Keith Raniere Dressed as a Woman

MK10ART's portrait of Vanguard.

Keith Alan Raniere had a kinky side that led him to cross-dress, and wear makeup and lipstick, new evidence shows.

The man known as Vanguard was shown, at his trial for sex trafficking, racketeering and other felony counts, to have lusted after multiple women, always requiring them to please him, while the reverse was rarely of any concern to him.

This photo of Keith Alan Raniere was used as an exhibit at his trial. It is certainly easy to see why women found him so fascinating.


A hair raising sight — pervy Keith was always ready to have sex with 14-year-old virgins.

He was shown to have an illegal perversion that led him to statutory rape of underage girls – as evidenced by his rape of 15-year-old Cami, 14-year-old Gina, and 12-year-old Rhiannon.

Keith was rumored to have gone out to sex clubs under the assumed name of Queef. He reportedly would visit clubs in the company of a tall, blond-haired man that some said was his gay lover.

It was rumored, Keith [as Queef] would stray from his normal, vegetarian diet and eat meat and portray himself as a lisping gay man or sometimes assume the role of a woman.

It was also said he led this double life – as an escape from the pressure of being the Vanguard for the large group of adoring followers who he was responsible for shepherding to unification through the Nxivm striped path.  In his secret world, he became Queef, the sexy, carefree, beautiful lady of his fantasy world.

Although these rumors persisted for years, there was never any proof.

Sure, multiple people said they met this funny looking woman, a little flat-chested, who spoke with a soft, feminine voice, seemed a bit cross-eyed, who told anyone who would listen that she was the smartest women in the world and one of its top three problem solvers.

She reportedly said her name was Keisy Alayne, but her nickname was Queef. She was described as short and though she wore heels, had somewhat square feet. She lusted after men and would hop right on their laps when they were barely expecting it. She had a distinct body odor, as if she had not showered in a week. She was said to have luxurious hair but more than a little facial hair. She said she would not date a man who ate garlic.

Who was this woman? I long suspected it was Keith himself, but proof was hard to come by.

Finally, I obtained this copyright picture taken in December. 1992 of Keith Alan Raniere. Is this then Keisy Alayne Queef?

This is not a photo-shopped picture but a genuine, copyrighted picture of Keith Alan Raniere dressed as a woman, with makeup, lipstick and a wig.

It is not definite proof that he is the notorious Queef, but it does suggest there is a hidden side to the perversions of Keith Alan. It is unclear how this other side of Raniere’s libido will serve him in prison.







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  • Well. Regardless if this photo is real or fake, it should be circulated among staff and inmates at MDC and let them decide. Would be funny if some inmates shaved Keith from head to toe and greased up that mother-fucker like the slippery little pig he is. Just sayin’

    • Agree with you. That pic does not resemble him in any way – nose wrong, eye color, brows, and cheekbones wrong. Maybe I’m incorrect, but who cares, anyway, what we dress up as? What matters how you treat people.

      He treated people like crap.

  • Who cares if K dressed as a woman? Lots of people dress up.

    What’s the point? Is it to belittle someone’s fantasies or sexual preferences?

    By writing an article like this you inadvertently stigmatize people that live outside the norm. And, it is the kind of writing that facilitates sexual discrimination and violence against LGBT. You give yourself and the Frank report a bigoted reputation.

    • “Who cares if K dressed as a woman? Lots of people dress up.”

      Yes, lots of people dress up on Halloween.
      But does every day have to be Halloween?
      About three years ago I went to Chicago’s Cultural Center, housed in the old Chicago Public Library building.
      It was a hot day and I had just consumed a soft drink.
      After conducting my business in the men’s wash room I turned to wash my hands.
      A person saunters in.
      A man wearing a frilly blonde wig, a white women’s blouse, a blue skirt, women’s stockings and pumps (sensible women’s shoes).
      An olive skinned man with 3 O’clock shadow dressed like a frumpy version of Marilyn Monroe.
      This was not a Drag Queen review in Boys’ Town on North Halsted Street late at night but a public building on the corner of Randolph Street and Michigan Avenue in broad daylight in the heart of Chicago’s downtown.

      It’s one thing to ask people to tolerate alternate life styles but now those life styles and their adherents demand that their fetishes be celebrated with month long festivities.

      • Homosexuality is biological.

        If people want to dress up, it is their right and the law in most states demands equal protection.

        I find it offensive that Frank Parlato puts out sexist diatribe to cater to those that hate.

    • Guess what? People can have opinions. My opinion on transgender you’ll find offensive. A man is a man a woman a woman. Bolting a horn on my forehead doesn’t make me a fucking unicorn. I’m not required to play along with people’s fantasies or approve of whatever they want to do or think. It’s gone far beyond tolerance to demanding I think as they do.
      I don’t find homosexuality normal anymore than you probably think of pedophilia as normal. But hey it’s just a preference and maybe they were born that way.

      I don’t hate or fear the alphabet tribe. I don’t want violence committed against them or that they be bullied or harassed.
      They, just like me need to understand and accept that some people might be impolite towards them. It’s part of life. The way one dresses, wears their hair, walks or talks. Nobody is special

    • It’s neither illegal nor unethical to be a transvestite. I can’t see how it harms anyone or is really anyone’s business. Live and let live, I say.

