Sentencing Dates Looming for Nxivm Convicts – and the Consequences of Having a Felony Record

The courtroom in which sentences will be meted out

Sentencing dates are looming for all six of the co-defendants in the case of the U.S. v. Raniere Et Al.

The original sentencing dates for Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman, and Kathy Russell were all postponed – and although new ones have not yet been set, it is expected they will likely be sentenced before the end of September.

MK10ART’s painting of the three faces of Nancy Salzman.


MK10ART’s painting of Clare Bronfman


MK10ART’s interpretive painting of Miss Kathy Russell


Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack are still scheduled to be sentenced on Wednesday, September 11th at, respectively, 11:00 AM and 12:00 Noon.

Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack will be sentenced on the same day


Keith Raniere is scheduled to be sentenced at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, September 25th.

MK10ART’s painting of Keith Raniere

At the hearings during which they entered their guilty pleas, the presiding judge, U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, indicated that the applicable sentencing ranges for Nancy, Clare, and Kathy would be as follows:
– Nancy: 33-41 months
– Clare: 21-26 months
– Kathy: 6-12 months

At the hearings during which they entered their guilty pleas, no such sentencing range was specified for Lauren or Allison. Based, however, on the crimes to which they pleaded guilty – and assuming that neither has any previously undisclosed prior criminal convictions – it is believed that they will each receive a sentence of 48-60 months

In what will quite likely turn out to be the worst gamble he ever made, Keith decided to go to trial on all seven charges he was facing. Given that he was found guilty on all of those charges – and given that one of them carries a minimum sentence of 15 years – it is believed that Keith will likely receive a sentence of 25-30 years.


Other Penalties to be Imposed by the Court

In addition to their individual prison sentences, each of the defendants will also have several other penalties imposed on them. These include the following:
– Pay a $100 Special Assessment;

– Be subject to three years of “supervised release” (AKA “probation”) after their prison terms has been completed (During this period, they will, among other things, need to get permission to travel beyond their local area; be subject to random visits by their assigned Probation Officer; be subject to random drug tests; and be required file “Monthly Supervision Reports);

– Pay a fine to be determined by the court (The maximum fine that can be imposed is the greater of $250,000 or twice the gross profits of the NXIVM criminal enterprise); and

– Pay whatever restitution is determined by the court to be appropriate for each person it identifies as a victim.


Collateral Consequences Of Having A Felony Record

Most people are unaware of all the collateral consequences of having a felony record in the United States.

Although the specifics of these vary by state, the most common collateral consequences are as follows:
Loss of the Right to Vote: Although most states restore a felon’s right to vote after the prison term has been served, others do not do this until after the period of supervised release is over. Still others have established extraordinarily complicated processes that effectively makes it impossible for felons to ever vote again.

Exclusion From Serving on a Jury: Felons are permanently excluded from serving on juries in federal court cases – and in 31 states, they are also excluded from sitting on juries in state court cases.

Loss of Right to Possess Firearms: Felons are permanently excluded from ever possessing any type of firearm – including those that are generally used for hunting.

Loss of Professional Licenses: Felons are permanently banned from holding licenses for certain professions. Although this varies greatly from state to state, the most commonly banned professional licenses are as follows: Attorney; Certified Public Accountant; Insurance Agent or Broker; Real Estate Agent or Broker; Taxicab Driver; and Teacher.

Exclusion From Being an Adoptive Parent or Foster Parent: Certain types of felonies result in permanent exclusion from being an adoptive parent or foster parent: e.g., child abuse or neglect; spousal abuse; and other violent crimes.

Exclusion From Public Housing: Certain types of felonies – e.g., drug-related crimes, crimes of violence, etc. – will permanently ban the perpetrator from living in public housing if the crime took place within a public housing unit.

Loss of Public Assistance: Felony drug convictions may result in a permanent denial of eligibility for food stamps and/or public assistance.

Loss of Right to Travel to Canada: All felons are permanently banned from traveling to Canada unless they have received special permission to do so from the Canadian government.


The consequences of being a felon in the U.S. are severe and wide-ranging.

