The Week In Review – Allison Mack Pleads Guilty And Kathy Russell Fights On

MK10ART - Allison Mack moved up (or down) to join the Salzmans.

And so, we come to the close of another week of the “As NXIVM Turns” mini-drama.

And what a week it was.

It started with us giving a “shout out” to Clare Bronfman on her 40th birthday on Monday – and ended with a flurry of rulings from Magistrate Judge Scanlon on various issues concerning discovery materials.

And in between, we had one more defendant opt for a plea deal rather than a trial – and another continue to argue that all the charges against her should be dismissed because of “prosecutorial misconduct”.

So, let’s take a look at the major highlights from the past week…

Allison Mack Cries For Raniere

Allison Mack Pleads Guilty
On March 29th, the attorneys for Allison Mack requested a 30-day postponement to the start of the trial so that they could continue negotiating a plea deal arrangement with the prosecutors.

That request was immediately denied by the presiding judge in the case, U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis.

That must have sent a strong signal to Allison and her attorneys that play time was over – and that if they were going to accept a plea deal, they needed to do so quickly.

And so on Monday, April 8th, which was the scheduled date for the next Status Conference in the case, Allison Mack came before Judge Garaufis and pleaded guilty to one count of Racketeering and one count of Racketeering Conspiracy – each of which carries a maximum sentence of 20-years.

In addition, Mack also admitted to committing two of the predicate acts that had been cited for the Racketeering charge: State Law Extortion – and Forced Labor – with regard to Jane Doe 5 and Jane Doe 8.

Just like Lauren Salzman, who pleaded guilty to the same two counts, Mack entered into a “Cooperation Agreement” that will likely require her to testify fully and truthfully in this case – and any other cases involving the NXIVM criminal enterprise.

As might be expected from a former Hollywood actress, Mack’s allocution was fraught with sobbing and choked-back words.

Along the way, she noted that “I joined NXIVM first to find purpose…In the course of my time with NXIVM, I became close with many individuals, many of whom are wonderful people, and some of whom I now realize are not”.

But she also pointed to her downfall being caused by the leader of the BXIVM cult, Keith Raniere. “I believed that Keith Raniere’s intentions were to help people, and that my adherence to his system of beliefs would help empower others and help them. I was wrong.

“My misguided beliefs and dedication of what I believed were the principles underlying NXIVM, Keith Raniere’s teachings, resulted in my agreeing to support the criminal enterprise that is alleged in the indictment”.

Roughly translated, Allison’s allocution amounted to a modern-day version of Flip Wilson’s Geraldine character explaining that “The Devil made me do it”.

We also provided a detailed analysis of Allison’s allocution that concluded it was basically a sham that was intended to allow her to blame Raniere for all her illegal activities. As noted in that post, “Before that, she thought she was doing good. To hear her tell it, her taking “full responsibility” is almost a gesture of nobility. She is taking full responsibility, not for criminality but for her mistaken belief in Keith”.

Allison’s guilty plea resulted in a flurry of worldwide coverage as the story of the NXIVM sex cult literally bounced around the globe.

Here are links to just a few of the ensuing reports and stories:

The Sun even ran a feature story about the video we featured showing Allison Mack singing a tear-filled song to Keith Raniere on his birthday.

But, as is true for most “breaking news” in the modern media era, the Allison Mack coverage only lasted for a couple of days.

And with Allison having now removed herself from the trial – except, of course, if she’s called as a witness by the prosecution – we expect to see a dramatic drop-off in media coverage.


Attorney Justine Harris [l] and her client, Kathy Russell, outside the Brooklyn courthouse, April 8, 2019.
Kathy Russell Battles On
This past week also saw Kathy Russell’s attorneys battling extremely hard to convince Judge Garaufis to grant their pending “Motion To Dismiss” all charges against Kathy.

Even though the judge pretty much told them during the course of the Status Conference that he was going to deny the motion, they kept filing new arguments to support their contention that the lead prosecutor, Moira Kim Penza, had “deliberately duped” Kathy and her then-counsel, William Fanciullo, into having her testify before the grand jury.

By the end of the week, the rhetoric got even testier as Kathy’s attorneys made the following claim to the court: “In its April 10 letter, the government simultaneously argues three inconsistent positions, namely: (1) that it does not object to the Court finding that Ms. Russell was a target, so long as the Court concludes that there is no remedy for the government’s misrepresentation; (2) that Ms. Russell was ‘not a target or a subject,’ but rather a witness; and (3) that even if Ms. Russell was a ‘
‘subject,’ any failure to advise her was ‘inadvertent’.”

