Raniere Has Been Crying a Lot and Other Prison Woes

Does Keith Alan Raniere have coronavirus disease?

Warning: There is gross and unpleasant language ahead.

During his last appearance in court last month, at his Curcio hearing, Keith Alan Raniere appeared with very short hair.

While the media noticed his close-cut hair – some even commenting that he looks more presentable with shorter locks – no one but Frank Report revealed the actual reason: A few weeks earlier, Raniere had an infestation of head lice and rather than provide him with lice removing shampoo – prison authorities merely shaved Raniere’s head.

This is symbolic of what Raniere has become.

Once a pampered Vanguard with women fighting to do his laundry and run his errands and – where his clothes, he said, just magically appeared, [bought by his women] – he is now subject to the crudest treatment – such as having his head shaven instead of being given a $5 bottle of shampoo.

Or prisoners stealing his glasses, or beating up on the sissy.

Not an actual photo of Keith Alan Raniere being unceremoniously returned to his prison cell.

Putting excrement in his shoes, and soiled toilet paper all around his bed. And reportedly someone – perhaps the guards themselves – who are known not to like this odious poser – urinating on his dress clothes for his trial just prior to his donning them.

He has had ringworm, headaches, heart palpitations, athlete’s foot, jock itch, and other maladies – so frequently – that guards are convinced he is a hypochondriac – an opinion they share with some of his ex-followers who have said Raniere always pretended to be sick to win sympathy and play the martyr.

He has come a long way, however, to be judged by lowly prison guards and not adored by comely, slender and oftentimes wealthy women.

Keith Raniere with his followers in the heyday of Nxivm. [Photo courtesy Barbara Bouchey].
He once ruled a battery of slaves, kept a harem for decades, and was regarded as the guru of hundreds of women and a few men, an inspirational teacher of a new “technology” that would create a “more noble civilization.”

Now he is a slave of the state and is not allowed to fornicate with women. Possibly by now, he has been required to fornicate with men – to submit to being the sexual object of a prisoner or prisoners – possibly against his will.

If not quite raped – he may have felt coerced to offer his anal orifice to some gross and seedy prisoner who has the advantage of being physically stronger than him.

He himself – when in the outside world – and leading a sex cult – coerced many women into having sex with him – and raped others – some of them in the statutory sense – though in fairness to him, most of the women he had sex with wanted the experience – thinking it was done for their spiritual advancement.

Raniere taught that women do not need to orgasm when he is with them.

Their highest good is obtained if they can swallow or otherwise absorb his semen – which he claimed had special properties to enlighten women – and the sweeter it tasted to them – the higher their evolution. He also taught that if he once sprayed his semen on a woman, she was his slave forever – and by dint of his superior intellect, and more importantly his spirituality, that a woman could never be with another man the rest of her life.

He owned her forever – by virtue of once ejaculating in the lady’s presence. [To seal the deal, he often told women that if they had sex with another man, it might – because of the highly attenuated spiritual connection – kill him.]

Some critics have said that this is the finest example ever of selling women on completely one-sided and selfish sex – as being something they should want. And women did want it.

Lucky women – who got his ejaculate-  were told that if they, perchance, saw a blue light, they were especially privileged. It meant that their highest welfare was assured. [As long as they continued to follow the Vanguard.]

It is too easy to remark that perhaps Raniere – when some grotesque prisoner inserts his erect and perhaps STD infected penis into Raniere’s anal orifice and discharges his semen into his bowels, Raniere will also see some kind of blue light.

In fairness to Raniere, it is not that he never gave a woman an orgasm. It was revealed in court that one DOS slave – a married woman – who was ordered not to have sex with her own husband – said she had her first orgasm in life when Raniere performed cunnilingus on her – after more or less coercing her into submitting to his grotesque and demeaning tongue.

Raniere also taught that rape could conceivably be good for a woman – stating [upon unknown authority] that many women had their first orgasm while they were being raped.

And speaking of notions, Raniere used to teach that there were tribes, or other nations somewhere, where adults had sex with children – parents even with their children – and because – in these societies [unnamed – and known evidently only to Raniere] – as long as the child enjoyed the sex – it was perfectly moral and healthy – and it was only this American society that made such things immoral and illegal.