This means that as long as she chooses to live in the U.S., even Clare Bronfman will never forget that she’s a felon.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Hmmm, Allison and Lauren have a guideline of 36 to 60 months…but could go up to 40years.

    For the consequences, it vastly depends on the crime committed…you imply this for the adoptive and foster family part but except for a few rules which apply to all crimes, some are only applied with crime corresponding.

    If most of those rules apply for Raniere, most won’t be applied to the other defendants (including those who pleaded for extortion).

  • The Stanford University experiments in the 70s? which have been referred to briefly in these posts were done partly to try to explain how normal, essentially kind people could be inducted into a sick system such as the Nazi regime wherein so many people co operated in cruelty. One of the experiments had people administering electric shocks (or so they thought) to others to the point of death. I believe they called the telly documentary “We do as we are told”. Once we accept someones authority over us and give them power we are lost if they are”evil”.
    The lesson is to be careful who you give power to.
    I think all of Raniere’s women were victims even though they perpetuated his evil. If not, then there are many more that are victim/perpetrators. Where does it end?

  • “Exclusion From Being an Adoptive Parent or Foster Parent: Certain types of felonies result in permanent exclusion from being an adoptive parent or foster parent: e.g., child abuse or neglect; spousal abuse; and other violent crimes.”

    Is there anyone who wants the top members of NXIVM to adopt children?

  • Penalties? LOL.

    Claviger is posting more bullshit, as usual.

    I will correct him for the record.

    1) Loss of voting rights ain’t much of a penalty. Hell, most people that I know rarely vote anyway cuz most elections are contested between dueling IDIOTS. Plus who wants to stand in line? I don’t even plan on voting in the next election. No penalty there.

    2) Exclusion from serving on a jury is NOT a penalty. It’s a fucking BENEFIT and a REWARD! …Claviger is straight up RETARDED. Who the fuck wants to serve on a jury? Duh! Get a clue, Claviger.

    3) Loss of rights to be a foster parent? How the fuck is that a penalty? Foster kids are unruly assholes. I don’t know anybody who wants to be a foster parent. No penalty there. Hell, I’d PAY MONEY to avoid being a foster parent.

    4) Loss of rights to travel to Canada? That’s no fucken penalty. It’s a DREAM. If that’s a penalty, please sign me up for that one. Canada is a frozen wasteland and a shithole. It’s a place where Canucks (like Flowers) tolerate bashing baby seals over the head with clubs. Who the fuck wants to travel there?

    5) Loss of professional licenses? …Mr. Claviger is kinda forgetting that being a convicted felon will ALREADY ruin the reputation of the person anyway (i.e. they’d ALREADY have to make a career change even if their license wasn’t formally revoked). That’s why Dr. Brandon Porter (who’s not even convicted of anything) made a career change even before any action was taken against his license. Another idiot post by Claviger.

    6) Exclusion from public housing? Again, that’s not a penalty cuz public housing is full of rats, cockroaches, drug users and unruly tenants. It’s full of paupers and serfs. Who the fuck would wanna live there? That’s no penalty.

    The only real penalty is loss of rights to own a firearm.

    I challenge Claviger to stop talking outta his butthole.

    Oh, and I’d like to remind him that he alone possesses the power to improve the world by performing Seppuku. I hope that he at least considers it. 🙂

    • Bangballs,

      Stop calling Harrikirrii,Seppuku.

      Only Starbucks patrons call it Seppuku.

      Why are you being politically correct?

      How is your summer camp going session going?

      Learn anything new?

      Make any new friends in the showers?

      Have a great weekend!

  • Clare Bronfman had the means to do some real good in the world, but chose instead to do evil.

    I hope the judge keeps that in mind when he sentences her.

    • Given the level of secrecy about Mr. Ranieres activities, and the fact that people were only told “what they needed to know” I cannot fault any of the women for their mistakes and especially not Claire Bronfman.

      The women all honestly thought they were serving the worlds smartest, most ethical and evolved being, who was only proven to be a felon during a six week trial. They were deceived. That’s all.

