Jim Del Negro – a consultant without a name

Head of the Society of Protectors James Del Negro

So what does a guy do when his Vanguard leaves him?

We hear plenty about female slaves but what about the beta males who followed Keith Alan Raniere?

Of all the beta males in Nxivm, one man stands out for unnatural stupidity and comical idiocy. His name is James Del Negro.

Some readers know him as President of the High Council of the Society of Protectors [SOP].  Others know him as a NXIVM coach and salesman who couldn’t make a living – who lost his house – despite telling others – if they paid $5,000 for an intensive – the technology of Nxivm was a sure fire way to get rich.

Others know him as manager of a Los Angeles real estate development which went to waste and ruin under his watch. Still others might recall how in Los Angeles, the 6’2″, 220 pound Del Negro claimed to have been raped in his bed by a 100 pound Filipino woman.

Image result for james del negro
Poor Jim – he was raped by a 100 pound Filipino woman. It was hard on him, harder on him he said than on her.

Other may recall his remarkable testimony in the Susan Dones case where he could not remember the name of the company for which he served as president.

And some know him, of course, from his candid reports on his pet rabbit, Hank, which he calls the Hank Report

Jim Del Negro started a rival to the Frank Report called The Hank Report. His approach is a little softer than mine. He writes about his rabbit, Hank’s ‘actions wreaking havoc in the world.’ I write about a lying, misogynistic, unethical, deviant sociopath who does the same thing.

In any event, stupidity like his is not found easily – even in Nxivm. He worked very hard at it.

As a further example, Jim set up a website with a Raniere-sounding name, “Rhythms of Influence”.

Rhythms of Influence offers consulting services. Jim has five whole pages, [although only four of them are finished] on his website, which he began in 2018:


Blog (under construction)

Contact Us


About Me.

Here are some pictures on his home page:

Note that the pictures are of happy, good looking people – but none of them are Jim.

Blog Page [under construction].

Contact Us Page [no email address given].

Services Page

About Page


The “About Me” page reads:


Experience You Can Count On

My services help companies achieve their goals faster. I do this by identifying their biggest limitations to growth, removing their limiting beliefs and implementing changes necessary to achieve their goals. I have spent the last (20) years as an entrepreneur and working with other entrepreneurs to understand our psychology and how to remove ineffective behaviors and processes which keep us from expanding faster. I am looking to work with people that want to be their best and are willing to change in order to be successful. I am interested in participating as an independent consultant to help you achieve your goals faster and become more profitable.



· Business Startup

· Organizational Behavior

· Productivity and Efficiency

· Organizational  Systems Development

· Team Building

· Leadership

· Personal Goal Setting Training



Design Engineer

LRC Electronics –   Horseheads, NY

· Created cable television connectors that have better electrical and water-resistant performance, and re-usability

Manufacturing Engineer

LRC Electronics – Horseheads, NY

· Sourced equipment and designed methods to reduce costs of manufacturing cable television connectors

Design Engineering Manager

Amphenol Corporation –   Danbury, CT

· Started the cable television connector product line, adding a new segment to the   Communications Division of Amphenol

· Supervised (4) design engineers responsible for design improvements on cable television connectors

Sales Representative

Enermetrix – Maynard, MA

· Sold natural gas procurement services   to commercial and industrial clients in the state of Connecticut

· Business Consultant for energy utility   companies starting up new energy services in de-regulated open   markets


Club-Z Tutoring Franchise – Saratoga Springs, NY

· Opened a new territory for a   franchise, matching teachers and students

· Setup and ran all business systems: Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Operations, and Customer   Service


Humanitarian Community Organization – Clifton Park, NY

· Conducted personal growth trainings with a staff of (6) for groups of 20 to 30 clients

· Trained coaches to work with clients on goals

· Certified coaches in stimulus response removal techniques

· Business consultant for entrepreneurs


Education 5/1989

BS: Mechanical Engineering

Clarkson University | Potsdam, NY

Earned Certificate in Manufacturing



· New Business Startup: Created new designs for a line of over 100 new cable TV connectors for a new business under Communications Division of Amphenol Corp.

· Cut over 30% of the cost of cable TV connector designs

· Improved performance of connectors to best electrically performing connector in the industry

· Named on (2) Patents on cable TV connectors

· Opened new territory for Enermetrix in Connecticut for energy purchasing services

· Certified in behavioral stimulus response disconnection techniques – helped hundreds of clients become more successful by stopping their limiting behaviors

· Consulted with a client helping them overcome Tourette’s Syndrome

· Consulted to start up a power washing small business



It is great Jim tells us so much about himself. A lot really. There is only one thing he forgot to mention in the “About Me” page (or anywhere else on the website): His name.

