Keith Raniere – Always One Step Ahead & Toni Natalie’s Claims of a Monogamous Relationship with Keith Questioned

Keith Raniere by MK10ART.

By Joe O’Hara

Most of the readers on Frank Report already know many of the highlights – and lowlights – of Keith Raniere’s life.  Nevertheless, it’s interesting to look back – and try and figure out exactly when he went bad.

Was he born that way – or did something cause him to become such an evil and ruthless person?

The Early Years

The basic facts of his childhood have been fairly well-documented (Some sources cite different dates for some of the events in Keith’s life – but we’ve tried to use the ones that form a cohesive fact pattern):

Keith Raniere was a student at a Waldorf School in Suffern County.

– He was born on August 26, 1960 – which means that he’ll turn 59 before he finds out how many years he’ll be spending in federal prison.

– His father is James Raniere, a man who worked as a Madison Avenue advertising executive. Although James is still alive, he reportedly is not on Keith’s “Approved Visitors List” at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC). He also did not attend Keith’s recent trial.

– His mother, Vera, was a ballroom dancer – who, according to James, “drank more than she should have”. Keith actually described her to his friends as “an alcoholic”.

– Despite her alleged drinking problem, Vera ended up with custody of Keith when she and James divorced in 1968. Thus, Keith ended up living mostly with his mother from the time he was 8 years old until she died when he was 18.

– He attended a Waldorf school from the late 1960s until the early 1970s – at which point he transferred into a public junior high school.

– He graduated from Rockland County Day School in June 1978, about two months prior to his 18th birthday.

Barbara Bouchey, one of Keith’s many “partners” over the years, recounted several aspects of his childhood – all of which she claimed she was told by James.

For Barbara Bouchey, Keith Raniere was a special and unique, wondrous boyfriend. Their days in Nxivm together were – for her and him – and all the other women – like Camelot.

According to Barbara, James told her: “What we did is we told Keith about how gifted and how intelligent he was. And he said it was almost like a switch went off. And suddenly overnight he turned into like Jesus Christ. After that, he was superior and better than everybody like he was a deity. He said it was that [snaps] dramatic and that profound; he said it went right to his head.”

Barbara also recounted a story that was told to her by James, who, in turn, was telling a story that he heard from Vera – about how Keith dealt with young girls when he was 13 years old: “Dozens of young girls were calling the house and [Vera] was overhearing his conversations with them where he was telling every single woman, every single girl the same thing: ‘I love you. You’re the special one. You’re the important one in my life and I love you’.”

So, what actually happened with Keith Raniere between the ages of 8 and 18 when he was living all alone with his mother?

Did their relationship affect how he would treat women in his adult life?

Was it her slender, waif-like frame that set the standard that he would come to impose on women?

Or did Raniere’s relationship with his mother somehow set him on the course to truly hate women at a level that few men have done?


The RPI Years

Up until the time that the prosecution in his recently-concluded trial exposed the fact that Raniere was, at best, an “average” student at RPI, many believed his claim that he was an outstanding student there.

I always found it odd that “the world’s smartest man” did not pursue graduate work – and even more so that he took a job with New York State government – when he graduated from RPI (In what can only be considered another in the long list of ironies that lie ahead for him, Keith actually worked as a computer programmer for the New York State Division of Parole).

While he was at RPI, Keith met and became lovers with Pamela Cafritz, a “Trust Fund Baby” who became his primary wing-woman until her death in 2016.

MK10 Art: Keith Raniere and Pam Cafritz

But all we really have is anecdotal information about his years at RPI – which spanned the period from 1978 to 1982.

One of his former roommates claimed that he tried to get Keith to teach him some of his championship-level judo moves but Keith would never do so.

Another classmate recounted Keith’s interest in the RPI student theater group.

No professor from his RPI years has ever gone “on the record” about Keith’s performance as a student at RPI.

But that 2.26 GPA – and all those Fs and Ds he earned along the way – make it pretty clear that Keith was not a brilliant or gifted student


The Entrepreneurship Years

While he was still working for the NYS Division of Parole, Keith started working for Amway, a multi-level marketing company that many people believe is a pyramid scheme.

