankyspermtalker.

        • You can’t own anybody you crazy stalking loser. Your twisted hellish mind is owned by Kristin Kreuk, yet you will never get a whiff of her axe wound. If allah was real, he would think you were a cunt. Do you actually think that posting anonymously means you can’t be caught out? Stop pretending to be someone else. Beg your mother for forgiveness for being such an embarrassment.

          • Sultan owns you. He owns you silly. He knows exactly your kind because you’re easy and predictable to read. You’re like a robot who does exactly like he says and says the same trash every time your code tells you to write something. Big, puffy chested “strongman” bully behind a computer screen. Tiny little, wimpy boy in reality.

            By the way, is “ax wound” like the “fish hole” of a “cunt”? How much you seem to like the ladies. The irony of your kind telling someone to beg forgiveness from a mother.

            Hope you enjoy your future as a prison bitch.

    • You should either name this person or provide it and any other information that you know that is related to GBD/NXIVM to Frank, or you’re no better than Hutchinson’s grasping at straws. The attitude of “I know something that you don’t know and I’m not going to tell you” only decreases your credibility.

      • Grasping at straws? I wasn’t speaking of your dick, Schlock, so IDK why you keep trying to bring that old thing you keep grasping at up out of the abyss.

    • You’re correct that Robert Plant was lead singer and lyricist for Zeppelin, that goes without saying. However Plant also played bass and bass guitar and it was Plant who appeared frequently and famously shirtless. “G” doesn’t distinguish which Zepplin bassist or band member freely ran around topless in 2010 which is why I said “A bass player” when referring to “G’s” GbD quote.

  • Goodness. Some of you guys, and that includes Frank, seem to be having difficulties distinguishing between what G contributed versus what the GBD gals were posting. And if people think the content of the blog was not appropriate for 13-17 year olds, they must not know what the young people in the world are exposed to nowadays.

    In the post Heidi is referencing, G contributed the video (which is no longer accessible). Jenny the one who signs her name at the bottom of the post and provides her email address Jenipher @gbd is the one gathering and posting the submissions. Jenny is the one encouraging the “what makes you . . .you” video / audio submissions not G.

    I poked around the site and G wrote about living in Canada, having a 2 1/2 year old dog named Jackson, posted video and recipe for shortbread cookies, was supposedly born at the end of Oct. and wrote this in response to something Colbert said about Canadians:

    “It’ has recently come to my attention that some people believe Canadians to not only be the syrup-sucking ice holes that Steven Colbert called us, but that we also live in a vast frozen tundra of nothing! Well, folks, I’m here to clear a few things up.
    1. We don’t live in igloos! Eskimos may, but just because a small percentage does, that doesn’t mean that you should base the entire country off of it.
    2. I do not now, nor have I ever had a pet moose and many, man, MANY other Canadians can say the same.
    3. We don’t say “PAST-A” funny, you just say it wrong”

    G. also wrote this about summer music:
    “Summer songs, summer songs, hmmm. This may sound weird, buuuut when I think of summer songs, Jack Johnson immediately pops into my head. Probably because he just has a beachy feel to him and I love it haha. Bedouin Soundclash and Metric are usually on the summer sounds list too. Then throw in some good dance music, just to get you pumped and my friends and I have also discovered that The Dropkick Murphys are pretty good at getting you pumped too haha. Anyways… IMO, the best way to listen to summer songs is with a group of people, more energy is flowing and it just creates the perfect…Happy environment, I think it mixes well with the purpose of the songs.
    P.S. I forgot to add road mixes up there and I’m too lazy to edit haha. But yeah, I think songs for those road trips are key, too. Otherwise you’re sitting in the car for hours going stir crazy lol.”

