Guest View: Allison Mack’s history with old boyfriend ‘Pete’ suggests dark sex began before Nxivm & Raniere

Allison Mack on the beach at Necker Island with friend.

By AnonyMaker

This is in response to the author of Guest View: ‘Believe me, Allison Mack is not a monster’

How do you “know” what you are writing about other than what you might have picked up from obsessively following Allison Mack’s fan blogs, and interviews her co-stars gave to the media? And maybe throw in what was said live at a couple of fan cons?

If you really do know anything, then I’d like to hear the inside scoop on Allison’s long-term boyfriend and fiancee Pete,.

Was Allison Mack as innocent as her character Chloe before she was manipulated into deviancy by her Vanguard?

According to a commenter:

“Back in the late 90s, Allison dated (and was later engaged to) some guy who was in this failed rock band. Drug addict and very manipulative/abusive. Everyone tried to get her to see the light and break up with him. They eventually got engaged (he tattooed “will you marry me?” across his chest) but later broke it off.”

I have a few questions:

Did Pete, like his registered pedophile sex offender father, have a thing for underage women?

Allison would have turned 17 in 1999, and Pete apparently would have been over 20. When did Allison start dating him – was it at age 16, or 15?

Did Allison ever show up, like on the set, with black eyes or bruises?

Did she get into rough sex or even BDSM with him?

Where exactly did she get the “P” tattooed that is near her heart, but not visible in photographs?

When, after the announcement of the engagement on her blog in 2003, and her statement in an interview that “My fiance is a musician and he’s totally funky. He had ‘Will you marry me?’ tattooed on his chest.” did they break up?

Did her later relationships have any signs of the same patterns – beyond what boyfriends may have said in on-the-record interviews?

I ask because it goes to several things: Mack wasn’t the innocent girl-next-door that she played on Smallville, and people fell in love with.

She was in a long-term manipulative and abusive relationship when she was young and she should have known better when she was older than to get into the same thing with Raniere.

There seems to be a dark undercurrent of at least age inappropriate and dangerous sex in her life. What she got into with Raniere and the NXIVM inner circle was a step too far at most, and not a huge departure.

It seems to me, that we don’t really know for certain, except there are some real questions about Mack’s background and proclivities, and that it’s most likely messy, if not actually ugly. Hopefully, at some point, good sources will shed some real light, so we can better understand.

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Frank Parlato


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  • Who’d want her now. She had the best end she threw it all away to save herself what ? She would have been acquitted. Now she is going to prison and Keith will Be free soon. What a fool Allison is !!!

    • Yolanda,
      Why was Allison sent to Northern Ireland in November of 2016?
      Was it to seduce an Irish lass into joining NXIVM DOS?
      Was Allison to use her Irish blarney or gift of gab to induce an Irish girl into becoming a sex slave?

  • Does the above photo of Allison Mack and her male friend look like the two of them just finished humping?

  • So let me get this clear:
    You dare to question my source when everything i said is fact?

    At the same time you go with your crazy perverted fantasy!

    And after that, you ask questions!?

    Wait, i though i was just a fan…You make so much sense!

    I do not have to talk about inside scoop, It’s not my decision to make ,you know about privacy,don’t you?
    Also, everything i said, you twisted it the worst way. So why would i give you anything?

    How about you contact the interested person yourself to ask about those accusation? Oh wait, maybe you are worried because all you did was accuse without the slightest proof!

    Still, i’m gonna say one thing:
    How Allison being abused would make her any more of monster…
    If anything , this would be a factor in Allison’s benefit. She was the victims.

    Not saying that anything you said is true but no matter the answer, the questions you’ve asked have absolutely no reasons to be asked.

    You sound more and more like Shadow and that’s not a compliment!

    • You might want to read the literature on the subject of “why women are attracted to “bad boys.”
      There are lots of studies and articles on the subject.

      Why Do Women Fall for Bad Boys? | Psychology Today

      Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys? Secrets from the Science of Attraction

      Why are bad boys appealing?

      Why Women Love Bad Boys And Dump Nice Guys — Relationship …

      Or you might want to hustle over to Youtube and watch Lady Gaga’s “John Wayne” and Sheryl Crow’s “Steve McQueen.”
      Both songs are about women being attracted to Bad Boys.

      • I don’t ask anyone to accept anything , i Don’t care what people believe to be true…Especially not you!

        And seeing how you harass to get on your “show” (we call that a simple podcast but off course, that’s just not as classy as “radio show”) , not a chance i would give any clue on my ID.