About this same time, he also became very interested in Scientology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

In 1990, at the age of 30, Keith founded Consumers’ Buyline, Inc. (CBI), a knock-off of Amway, that offered consumers the opportunity to buy goods for below-market prices.

In 1991, Keith met Toni Natalie and her Hubby #3 while he was doing a CBI promotional event in Rochester, NY.

MK10 Art – Toni Natalie and Keith Raniere

Natalie and her husband joined CBI – and quickly became top sellers for the company in the Rochester area.

A year later, Toni and her husband were invited to attend a CBI awards ceremony in Clifton Park, NY.

While there, Keith “cured” Toni of her smoking habit via a 2-hour session that, according to Toni, involved him touching various “trigger points” in her hands.

Shortly after returning to Rochester, Toni began having long, intimate phone conversations with Keith.

Within the next year, she ditched Hubby #3 and moved, along with her adopted son, to be with Keith in Clifton Park.

Although she would remain there for eight years, her description of that time period differs greatly from what others report.

Toni indicates, for example, that she and Keith were a “couple” who lived a normal life, sharing a home, having regular meals together, and jointly raising her adopted son.

Other women who were there at the time, say that Toni was just one of the numerous women in his harem and that she knew it.

According to numerous sources, for the first four years of Toni and Keith’s relationship, Keith lived full time at 3 Flintlock Lane with four other women. Toni moved into a condo right behind 3 Flintlock and became another member of his harem.

Keith lived with his harem at 3 Flintlock Lane [lower left]. Toni lived on Schuyler [upper right] just steps away.
Keith would visit Toni – for years – by walking from the backyard of his home at 3 Flintlock where he lived with his other inner-circle women to Toni’s house.

Then, one happy day, Toni finally was able to capture the #1 position in the harem  –Keith began spending most nights with her at her condo. But that changed after a few months – and he went back to living at 3 Flintlock Lane with the other women. He spent every night at Flintlock and only went back to Toni’s home to sleep during the day.

Keith Raniere and the late Pam Cafritz. Toni claims to own this picture [which means she must have taken it herself]. Now answer this: if Toni knew nothing about his relationship with Pam – and thought she was in a monogamous relationship with Keith – isn’t this photograph a little bit strange? “Yeah here is my boyfriend – who I am in a monogamous relationship with – French kissing another woman. But I knew nothing about any other women!” Hmmm.
According to multiple sources who were there at the time, Keith spent less than three months actually living with Toni during the eight years of their relationship.

They say she was not, as she claims, his “girlfriend” for eight years – but rather just for a few months.

For the first four years of their eight year relationship, Toni was one of the secondary members of the harem. For the last four years, she was the queen of the harem, much like Barbara Bouchey was in the early 2000s.

“She was definitely the ‘Cuck Queen’ of the harem after CBI closed and until Nxivm got underway [about 4 years],” said one woman who was there at the time.

The idea that she did not know about the other women is nonsensical, say women who were also part of his harem at the time.

“What Toni says now to save face, or put in her book, is an absolute lie,” said one of the women, whose name is well known to Nxivm members. “She and Pam used to say that they both would have Keith’s babies together. Toni would have a girl baby and Pam would have a boy baby. It’s a terrible lie that she is promoting about herself that she was Keith’s girlfriend. How could she think she was in a monogamous relationship when he spent every night away from her home?”

The shutdown of CBI – and Raniere’s Next Venture

Although CBI enjoyed a great deal of initial success, it eventually drew the attention of numerous State Attorneys General and two federal agencies – all of which deemed it to be a pyramid scheme.

By the fall of 1996, the company was forced to shut down operations – and Keith, along with Pam Cafritz, was forced to sign a “Consent Decree”, agree to pay $40,000 to the New York State Attorney General, and promise to never again engage in a pyramid scheme in New York State.

But Keith didn’t miss a beat.

In the midst of the meltdown of CBI, Keith had already set up his next business enterprise.

This one was named National Health Network, Inc. – and was set up in Nevada in January 1995 in the name of Toni Natalie (Toni was, in fact, listed at the company’s President, Secretary, and Treasurer in the official records of the Secretary of State for the State of Nevada).

National Health Network utilized the same pyramid scheme model that Raniere had used to structure CBI.  The only real difference was that this time he had someone other than himself serving as the face of the organization.

