Keith Raniere Was a Sh-tty Lover

IThe first line master in a circle around their master. The first line have also been referred to as the founding sisters of DOS.

Editor’s Note: Last month, Frank Report posted a story by Violet [not her real name] who had what some might call a one night stand with Keith Alan Raniere a number of years ago. I thought it was a sincere and honest retelling of an event whereby Violet saw something very threatening in the man who rose to infamy as a sex cult leader and who controlled a harem of women – which he called his slaves. Our correspondent Heidi Hutchinson has another take on it. 

By Heidi Hutchinson

This is in response to To the Lady That F-ck-d Raniere Once


What’s more, if “Violet” is who I’m 99.9% sure she is, she’s already long gone public with a contradictory tale.

The “Violet” I know is a business associate of Barbara Bouchey’s, an aging beauty queen cum cult abuse blogstress who cried wolf in the 2012 Albany TU expose’ just to get her filler-filled mug in the paper.

Now, she’s gone undercover here as “Violet” to bolster Barb’s latest blather about Keith’s “tenderness” in the sack when in both their original accounts, Keith so lacked in seduction skill and sexual prowess it took a small army of women hypnotically led, they said, by Nancy Salzman to lure “Violet” half across the continent to Keith’s lair – which then consisted of a mattress plopped in an office at ESP/NXIVM headquarters.

“Violet” was no blushing flower, nor was she a stranger to cult connivers. In fact, she’d spent years allegedly entrapped by an FLDS cult leader and Keith purportedly helped rescue her from him – according to a news report in Violet’s local paper that I researched.

I queried she and Barb about this back in 2011 – on the record.

They confirmed then that “Violet” was targeted for recruitment by Nxivm – probably by Barbara Bouchey herself – who also may have planted the cult-rescue report – to portray Keith as an anti-cult hero – and put “Violet’s” state beauty pageant winner title under his belt.

The only consistency in Violet’s revised version is that she was not informed she would have to forever forsake other lovers post-coitus with Keith. And that news flash was a prospect so reprehensible to her, it caused Violet to book the next flight back home.

There’s also, coincidentally (Ha!), some consistency in “Violet’s” blue light special story.

I saw a rare light go off in Violet’s head during my 2011 interview with her – when I suggested that she may have been drugged for that enlightening experience with Vanguard. But then, as now, she stuck with her hypnosis theory – except back then she attributed it to Nancy Salzman’s expertise, not merely Keith’s suggestion.

As for the sex, I’ve got quotes from both victims – Violet and Barb – claiming Keith was “a mechanical robot” – although hardly a man thoroughly made of metal.

Keith Alan Raniere was not described as a good lover. However, he did not need to be. He told his slaves that their ultimate pleasure and their salvation would come from their getting some of his spiritual semen. This eliminated for Raniere the need to please any of the women. Their pleasure came from pleasing him solely.

Barb said Keith stuck his flattened hand straight down her pants, ordered her to disrobe and lay still while he squirmed around on top of her for a few minutes before she even knew what happened.

Violet concurred.

There was zero foreplay (perhaps that’s what Toni Natalie really means by calling herself “patient zero”), no oral in those days, no whispers of sweet nothings, no hungry gropes and gasps of lustful pleasure, no connectedness, no orgasm for the woman and no reason any woman I know would want a repeat performance unless she WERE brainwashed and possibly drugged.

I probed because I wanted the raw, undiluted truth about my sister Gina’s private relationship with Keith – and what’s most infuriating to me about these ever-changing facts is they seem to be mutating farther and farther away from any semblance of truthfulness – toward false justifications – and away from the unanswered question as to what DID motivate the aberrant behavior of Keith’s continuous willing conquests amid those unwilling, underage victims who should never be put in the same category or news story?


Gina Hutchinson was just 14 or 15 when Keith Raniere raped her. She was found dead when she was in her 30s. That death was ruled a suicide back in 2002, but recent evidence uncovered by Frank Report suggests that it may not have been suicide and Raniere may have had a hand in her death.