    Unfortunately, the videos Gertie and others posted are no longer available, but back then everyone could see them. If Gertie was really Keith than he fooled the blog editors and board members since they appear to have worked collaboratively on a number of projects and posts with G. I know Frank and a few of his groupies are doing their best to demonize and destroy the reputations of some, while completely ignoring many of those that truly enabled KR to function, but if you look at who was really running that blog, it really was all of those girls. So if Frank was really interested in learning the truth, rather than tossing around accusations at one particular individual, it would seem there are plenty of named people he could contact from that site.

    • “they (Kristin etc.) appear to have worked collaboratively on a number of projects and posts with G.“

      And “G” watches Steven Colbert but derned if it’s not her Canadian duty to dispel the myth that she sucks syrup and lives in an igloo (!).

      Plus “G” — coordinator of the contest — wants to see an extra long Sexy 7 video submission from “Mari.”

      I rest my case. For now.

      • Not sure what case you think you’ve proved other than not being able to read very well. Once again, G was not the one coordinating these “What makes you …. you” submissions. That was one of the gals on the GBD Board, in this case a young woman named Jenipher. According to her GBD bio, Jenipher was born in Puerto Rico and, at least back then, still lived in Puerto Rico and would have been 19 at that time. And I don’t even know why you think a Canadian wouldn’t have had access to the Colbert Report. The Colbert Report was simulcast on the cable Comedy Network in Canada and broadcast on CTV. I thought you said you were involved in the entertainment industry in LA.

        At this point, the “They” working on the blog were the gals serving on the GBD Board who were mostly 17-18 year olds along with one 15 year old and one or two 19 year olds — not Kristin. It doesn’t even look like Kendra was involved with the day to day at that point, although she would actually comment more on some of the posts and she and Kristin would still occasionally post articles.

        G or Gertie seemed to comment frequently and then looks to have become a regular contributor contributing recipes and historical posts about important females throughout history and some other things like breast cancer awareness. if you go through some comments, Gertie said she had a 2 1/2 year old dog named Jackson (looked like some sort of Schnauzer mix) and a dog or cat named Sparky, was gay, lived in Canada, had a grandmother and mother who were still alive,
        Here’s Gertie’s post about shortbread cookies:

        The Yummy Shortbread Recipe!
        • 1 pound of the best butter you can find! That should be 4 sticks.
        • 5 ½ cups of all-purpose flour and ½ cup for when you roll it out.
        • 1 cup of brown or powdered sugar.
        Take your pound of butter and make sure it’s nice and soft. Like really soft and then mix it together (well) with the sugar. After this has been thoroughly done, add your flour and mix extremely well with your hands. Once it has been mixed to your liking, roll it into a ball. Next, proceed to roll the shortbread ball out. Make sure that it isn’t too thin, it needs to be a bit thick. Preferably an inch thick. Place it into your baking dish/pan and then cook on 350ºF until it is golden-brown.

        Here’s her recipe for baklava:
        First off, I’m going to say that you cannot fully enjoy this without filling up on a lovely meal of stuffed grape leaves (with meat) and kibbe, but we don’t have time for that today, do we? Nope. Back to the baklava. I’ve never made this with my mom, because well she can’t cook hahaha. It was always made with one of my numerous great aunts and here’s how!
        1. Grease yo pan and preheat the oven to 350°F.
        2. Take your THAWED phyllo dough and roll it out. After this, you’re going to cut it into half sheets, they should look like a triangle. Then cover the dough with a damp towel and set aside, but not too aside.
        3. Throw your nuts into a food processor. HA HA HA. Once they’re nice and small toss the cinnamon and cloves in, then melt your butter which ever way you chose.
        4. Now you know how you layer a lasagna? Well this is kind of like that. Lay a sheet of dough in the pan, brush with butter and repeat about 7 more times.
        5. Take the lovely nut mixture and spread it over the layers of dough. Then cover that with about two sheets of dough which have been brushed with the butter. Repeat this step until the nut mixture is all gone and make sure that the top layer is 8 sheets thick like the bottom layer.
        6. Cut into squares and baked for about 30-35 minutes, or until the edges have that lovely golden brown colour to them.
        7. Whilst that is baking, you should probably make the syrup. To do so, combine the cinnamon stick, sugar, lemon juice, honey, and water in a saucepan. Bring to a boil, then reduce to medium low heat and let simmer for 7 minutes and slightly thickened. Remove the cinnamon stick and allow to cool.
        8. Take the baklava out of the oven and smother it with the COLD syrup and enjoy. Once it’s cooled off, of course.