In addition to selling memberships to people who wanted to buy health foods, supplements and vitamins at discounted prices, National Health Network also opened a health food restaurant in Saratoga Springs, NY.

But the restaurant operation was short-lived – and resulted in allegations of bank fraud when high-end restaurant equipment that had supposedly been purchased and leased with borrowed funds could not be found.  [We’ll have more on that story at a later date].


Raniere Moves on Again

In 1997, Raniere met Nancy Salzman when she came to the National Health Network’s commercial operation in Clifton Park seeking treatment for a digestive problem she was experiencing.

MK10ART’s of the three faces of Nancy Salzman

And just as he had purportedly cured Toni Natalie of her smoking habit, Keith was also able to solve Nancy’s upset tummy.

Shortly thereafter, Keith and Nancy developed the curriculum for NXIVM – and began to recruit students.

Although Toni apparently claims in her upcoming book that she was “patient zero” for the NXIVM curriculum, others who were there at the time say that is not the case. They claim she was just one of the participants in some of the original training modules.

Will this book be categorized as fiction or non-fiction?

On the other hand, Toni was one of the top recruiters for the fledgling NXIVM operation – which earned her the coveted Nxivm green sash for her recruiting efforts.

By 1998, trouble hit the harem.

Toni had been supplanted by Nancy Salzman as the queen of Raniere’s attention – which led her to send her son back to Rochester to live with his father.

A year later, she skipped out of town along with the guy who had been hired to be the head cook at the then-defunct health food restaurant (He would become Hubby #4 shortly after his divorce was finalized).

Raniere was very displeased with Toni – and pursued her relentlessly when she filed for bankruptcy (The case went on for several years).

But his real attention was devoted to building NXIVM – which, with Nancy as the face of the organization, was able to make inroads into the New York State Department of Health and into several well-known companies.

Over the course of the next two decades, NXIVM grew from a fledgling executive training program to a full-blown cult with a secret sub-group whose members were branded with Raniere’s initials.

Along the way, Keith recruited Clare and Sara Bronfman – and blew through as estimated $250-$300 million of their money.

At one point, he had all the money he would ever need, an incredible amount of political influence and power with law enforcement agencies, and a harem of 20-30 women.

And then he picked a fight with Frank Parlato…

Keith Raniere – always one-step ahead of everyone else… until he wasn’t.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • It was one-way street monogamy. A woman moved in to her monogamy with Raniere and had to shack up in a condo behind the house where he lived lived with four or so other women who were also in monogamous relationshits with him. And Toni Natalie wants to make her outstanding autobiographical role bigger in this big stinking pig festival? Got it.

    • Being a psychopath isn’t a crime, just like cults aren’t crimes. This is why it’s much more important to focus on the crimes of these groups than these terms. Remember, those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t teach are psychology majors.

    • Terrific link. Thanks. I had been calling KAR a sociopath, but after watching, I now think psychopath fits him better.

  • I think Toni Natalie never counted on those that were involved in CBI, NHN and NXIVM who were not taken down by the DOJ would share with the Frank Report their versions of Toni’s involvement with Raniere, National Health Network, and NXIVM.

    There are rumors that Natalie has pictures of Pam Cafritz not just kissing Raniere but having oral sex with Raniere. How can that be if she “did know about the other women”?

    Natalie also brought in people into NXIVM from NHN and CBI, which gave her, her green sash. It wasn’t that she was just handed a sash. People went under her from her past association in Raniere’s other illegal businesses that she helped run. Same with Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske who all started as high ranking students in Executive Success Programs (what it was called at the time).

    How can Natalie think that people are so stupid to believe that she leaves husband #3 to be with Raniere, helps run his illegal business CBI? Goes on to becomes the head of his company NHN (because he cannot have anything in his name). Ends up joining his third illegal company but isn’t his #1 any longer – now it’s Nancy Salzman.
    Something happens, and Toni leaves Raniere and leaves with a married man from NHN who goes on to be husband #4. She is now divorced from him.

    Natalie comes out squeezy clean from her start of CBI, to NHN to NXIVM – Shit is going to start to rise to the surface now that those who know the truth are free to talk.