    • Yes, I question whether what you say is “fact.” How do we know that?

      We also have no way of knowing that you have any “inside scoop.” The only hints you give seem to point to a close if not obsessive fan following of Mack’s career and the media, citing blogs and interviews, nothing more.

      If you do actually have any unique insight, then you should be able to provide substantive answers to some of the questions I posed, or at least give us some good perspective in terms of Mack’s later life and relationships if you don’t really know about the period when she was involved with Pete.

      Who’s the one who is living in a fantasy?

      • And you want me to prove my point by giving gossips and Inside scoop….SUUUUURE

        You don’t want me to give you her credit card number? Would that please you?

        You also fail to prove anything you say…yet you state it as a fact! How about some Inside scoop since you seem to know things we don’t?

        And once again “if you have any unique insight” , anything i would say would be twisted by either you or the other obsessed guy of this site.
        It’s even more clear when you and shadow try to prove she was evilish because she read a BOOK that many people have read…

        When anyone else read it, it’s fine but when Allie read it, it’s definately a prove of madness.

        And after that kind of stupid reaction (and you are part of it, you answered about that book trying to “analyse” with your dry brain the situation.
        She was reading TONS of book and was promoting many but of course, if you search for hidden sense behind what she read, you’ll find whatever you seek.

        You want to Believe what you write is a fact, good for you but Believe me, Nothing will convince me to give more info than what i accept to give. If that’s not enough , i don’t care, just ignore me.
        But you seem to believe me enough that you aim specifically your comment at me to try to discredit…

        In the end, there is what you believe and what i know…that’s all that matter to me

    • Wow, this story is really amazing and people like Shadow ask what kind of person they accept to follow a scammer like KAR, they should only see this article and see that they agree to people who want to believe and do not have a very strong sense of himself It is more fasil than it seems.

      • To me, the article was very disturbing in many ways, and yet another example of how common it may be that a warped mind can gain control over naive trusting minds.
        Some random points from the long NY Mag article:
        The NY Post used “NXIVM” as a shorthand way to describe this cult. Is the Oxford Dictionary far behind?
        The victims were college students and very smart (at least scholastically) but still fell prey to their Svengali.
        Like KAR he used a mostly bullshit bio to impress his victims.
        Even after he was exposed as an abusive fraud, many victims still supported and lied for him long after. Will that be true for some of KAR’s followers?

  • OMG….. Another Allison Mack article.

    I have a question….. if Allison Mack was some random fat chick that looked like “Precious” …….

    …………would any of you morons care nearly as much about Allison Mack’s role in Nxivm as you do presently?

    Both sides are so f*cking obsessed!!!!!

    • FIrst off, understand this in “clicks”…Frank has a slow period lately and Allison bring clicks.

      Second, complain to Parlato, i didn’t (and i doubt the Anonymaker did) ask to be published….if you read,he is pointing that it was an answer to another comment.

      This was an answer to my comment defending that this whole Pete story was not true. The other article was to answer to Actaeon’s comment to another of my comment posted as an article.

      It’s not us who decide , it’s frank who post (without asking our opinions…which is fine, i’m Anonymous and it’s not possible for him to ask me)

      Also, Frank would stop posting if Allison’s article were not receiving interest…posting here makes you (sort of) guilty of the success of those stories.


  • I wrote this as a rather sharp-elbowed response to the Allison fan and apologist who writes like they’re an ESL French speaker, and who I’ve taken to calling Anonyme.

    As I say at the at the end, we don’t know for certain – it’s partly the apologists’ seeming, and false, certainty about Mack being so innocent, that I’m challenging. There’s certainly evidence that she wasn’t the innocent good girl she played on TV and played to as a fan sweetheart, and it leaves open to question just how dark her past was, that it put her on the trajectory for another yet more twisted relationship with Raniere along with her role as his DOS slave mistress.

    I’m genuinely interested to hear if there’s anyone where who actually knows more about that phase and era of Mack’s life, beyond the one quote from a recent commenter.

  • We don’t know how true the description of the ex-boyfriend is, but it fits. I had an acquaintance, a pleasant, attractive, successful woman, who had a string of bad boyfriends. Every time she would break off with one, her friends would heave a sigh of relief, only to see her take up with an even worse man.

    I recall she had a very stressful relationship with her father, a well-known successful businessman. If I recall correctly, he subjected her to at least verbal abuse. This was 20 years ago, so if it was worse than that, it wasn’t something people talked about.