He said, in fact, that it was American [or Western] society condemning pedophilia that destroyed lives – and tore parents from their children – ruining children’s lives. It was not pedophilia, Raniere said, but making it illegal that was ultimately destructive.  That if society embraced pedophilia or tolerated it, there would be no more victims – provided the child enjoyed the sex.

This was his idea and what he taught, and every one of his inner circle knew it and accepted it – it was no secret – and they must accept it to stay with him because – after all – what does it mean if you do not listen to the smartest and most ethical man in the world?

And the women who followed him – they themselves have a void in their lives – now that he is in prison. They have to think for themselves or find another man to think for them and rule them.

Raniere can no longer insist on starving them, or on them being sleep-deprived.  [Raniere taught that anyone who slept more than 3-4 hours per night was not spiritually advanced. He himself slept very little at night – preferring [secretly] to sleep some 8-10 hours during the day. In his defense, he was pretty tuckered out by all the work he did to provide semen generously to all his spiritually advanced female followers.

He slept by day, while his women, who were not permitted to enjoy daytime sleeping, were required to work for him by day – and be ready for him by night – all the while on 500-800 calorie per day diets – sometimes for years on end.

To keep them nice and rail-thin, Raniere made them jog for miles every week – 15, 20  sometimes 30 miles per week.

Now, the tables have turned.

Raniere is required to eat poor quality prison food, with limited commissary [under $300 per month] and one of the few things he has to do now to pass the long, bleak days in prison is to sleep. Sleep as much as he can. Raniere reportedly is sleeping – or appearing to be asleep – as much as 14 hours per day. About half of his life the little rascal is on his bunk with eyes closed.

Image result for tears on my pillow

Sometimes he is not asleep and sources tell us that at times he weeps on his pillow. Sometimes he cries loud enough to be heard by others – and that is the reason he has gotten the nickname in prison of “Crybaby Jane.”

His cries have been described as sobbing, even wailing. One time he cried for a good 15 minutes straight – with other prisoners overhearing him.

Some very crude prisoners – not sympathizing at all with the lil’ guy’s lament, openly mocked him by pretending to be crying themselves.

At one point, several prisoners joined in crying in unison and they cried so loud that Raniere paused a moment from his own intense crying to listen. Then he resumed crying again.

It remains unclear why he chose to sob so loudly and unashamedly, other than he felt so sorry for himself that he could not control his grief and could only let it out with uncontrollable crying. There were some who said he cried like a woman.

That is why they call him, right to his face, “Jane.”

Other times, Keith seems to have been caught in his cell by prison guards softly weeping, and when guards appeared, the little guy had tears streaming down his face and snot coming out his nose – a common occurrence for crybabies.

Indeed, the presence of dried and semi-moist snot on the sleeves of his prison outfit revealed that the prison has evidently not provided Raniere with a handkerchief or even adequate tissue paper.







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  • I realize a lot of people can fall victim to joining cults. However, to believe what Keith said about his semen and that Nancy and others were Nazis in former lives along with his views on having sex with children, I’m sorry but the people that got deep were complete morons and should be ashamed of themselves.

    Hope Nancy and Clare and the deep inner circle have a lot of time to reflect on how stupid they were/are while eating bug-infested meals in the prison they go to.

  • Both Epstein and Keith floated the idea that sex with children should be the norm and not taboo.
    Think on it.
    If they can justify the eradication of the final taboo, pedophilia, they now can get you to transgress all decency.

  • Its generally known that in prison, child molesters better known as “ChoMos” are the lowest life form in the prison population – some say despised even more than snitches. And if Vanguard has been bragging up his erotic excesses – which seems likely – he is toast.

    These rather gratifying little ditties about creepy Keith getting his arse beat, head shaved, glasses stolen, sh*t in his shoes & around his bunk, peed upon his court clothes and possible poop chute penetrations — are actually a walk in the park compared to the devastating “disintegrations” Raniere has to look forward to during his impending 30 year “Intensive!”

    When he finally lands in whichever federal pen they choose to dump him – they’ll likely put him in Protective Custody to improve his survival prospects — but according to what the ex-cons say that won’t work for long – and even the corrections officers have zero time or tolerance for ChoMos.