  • Anyone who spent any decent amount of time with Keith isn’t coming out of that smelling clean or with a clear conscience. Keith liked to push people to do things against their morals and ethics. And at the same time, he was doing awful things – pyramid schemes, lying, manipulating, maybe murder. Certainly coercion to have someone kill themself. So it’s very likely Toni isn’t a rose. But no one is who spent lots of time with Keith. How honest Toni is about this in her book will be interesting to see.

  • Huh. I thought the Prefect meets Vanguard story origin used to be something about how Nancy Salzman was Barb B’s “therapist” (lol), and Barb introduced them? Anyone else?

    Now, I am more interested in the dynamics/timeline with Toni, Nancy, and Barb and how they played that as it’s clear that they all knew about the harem-like nature required to be in business with Keith.

    I am getting confused by all the rewriting of Nxivm history, but it’s fascinating to see how all players share similar characteristics.

    • Anonymous,

      NXIVM origin stories change like Marvel Comic book origin stories…. on a dime.

      The truth is anyone that recruited for NXIVM is guilty of the crime of ignorance and blind faith.

      Boohoo morons !!!!

      • The on the record thing is that recruits were “screened” for certain characteristics such as strong critical thinking skills. It was quite a feat for “fake credentials Nancy” to worm her way into the Albany gov & etc., but it was early internet times.

        Yeah, now we poke fun at the audacity of Vanguard’s and Prefect’s obviously phoney credentials. Fake news, right? Like Nxvm was fake news-ing long before it was a thing.

        And now we can be interested in how Nxivm homed in on children of wealthy Mexicans and other children of the wealthy. And wannabes Thanks doofy Brofmans.

        And a special kind of terminally 70s sexually experimentak trust fund, Cafrtiz before you (sheesh, that’s a story, rip)..Toni, before you,. Barb was all into it, too, sadly. She was the best, though as she realized that Saratoga was not in decline. Nancy took advantage of everyone with her bs nlp and abikity to zelig herself

        You can say it: these low information ot grifter chidren of… grifters…just want to grift and felt entitled to have all. There are others mentioned in FR If “all”was buying property the Clifton Park environs and trying to get lucky. It is ironic how sexually experimental, confused and unhappy many were.

        The weirdness of targeting Mexican striving, successful uppering class and entitled–hello, Lauren, Queen of Mexico.

        Are we supposed to be sorry that the golden, scarf-wearing boy married an actress? Showed up in the 518 as if a kingdom to be conquered? Is he supposed to be ashamed of his relationships?

        Sorry, Emi. You are no Jared Kushner. You both did your Harvard thing with your family thing. We get it. You have to act smart now. The pressure. He turned it on you. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. You married a B-list actress; and Kushner has thel Princess of A.Presidente? Emi, really, what was your mission? Your “mission” was…? I know you wanted more.

        Bought a home Halfmoon? Are we sorry that missionary Lauren was reduced, literally, to admitting her reality, bowing down to creepy Keith? Never admit the more intricate things.

        Come on. NXIVM was now all about the disenchanted, low information grifting, and want-to be- and entntitled. The so clearly…*clearly* 2000s nlp/”we have ypur selfsh answer” clean-eating bs taking advantage of advantage of the Mexican strivers who wanted to move beyond

        We are still asking what your “humanitarian” mission even means.

        Barb? Tell us, exactly, what was the good in the program? Seriously.

        Toni, tell us how CBI and your failed health thing actually served anyone?

        Only the very limited information would ever attend Vanguard University. Who enrolled them?

        The d-list actresses and boob Hildreths and Vincentes . How ridiculously premeditated the scheme was, and how suseptible the prey. Nancy saw you as prey!

        We know from the paperwork that introductory intensives/classes were used to both give a mega-pop psychology for the normals (bs self-help good but difficult feelings to create boundaries) and, more interestingly topinpoint those who can have their boundaries pushed Hence the creepy “Dr.” Porter and “therapist” Nancy.

      • Thx. Lord, these stories. That makes Nan quite the predator or groomer, introducing her “patient” to her off now sex partner and moreso competitor. Nan knew, maybe, that the way to Keith’s ego was to pretend to serve.

        I wonder if this is the time Nan’s and Keith’s affair became business, so Nan wanted to pass on smelly, weirdo Keith to the next person with something to take advantage of?

        Any info on Cafriiz?