Sure his name stinks – because it is associated with that prince of stinkers, Keith Alan Raniere. Who wouldn’t want to hide it? On the other hand, who is going to want consulting services without knowing who the consultant is?

Anyone is going to wonder, “why isn’t this dude telling people his name?” It’s suspicious.

The contact page gives an option to send an email. I sent an email saying, “Jim – how are you doing?”

After I sent it, the contact page read, “Thank you for your inquiry! We will get back to you within 48 hours.”

My email was sent however without providing me the email address to where it was sent.

On the home page, there is a phone number (518) 588-7792 – which happens to be Jim’s cell phone. But it does not give a name.

In the “About Me” page, Jim writes, he was a “Trainer” with a “Humanitarian Community Organization – Clifton Park, NY.”

Wouldn’t that be Nxivm?  Most humanitarian organizations are proud of their work and proud of their name. Why doesn’t Jim name the “Humanitarian Community Organization”?

Back in August 2017, when people were quitting SOP in droves – following a report in this publication about branding women, Jim wrote a letter to an SOP man who was leaving the fold.

He wrote “I am sad for your resignation, but I understand the confusion.”

The problem is Jim doesn’t really understand the confusion, which is largely his own.

Jim Del Negro with Karen Unterreiner.

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  • This response is to Heidi, as she was kind enough to reply to me below.

    She’s my hero. Well, kinda. 🙂

    Over the past year she’s:

    1) Accused Scott Johnson of making posts attributed to Bangkok and other posters (very entertaining stuff, though not even close to being true).

    2) Accused Dennis Burke — a former US Attorney — of secretly posting here and making posts attributed to Bangkok and others here (again, very entertaining but totally rooted in fiction).

    3) Accused — or at least ‘implied’ — that Frank hasn’t banned certain posters because he’s afraid of some type of nefarious or illegal actions from said posters. Thus, she’s attempting to manipulate Frank into banning said posters immediately. It’s reverse psych 101 and thankfully Frank didn’t take the bait. LOL.

    BTW: Heidi’s reference to Frank being afraid of ‘computer hacking’ (from said posters) was made up WHOLE CLOTH by Heidi and was never attributed to any posters here. She’s attempting to smear people with completely bogus statements in an attempt to get Frank to ban them. It’s Heidi’s version of pounding on the table, as Claviger might say in one of his legal analogies. 🙂

    Heidi even got mad when I pointed out that she didn’t report Keith to police nearly as early as she should have. She doesn’t appreciate me bringing up her own lack of actions in the past — but at the same time she believes she has carte blanche to criticize Lauren and Nancy (and anybody else) for not turning against Keith sooner. Pot meet kettle.

    At one point, Heidi even accused Flowers of stalking her online on other sites (without any real proof of course). It’s just classic Heidi.

    But I do admire her creativity. It’s entertaining. 🙂

  • Why is the mini vanguard not charged. As he was raping and luring women in just like his god. Renaire. He needs to he accountable. Let’s petition the courts. He is pure evil.

  • Del Negro is President of the High Council of the Society of Protectors. Is that like the Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler of the Royal Order of the Racoons?

    • Not Christine Collins. She found a dope with some cash that was a big enough sucker to marry her fat ass.

  • Currently if you call Jim delNegro’s cell phone there is a voice message that plays the following message:

    “Please Scott Johnson for the love of God stop contacting me to come on your radio show and no I do not want to be your friend”.

    Scott you know you called him. Don’t try to deny it.

    • Currently if niceguy says he will come on your show if Frank does, he’s lying. Then, when he says he’ll come on if Ben comes on, he’s lying again. niceguy keeps saying, “Please Scott Johnson for the love of God stop contacting me to come on your radio show because I lied and I have no friends.”


      niceguy you know it’s true. I have a better chance of getting Jim on my radio show than you. Don’t try to deny it. LOL

      • Scott, you should call and asked him to be on your radio show and talk about how he helps companies build their business. I think it’s a great idea. Tell him to put his balls where his mouth is if he really believes the shit on his website is true

    • It’s rather comical that Niceguy often posts about Scott’s radio show — even without being prompted to do so. 🙂

      Thus proving that Niceguy seems to ‘think’ about Scott’s radio show all day long, every day, without any prompting.

      When not thinking about Scott’s radio show, he’s busy issuing ‘demands’ for his appearance on said radio show, LOL.

      What are his demands?

      First, his ‘demand’ was that he’ll do the radio show if Frank does.

      *But when confronted with the fact that Frank already did the show, Niceguy suddenly ‘chickened out’ and slithered away with his tail between his legs. 🙂

      To save face and not look like a ‘chicken’ —- he then issued another demand.

      His next ‘demand’ was that he’ll do the radio show if Scott emails him a ‘waiver’ allowing him to spread damaging information about Scott without being sued for libel.