    The good news is — in the pen he may qualify for a sex change operation! Katherine Raniere could then be his own sex slave and transfer to a women’s prison and hang with the girls! Wouldn’t be the stupidest strategy he/she ever patented. Smartest tranny on the planet!


  • My opinion:

    Narcissistic sociopaths never have good endings. Hitler. Manson. And so on. Uncontrolled narcissism ends horribly.

    I agree, he probably weeps for the loss of his empire and life, rather than for the pain he has caused.

  • He is crying because he got caught….and it’s over.

    I think that this was all a con game to him from day one…but the con got bigger and bigger. He conned everyone (and every woman) he was with. When he laid down to sleep each day, his last thoughts were, “I can’t f*cking believe they are still falling for this.” He didn’t believe his own sh*t that he spewed, but conversely, he was amazed that others actually did believe all the crap. He took their money, made sh*t up as he went along (hence all the word salad), and then took more of their money.

    I think that Nancy was the only one who knew it was all a con from the get-go.

    But now it is done for him, and he cries each day thinking, “Why didn’t I end this years ago?” But the con brought greed, and greed brought the belief of invincibility.

    He had freaking grown adults believing that it is acceptable to rape children as long as the children enjoyed it? I don’t care if you were sleep deprived or a low-cal diet, at some point they all had lucidity…otherwise many of these people would have been in hospitals suffering from physical/mental exhaustion. He played the con of pretending to be Christ-like, and spouted his semen as if it were the blood of Christ….drink up! These were ADULTS accepting this! WTF?? Stupidity begets stupidity.

    I’m sorry — but with the exception of a few young adults whose parents willfully turned them over to be “taught” by KAR — I think that every ADULT deserves what is coming to them.

    And if ADULTS choose to follow this idiot Nikki Clyne or Clare Bronfmam or the next con artist, then they also deserve whatever they lose — be it money, brain cells, pride, possessions, family, and so forth.

    These ADULTS are their own worst enemy. “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” (~MLK Jr.)

    Game over.

    • Yeah and that applies for the so called victims on the case (Edmonson, India, Nicole, etc.), they were stupid idiots who choose to join and to stay on NXVIM by willingly giving up their collateral, knowing that it would most likely be used to blackmail and extort them, but hey they are seen as victims now that they got bored and decided to share their experience, they were all adults! India was brought by her mother but she choose to stay even though her mother tried to ‘rescue’ her for years.

      • But some of them are victims, and to say they aren’t is a form of victim blaming. When you give someone your trust you necessarily make yourself vulnerable to betrayal because there is always a chance someone could deceive you. You don’t have access to their mind, only your past experience with them in what they say and do. Some of these women were betrayed by so-called best friends, e.g., Edmondson by Salzman. In the case of DOS, some of these women were not told the entire truth and were outright deceived – it wasn’t a woman’s only empowerment group and was led by a man among other things – so they did not have complete information to make an informed decision, so no, they did not know. That is why oaths in court are “do you swear to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth.”

        A lack of truth by omission is not the whole truth and is a form of deception.

  • When our kids were very young and kept crying, I found crying with them made them stop. Try it sometime, it works! However, with Raniere, assuming he is following his own philosophy, the tears must be tears of joy, as there are no victims, he with the most joy wins, and who could possibly have more joy than Raniere?

    • Probably his cellmate. It’s so weird if he is living up to his own standards, he has now become a true master. His students must be overjoyed as well. Frank kindly elevated Keith to his true self.

      BTW, Scott what is up with the milk and go-go juice? I’m not judging you I just want to know what inspired you to mix the two. Did it make you sick? You even kept a straight face when you drank it.

        • Scott,

          The account is under your name dumb dumb…..And the drinks are Amway Energy Drinks….

          I am not lying you are…

          In addition to being dumb you are now a liar.

          And here I thought you turned a corner. So sad. 😉

    • Scott,

      I never would have guessed in a million years you would ever state say…..
      “When our kids were very young and kept crying, I found crying with them made them stop. Try it sometimes it works!”, Scott Johnson.

      I never would have thought you could ever be a good parent or empathize with a child. Congratulations, you have left me flabbergasted in good way.