  • Was Pam a student at RPI? I doubt it, but hey, so was Karen U. I was wondering how those two met and the backstory there. More to add? And of course Keith loved his trust fund baby.

  • “While he was at RPI, Keith met and became lovers with Pamela Cafritz”

    I think you mean it was Karen U Keith zeroed in on her first day at RPI and has, ostensibly, lived with ever since. Pam Cafritz didn’t come along until circa 1989/1990. Pam was picked up on a group ski trip my little sister, Gina, and young cousin went on with Keith students (kind of a field trip). I met Pam when they returned with her and Keith tried to use me to help mend Pam’s broken heart over a DC society guy her parents wanted her to wed for their image, as Keith had Pam convinced.

    The “patient zero’s” — whatEVER — started in the mid-80’s as underage students and consorts and such being tutored by Keith. The “older” women were always more wing women than mind-conditioning, “fuck toy” targets like my sister, Gina Hutchinson, and her early teenaged friends.

    I don’t know what to make of Toni’s take. Hate to judge but I’m very saddened by all of the deception and misunderstandings going on. NOT SUICIDAL, mind you, just disheartening. Thought we’d all be sipping Margaritas in Manzanilla celebrating a long-awaited, hard-won victory of justice by now!

  • I have no pity for any of these adult women. Dani and Cami I can feel for because they were immature and their idiotic parents drank the kool-aid. There are plenty of good men around, so much better than this clown. As a woman, if you chose to hang out with and let such a lackluster loser’s dick into your vagina because he can toss the word salad, you get what you deserve.

    • Eh, anyone can get taken by a sociopath–they live to take people, the game. Thing is, you move on with honesty about it and feel some sense of shame.

      Vicente is a boob, but at least he allowed himself to admit his shame and his boobery. But! He wasn’t having sex with his Vanguard, so it was easier. Doesn’t mean he and his crew weren’t vanity- and money-driven boobs.

      • Sorry, but I don’t think “anyone” can. I’ve watched his word salad videos a while back on the YouTube and I believe any woman who was naive and/or dumb enough to drop their pants for this guy after hearing him speak for any amount of time, have low standards and got what they deserved. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel sorry for the ones who made a mistake or who have self-esteem issues. But those who didn’t or don’t have such and stayed with him for years living his lifestyle, I have qualms strongly saying they’re ethical morons.

        I’m not sure what Vicente has to do with anything since he wasn’t mentioned in the article or by me.

  • O’Hara,

    Great article and exceptional storytelling.

    I do not mean the following question in an offensive way, but the question begs to be asked…..

    Why do you have an ax to grind with Toni Natalie?

    I am sure other readers like me appreciate your articles and insights but are curious what is motivating you to state the truth regarding Toni Natalie.

    I do not think you are wrong to state the truth. I am just curious why you feel it is necessary now. It’s not just because of Toni’s book.

    Why spend your time illuminating something that is rather innocuous?

    Stolen Valor perhaps?

    Everyone that is familiar with NXIVM story and have 1/2 a brain knows that if the NyTimes had not run the branding story…
    ….Raniere would still be enjoying his reign.

    O’Hara, Enquirer minds want to know!

    • Why?

      Probably for the same reason that you answered another post — about 6 months ago — with the reply that you’ve begun posting on FrankReport for the specific purpose of accepting a ‘call to arms’ to counteract other posters. LOL.

      (‘call to arms’ were your exact words, lol)

      So I ask you this question… Why accept a ‘call to arms’ over innocuous Internet posts?

      If you can answer this question, you won’t have to ask others the same thing. 🙂

      I bid you a nice day.

      • Bangkok,


        …Once again you have shown your reading comprehension skills to be as bad if not worse than Lauren Salzman’s Dyslexia. Hence your infatuation for Miss Salzman.

        Regarding ‘the call to arms’ I was replying at the time to a request for readers to submit topics for articles or submit actual articles.
        Side note:
        Bangkok you criticized one of my impromptu articles. You stated Swiss banks are no longer allowing numbered accounts and are complying with the United States government request to report American citizens and corporations doing banking on the down low.
        Guess what moron just last week a Swiss bank got caught trying to launder money for an American.

        I guess the Swiss banks are not complying with the boiler plate jargon written at the top of their websites that you quoted to me as proof that I was wrong.