      • If I decide to poke fun at a transvestite, lesbian, etc., it’s neither illegal nor unethical. I can’t see how it harms anyone or is really anyone’s business. Live and let live, I say.

      • To Acteon & everyone else,

        Acteon is right. I don’t know why you guys have to bash gays.

        Look on the bright-side: gays leave more women for the rest of us men.

        I bet some of you guys never would have even gotten laid if you had competition. 😉

        Have a nice night dipsh*ts!!!!

        I can’t believe I agree with Acteon on something.

  • Frank, I’m pretty sure that is really a vintage early 80’s pic of Richie Sambora from when he a member of Bon Jovi….or maybe Keith was giving love a bad name even back then.

    • Flowers & everyone else,

      It’s a digitized version of an old photo graph taken with actual film.

      Hence the “touch ups”, actually shading because by the film development process when place in fixer and developer Chemicals. Not to mention the silver halide and light interaction.

  • Trying again since I see my first comment to this post has not been OK’d for the public…not really sure why…

    I don’t believe this is a photo of KAR. You have not provided any actual evidence linking this photo to Raniere (other than you say so), or any of the other information you claim here. These claims are as specious as Szmekus’ party stories.

    I aver that, at the very least, the lipstick on the person in the photo was added after the fact. Blow it up really large and you can see all the pixelation and missed areas. It’s sloppy work, like it was made with MS Paint.

    From my end, it seems like someone sent you some garbage, knowing you’d bite, and is trying to make you appear the fool. You claim to be an investigative journalist, why not investigate this a little further?

    • I will provide further evidence very soon. The picture originally contained two other people one is a victim and the other is Pam cafritz. As soon as possible I will blur out the victim and publish the picture with Pam Cafritz and Keith (as a woman ).

      • I look forward to seeing it. Sorry my first post (which has now been added) was so snotty. Gotta learn not to post anything pre-coffee!

      • After seeing that previous comment, I enlarged the photo to take a closer look. And yes, the photo has definify been highly edited , which is obvious when looking at an enlarged version.
        I think Frank is just having a little fun today.

        But I think Frank should post a photo of early 80’s Bon Jovi just for comparison purposes. Isn’t Keith also from New Jersey originally? Hmmmm….

    • Dearest Le’Gal & everyone else,

      Please name one instance where Frank Parlato has lied on the Frank Report.
      ….and honest mistakes and retraction do not count.

      Frank and Krclaviger admit when they make mistakes and correct them.

      Frank has no reason to fabricate anything!

    • “This latest wrinkle in the Vanguard story may explain why he hated women so much.”

      Maybe Keith Raniere wants to be a woman.
      Comment from Youtube.
      Jon Burkhart
      9 months ago
      Keith Raniere has the look and mannerisms of an old, wise lesbian.

  • Are we supposed to take Frankreport seriously or not? You call yourself an investigative journalist but do very, very little in the way of investigating this. That photo really does not look at all like KAR – look at that nose. It’s more like Lauren’s than Keith’s. Give us some real reporting. We can get rumors and bullshit anywhere else online.

  • Perfectly normal. Perfectly healthy.

    I miss the days when you could publicly state that trannies are sickos with mental disorders.

  • That’s is my picture I am Virginia Kasperczyk the half sister of Keith Raniere. Please take my picture down. It is wrong for you to claim it is my brother Keith. He has helped many people lead a better life. He is all man and some of his followers read this web site. I would appreciate it if you would immediately remove my photograph. Thank you

    • Keith has no siblings. Looks like Pea is busy trolling. I doubt that is a photo of Keith (eye shape and color don’t look right) but it’s hard to tell under all that face spackle and that mop he’s wearing. And if it is KR, he makes for an awfully unattractive female. Maybe for Halloween if he was trying to frighten the kiddies.

  • This is an outrage. I don’t believe that is Keith. This I believe is his half sister Virginia Kasperzack. Take it down. You do not have permission to post it and say it is Keith.

    • Pea,
      When people begged Keith and Clare and Nancy for mercy from the torrent of lawsuits they filed, no mercy was shown to them.
      When women were being branded with hot irons by Dr. Roberts acting under Allison Mack’s direct orders and the women screamed for an end to the pain, neither Dr. Roberts nor Allison Mack showed any mercy.

  • Raniere always did have an effeminate affect about him. Too bad he covered up his flowing locks with a wig, and if he decides to keep them, Bubba will enjoy pulling on them.

  • Might be so although most men of his ilk tend to be into one set of things so it would be very out of the mold to want to cross-dress if you’re a dom into control of women.

  • Hahaha ! In the last picture he looks like he was the singer of a Glam Rock band !
    Queef, singer of Mutley Cröe, a rip-off of Mötley Crue !

    • He likes the “Girls, Girls, Girls” but who would want to “take a walk on the Wild Side” with him? He’s no Cinderella but he’s certainly a Twisted Sister, definitely Poison and obviously a Ratt. No Kiss for Queef! On the bright side, he looks more attractive than my neighbours.

    • Anonymous,

      Raniere looks like a transgendered Tommy Lee. Tommy was the drummer for Motley Crew.

      Tommy Lee famously punched wife the very pregnant Pamela Anderson in the stomach. Lee went to prison.

      It’s safe to say Tommy and Keith are kindered spirits.

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