    • And it’s not true at all…he was a loser, but when he and Allison were together, neither had a real career…
      But as far as we knew, he was not the best person for Allison’s interest…That doesn’t make him a criminal thou.

      • They got engaged in 2003, when Mack was 2 years into Smallville, and just starting her own Chloe Cronicles spinoff on top of it – after logging nearly 2 dozen TV and movie roles, as per IMDB:

        She had no “real career” then? Give us a break! I don’t see that you really know much more than “Yolanda.”

        • …She was at the end of her Relationship in 2003…another of your twisted facts?
          He left her a little after their engagement.

          She didn’t get with him in 2001…she didn’t had a real career when they met…

          And i have to admit that except trying to prove that i’m wrong (which you didn’t), what is your point here? How does it change anything about the lies and false accusation you constantly post over here?

  • Is “Pete” — whom you allege is the son of a registered sex offender — as far back as you’ve gotten in AM’s potentially horrific whore-story so far, Anony?

    You sound a bit frustrated at that and maybe you shouldn’t judge Allison so fast until you know what allegedly attracted her to this Pete loser, whom you Report played her like a fiddle. …Guilt tattoos and all? You’ve, btw, not sourced a shred of this story — what is señor Peter’s surname for starters?

    Even so if Allison was only 17 when she started out with this alleged Peter fool — that’s pretty fucking young to be fooled with.

    To say Allison “should have known better” and not fallen for KAR Et Al is because of that early experience with this alleged Peter is to say you don’t know much (yet) about Keith and how he operates. Nor do you know what Keith knows about his fondest prey — pubescent girls.

    KAR et al target damaged girls and zero right in on their soft spots to deliberately cause more damage to better take advantage of them.

    ….But, really, Vanguard’s come to heal, energize, cure — endorsed and venerated by “important sash-making women” who have gone before and must remain forever loyal thereafter — just don’t ask what became of them.

    • Thank you!

      Also , i can tell you that this whole story he created is far from what was happening with Pete.

      Pete was a loser, All her friend knew that.
      But Anonymaker is making stories (the shadow way) out of Nothing.

      He should be careful because at this level it’s more than defamation!

      Also, he continue with ‘she is abused so she is a monster’…What kind of person could support such ridiculous idea !?

      • If that’s far from what was happening with Pete, then please enlighten us as to what was actually going on with him – that’s what the questions I posed, are about.

        I quoted someone with apparent actual insider knowledge, that:

        “Back in the late 90s, Allison dated (and was later engaged to) some guy who was in this failed rock band. Drug addict and very manipulative/abusive. Everyone tried to get her to see the light and break up with him. They eventually got engaged (he tattooed “will you marry me?” across his chest) but later broke it off.”

        Is or isn’t that correct? What can you add to that to improve our understanding of the situation?

        • Yeah, keep insisting, maybe i’ll let something personal slip…That might work for the likes of you but not a chance with me.
          I tell what i want and i don’t have to prove anything to you…i’m not the one who accuses Allison or an ex fiancé to be serious a criminal.
          You are! therefore, that is your job to prove your point.

          You forgot to add one of your signature BS to your quote…

          I have nothing to say about this, whether it is true or not, it’s nobody’s problem.

          Back in the end 90s , Allison wasn’t much of a public figure and anything she did or didn’t do was her own business, not yours!
          And even after that, she is a human being!

          What were you doing in the 90s? Something private, tell us? No?
          Then don’t ask!

          And this whole interview is a sham …It’s one of those fake friend that appear LONG after the fact and come with suppostly new info.
          And although i feel like this person tried to defend what happened to Allison (contrary to you who try to incriminate here because she might have been in an abusive Relationship) , this is BS.

    • Heidi, thanks for chiming in.

      As I wrote in a more recently reposted reply, I actually composed what Frank has posted here as a piece, as a rather brief and pointed rebuttal to a comment by Anonyme/Frenchie.

      I’ve held back Pete’s last name deliberately up until this point, hoping that one or more lurkers can provide absolute confirmation of some of the details such as that he is a Jr. and father Sr. is the sex offender living in Florida. That, or I have to pay for a couple of background searches to confirm more.

      I’d indeed like to know more about Allison’s life even before Pete. I’m curious if she is just one of the many young women who grew up with some unfortunately prevalent but unhealthy concepts about relationships, or if something about her family of origin background left her particularly prone to abusive and manipulative ones, and perhaps also with some unhealthy ideas about sex – she’s hinted that her parents were at least progressive if not permissive, but I wonder if it went beyond that. I’ve also wondered if there is something in her background that predisposed her to taking the leading role in DOS as Raniere’s co-perpetrator.