        Here’s an article that KENDRA contributed back in November 2008:

        Some of you may know that a while back my wee little friend Parker passed away of Cancer at a very young age. This little dude lived life with “Character” and I say “Character” because truly was a snuggle monster, a funny monster and at times and (very rarely) hahaha!…he was…well, lets just say…he was hell on wheels out to cause some trouble….just the way I liked him best! A true little MONSTER! HA!

        Parker was Smallville’s #1 FAN. So his funeral was very fitting when it was a SUPER HERO themed service where we all had to dress up like our favorite Super Hero’s. Parker sat at the front on the room, not in urn, but instead tucked away in a Play Station Box…TOTALLY his style!…like I said the kid had character.

        Alex, Parkers mom did an amazing job at fulfilling every dream a kid could have in one very short lifetime. Parker’s life was filled with the most amazing journeys and experiences thanks to the compassion of people and his mom’s hard work.
        A few short months after Parker passed away I hung out with Alex and her son Broody at the Aquarium in Vancouver…during a quiet moment Alex dug into her purse and pulled out a tiny travel Advil container, and announced, “here is bit of Parker!” “WHAT!?” was my answer, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN? PARKER? HE IS IN THE ADVIL CONTAINER!?” “Yup” Alex said with a big smile on her face…”I have a mission for you, Parker Style.”

        Ok soooo, I could handle this one or two ways…first I could get all WERID that I was holding parking in an Advil container or I could try and see thru the eyes of child and imagine what he must have been thinking, when he requested this. So I pushed aside being uptight, took a swig of my Aquafina water, dove into my imagination and was quickly seeing the world thru the eyes of a child. FUN! I gotta hang out in this demension more often!

        “OK” I said “I will accept the mission.” “Great!” Alex said, “here’s the deal, I have been spreading Parkers ashes in ALL the places that he loved, and one of the places he loved most was SMALLVILLE. Do you think you could find a place at Smallville to sprinkle a few of Parkers ashes?”

        Could I?…Would I?…Should I?” would Smallville be cool with this? Dare I even ask? Could others step back and see thru the eyes of a child? I wasn’t so sure…I didn’t know what to do. I knew exactly where I wanted to do it…but wasn’t sure if I COULD do it…I mean this is a BIG deal…A BIG DEAL! I had Parker in my hand…Parker!…in an Advil container!…I couldn’t let him down…so, I put Parker in my purse and told Alex I would find a way!

        The next few weeks I carried Parker around in my purse with me…I kinda liked him in there…but was a wee bit worried that someone might dig thru my purse looking for an Advil only to find Parker AHHHHHHHHH! NOT FUNNY! I mean, listen, I don’t think everyone would be that cool about this, some might be down right offended! But, I was ok with this…this was between me and Parker now.

        Soooo late one night on the set of Smallville, Parker (in the Advil container in my back pocket) and I were cruising the sets. I knew exactly where he would want to be, a place where all the action, drama, tears, and memories happened on Smallville. I wanted to full fill his wish, as crazy as some might think it is, Smallville has touched they lives of so many people, and here I was a messenger for a little dude who wanted to make a permanent tribute to the Smallville cast and crew…I realized in that moment it wasn’t up to me to judge this wish or decision, nor was it up to others to claim if this was a good or bad thing to do. So I quietly did what I had come to do and sprinkled Parkers ashes in a very special place where he will be high up like an angle looking down on the cast and crew.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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