The mere suggestion that Keith Raniere may have had a hand in the death of Gina Hutchinson has been known to infuriate Barbara Bouchey, who is deeply invested in arguing that there is a lot of good in Nxivm – and that Keith could never stoop to murder. This is ironic since it was Bouchey that Raniere told [and it was captured on video] in 2009, that he has had people “killed for his beliefs and for theirs.”
The texts of DOS front line slave master Camilia Fernandez, a staunch Keith Raniere supporter, revealed that Raniere suffered from erectile dysfunction – but evidently was quite proud of his ability to ejaculate [despite his limp member]. He had persuaded Cami and many of the other women that his having an orgasm was really all that mattered in their spiritual sex encounters – and they believed him.


Keith Tried to Sexually Assault Heidi – Who Fought Back

{Editor’s Note: One night, Vanguard tried to assault Heidi. Here is her recollection:}

One night we were stranded during a snowstorm at Keith Raniere’s townhouse at #3 Flintlock Lane – following an NLP training session with Keith.

I fell asleep alone in an upstairs bedroom I was offered.

Keith gifted me with a book on NLP that night. I dozed off studying it and woke up with a start hours later to Keith’s hand creeping very stealthily up my leg.

Once I fully awoke to what was happening, I pushed Keith off and leaped out of bed. As he was scrambling up from the floor where he landed, he made a move backing me onto the bed again.

I screamed for help, but no one responded and he didn’t stop advancing. I was cornered between him and the bed and that’s when my reflexes took over and I inadvertently kicked him square in the nuts and ran out.

He went down wailing. It wasn’t a hard kick but apparently on target. A couple of unmentionable young ladies who were there in the townhouse ran past me to Keith’s aid.

I highly recommend Tae kwon do. Lots of on-target practice and you’d be surprised how well those reflexes kick in when you need them.


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  • Heidi,

    I believe your version of Keith’s bedroom skills.

    Why do you think the women are now claiming Keith was good in bed? Sell more books and go on more talk shows perhaps?

    • I think it’s more justification; an excuse as to why some stayed on despite being so thoroughly used and abused and steeped so deep in bullshit they apparently couldn’t smell what was going on right under their noses.

      (I’m speaking of the Albany group — IDK much about what was going on in Vancouver.)

      So now they want to pretend they were simply dickmerized, that Keith was such a supreme sex partner it was worth all the compromises they made.

      I feel sorry for Violet, really. She’s being used to substantiate someone else’s denial, IMO.

      Not that sex isn’t a subjective experience —different strokes and all that — has but when someone so radically contradicts themself and goes about making a paper airplane out of their kid’s father’s private parts by comparison to Keith’s Concord — Violet saw a blue light, wonder if Toni heard a sonic boom — something’s up.

      Maybe there is another project in the works. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of Keith’s boudoir pics pops up in a centerfold next. 🤣

  • At the risk of getting myself un-friended by Barbara Bouchey on FB, it appears her dearly beloved grandmother was named “Violet.”

    Just another coincidental connection between our KAR-dickmerized “Violet” and the blue light special lady I interviewed in BB’s company in 2011.

  • ““Violet” an aging beauty queen cum cult abuse blogstress ”

    Heidi, in what sense are you using the word “cum”?
    The vulgar sense?

    For those of you who might not be familiar with Mormonism, after the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith was lynched in Nauvoo, Illinois in 1844 the Mormon Movement splintered into numerous sects.
    The mainstream Mormons rejected polygamy around 1890 so that Utah could join the Union.
    But the hard shell Mormons formed new sects that still practiced polygamy.
    The largest of these sects is the FLDS.
    Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

    Senator Mitt Romney’s great grandfather was Parley Pratt, an early Mormon leader who had 12 wives.
    Romney is considered Mormon Royalty.
    Romney’s family fled to Mexico to continue practicing polygamy and his father George Romney, Governor of Michigan in the sixties, was actually born in Mexico.