        Bangkok you should get a colon cleanse or even an old fashioned enima and get the sh*t out of your brain.

    • Didn’t you read the article about Natalie giving O’Hara and others a username/password, and lied it was with the permission from the person who had the username/password, that resulted in them getting the f*ck sued out of them by NXIVM?

      • Scott,

        The authenticity of that story has not been verified by Frank Parlato. Once Frank authenticates the story I will believe……

        ….,Big-time however..,,…

        ……Scott even if Toni Natalie had been telling the truth what Mr. O’Hara did would still have been considered a crime by the court….

        O’Hara still would have been sued!

        • Lots of stories on this website haven’t been authenticated by Frank, and I don’t automatically accept them even if they are. Regarding O’Hara, he stated he wouldn’t have accessed the computer if he didn’t think he had permission. He may have been sued, but the lawsuit would have died very quickly.

    • In a situation like this, ‘stolen valor’ is not an innocuous thing, Nice Guy, O’Hara was in the business of exposing a criminal racket, he may not have chosen or condoned Toni’s ‘Set a thief to catch a thief’ MO.

      Also, if you are going to resort to a ‘by any means necessary’ approach, which I reckon Toni was, and give little consideration to those your methods would involve; your ‘ultimate ends’ success doesn’t absolve you of responsibility for those you used/hurt along the way.

      Write your own book, Joe, I’m intrigued enough to pre-order – and only know you from this site.
      But if you don’t want that, don’t be a dog in the manger about everyone else efforts – even TN’s.

  • You know, something is very wrong with a man who has a stable of girlfriends / fuck toys / slaves / maids / cooks / caretakers who goes absolutely berserk when one leaves him. He clearly has no deep feeling for any one of them. I can understand (though condone) possessiveness in a man about his wife, steady girlfriend or “one and only,” but in KAR’s case it boggles the mind.

    I mean, from KAR’s point of view, the departure of a female – especially an older one – should be “who cares – let’s just replace her with a younger / richer / more obedient one.” I don’t get it.

    I speculate that something was VERY wrong with KAR from quite a young age.

    • Consider the toy that he donated to charity sale and then bought back. Raniere didn’t like to give up his toys – ever. And that’s all any of us ever were. Think of it from a malignant narcissist point of view – it’s ok if he dumps/cheats on/abuses you. But god forbid you would dump him and imply that he might be less than perfect

  • Any woman who thinks she was in a monogamous relationship with Raniere is either deluded or deep in denial. He considers monogamy to be abnormal and unmanly. That belief is part of his core ‘teachings.’

    • Any woman who thought she was in a monogamous relationship with Raniere was deceived, and I’d bet all of them have figured that out by now. His polygamy wasn’t part of his core “teachings” until enough had walked away from his lying, cheating ass – then he learned to change his story to being the “Spiritual Sex Guru” – take care of all your sexual issues with his healing spunk. Vomit time…

  • Awesome Article!

    These are the kinds of hard-hitting pieces — with lots of inside info — that FrankReport was founded upon.

    Toni’s fascination with ‘pyramid schemes’ seems to belie her attempt at portraying herself as Pollyanna.

    It’s also interesting that she only left Keith AFTER her pyramid business venture (the health business) had become a source of bitter dispute with Keith.

    It’s quite fascinating that Toni seemed to remain with Keith only until she was replaced by Nancy as Queen Bee. In other words, she only decided to leave Keith AFTER he had already disposed of her as his #1 Harem member.

    She was clearly aware that Keith was fucking many other women. She was never his exclusive or main girlfriend for many years.

    She was perhaps his senior harem member for a few years, little more than a senior ‘fuck buddy’ to a smelly, fat pig with rodent’s feet.

    How can Toni be proud of the fact that she WORSHIPED a guy with stinky, square rodent’s feet? That’s sick!

    It’s clear that Toni is a life-long loser who kept WILLINGLY involving herself with immoral business ventures.

    It’s also clear that years later, she’s having selective amnesia about many of these incidents.

    Please keep these reports coming about Toni’s earlier years and all the crap she wants the public to never learn.

    I can’t believe that Frank has been so positive about Toni’s coverage over the past year. He’s clearly been aligning himself with a she-devil. 🙂 Probably cuz their both Italians.