We have yet to figure out why Kathy’s attorneys are fighting so hard on this issue since the prosecution has already agreed that it will not use any of Kathy’s grand jury testimony at the trial.

Do they really think they have a chance of getting Kathy’s indictment dismissed – and, if so, don’t they understand that she’ll likely be indicted if the Northern District of New York undertakes its own investigation – and prosecution – of NXIVM-related crimes?

Or is this the proverbial “last gasp” before Kathy agrees to take a plea deal?

It is expected that Judge Garaufis will either hold an evidentiary hearing on this matter – or rule on the pending motion – sometime next week.


Keith & Clare: Will they be the last two standing?

Plea Deals Or Trial For Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman & Kathy Russell
We explored the likelihood that any of the three remaining defendants in the case would end up taking plea deals rather than go to trial.

At the end of that analysis, we set the following estimates as to how likely each of them is to take a plea deal:
• Kathy Russell: 99%
• Clare Bronfman: 60%
• Keith Raniere: 10%



Nancy Salzman


Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack give each other a fine hug.

Likely Prison Sentences For Nancy, Lauren & Allison
We ended the week by reviewing the transcripts from the plea hearings for Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, and Allison Mack – and estimating what their sentences would likely be.

Here are our estimates as to the prison terms they will each receive:
• Nancy Salzman: 24-30 months
• Lauren Salzman: 48-60 months
• Allison Mack: 48-60 months

We also noted that in addition to serving time in federal prison, all three would be subject to additional punishments – and various collateral consequences – as a result of their status as felons. Those additional punishments – and collateral consequences – will include, but not be limited to, the following:
• Up to 36 months of “Supervised Released” AKA Probation;

• A fine of up to $250,000 or twice the gross profits of the NXIVM criminal enterprise, whichever is greater;

• Restitution in the amount of each victim’s losses as determined by Judge Garaufis;

• A $100 special assessment for each count they’ve pleaded guilty to;

• Criminal forfeiture;

• Loss of voting rights;

• Loss of the right to possess any firearm;

• Loss of the right to serve on a jury;

• Loss of the right to be employed – or licensed – in certain professions;

• Loss of eligibility for certain public benefits;

• Restrictions on adopting or becoming a foster parent; and

• Loss of the right to travel to certain countries.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Nice weekend round-up, Claviger. Last week was a whirlwind — bracing for this one. I’m certain FR will be on watch at the courthouse to scoop any plea drops first!

  • Frank’s analyse of the allocution was shame itself…It was concluded, stupidly , that it was shame but without basis but Frank’s biased opinion.

    Biased and switching regularly, i should add, as he complain she draw Raniere under the bus but a few days before say Raniere did the same with a scam interview…
    An interview done Under pressure were she not really recognize Something that is known to be untrue as the branding was proved to be Raniere’s idea and that he convinced atleast 3 members of Dos that they created it.
    But when it’s Allison that do the same thing (and say the absolute truth), she is an hypocrit? who is an hypocrit here?

    He also (Frank) ignored the fact that Tony Natalie said in and interview (after Allison’s arrest) that she didn’t believe that her initial were included because Raniere Don’t share.
    Something a lot of people agree (Authority included…They mention the branding as being Raniere’s initial.)

    He just tried to bring hatred to Allison. Something not done when the real monsters (except Raniere) did their plea deal.

    That analyse was nothing more than a barely hidden way to play apologist for Raniere based.

    Something showed as stupid as if Raniere succeed to his last court demand (JD 2’s testimony), he could end up as being (almost) a victim as a big part of the case is based on this…The testimony of Co-défendant are more than ever welcome.

    BTW , Nobody know if Lauren is cooperating…Only for Allison it is obvious (thank to the so hated (by your report and some barely sane people only ) allocution)

    You should stop twisting facts joe…

    • “He just tried to bring hatred to Allison. ”

      What kind of hatred did Allison Mack bring to women when she supervised the branding of those women?
      As long as Allison Mack could stay in a 10,000 dollar per week seaside villa in Puerto Vallarta she was fine with Raniere.
      Now that Mack is going to live behind bars she has second thoughts.

      • “analyse” and “Co-défendant” look like slippages from French, not Spanish, actually – though both being romance languages, the general types of grammatical errors are very similar.

        Canadian Francophone perhaps? Or do the Mexican Betancourts still speak French?

    • Only 2% of criminal cases go to trial in the federal criminal justice system – and only 4% in the state criminal justice system. So, pretty much every criminal defendant is, in fact, offered some sort of plea deal.