      “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

      It’s pointless condemning them. They truly meant well, regardless of the outcome, or the predations of their teacher. And will pay dearly for their mis-steps.

      • Clare financed continual lawsuits against “enemies” without many outcomes in her favor – Right there that’s some outside feedback that she was on the wrong side. Refusing to provide financials in lawsuits – clearly hiding something; seems to me she knew something was wrong. Trying to destroy people and grind them into the dust through the legal system. I just can’t see that as having good intentions.

        There may have been deceit in the beginning, but I cannot credit good intentions to those who stayed and preyed like Nancy Salzman or Karen Unterreiner or Emiliano Salinas or a host of the other long term vipers and the law enforcement officials that looked the other way.

        Many recognized KR was a villain long before the 6 week trial came along to confirm. Many compared their own value system to Raniere’s warped ethics and walked the hell away even though it sometimes cost them dearly.

        • Evil people by nature have to be loving and harmonious, otherwise no one would bother with them. They would be sabotaged at every turn.

          Read the auto biography of several of the last centuries warlords and dictators. In person, they were nice, quiet and considerate people.

          It is so easy to get deceived by wrong intended individuals. Especially if you’re wealthy. You’re surrounded by individuals with plans, machinations, desires, intrigues and all manner of conspiracies with just one intent – to get some or all of your money.

          Read about the lottery winners that went broke, the single lonely men and women who endured endless relationships where repeated marriages to gold-diggers took them for all their wealth.

          I believe Mr. Raniere understood what side his bread was buttered on as well as the personal boundaries of the Bronfman sisters, and never crossed that line for the sake of the wealth and protection their money provided him.

          The smartest man in the world, the most ethical man in the world would not traffic human beings for sex or commerce, and therefore could not be convicted of it; he would not engage in organized crime.

          I’m pretty sure the reality of that fact has descended on the consciousness of the people involved in this case, especially Claire and Sarah Bronfman, given the amount of their money Mr. Raniere apparently spent.

          This is not a justification of people’s actions, only a compassionate understanding of their confusion.

          • It is easy to get deceived by wrong intended individuals when one is young, inexperienced and/or naive. In that, participants like Clare were victims.

            I think most would agree that internal ethics tell us deliberately harming others is wrong. There are reasons that bullies become as they are – it still doesn’t justify their victimization of others. Many of these top level NXIANS, including Clare, were bullies to an alarming and illegal degree. Compassion may demand an attempt to “see where they were coming from”, but they still need to be removed from their access and ability to harm others.

            Yes, some of them may be facing themselves now and finding themselves in utter turmoil over what they believed and how they acted due to those beliefs. And some may be just as sociopathic as Raniere in wearing a false face of contrition. But how do we determine which is which – Sometimes no amount of confusion or apology can bring back trust.

  • Interesting accounting. Though I think that in this day and age, given the notoriety of the case, the worst consequence for any of the defendants once free again, may be that anyone such as an employer or new acquaintance wanting to find out about them, will quickly find their connection to the NXIVM “sex cult” through an internet search.

    Your references to citizenship, and then Clare Bronfman, raises and interesting question – what does anyone know what citizenship she holds? Canadian, US, British, and Israeli are all possibilities, though if Canadian isn’t actually one of them, then she’d never be able to go back to the family home – though that would probably suit her half-siblings and extended family just fine.

  • Krclaviger,

    Felons can’t be jury members……

    FYI many people would regard getting out of jury duty permanently a tremendous plus. 😉

  • Are these defendants really qualified to hold any type of job other than to be members of criminal cults?
    Maybe some of them could work at Goodwill or clean out the portable toilets at traveling carnivals

    • Actually, I believe they could prove they are truly remorseful and serve humanity at the same time by simply submitting themselves as medical laboratory test subjects.

      Why torture animals and hypothesize when these shit piles have proven themselves more deserving, and you would have a clear result.

    • Shadowstate,

      Ex-NXIVM members could participate in big pharma drug trials…

      …….Or Ex-Nxivm members could even sell their blood plasma to hospitals and pocket between $300 to $400 dollars a month. !

      How do you think Scott Johnson affords cable television and internet access?

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