    …But at least he’s allowing Joe to set the record straight.

    • oh – there’s alignment with a she-devil all right. Maybe with a couple of them. Bargaining to give evidence in exchange for legal immunity is not equivalent to reforming one’s character and owning up to the truth. Raniere’s semantics live on in his disciples.

      Consider KR’s habit of sleeping all day and wandering all night. If you happen to be a naive, trusting person who works during the daylight hours and your boyfriend likes to stay up into the wee hours video gaming or hanging out with his computer buddies or playing volleyball… you would spend your afternoons and evenings with him and head to bed. And after that, he might be over at the cat house laughing at your gullibility while he spends his time doing every witch in the coven. After all, it wasn’t like he needed to reserve any time to actually work for a living.

      BTW, Frank and Joe – Pam Cafritz attended Smith not RPI. Nice deflection to a party who is dead and can no longer defend herself (although I think all these witches are indefensible).

        • Exactly! I tried to post some history – but they wouldn’t let it through. Trying to protect his real first front-woman.

          • Rrh,

            So interested. We know Karen U. from RPI. Quite smart. Not much info on Karen. Less for Pam!!

            But how did Pam get involved with Raniere? Am sure that connection is an interesting and enlightening story.

          • Yeah, we get it. KU is off-limits. Still, the true history would help clear up a lof of this internecine bs going on here

          • Can’t help u w/PC. Dates/info I gave yesterday r tru. Redact is 1 thing – whitewash is another. Trust = 0 for KU (maybe u 2)

      • Are you implying Toni Natalie was naive and trusting? Hahahaha. The way she worked that courtroom and is manipulating the victim community are pretty slick if you ask me.

  • Keith met and made Karen his number one in 1977 when they first entered RPI as freshman. He was put on academic probation after the Fall 1980 semester which is why he did not graduate with Karen in 1981. Probation requirements meant he had to spend a year away from RPI which is why he did not graduate until 1982. He may have (falsely) made others feel like they were his number one in the years since then, but Karen has been the constant. There are more of your sources lying to you than you think.

  • When Toni says she was patient zero, I think she it saying she was patient zero using the Keith/Nancy combined “tech”. ESP didn’t start until Aug/Sept 1998. Nancy had been working one on one with Toni prior to the launch and worked one on one with her through Oct 1998. Of course Keith and Nancy had individually been “working” on patients/girlfriends for years. But Toni was the first one being extensively worked on by Nancy with the ESP tech.

    I believe Toni was given the green sash out of the gate. She didn’t earn it by recruiting people. She was too busy trying to save NHN and barely had time to take a few modules – let alone recruit people.

    ESP was still only in existence for 2-4 months when Toni checked out. She stopped participating in it, stopped talking positively about it, and in retrospect, was clearly planning her escape from Keith.

    Are these combo takedowns by Joe a result of him being angry about the password incident? The behavior of Toni at the trial? Or are we missing something? Are there more haymakers coming? Will we find out Toni killed her own dog, or was the true mother of Galen?

    • Your guesses and speculation rank somewhere between ‘meaningless’ and ‘useless’.

      Clearly you’re a Toni sycophant.

      Joe’s got real sources. Toni was clearly a dishonest twat.

      Get a clue and kindly remove your lips from Toni’s butt. 🙂

      • It may be meaningless and useless, but the words are fact – not speculation. Here’s another fact – you are a pansy ass hanger-on who desperately needs attention. You should know what it means to speculate and guess. That’s been the origin of 100% of your hate you spew on this site. You little fairy – bet you’d gladly latch your lips onto Joe’s butt after he came up with dirt on Toni. For the last year, you’ve been trying your own tender twatt off to speculate on her dirt.

        It would be nice if more people shared facts from the early days of ESP. I know you are all out there and reading this. Without more people sharing facts, we are left with dipshit keyboard warriors who take over FR.

    • “Nancy had been working one on one with Toni prior to the launch and worked one on one with her through Oct 1998.”

      Total fiction. This is a story Toni’s made up to pretend to be relevant to the NXIVM story. Just like she was working the courtroom and trying to insert herself in victims lives to control the narrative, hustle up other people’s suffering for her personal profit. Ir’s beyond despicable.