  • Message to Allison Mack:
    We don’t want to see Virtue Signaling from a person like you who has NO Virtue.
    Once you are released do the world a favor and crawl under a rock and hide.

  • Mack is evil. Kathy is golden. She will stand with the truth. They will not get her to lie. #Hold2TruthKathy. #WeStandWiithV!

    • “Mack is evil.”

      Please tell us how Allison Mack is evil.
      Did Allison abuse you when you were her slave?
      Did Allison force you to have sex with her?
      We know Allison is bisexual.
      Did Allison do drugs with her slaves?
      Tell us more about Evil Allison’s relationship with her slaves
      Did Evil Allison paddle her slaves?
      Did Evil Allison lock her slaves in cages?

      Did Evil Allison steal the Vanguard from you, Yolanda?

      Yolanda, when Allison gets out of prison she will be unable to work as an actress anymore.
      Perhaps you will be able to get even with Evil Allison by turning her into your slave.
      Mistress Yolanda will own Slave Allison.
      After a long day hiking around Lake George, Mistress Yolanda can use Slave Allison as a human foot rest for Yolanda’s hot sweaty feet.
      Won’t that be Poetic Justice?
      What is the truth about Evil Allison?

    • Yolanda Cortez, you say, “Mack is evil. Kathy is golden. She will stand with the truth.”

      What is the truth, Yolanda? Please tell us.

    • Attention: Frankreport fellow guests,

      Yolanda is just some troll and probably not even a woman. She is as part of Nxivm as Pauley Shore or Mayor Ed Koch.

      Village Diane you should try reaching out to over 100 former female DOS members who would not mind being interviewed by an intelligent woman with a sympathetic ear.

      Yolanda is about as sane as a inhabitant of Pen Station or Port Authority.

    • Oh Pea, has that pedestal that you put Ally on rotted away? Have you abandoned your plan to erect Ally statues?

    • The truth you say? The truth that the person all these people threw their lives away for is a pedophile, narcissist, liar, egomaniac who screwed (literally) every female he could… wow, now that is some truth to hold on to. I hope V is a pin cushion in prison.

  • Don’t be too hard on Russell’s lawyers, they are just playing the cards they were dealt the best they can, they were just given bad cards. They are trying to make chicken salad out of chicken sh!t, not an easy thing to do.

  • For those who are into this sort of thing, YouTube tarot reader Daily Empress did a reading on Allison Mack and her plea deal. She said Allison was undecided and afraid of Clare and Keith. Her decision to plea was when Nancy and Lauren pleaded. At that point she knew that the Salzmans would testify against her. But Allison is also relieved to not be under Keith’s sway anymore, and she’s relieved that she is rid of him. Daily Empress says one thing Allison is worried about is if Clare and Keith are found innocent. Allison will be screwed because she already pleaded guilty and will still go to prison.

    Here is the link:

    • I imagine that Allison’s slaves were afraid of Allison.
      NXIVM was a “Lord of the Flies” society.
      A high school ruled by Mean Girls.
      Kristen Kreuk left without bad consequences.
      I believe if the full story is told Kreuk tried to convince Mack to leave too but Allison Mack was addicted to power and Clare’s wealth.
      Allison Mack could have left too.

      • Operative word being “imagine” let’s be honest here.. you imagine and fantasise about her a lot Shadow! Remember your article Alison went down on Nicki Cline… You have never met anyone connected to Nxivm but act like you have insider knowledge.. most people would be embarrassed when their borderline stalking of a woman is called out.. not Shadowstate.. happy to share that he stalks the whole family and knows what her sister works as.. 3 questions
        1 do you still believe Pea is Nicki Cline?
        2 do you still believe flowers is her mum? (You were fully convinced of this last year)
        3 ball park figure how many pictures of Alison have you got on your computer?

        • The guy that goes by shadowstate 1958 is a obsessed clown. He has about as much insider knowledge as a tit on a bull. He really is another Thomas Sekera.

      • Nxivm was closer to the book 1984 than Lord of the Flies.

        In someways Nxivm is closest to the most disgusting movie ever made Clockwork Orange.

        • You haven’t seen many movies, there are a lot of movies more disgusting the Clockwork Orange. But then, you’ve been busy getting ready to be on my radio show, so I’ll give you a pass. LOL

          • Scott,

            Your are of course correct I have not watched any films of the snuff film genre and never will.

    • In reply to villagedianne: It took a tarot reader to arrive at those conclusions? Mr. Obvious would be proud.

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