      I know that some women are unfortunately prone to serial abusive relationships, and that the abused sadly tend to become abusers themselves, and I’m torn about how to put that in context. I also fully appreciate that Raniere was a very cunning and practiced manipulator, and so it’s not quite as simple as saying that people shouldn’t have fallen for him. But I think that at least it’s now established that Mack wasn’t exactly an inexperienced innocent going into it. What do you and others think of how we should view that? Are some women just perpetual victims in a way for which they bear no responsibility, even as they get older and the pattern becomes predictable?

      Incidentally, I was going to mention India Oxenberg as an example of someone who got involved with Raniere arguably too young to have known any better, having been introduced to NXIVM at 20. But while fact-checking her age, I ran across the fact that her biological father is a convicted drug smuggler – shades of the protagonist in Mack’s book selection, Shantaram? – 15 years older than her mother. There’s definitely a strange nexus around Raniere and his women.

      • Wow, who are you to ask about private info such as her sexual preference and such !?

        You are definitely worse then shadow! You would dig in her garbage just to try to prove your point!

        You need serious help!

        Oh and if psychology interest you, don’t try it without knowledge, go to school and then come back instead of making petty analyses based on books or the way she was Walking or the color of her underwear…

  • Allison Mack is a much more complex person than even I imagined.
    And in this context I use “complex” in a bad sense.

    Recently Actaeon wrote a post describing Allison Mack’s Book Discussion Group which she had online.
    Tell me what books a person reads or what music a person listens to or what movies and TV shows a person watches and I will tell you who that person is.
    Actaeon had to say about Allison Mack’s choice of reading material.

    She (Allison Mack) even did an online book club. The book was called “Shantaram” (it took me days to dredge up the title of that book from memory) and it’s godawful. I’m willing to bet it was suggested to her by Raniere. It’s precisely the kind of book a person who would join a cult would read.

    Godawful does not begin to describe Shantaram.
    I looked up the book on Wikipedia and the plot is disturbing.
    “Shantaram” is about a heroin addict who goes around Australia robbing banks.

    “Shantaram is a 2003 novel by Gregory David Roberts, in which a convicted Australian bank robber and heroin addict who escaped from Pentridge Prison flees to India.
    In 1978, Roberts was sentenced to a 19-year imprisonment in Australia after being convicted of a series of armed robberies of building society branches, credit unions, and shops. In July 1980, he escaped from Victoria’s Pentridge Prison in broad daylight, thereby becoming one of Australia’s most wanted men for the next ten years.”

    What the Devil would draw Allison Mack to a novel like this?
    Does she identify with a heroin addict and a bank robber?

    In one of Allison Mack’s NXIVM recruitment videos she says she likes the music of a jazz musician named Chet Baker.
    Baker was a heroin addict.

    From Wikipedia:
    “Drug addiction and decline
    Baker often said he began using heroin in 1957.[14] Author Jeroen de Valk and pianist Russ Freeman say that Baker started heroin in the early 1950s.”
    ‘During the 1960s, he was imprisoned in Italy on drug charges and was expelled from Germany and the UK on drug-related offences. He was deported to the U.S. from Germany for getting into trouble with the law a second time. He settled in Milpitas, California, performing in San Francisco and San Jose between jail terms for prescription fraud.”
    ‘In 1966, Baker was beaten, allegedly while attempting to buy drugs, after performing at The Trident restaurant in Sausalito. ‘

    “Early on May 13, 1988, Baker was found dead on the street below his hotel room in Amsterdam, with serious wounds to his head, apparently having fallen from the second floor window.[17] Heroin and cocaine were found in his room and in his body.
    “There was no evidence of a struggle, and the death was ruled an accident. ”


    A lot of people believe that creativity comes from mental illness.

    “The confused beliefs and purported findings have primarily arisen because both creativity and mental illness involve deviations, sometimes fairly extreme ones, from normative modes of thought. Symptoms of mental illness differ from normal thinking and behavior, and creativity requires special or uncommon capacities.”

    The dark side of creativity: Depression + anxiety x madness = genius?

    Allison Mack in her one hour 34 minute video with Keith Raniere talks about her interest in creativity.
    Ms. Mack apparently believes that madness is a prerequisite for creativity.

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