      I am sorry I am always riding you. I will cut back by 50%. I know, I know you don’t care, but I want to. I never figured you for a softy. You actually unintentionally made me happy. Sincerely I mean that. 😉

    • Scott, for clarity, when you say “….crying with them made them stop…”

      do you mean as in “mocking” their crying? Or true empathizing crying?

  • Even with all the crying and misery, you can be sure that he’ll never realise that it’s all his own fault. He’s probably crying mostly because his greatness has not been recognised and lauded. but HE put himself where he is – not law enforcement or the courts. They just administered the process.

    He still hasn’t admitted his guilt or expressed remorse, so why shouldn’t he suffer?

    A lot.

    • So true. He only has himself to blame for his weak and despicable acts. I don’t suppose he gave a tinker’s cuss for the women he drove to their deaths, had incarcerated, and/or otherwise exploited. A river of pain has to run through this little square-footed monster, I hope it drowns him and washes him clean away.

    • Exactly right. He is crying for himself only and not one of the people he hurt or exploited. He will never have one moment of remorse, except for the fact that he got caught.

  • It is good to expose Raniere’s sexual sickness, its pedophilia, and its sadism. His whole game and its Laws. Its blackmail, abuse, Its imprisonments, Its starvations and Its deaths. Its playground.

    Notice the word “it” sits featured amongst the letters in K-e-IT-h. So it appears that somebody noticed It right off the bat. Possibly his mother was seeing a mirror up too close, like Blanche DuBois, caught up in relying.

    Imagine having the pathological compulsion to set up all of this Nxivm/DOS hogwash and Its obligatory suffering, criminality and escalating perversion, just so you had the right scenarios and enough tightends to be able to get your rocks off. Things got worse the more half-mast and the more fuckered out the hairy maggot got. Raniere, the prolapsed, paunchy vanguard, the pontificating manwhore. Long may It languish. He has engendered decades of putrefaction. And it isn’t finished yet.

    What would happen to Raniere right where he is now, if instead of weeping and bawling and getting an echoing ovation of contempt, he started laughing his head off for hours night and day? He could do rap symphonies of laughter. He could practice his scales or do Ella Fitzgerald’s scat tune, One note Samba. He could try doing that for a half-an-hour or so at four in the morning. (Tucks medicated pads are available at the commissary for $ 6.15 apiece.)

    If he needs catharsis as a release mechanism, he must stop being a wimp and crybaby and start to apply his genius. If he can still erect It. Where is the Vantard’s extraordinary originality, for crying out loud?

    What if he decided to start singing show tunes, maybe a bit of soft shoe? He always wanted to be smartest but still hasn’t figured out how to get hospitalized, moved to a better vacation destination? He might like those prison nurses for their masculinity alone.

  • “The bigger they are the harder they fall.”
    And Raniere was one of the biggest A-holes around.
    Sadly for many of the inmates, prison is a step up in lifestyle.
    They get “three Hots and a Cot.”
    For Raniere, it is like falling off the Empire State Building.
    And for Raniere’s co-defendants, it should be an equally hard fall.
    Without their enabling acts, Raniere would have been just another Grifter with grand schemes.
    No more Ladies’ Luncheons at the country club for Clare.
    For every adoring freaky fan for Allison, there will be forty people who remember how she liked to torture and enslave women.
    For Nancy and Lauren, there will no more Mexicans bearing bags of cash to launder.
    If the Salzmans choose to live around Clifton Park, the good local burghers should remind them at every opportunity about their TWO DECADE LONG CRIME SPREE.

  • Anybody who can buy a cellphone, or two or three, could muster up some headlice shampoo, so probably little Keith’s haircut and shave were a hijacking event, administered fondly, of course.

  • Trying to refrain from quoting, obdurately and obscenely, that whole paragraph about Flabturd in jail getting his anal blue light special. God, that is funny!

  • Re Keith Raniere crying:

    It’s my understanding that many men after the firstime they are anally raped orgasm and then weep uncontrollably for one month……….

    ………As a result of the massive hemorrhoids and fissuring of the anus….

    I guess Vanguard has had his metaphorical bungy hole cherry popped. 😉

    Perhaps the editor of the Frankreport will find it in his heart to mail Vanguard a large tub of Preparation-H for the nasty hemorrhoidal itching……
    and a jar of KY-Jelly for future action.

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