      **But just like a FOOL — Niceguy didn’t seem to realize that the only way he could be sued for libel (and thus need a waiver) would be if he planned to spread UNTRUE and FALSE information about Scott, LOL.

      Guess what?

      You can’t lose a libel lawsuit for spreading TRUE information.

      Duh, Mr. Niceguy. 🙂

      In other words, Mr. Niceguy is asking Scott for permission to tell LIES about him AS A CONDITION of appearing on his show.

      If Niceguy has TRUTHFUL information that could damage Scott’s reputation, then he wouldn’t need a legal waiver promising that he won’t be sued for libel.

      Duh. 🙂

      • I’m sure Scott Johnson appreciates your loyalty and support for his radio show, Bangkok. Thank you for analyzing and breaking that down on Scott’s behalf so well. Only “Kristoff” or maybe Scott Johnson himself might have done a better job of defending himself and his show. Good to see he has so many sympathetic, supporters on here like you and “The Retard,” etc. Good luck with persuading Niceguy to be on Scott’s show.

  • “the 6’2″, 220 pound Del Negro claimed to have been raped in his bed by a 100 pound Filipino woman.”

    Years ago there was a great comedian, since passed away, named Flip Wilson.
    He dressed in drag as a woman named Geraldine and his punch line, his excuse for everything, was “THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT.”

    So a one hundred pound Asian woman raped a 220 pound man?
    The Devil made him do it.

    • Scott,

      You kind of shot yourself in the foot by being mean to so many people because if you had been a bit more nice more people would’ve probably wanted to go on your radio program.

  • It is weird for Jim not to use his name. However, I’ve seen references to companies instead of using the actual company name, probably because of an NDA. I’ve also seen a contact page where the email is not provided. In fact, it happened a couple times recently when sending a message a few days ago to the hospital for Roberts and to Dr. Fuhrman, running the health expo. Other than not using his own name, I find the website not alarming at all, which is concerning that he was able to hide his history with NXIVM from others. I’m guessing he’s not getting much business through the website except for small Filipino women who want to be raped and rabbits named Harvey who want to be friends with Hank.

  • Thanks for

    This account reminds me a bit of people in Scientology who, outside the hothouse environment of the group, have few real-world applicable skills other than what they’ve picked up of high-pressure scam-style sales techniques – and Del Negro isn’t even leveraging those in what he’s trying to do. While there’s some work for, and legitimacy to, business and executive coaching, NXIVM’s dubious theory-heavy methods don’t seem very successful at that, at least not compared to other more results-driven approaches that aren’t entangled with Raniere’s strange philosophies. Typically, participants or members may have gotten something of modest value out of initial courses, but often no more than they might have out of a Dale Carnegie course or some one-on-one with a good professional, and at that only because it’s time-tested material or approaches taken from other sources.

    It’s also a typical failing of high control groups or cults, that they actually depend on discouraging critical thinking and empirical analysis, despite their claims to teach useful skills and even science (a term that Raniere, like Scientology, touted), and so they and their adherents are not generally very successful at dealing with the real world in the 21st century. Thus, their ranks tend to be full of people in sales and small service businesses, and lower-tier professions including less rigorous medical or pseudo-medical ones (Roberts, an osteopath working the alternative medicine circuit, is typical), not corporate executives or technical professionals who need to be possessed of high-level analytical or scientific skills – plus of course a few people who came into money.

    Speaking of Scientology, it should be noted that they also have a commissioned internal sales model, which may have been an inspiration for Raniere. It’s not MLM-like, but those who recruit members for courses, or even solicit donations, get something like a 15% sales commission, and quite a few members make their living – and pay for their own courses – that way. It’s also not publicized, and people tend not to expect it of such an organization, and so as with NXIVM, when members provide testimonials or promote it, they should be called out and put on the spot as to whether or not they stand to profit as paid promoters and commissioned salespeople.

    • AnonyMaker, I find your detailed and thoughtful input very valuable. Thanks for the work you put into it.

    • By all accounts, Del Negro had a very successful career as a cable connector expert for one of the leading companies in that business. It would be hard to imagine how many cable connectors there are in the world. Mack and Crook were successful, if not very talented, actresses. Many people who came and left NXIVM after a course or two, which is most of them, had at least enough money to pay for the expensive courses, so they must have been doing something right.

  • Smells like fish. I bet he has herpes also. Does he peddle pussy too? Maybe no name can put his claim to fame by being a victim. Oh wait, he is a victim. He was “raped” all joking aside, by a sexy lady. King Henry the eighth was notorious for chopping heads. And the queen says ” OFF WITH HIS HEAD” Alice in Wonderland.

    The downfall of NXIVM. All you criminals are messy. Hackers, conspirators before and after the fact are all lawbreakers. I love it. Keep up the “good work”.

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