      As for not recruiting? This is an example of Toni fantasy fiction that falls apart with even the tiniest smidgeon of fact checking. Not only did Toni recruit dozens and dozens of people, many of them went on to become deeply involved in NXIVM for years to come, became proctors and some joined Keith’s harem.

      Where was Toni helping the women SHE recruited get out of NXIVM once she supposedly “saw the light”? Nowhere, she left all her friends there to rot, because that’s who she is.Just ask Dawn Morrison, Angela Ucci, Peter Fallon, Sandy Padilla, and Christine Collins to name a few of Toni’s recruits. Toni was “given” the green sash out of the gate? Then where did all the initial students come from? Why was Toni the highest ranked proctor?

      Toni caused a world of hurt for many and I applaud Joe for shedding light on the truth. Liars need to be exposed plain and simple.

      • Not total fiction. If anyone made up the story, it would have been Nancy. Why would Toni continue with a story that Nancy made up?

    • Nutjob,

      I think everyone has a right to know the truth and have the record set straight about the story of Keith Raniere.

      Since there are so many things that Toni has told that are now coming to the surface, that is not true about her store; the public has a right to know that Toni has misrepresented herself.

      The password situation is an example of one that did get a lot of people into a situation that had a big impact on their lives. I was told the same story by Toni but chose not to take the password as I saw it as no value to my life.

      It is possible that she was given the password and told the story but not by Mary Jane herself. It could have been a total set up NXIVM that Toni’s need to be important got a lot of people into deep trouble.

      It got John Tighe a prison sentence, and Jim O’Dato lost his job over it. Two others got sued over it besides Toni herself. It cost all of them money, stress, and lost time they will never get back.

      • Thank you very much for sharing. A couple of things – 1) What is not true about her store?

        2) Why would you have considered going on the website without authorization? At the time, I immediately would have known, from the outside looking in, that that was not a good idea and a potential suicide mission. Why didn’t anyone in the middle of the war see this? I’m legit curious, why did you even consider if it had value to your life? I can’t believe Toni and everyone else fell for it. I’d thought from the beginning that it was a setup, but am shocked to find out that everyone really did use someone’s login info to access the site. That all being said, there is zero excuse if she lied about the password/authorization.

        • Nutjob,

          Not to knock the individuals that used the login information, but they all seemed to lack the most basic understanding of IT…..

          ….That they could be tracked down to their home or business address.

          Even if Toni had not lied or been tricked the individuals involved personally had no right or “real” permission to login in to the NXIVM servers. An employee of a business cannot just hand out passwords.

          If they had used a public library for internet access they would all be fine.

          In a nutshell they all lacked technological sophistication.

          Lastly Toni Natalie had been married how many times before Nxivm? (Rhetorical question).

          Any divorce lawyer will tell you that individuals that have been married more than 2 times by their 40’s are are nuts!

          Ask O’Hara if he thought Toni Natalie was playing with a full deck when he accepted the login and password information. Seriously. WTF? I am being mean but she is loopy!!!!

          I have watched Toni Natalie in interviews.

          Have you, Nutjob?

          I would not trust Toni Natalie to do my taxes or babysit my dog.

          I don’t have kids.

          • Nutjob,

            Lastly the entire group of people who used the Toni Natalie provided password were completely naive as to what the legal implications might be.

            I am sure O’Hara and the rest probably thought at worst it would be a misdemeanor or nothing.

        • Nutjob do you know Toni personally? If you don’t than everything you know about her came from this blog. If this blog has new information about her and new insights, and the balls to elaborate, then you need to rethink your perspective. We all do.

          • Might need to rethink the perspective on many – TN, BB, KK, KU… Might need to check ur glass as well as ur facts too. Never know who might be pouring koolaid and when and what flavor. A bracing slug of skepticism goes well with all flavors.

          • To Who Really – Almost everything I know about Toni comes from me knowing her personally. This blog hasn’t had much about her because she left before NXIVM really even began. What Keith put her through was terrible.

            Joe is respected on FR and his elaboration was pretty ballsy (and possibly weird and/or out of leftfield). I think it has changed everyone’s perspective.

            For me personally, I don’t get how the Tonis, Joes, Barbaras, Susans etc don’t get along. They’ve been to war together, and a rising tide raises all ships.

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