    The notion of “sister-wives” that so enraptures Allison Mack comes from Mormonism.
    It is interesting to see that Raniere, who comes from a Catholic background, deliberately recruited followers from Mormonism.
    Mormonism itself was invented in Upstate New York near the city of Rochester.

  • Of course Raniere was a terrible lover. He had no love of self and therefore was incapable of loving others. He was a manipulator not a lover. As for flowers, she is to be disregarded as a left wing nut conspiracy crackpot. If she read it in the Huffington Post or the New York Slimes it must be true.

  • Two quick thoughts:
    – If Keith was a bad lover, that would be another big fat lie in Toni’s book.
    – Does Flower’s still think the whole “Violet” article is a conspiracy aimed at her (because, of course, a violet is a kind of flower)?

    • I’m not about to spend another second of my lifespan — especially given its shortened expectancy due to those who are ruthlessly taking advantage of Gina’s tragic end — namely my son’s father, Jeff Apple — reading Toni’s bullshit but Frank did tell me her book compares Rusty vs. Keith to a paper airplane vs. a concord jet.

      That’s funny bc circa 2010 Toni made a similar comparison between Keith Raniere and Scott Foley.

      While Toni didn’t use the same anology — perhaps Chet Hardin contributed that — she told me then that the main reason she dumped Keith was Scott’s far superior sexual acumen.

      While Toni described Keith as a very lazy, rather lousy lay, she said it was Scott who rocked her world like no other lover she’d ever previously known.

      Between that and a fierce argument over Keith forgetting to put a sweater in the dryer, Keith was herstory in the draft Toni practiced on me.

    • Did I say conspiracy? Nope, I did not, Nutty one. What I said was that Frank’s choice of name encouraged trolling and insulting remarks. Which was true – as “Nice” guy started insinuating I was the person mentioned.

      The maturity level of most commenters here is quite astounding

      • Niceguy was clearly pulling your petals, Flowers. Don’t pretend you don’t crave the attention.

        • I don’t pretend about anything, which is a rule you apparently don’t follow.
          The fact is, the more lies you tell, the harder it is to remember your previous bullshit.
          Just ask Trump & friends….

          • Flowers, methinks you have pretended much under many different avatars.
            You can also be more vindictive than most, with your attention seeking strategies.

          • Deet makes an excellent point. Flowers uses many different names and avatars and sometimes gets tripped up and fails with the execution. She’s been messing with poor Shadow by not admitting to penning the Ryanne comments.

          • Roundup:

            Ryanne S. stopped making comments last October and has never reappeared.
            Why not?

            Certainly it was not because of shyness.
            Ryanne S. made some very insulting, demeaning and provocative comments.

          • Shadow, I can’t tell you why Flowers stopped using the Ryanne S name. That is only something she can answer. I do know that on October 8, 2018 at 10:32 am, there was a post under Ryanne S’s name using the avatar Flowers used at the time and speaking in Flowers’ voice. Those avatars are generated by email input so…..

          • Yes Shadow you’re right. The avatar is generated by the email address and Flowers signed in using the email address she had been using but typed the name Ryanne S because she forgot who she was pretending to be for a moment. Go and have a look. I contend she employs all the trolling tactics she accuses others of learning and was trying to play you for a fool knowing you believe Nicki is commenting on Frank Report .

            She’s been very quiet lately.

      • If it helps to ease your troubled mind, Flowers, Frank started referencing Violet way back in January 2016. Were you commenting here at that time?

        So, you are probably safe to take Frank’s picture down from your wall of suspects or, at the very least, move him off to the side.

        Not everything is about you but your comments here sure tell us you don’t believe that’s the truth. The paranoia you exhibit is startling and the fact you, of all people, would question the maturity level of other commenters is absurd. Your childish engagements employing the schoolyard technique of ‘I know you are but what am I’ know no bounds.

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